True Sound Hire Provides Red Carpet Treatment for Millionaires in Mayfair    

When the Mayfair Burlington Arcade in London opened their doors in the evening for millionaires to shop, they turned to True Sound Hire for their audio needs, and we were happy to assist them with whatever they needed for the affair. In this case, the venue simply required a sound system that would allow their musicians to play music that accompanied the shoppers and provide them with some enjoyable and calming music while they perused through all of the exciting offerings that this venue displayed.    

We installed 30 x d&b Audio E3 loud speakers on round base speaker stands playing a range of music to provide a touch of class to the general ambiance of the place.    

We couldn’t use d&b D12 amps as we had to hind everything we could away from sight so instead we used our stock of 7 x d&b V3 d&b Epac’s and hide them away making it near impossible to see any amps or wiring in the arcade.    

The Mayfair Burlington Arcade event turned out to be a great success, with many happy shoppers enjoying all of the trouble that the venue went through to please them, and True Sound Hire was glad to be a part of this exciting experience, and we hope to continue providing a range of audio and sound equipment to such unique events all over the country.

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