On Sunday 27th of May 2007 True Sound Hire loaded the truck and started a long 4 hour drive to Lotherton Hall in Leeds, West Yorkshire for the 13 hour Gatecrasher summer sound system festival. The dance festival saw just over 20000 in attendance and there was DJ’s playing everything from Electro house to Drum & bass…. 

We we’re called in by another sound hire company to supply some Opus Audio CS systems to the Goodgreef vs Sundissential Arena, Dirty Disco & Hed Kandi Arenas. 

Each PA system comprised of 10x CS750 midtop, 16x SB218 & 8x SB118 sub bass cabinets. Keeping within true Opus spirit each system was controlled & powered via a number of Opus HD 1250/500 & HD 2500 amplifiers & controlled by there analogue XS 2/3/4 system controllers. The only digital equipment used on site was a pair of CDJ1000 CD players and a DJM800 DJ mixer.

The sound was truly stunning across each of the arenas and we look forward to working with Gatecrasher again in the future.

Gatecrasher Summer Sound System