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LED Uplighting Has Gone Wireless; This Changes Everything!

One of the most popular forms of lighting, especially for weddings is LED uplighting. This beautiful luminescent glow casted upward against a wall and onto the ceiling of your venue creates a magical and timeless style of lighting that many others might not think to add. Our light and sound technicians have been working with these light features long enough to recognize all of the good qualities that they possess, and also are familiar with how to properly install and utilize the latest models.

Taking advantage of LED uplighting in its wireless form means that you are able to take a venue without this style of lighting and redesign the room to include it without needing to rewire anything or remove any other lighting. A standard venue with overhead lights can be transformed quickly and affordably into a romantic opalescent paradise in no time. 

Many of our clients tend to lean on us for advice and opinions when selecting lighting and equipment for an event. This is because we are experts in our field and have been working with much of our sound, lighting, and stage equipment for more than a decade. We can offer some insight on which brands and products will work better in an outdoor setting, indoor setting, wedding, birthday party, fashion show, or rock concert. We have seen our clients pull off some extraordinary events using the items that we stock, and this includes our wireless LED uplighters. 

Currently, we are serving a variety of townships including London, Portsmouth, Surrey, Essex, Ascot, Chertsey, and many surrounding areas. If you don’t see your region listed on our company website, don’t worry, we try not to limit ourselves to any one area in specific, so if you are nearby but don’t see your town or city on the list, feel free to ring us and ask about the possibility of renting our merchandise and services for your next event. 

Often our wireless LED uplighters are used in a wedding reception setting, but many organizers also enjoy the effect that they bring to a business event. Conferences and charity auctions make a great venue for this style of lighting, and allow you to individualize your experience with different colours and brightness. You can view all of our lighting packages on our website, and see if any of the prepackaged offers include the pieces you require for your event. 

By changing the lighting colours used in your uplighting, you can also quickly take an event from dinner to dancing. This helps cut back on access time or money being put into an additional venue, alternative room for dancing, or having to put up different lights between activities. Coloured lights are an especially wonderful touch to a theme wedding, where blues and greens can tie in nicely with a tropical vibe, or soft pink glows can create a romantic, heartfelt hue. 

Wireless LED uplighters are one of our popular light options for otherwise subdued settings, so we ask that clients interested in hiring them for parties and gatherings, call in advance to place a hold on them. We want to provide each of our customers with exactly what they need when they need it, so it helps us to have an order in place that gives us times and dates so our equipment isn’t hired out when you need it. Delivery and setup are not a problem with uplighting or any other equipment, and you can learn a great deal about the timing and headcount that each items works best for. 

One thing that we pride ourselves on is having the best brand names for tried and tested results with each piece of equipment. Our wireless LED uplighting is no exception, and this means that you can trust the technology we use, even if it is wireless. Some people have reservations about wireless devices for fear that outages might occur, or they may not function the way that a wired fixture might. With wireless LED uplighting, this is not an issue to worry about, each of our products are tested before going out to a venue so we know it will light up and do just what you want it to do each and every time.

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PA Systems For Live Bands Could Change Your Concert Experience

Any great concert can be achieved through a few simple tools, and while it isn’t always necessary to include all the bells and whistles in your setup, if you really want your band to shine, and your audience to hear every note strummed on the guitar, you will need to invest in top of the line PA systems for live bands. 

We believe that a live band is a very different experience from a DJ, and you don’t want to lose any of that candid experience through poorly performing microphones, speakers, amplifiers, or control panels. To provide the best for our clients every single time, we test our products before they go out to a new hire, and when they come back into our warehouse. This lets us know that everything is always working as it should be, so there are no mishaps. 

Organizing a live band concert can be a bit stressful if you don’t have all of the equipment necessary to pull off a great rock show. For this and many other event equipment needs, we encourage new and existing clients to contact us for more information on all of the different items we have in stock, along with the various packages that we have put together to create low cost options for concerts, festivals, parties, and many other events. 

In order to put on a successful concert, you will require a mixer to obtain the right sound levels from every instrument and voice on stage. This helps you control things like the electric guitar sound levels, which microphones are emitting a louder signal and other important factors during a show. You’ll also need microphones, PA speakers, monitors, power amplifiers, signal processors, cables, racks, and more. If you find that you also require lighting, stage, and special accessories like smoke machines and strobe lights then you’re in luck, because we carry an extraordinary selection of well known-brands for very reasonable rates. 

Currently all of our PA systems for live bands can be hired to locations such as London, Surrey, Portsmouth, Farnham, Heathrow, Middlesex, Cranleigh, Twickenham, Essex, and various other counties. You can view all of our serviceable locations on the company website, but if you find that your township is not listed, please feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our representatives about hiring in your area. We are always on the lookout for new locations and new clients to bring into our inner circle. 

