Dubstep promoters Luke Thomson and Benton went on the look out for a sound system capable of meeting there demands … or should I say there sub bass demands for a dubstep event they run at the Boogie Lounge in Epsom, Surrey on the Waterloo Rd called ''Subspotting''

As Luke & Benton had already tried out a few other sound hire companies we knew we had one chance to show them what we were capable of…. 
We installed two d&b C7 midtops, two d&b C7 subs and two d&b Audio B2 Infra subs along with a pair of CDJ1000’s and a DJM800 DJ mixer into the 250 cap music venue.  

The time came to sound check the system and there face’s dropped as we shook not only them but the building as well. 

Quote ‘’I’ve never heard a sound system sound that loud & clear before‘’ 

The rest is history so to speak and we have been supplying the ever-popular ‘’Subspotting’’ dubstep events with sound over the last 18months.