On Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of July 2007 True Sound Hire supplied & operated a Opus Audio CS750 system in the FunkyEnd dance tent at Guildford, Surrey’s biggest music festival ‘’Guilfest‘’ held at Stoke Park.

We installed 8x Opus CS750 midtops, 4x SB218 subs and 4x HB121 super subs into the 1500 capacity dance tent. Stage monitoring was taken care of by a row of 6x JBL SRX712 monitors and we kept all the DJ’s happy by giving them there own stereo pair of SRX715 midtops (with a SRX718 underneath just for good measure)

We had to supply 6x Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3, a Pioneer DJM 800, 4x Technics 1210, a Allen & Heath Xone 92, & a Pioneer DJM 909 mixer just for the different DJ riders we had over the weekend. 

On Friday night there was thought to have been around 2500 in and around the FunkyEnd stage, our PA system was pushed safely within its limits as the promoters asked us to cater the extra crowd…. 

Saturday was a very similar case again, 22:00 came and the dance stage became packed wall to wall – side to side and once again there was around 2000+ standing in around the stage. Once again the sound system trucked on as we pushed it a little further again. 

It was great to hear positive comments from both the event organisers, stage promoters & other crew from sound companies there on site like: 

‘’How is that sound system keeping up’’
‘’Its so clear but loud’’
‘’Where are you hiding the rest of the PA’’
'‘’Very impressed to say the least’’ 
'‘’Hope you’re here next year again’’

We returned an another 2 years in a row to Guilfest with a same set-up but added lighting, lasers and staging. Sadly for us the FunkyEnd stage was handed over to a new group of promoters who already had the own in-house PA sound system & lighting rig(s) but we’re always ready to rock our home town again… any time!

Guilfest Dance Tent