When we work with bands and band managers, we love taking the opportunity to create lasting business relationships so that we know you will always come back to us for your concert equipment needs. For this reason, you know that we will always do our best to put on your live band show without a hitch, because your success is our success. If you’re unsure about certain items that you may need, our company has been working in this industry with more than a decade of experience, and our staff is well versed on all of our products, pricing, and how we operate. Questions about setup, takedown, time frames, and the number of people for which each type of equipment will serve effectively are all listed on our site, but this is also information that we are happy to share in person. Call, e-mail, or come into the shop to talk to somebody and you won’t be disappointed. 

PA systems for live bands can be a little tricky to setup, and many clients find themselves intimidated by the process. This is something that we can easily remedy, and our team is happy to come out to your venue and setup or show you how to operate the equipment yourself. There are various DIY items such as DJ stations that can also come in handy during certain events when the live music is taking a break between sets. Depending on the type of concert you are putting on, you may also take advantage of our outdoor stage sets, which feature a multitude of conveniences to battle the weather and keep your event running smoothly throughout the entire function. 

Giving your guests the best experience at a live show is simple if you have the right equipment to get the job done.

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What To Do When The Wedding Lighting Isn’t What You Expected

Unfortunately, for many brides and grooms, it can be easier said than done to organize and assemble a dream wedding. This is especially true when you’re trying to skimp and scrape on the budget to leave some much needed cash for the honeymoon. While it might seem like the end of the road, when your wedding lighting isn’t necessarily what you expected, if you recognize the mistakes in time, you may be able to fix it with some wedding lighting hire from True Sound Hire. 

Here at True Sound Hire we pride ourselves on having the best and brightest of all event equipment, and this includes lighting and sound for wedding receptions and other parties. This means that if you find yourself in a pinch with improper lighting at the venue that you have chosen, you don’t have to panic, True Sound Hire can help. 

One thing that you should know is that the sooner we know about your lighting needs the better, so if you find out that the perfect wedding venue doesn’t quite cast the glow that you wanted, contacting us as soon as you can is in your best interest. This gives us the opportunity to find the lights that you need, put them aside for you to hire, and get them to your location on time. 

Choosing The Right Lighting

With wedding lighting, there really aren’t any rules; where some couples prefer to go soft and subtle; others are all about the strobes, disco balls, and starlit dance floors. If you want an opinion on what might best suit your current theme, all of the staff here at True Sound Hire are trained, and have years of experience behind them in the setup and organization of our party and event equipment. Speaking to a representative over the telephone or e-mail might help clear up some questions and concerns, or completely change the concept you have envisioned as far as lighting goes. 

One way that you can get an idea about what we have to offer, and what might suit your style and taste is by taking a glance at our website, particularly the stock list, and packages page. Our different lighting packages might offer some illumination on what you need, or inspire you to create an even more eventful reception. One particularly popular fixture that many couples choose to explore on their wedding day is our selection of lighting displays, which cast different designs on the walls of your venue. This can be a very romantic and whimsical touch, especially when paired with the starlit dance floor hire. 

Budgeting For The Best

For many, a wedding is the most important day in history, and this means that it deserves to be remembered, but creating lasting memories can cost quite a few pounds, and you don’t want to spend where you don’t have to. By investing in the above mentioned lighting packages rather than selecting your wedding lighting fixtures one at a time, you can save money, and save yourself some time. You will also notice that many of our packages explain how long it takes to setup and dismantle, as well as the number of guests that each package will be suitable for. This can help you decide if our lighting packages will be enough for your venue before they are installed. This can save you disappointment and money in the long run. 

Deciding how much money you have to work with before calling us here at True Sound Hire Ltd can also help greatly. By having a number in mind, it allows us to select your lighting fixtures based on your price point, rather than creating a new one of our own. We can easily select cheaper fixtures, or try to find a bundled package that will work for you without you needing to overspend. 

At True Sound Hire we want to create clients for life, so that when it comes time to throw that next retirement party or wedding reception, we are the company that you think of in terms of best price, quality products, and friendly staff. For more information on any of our wedding lighting, or to inquire about the other items we have in stock, please contact us online.

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How To Organize Your Festival Outdoor Stage Hire 

Once you have made the decision to utilize festival outdoor stage hire, and have made the call to one of our well-trained staff members here at True Sound Hire in regards to the best setup and package for you, you must think about how you want to organize the stage. 

We have a large selection of not only staging and stage accessories such as carpets, wraps and additional platform sections, but we also carry an advanced assortment of lighting and sound equipment. Every accessory that you add to your festival outdoor stage hire helps to create the theme, motif, and experience of your guests. 

