Is Notting Hill Carnival Cancelled & Banned for 2011 ?  

Having supplied PA systems for this huge event for the last 4 years True Sound Hire have recently been asked if Notting Hill Carnival is cancelled or banned this year due to the criminal rioting going on in London over the last few days….  

It would be such a tragedy if something as iconic as this would be postponed or even cancelled.  

We are doing our best to find out whether there is any truth behind these rumours but have yet to come back with a definite answer. As far as we are aware the Notting Hill Carnival will proceed as normal and hopefully we’re be seeing you all there.  

We love working with Notting Hill Carnival supplying HUGE PA systems to cater for the massive crowds.  

Let’s just hope these are nothing but rumours……

Keep an eye out for an update & news here > True Sound Hire
Notting Hill Carnival Banned 2011