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We hire out projectors, projector screens & LCD screens in Surrey & London

True Sound Hire can supply all you with all your of projector screen & AV projector hire needs. Backed by 10 years' experience of work with LCD / DLP projectors, audio visual displays and presentation systems we are more than just your average projector hire company.

We can supply projectors & AV equipment to all sorts of events including small to large meetings, conferences, exhibitions, race nights, film shows (DVD and video), weddings, and parties.

Our DLP projectors & projector screens can be dry hired, or can be delivered by a technician and set up for you. It is our promise that we will never just deliver the equipment and leave you to work it out yourselves: our AV engineers will work with you, and provide on the spot training where necessary to make sure you get what you want and nothing less.

There is golden rule with any projector and that is knowing when to take it out of the hire stock..... Projectors use a very high output lamp which gives you sharp bright images but at the cost of having a low life expediency. Typically projector lamps last around 2000 hours, now of course these lamps can be replaced and in theory the projector should carry and work for 5+ years. Well that would be nice but t just doesn't't happen and many of our hire consumers are individuals or companies who of hired a projector and screen, got it to the office and found that one it just isn't' bright enough for their event or it stops working after 10 mins use.


HD Projector Hire Only £45.00

Projector Screen Hire Only £40.00

Projector & Screen Hire £80.00 - SAVE £5.00

Short Throw Projector Hire £65.00 + Large Rear Projection Screen For Just £50.00

55" HD LED Smart Screen TV Just £50.00 !

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Ask any professional AV projector hire company and they will tell you the life span of a projector is around 18 months if well maintained and serviced. We don't take any risks as our reputation means too much to us. None of the projectors we stock are any older than 12months, it's a rule we stick to and so far it seems to work with no units failing while out on hire.

Some tips about what to look for when looking to hire a projector and screen: The size and ratio of the screen and video is key! We only stock 4:3 ratio screens in the following formats 6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft and 10ft x 7.5ft. The 8ft and 10ft screens come with both front and rear projection surfaces all of which is include in a nice compact flight case.

If your looking for something a little bit bigger then check out our LED Video Wall Hire Page where we can supply you LED screen from 2 meters x 1 meter right up to a huge 8 meters by 3 meters deep  

Next is brightness ..... ''how bright will the projector be'' that depends on quite a few factors but there is another golden rule to understand and that is you will never beat natural sunlight. If you looking to use a projector outside in the day time or even up to 21:00 at night in the summer months you just won't see anything on the screen and you should be looking to hire a LED video wall instead. So how bright or powerful will the projector be your hiring? A standard conference projector is around 2500 lumens and needs to be placed around 10ft back to fill a 6ft x 4ft screen. Our short throw conference projectors are 3500 lumens and only needs to be 4ft back to give you an 8ft x 6ft image! We also stock standard throw projectors which again are 3500 lumens but need to be placed 8ft back into the room which sometimes works for movie nights.

We are a premier PA hire and lighting hire company meaning we can also supply digital projectors, cinema projectors, video & DVD screens, but also a first class PA sound system to perfectly compliment your set-up including extra things like DVD players, signal splitters, lecterns, conference staging and radio microphones systems.



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