Building Your Theme

Whether it is rock and roll, pop rock, jazz, or a non-musical festival which has brought on the need of festival outdoor stage hire, the opportunities are endless for creating the absolute best platform for entertainers, actors, comedians, and presenters to display their talents on. In order to get the most out of your stage you must think about the way that you will decorate it, and while confetti and backdrops aren’t exactly our strong suit, we do pride ourselves on having some of the top lighting displays, and when it comes to a festival, especially one held outdoors, lights will make all the difference. 

Coloured lights, strobe lights, and wall display decorative lighting will cast a glow on your festival outdoor stage hire like you’ve never seen before. We offer lighting in a variety of regions from London and Surrey to Guildford, Portsmouth, and a large variety of areas in between. If you’re uncertain about whether or not our lighting, stage and sound services reach you in your township, we would absolutely love to speak to you about the possibility of bringing our products to you. You can also find a listing of all of our products, packages, prices, and local communities that we serve on our website. 

Maintaining Your Outdoor Atmosphere

Knowing what kind of weather to expect isn’t always possible, but if there is one thing that we know for sure about living in the U.K. it is that we should always be prepared for a little bit of rain. Fortunately, festival outdoor stage hire is ready to face most elements and there are additional measures that can be taken to improve your show as well. All of the lighting, sound equipment and staging used outside has been approved for this kind of use, and we don’t rent anything to our customers for festival activity that hasn’t been tested in these conditions before. 

We often suggest that if you do find it a bit misty during the day of your performance that you remember to wipe things down before secondary use, keep any electrical equipment off of the ground where it might end up resting in a puddle, and utilize any of the waterproof gear that comes along with our equipment when possible. 

Getting The Best Sound With Your Stage

Outdoor sound setups might seem complicated, but in fact, you can still manage a wonderful sound without much effort as long as you have enough speakers for your crowd. If you have a good idea of the number of guests that will be in attendance at your festival you can produce a high quality sound that will reach the ears of everybody listening. On our website we actually list how many guests each of our speaker systems will benefit, but if it isn’t labeled and you aren’t sure what you require for your number of guests, we urge you to contact us with your questions and concerns. 

For pricing, pictures & details about our outdoor stages please see 

Generally you will require a microphone for each singer or presenter that will be on stage at any given time, and corresponding equipment for each. Speakers that send out the correct currents of sound will be necessary, and some of these may also need to be mounted throughout the grounds of your festival depending on how large the venue is. 

No matter what type of concert or event you are putting on outdoors, whether it is for a massive crowd or a small, close knit group expecting a festival of sorts, you can create the best and brightest in your area with a little help from True Sound Hire.

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How To Get The Best Wedding Sound & Lighting hire 

Before you select your wedding setup and equipment you should begin by doing a little bit of homework, and this means research. Selecting a company to handle your wedding sound & lighting hire is an important decision, and it deserves some in depth knowledge about the people who you will be working with and the products in question. 

Whether you are a wedding planner, bride, groom, or parents of the married couple looking for more information, we at True Sound Hire are always happy to help you learn more about our products and packages, and we have a large assortment of items that are well suited to weddings and marriage receptions. 

Checking The Reviews

Before selecting a provider for your sound and lighting you should look into reviews and ratings. On our website you have the ability to see what others have said about our services in the past, and we always invite new and existing customers to ask us about our services and how we feel about our clients as well. To us clients are like close friends and we want all of your special events big and small to go off without a hitch, which is why we test all of our equipment before and after each prior use. This helps you and us assure that there will be no future problems during your wedding. 

Setup And Takedown

One of the most difficult processes when it comes to wedding sound & lighting hire is the setup and takedown of equipment. If you’re unfamiliar with the products in use then you may be uncomfortable with how they work. This is no good, especially if you’ve selected a DIY DJ system or lighting display. Fortunately, we are gurus of how our products work and we are more than happy to give our clients a lesson in what goes where and how things operate. If you need additional help, many of our products and packages come with operators so that you aren’t left wondering how to utilize certain objects during the wedding. 

On our website we list many different pieces of advice throughout our packages, this includes things like how many guests each package will be best for, as well as how long it takes to setup and disassemble certain items. This information is based mostly on estimates from previous uses, and we are more than happy to go over this information with you, or generate new statistics on other elements of your setup if you are unsure. 

Finding The Right Gear

Here at True Sound Hire, one of the things that we pride ourselves on most outside of our excellent customer service, is how many products we have to offer. Whether you need staging, sound, lighting, a starlit dance floor, microphones, DIY operating electronic systems, or a DJ table, we have the gear that you need. What’s more, we not only offer a multitude of sound and lighting gear for weddings, but all of our products are top of the line, which means that you will be using brands that you know and trust. If you’re unfamiliar with sound and lighting equipment then you can easily research any of our products to see just how well known they are, and how other clients have been satisfied with their use. 

