Why Musical Events Need Professional PA Equipment Hire in London and Production Services

At music events, live sound must be reproduced with a complex PA system, especially in bigger venues. A concert environment usually warrants two separate PA systems: a main system and a monitor system. Both systems need their own microphones, mixing boards, amplifiers, sound processing equipment and speakers in order to work together. True Sound Hire is an industry expert in PA equipment hire in London, and can provide you with the right sound products and production services to ensure your event is successful.

The Front of House or Main System

The FOH system uses powerful amplifiers to create volume for the audience and is the sound that is heard by the crowd. In a large club, it isn’t uncommon for an amplifier system to deliver 3000 to 5000 watts of power to the main speakers, and if you take the concert outside, you could use as much as 10 000 - 30000 watts.

The Fold Back or Monitor System

This system takes the sound of the performance and redirects it to the performers, speakers or musicians on stage so that they can hear music and other important sounds and make any changes that are necessary; this sound should not be heard by the audience. A large indoor club’s fold back system could feed between 500 and 1000 watts of power to a few different fold back speakers. This output increases to a few thousand watts if the event is to be held outdoors. In order to align the two systems successfully, you need technicians and sound engineers to take control of the mixing boards and make adjustments to the volume, tones and levels of the live performance. True Sound Hire offers state of the art PA equipment hire in London as well as production crews, technicians and sound engineers to ensure your event is professionally run.

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