LED & Video Dance Floor Rental & Our Top Three Choices for This Year

Whether you are planning a wedding or a disco, LED dance floor hire gives you the opportunity to spice up your décor and add a festive air to your ambience. It is a convenient and portable way to create an entirely new world inside any venue and ensure your guests or visitors have the time of their lives. We are specialists in LED lighting, and can offer you a wide range of products designed exclusively for any occasion. Here are our three favourite LED dance floors at the moment:

The Video Dance Floor

This is one way to ensure you take the concept of disco into a new era and is available in different resolutions for the level of quality you want. The video led dance floor can be used to play music videos, stills or moving pictures, and also be used to display photographs in a fun and engaging way.

The Interactive Dance Floor

Inspired by some of the modern video games of today, this floor can really generate a positive spirit on the dance floor. It can be touch or sound sensitive or create special visual effects. If you want something that is really high-tech and impressive this dance floor is likely to provide it.

The DMX LED Dance Floor

This kind of LED dance floor rental makes use of tubes or strips of LED lights and can be controlled manually or set up with a program for automation. Unless you have someone sitting there, dedicating all their time and energy into the controls, it is advisable to look into an automated program to take care of it for you.

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Video Dance Floor Hire