Our staff is more than happy to recommend items, add items to your order, or explain how new pieces of equipment work so that you have absolutely everything that you need to make your special day go off without any problems. 

From Beginning To End

At True Sound Hire we have a huge quantity of products that make for wonderful sound and lighting effects during your reception or party, but we also carry a variety of items that can create an amazing ambience for the marriage ceremony as well. If you have selected a small venue that isn’t so special at first glance, don’t worry about it. True Sound Hire can create a wonderful balance between elegance and whimsy that will take your wedding day from bland to memorable in under an hour. For a full list of what we offer, hire prices and more details about our family ran company please see 

We do recommend that all of our clients hiring for weddings book in advance so that you can be certain that all of the equipment you require is free and ready to go on your special day. Dont forget to check out our sister Portuguese event hire company Algarve Event Planners - Opening in late 2017 / Jan 2018 your find all your Wedding Lighting Equipment right there Just click the link <<< 

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Festival Outdoor Stage Hire Can Save The Day

Whether you’ve got warm sunny skies in your future or dark clouds and snowy nights on the horizon, we here at True Sound Hire want to help you pull off your next big event without a hitch, especially if it is an outdoor event. Our services for festival outdoor stage hire range from Surrey and Hampshire right into Portsmouth, Guildford, and many other surrounding areas, making it easy to create an outdoor setup in your local area without any hassle. 

Outdoor staging can be used for many different forms of event such as a festival, live concert, or even a community event of some kind where speakers will need to take center stage and perform or speak to a large audience.  

How Outdoor Stage Hire Can Make A Big Difference

If you’re considering hosting an event inside, we have plenty of top notch equipment here at True Sound Hire to blow away all those in attendance and leave your event the talk of the community for weeks to come, but we often encourage our clients to consider the opportunities that an outdoor stage hire could pose, specifically for festivals which tend to act as a beacon for large crowds, which would be difficult to host in an indoor venue. Outdoor venues allow for much larger crowds, the ability to install additional bathrooms and food and beverage stations as needed, and a much easier time of preparing for all of the twists and turns that a large event of this nature could have in store for you. Outdoor stage hire means a larger guest list and the prospect for extra pounds as guests spend on tickets, snacks, and other festival related products. 

Outdoor Setup Isn’t As Difficult As You Think

At True Sound Hire we have a large selection of equipment available for our clients and this includes a multitude of outdoor staging, lighting and sound gear that has been designed and selected specifically for the outdoor activities that our clients host and attend. If you are in charge or part of a group that is in charge of organizing a large festival style event we encourage you to come take a look at our website and look over the many lists of packages, stock and prices that we have available to you. If you have any confusion over the types of products that you would require for an outdoor setup one of our highly knowledgeable staff members are always standing by to take questions and help in any way that they can. 

Visit our main staging page if your need a Outdoor Festival Stage In Surrey or Hampshire 

One thing that tends to put people off of outdoor stage hire is the thought of all the setup and problems that could occur. Fortunately, when you choose a company like us here at True Sound Hire, you can speak to one of our staff members not only about price, variety of stock and how many people each piece of equipment is suited to, but also about the setup and takedown time, whether it is a simple DIY project or if professional help from our crew is required. 

The Guarantee Of Quality

Here at True Sound Hire we pride ourselves on having some of the very best products available in the festival outdoor stage hire industry, as well as taking care of each piece of equipment so that it is as good as new for each client who uses it. Before and after each use our equipment is tested for durability, sound and visual quality, and inspected for any damage before it is hired out again. This prevents our clients from being unhappy when devices don’t work as they should, and helps you rest easy knowing that your outdoor event will run smoothly and without fail. 

All of the information on our background, the towns that we service, our different products, prices, and packages can all be found on our website with our easy to navigate directory. We also encourage feedback to better serve the local communities around us so that each and every one of your guests is as satisfied as we make our clients. 

In the outdoor festival business there is a lot at stake as far as guest happiness and performance is concerned, and here at True Sound Hire we want to help you reach your goals and enjoy success in every event you host.

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Getting The Wedding Dance Floor Hire That You Deserve

Nothing is bigger than your wedding, or at least that’s the way that it feels when you’re preparing for your big day. It can be the most important day of your life for some, and this is why we at True Sound Hire feel truly blessed to be able to play a part in it, no matter how big or small. We offer a variety of products both sound and light related that work well for wedding venues and reception halls. From our DJ equipment, to our spotlights, strobe lights, and more, we want to give you everything you need to make your event the best possible wedding reception that money can buy, no matter your budget. 

