How To Set Up Concert Sound Systems (Very the basic things to get right)

The quality of sound at a live performance has a direct impact on the experience of your audience, and your concert sound systems should be positioned correctly to give you the best possible quality. If you are new to the game or need to set up a simple system for a party, here are some basic tips we have compiled to get you started:

Your speakers should be spaced evenly on the left and right hand sides of the stage. For maximum impact they should be positioned close to the front of the stage and should be higher than the audience’s heads.

The monitors should face the musicians; if they face the walls, the sound is likely to reflect and you will get problems with sound bounce back. Ideally, your mixing board should be in the middle of the venue. If this is not possible, use the left or right of the stage.

The microphones should be behind the monitors, and the performers should face them. The microphones are required to amplify the sounds of the instruments. Finally, your concert sound systems are connected by cables. It is a good idea to label the cables running in and out of the mixers so you can adjust them quickly.

When your equipment has been set up, you will need to do a sound check to evaluate the sound levels. The band should play as normal and give you a chance to make adjustments. Once you have set your system up, remember that the sound levels will need to be monitored and adjusted constantly to keep them even. Having a sound engineer for the event can take of this for you.

If you are apprehensive about setting your own system up, True Sound Hire offers a turnkey service that will take care of all your set up and sound engineering needs to ensure you put a professional show on.

Please see our Live Sound Hire events page for more info and please feel free to contact us if you need any help or a quote for your next event.

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