Make Sure Your Next Corporate Event’s Sound and Lighting is Set Up Professionally

A lot of preparation goes into a conference, and while it is probably easy for corporates to find a venue or a team building activity, their knowledge of the production requirements is probably a little more limited. If you are planning a conference, the purpose is likely to be for training or educational purposes, which means that your delegates’ sensorial experience is really important. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your conference, your event’s sound and lighting has to be done professionally. Here are some important reasons why:

Companies invest millions into creating more ergonomically efficient set ups in the workplace, and a seminar or conference is no different, especially if the delegates are going to be sitting there for eight hours. Poor lighting means people are going to be straining their eyes, losing concentration and getting tired. If you are doing presentations, you will also need a decent projector to make sure even the people sitting at the back can see what is being discussed.

The sound is equally important, especially if the auditorium or venue is very large. If there is background noise or bad acoustics, you need to pay special attention to the sound to make sure the content is audible. It also has to be set up properly so that it isn’t too loud for the people at the front. Your sound system requirements will also need to be based on the number of people who will attend, and must be adjusted accordingly. A conference where people cannot hear properly is not productive; it means your message is not going to be heard, and your audience is not going to be engaged properly.

Getting full production assistance from an established company like True Sound Hire means that your venue can be assessed, your needs can be documented, and your event’s sound and lighting can ensure your message gets across.

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