Dancing The Night Away

At a wedding, the most important features are the bride and groom, of course, but after that, having a great dance floor takes a close second, especially if you have guests who are expecting to boogie the night away with some great tunes. A starlit dance floor hire can create the perfect effect for any wedding reception, but can also set apart your party from any other wedding party by creating a soft lit illumination to make the evening memorable and fun. The dance floor hire that we offer through True Sound Hire is unique, reasonably priced, and can be used in a number of different themes and wedding styles. If you’re aiming for a romantic whimsical feeling, this floor is a great choice, and similarly, it can also work well for a fun and exciting atmosphere when paired with a strobe light and smoke machine. 

Creating Your Own Theme

As mentioned above, pairing your dance floor with additional equipment and accessories can create a completely new feel than just having the floor alone. If you’re interested in information on complimentary products then we encourage you to contact one of our well-trained staff for other options that could help create a theme for your special day. If you already have a theme in mind then you should take a look at our stock list, price chart, and packages listings, which are all found on our website. Whether you’re looking to spend only a few pounds, or a few hundred pounds, there are a variety of accessories that we can suggest for your event. 

Choosing High Quality

A wedding isn’t just any party, which means that the products you hire have to be the best. At True Sound Hire we test all of our products after they come back from usage, and before they go out to any new clients. This helps us to maintain the integrity of our high quality electronics so that you don’t find yourself unable to use your starlit dance floor or sound system hire when the time comes for it to make its big debut. Although some competitors offer similar style equipment, the brands, quality, and pricing is what set us apart and keep our clients coming back for life every time they put on a new event. 

Whether you’re planning on dancing the night away on a starlit dance floor hire, or selecting the best radio microphone and speaker equipment for the toasts at your wedding dinner, we want to help you every step of the way to create a night that you will want to watch on your wedding video time and time again. 

Keeping Business Local

One other aspect of our business that sets us apart from our competition is our passion to serve our local community. You can hire sound and lighting equipment online from other companies, but we serve local communities in and around our specific region. From London to Surrey to Portsmouth and beyond if you don’t see your town listed on our website, we encourage you to contact us and ask about our equipment for hire in your neighborhood. Using local businesses to meet your needs for party supply and wedding dance floor hire supports the community that you live in and those nearby. This puts money back into the local economy which makes other businesses thrive, and helps the communities to grow and evolve. Support your community and let us support you on your special day with our dance floor hire and other great wedding style products.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog & if you would like more info on our LED dance floor packages please see our main dance floor page Dance Floor Hire Surrey we look forward to speaking with you soon & being apart of your big day :) 

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Selecting Sound & Lighting Hire for DIY Parties

Throwing a house party, or other small to mid-sized party rarely requires too much in the way of electronic equipment. This is because most homes come with a large supply of lighting and the rooms are small enough that voices can carry quite well. However, if you plan on having a specific type of entertainment at the party such as karaoke, a live band, or anything that might require additional lighting, sound, or stage setup, you should consider utilizing a company like True Sound Hire to supply your necessary appliances. We at True Sound Hire, cater to any type of event, no matter how large or small the gathering is, so long as you’re seeking top quality products at reasonable prices. 

Serving You For Better Parties

At True Sound Hire we serve a number of different regions all across the United Kingdom, including London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and various surrounding areas. Our website has a long list of the regions that we currently serve, but we urge all potential new customers to give us a call or send us an e-mail if you live in an area not on our service list. 

Our client base means more to us than just the general customer does at any other local business. We truly care about whether or not your event works out and if you are getting the correct equipment to put everything on without a hitch. If you have any questions regarding the equipment that you currently have, what items or accessories could be added for a better sound or experience for your guests, or other concerns, we invite you to contact us and one of our well-trained staff will be happy to help you find all of the information that you need to make your party a success. 

Small Parties Matter

Here at True Sound Hire we thrive on any style of event, and house parties are one of our absolute favorites. DIY parties are a great way to save money, and we have a large selection of packages and individually priced stock that is perfect for smaller venues and home parties. We also offer many different DIY items for clients who want to be the hero of their own event with DJ kits and other easy to devices which will assist you in setting yourself apart. 

Sound And Lighting

Even a small house party can use a little help in the sound and lighting department, whether you need a strobe, disco ball, or a spotlight for the entertainment of the evening. We also have microphones, both wireless and wire-in, and many speaker options and music transmitters to keep folks dancing the night away. If you have a larger space and wish to take advantage of more cool products, we also offer a starlit dance floor hire, which, although isn’t commonly utilized in small party venues, can make a really fun accessory to an already exciting prospect. The lit dance floor helps to create a space where guests can come together, dance and have fun in an area that is designed specifically for dancing and music. If you have a smaller space or can’t quite fit a lit dance floor hire into your budget, you can choose from a  number of other special lighting and effects such as our smoke machine, or the décor lighting displays that you can mount and use to cast illuminated patterns on your walls and ceiling. 

Working Out The Numbers

Here at True Sound Hire, we love helping our clients get what they need, no matter the budget that you have to work with. Sometimes you may not even realize the amount of equipment that you can get on your particular budget unless you ask, so encourage all who are interested to call and speak to us about our piecing, packages and DIY options that might be affordable to your financial outline for your party. 

Whether you’re only looking for a few additional pieces of equipment to transform your evening into a brightly lit, musical success, or you want to go all out with a large supply of lighting, effects, staging, and sound equipment, we are here to help, and we take our job very seriously. Check our main home page out for more info & deatils about what speakers & disco lighting to hire 

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Why Event Planners Are Choosing True Sound Hire

Whether you’re an event planner, a party organizer, or the leader of an organization, business, committee, or a consumer in need of some great lighting and sound options, True Sound Hire is the company to turn to. Here at True Sound Hire we pride ourselves not only on our massive index of high quality stock, but also on the knowledge that our staff has on these items. Each member of our team is trained in how to use the items available to our clients, what the setup time frame and costs associated will be, and whether or not the product works well in a particular setting or for a certain type of event. 

Knowledge Is Power

There may be a few competitor companies in the London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and surrounding area region, but at True Sound Hire we don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to others trying to build a following in our area of expertise. This is because we are so very confident in what we know and how that knowledge affects the relationships that we build with our clients. We want every customer that we assist to be a returning customer for life, and for that reason, among others, we put our all into every sale and service. We don’t just want you to use our lighting fixtures for your wedding party, we want to know how it went, and that we made a difference in your special night. We don’t just want to supply great sound systems to event planners who are putting on large scale concerts, we want to encourage and assist in any way possible by mixing and matching additional accessories and other products that might make your event the best yet. We care about our consumers and we know our products inside and out, which makes it much easier for you to trust us over any competitors who might be offering similar but lesser items. 

The Price Is Right

Our price points are set so that our customers aren’t spending a pound over their budget, but they are still able to get every item necessary for their event. This is why we created our package deals, so that whether you’re seeking lighting, sound, or stage setup options, there are a variety of packages to choose from, with different price points, products, and accessories available in each creation. All of our prices are listed on our website for our clients to see, making it easy to login in and take a look from home or the office before calling to book a hire. If you’re confused about any of the product listings, packages, or prices, we encourage you to call ahead and speak to one of our well-trained representatives about the items that you had in mind and how that pricing works for you. 

Availability And Convenience

At True Sound Hire, we like it when the world is convenient, and that is exactly what we offer our customers. We have a large well-stocked warehouse full of all the products we know our clients need, whether it is being booked in advanced or called for at a moment’s notice. We usually encourage clients to book ahead so that we have the right product at the right time, but if you’re late in booking and the exact setup that you want isn’t available, don’t sweat it, we have many options that will work out just as well, and might even turn out better for the venue type and crowd that you have in mind.

A Helping Hand

We love our work here at True Sound Hire, and we want you to love planning your event as much as we love supplying for it. This is why we like it when customers call ahead to ask our opinion on certain products and whether or not they’ll work for your particular event. If we don’t think you’re going with the right sound system, we will let you know, and supply a better option for you, but we never enforce our opinions, so you always have the final say in the colours, special effects, and light, stage, or sound type that you receive for your special event or party. If you would like to read more about our hire company then see our main home page for details about all the rental services we offer :) thank you again for taking the time to read our blog & we look forward to hopfully hearing from you soon

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Making Yourself Heard With Radio Mic Hire

One of the top sellers we have here through True Sound Hire is our radio mic hire, and it isn’t very hard to see why this is. Radio microphones seem to be the way of the future, combining the easy access and convenience of modern technology with the classic method of getting your message across to an audience. Whether you’re utilizing this equipment for a business luncheon, work conference, or charity gala, you will find that a good quality radio microphone hire can get you amazing results and a room full of happy people who hear every word you wish to get across. 

Party Functionality

Radio mic hire isn’t only for business uses and work functions, these microphones are perfect for entertainment of nearly any kind. Whether you’re putting on a birthday party for children, an anniversary celebration, or a wedding reception where speeches must be heard, our radio mic hire will help you get your message across without straining your voice, or being muffled by poor quality equipment. All of our microphones are tested before and after each client’s use so that we know they are in perfect working order and ready to go. We offer a number of different brands and models in all of our sound system equipment, and invite you to call and speak to any of our representatives regarding the additional tools that can contribute to a successful celebration. 

Hire A Wireless Radio Mic From Just £25.00 ex VAT - CLICK HERE FOR HIRE

Music And Performances

Many people believe that radio microphones are better saved for speeches and speech related performances, but this isn’t always the case. A high quality radio mic hire can make for a perfect accessory to any music event, festival or live performance where singing and music will be present. Paired with the right sound system, speakers, and lighting, a well-placed radio mic does a wonderful job getting your song to the crowd, and making for an exciting night of rock and roll, pop, or jazz. It doesn’t matter if you’re singing, playing an instrument, or speaking in between sets, you will find that your messages are clear and well-heard throughout the venue. This is one type of event, however, where you will definitely want a second opinion from one of our True Sound Hire professionals on the type of equipment to pair with your mic hire. We have a well-trained staff ready to answer all of your questions and help you select the accessories that will go best with your hire.

School And Team Functions

Gathering together for an award ceremony, school concert, or assembly can require you to be heard by many across a crowded room. This is the perfect place to setup and use a radio mic hire from True Sound Hire. We serve many townships across London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and surrounding regions, and are willing to travel with equipment to get you what you need on the day that you require it. Having an equipment provider that you can count on can make all of the difference in the world when you are planning a big event, especially if it is something that you haven’t done before. We are always happy to share our knowledge base with our clients and give you a little bit more information on what types of equipment you will need, where they will work best as far as placement goes, and other data that could really benefit any school function. 

Whether you’re an event planner, a bride or groom seeking out the best possible equipment for your reception, or a school official searching for the best price on a radio mic hire for an assembly or other educational function, we are here to help you get the best quality equipment for the most reasonable rates. We offer a list of all of our prices and stock directly on our website and invite you to come take a look at the many packages that we offer, which are bundled together specifically for people who are trying to create a certain type of theme, effect, or event. We have sound systems, lighting equipment, stage setup, and a multitude of special effects to make any special day or night a smashing success. Call and book an appointment or get a quote today; the sooner you book your order, the better your chances are of getting all of the equipment that you need in time for your event. 

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School Mayball Event Production Got You Worried?

Putting on a school Mayball event production is intimidating at the best of times. Dealing with all of the sound setup, lighting control, stage construction, and accessories can take quite a bit of planning and preparation, not to mention money spent on equipment, setup, and additional factors. Fortunately, we here at True Sound Hire believe in helping our clients through every step of the process, and we specialize in sound, lighting, stages, lasers, and everything else that you could possibly need to put on the best Mayball event you could possibly have imagined. 

Pricing and Budget

So, of course these sort of equipment rentals require some financial planning, especially if you don’t want to go over budget. You also have to consider things like food, drinks, the dance venue, and various other costs that you will incur during this preparation. One thing you can look forward to are the reasonable rates that we offer, especially when you bundle services through one of our premium packages. Lighting, sound systems, stage, and accessory packages are all available at affordable rates on our website, and you can easily view price lists, stock lists, and packages with the simple click of a mouse. You can also call and speak to a well-trained representative at any time to get the low down on our products, pricing, and guide to a better Mayball. We highly suggest that you make up a quick budget before calling so that you know how much you are looking to spend before we give you a quote. 

Setup and Production

The big event is nothing without all of the small factors like décor and setup that make it what it is, and we want to be there for you during this process. Here at True Sound Hire we offer time estimates on setup, and provide only the best quality equipment which has been double checked for quality assurance so that you don’t wind up with an item that doesn’t perform properly on the day of your event. We also provide setup for many of our larger products such as staging, so that you aren’t left wondering where everything goes and whether or not it will hold up when you have performers in place.

Choosing Equipment

The choices for your equipment are practically limitless and include a number of basic tools such as speakers and other sound system instruments, but also more modern devices like wireless microphones, DIY DJ stations, and a variety of other fun and interactive sound options. Similarly, lighting packs a number of different accessories as well including disco balls, starlit dance floors, lasers, smoke machines, wall-lit lighting displays, strobes, and spotlights. This makes it easy to establish your theme, make everybody of importance visible throughout the day/night, and create an exciting atmosphere for the youth in attendance. The selection of your equipment will depend on the style of the evening, the budget that you have established, the number of people in attendance, and the size of the venue. We are happy to make suggestions to clients who are unsure of what they need, or who are curious about additional pieces that might go well with the original equipment they have already hired. 

When To Order

We usually suggest that school Mayball event production teams put in your bid to hire as early as possible; this helps us procure the correct instruments and equipment for your big event in time, so that the pieces that you want are all available to you. While we do take last minute hires, this can be risky, because we never know what will be left in stock, especially around these busy seasons when so many educational institutions are planning Mayballs and other school events for the spring season. Even if you only have a basic idea of what you need, you can book ahead and call back later to add additional pieces of equipment to your order. We also invite all of our clients in to have a look at the items in question to determine if they are the right size and quality for your event. We serve London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and various surrounding areas, so feel free to call even if your town isn’t listed on our main website home page. 

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If You're Looking To Hire A White LED Starlit Dance Floor Your In The Right Place

Dance Floor Hire For Your Big Night Made Easy

Are you hosting a birthday party, wedding reception or just a dance party for friends? It can be difficult and even tedious to set the mood for this kind of event if you don’t have the right equipment, and when you do find the equipment it is often expensive to put together the theme and setting that you really want. Fortunately, there are many products on the market now that can make this part of your décor much easier to establish. One way is through dance floor hire, which is something that we at True Sound Hire tend to specialize in. Imagine a dim room, music in the background, and then a brightly lit floor underfoot, creating a perfect space for those who want to dance the night away. 

Wedding Receptions

As far as dance floor hire goes, your wedding reception is probably the best place to have one, because this is a time in your life that you want to remember for years to come. You can dance the night away, see everybody around you, find the floor in a room full of tables, people, food and decorations, and you can customize it to work for your theme or party style. If you want to create a soft lit ambience for that first dance this is totally possible, but you can also rock out by adding additional disco balls and strobe lights to the room for a full on party night effect. 

See Our Main Dance Floor Hire Page Here -

Birthday Bashes

Sure, balloons and cake can make a birthday party fun, but they won’t exactly make you the talk of the town, which is exactly what we aim to do with our starlit dance floor hire. All you need is a room large enough to set this floor down in and you can enjoy lighting up the night with the perfect place to groove. Whether the party is for teenagers or your 50th bash, a dance floor can make all the difference between a calm quiet night among friends, and an exciting celebration of your next step in life as you move on to a new age and a new year among your friends and family. 

Some Dance Floor Hire Price Below & You Won't Find Cheaper 

White LED Starlit Dance Floor 10ft x 8ft Only £225 Delivered!

White LED Starlit Dance Floor 14ft x 14ft Only £265 Delivered!

White LED Starlit Dance Floor 16ft x 16ft Only £399 Delivered!

NEW FOR 2015 Hire a 18ft x 18ft dance floor only £499 or a MASSIVE 20ft x 20ft just £645 !

Proms And Dances

High school dances, proms, and even community events with music and dancing can all benefit from a dance floor hire, especially if you’re renting a hall or using a gymnasium and are in need of some serious décor to redefine the space for your event. This type of addition can create an entirely different atmosphere, and leave guests smiling, and dancing the night away without a thought for the rest of the room. This works well on a tight budget because although you will pay for the rental, the prices are reasonable, and it helps to make any room into a dance hall in a matter of moments. 

Anniversary Parties

Nothing says “I love you” like remembering your first dance together as a couple, and that is why a dance floor hire makes a wonderful addition to any anniversary party. It doesn’t matter if it is your one year anniversary or your 25th anniversary, spending the night in the arms of the one you love on a floor that lights up the room will help make a new memory while you celebrate the ones from your past. This can make a night to treasure and add to your list of special moments together as a couple. In fact, you might find it difficult to top on your 50th. 

Here at True Sound Hire we believe in giving our clients the best of what we have to offer at the most reasonable rate available. You can take a look at all of our party equipment, dance floor rentals, and other décor options on our website. We also invite you to contact us for a consultation and quote on other items that could make your big night a smashing success. We love helping people create the right atmosphere, and present themselves to their guests in the best possible light. Through our sound systems, stage setup, Lighting equipment, and of course our dance floor hire, we provide services for just about any party or event type that you can image. For business or pleasure, consider our equipment for your next celebration or event.

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Why Festival Outdoor Stage Hire Could Be Your Best Bet

When it comes time to begin preparing for melting ice and snow, the first thing that comes to mind for party planners and event organizers is that it will soon be time for outdoor festivals to begin once again. This can mean anything from concerts to celebrations, and generally there is a huge crowd to appease. As an organizer the best thing that you can do for your career is plan ahead, book ahead, and be prepared for absolutely everything. For us, here at True Sound Hire, there is nothing we love more than helping our clients reach these goals.

Renting Your Equipment

Before you begin lining up actors, musicians, and other entertainers for the festivals in your future you may want to consider where they will be performing and what type of equipment will be required. Festival outdoor stage hire can make this a much easier task to complete, by contacting companies like us, you can get yourself an outdoor stage setup, along with additional sound and lighting equipment and other necessary structures quickly and easily. One thing that we pride ourselves on having over our competition is a competitive price tag, because we know that when you’re setting up for an event, there are always other budgetary requirements to take into consideration. For this reason, we pre-packaged our outdoor stage equipment in an easy to access bundle at one convenient price. 

Pricing Your Festival Outdoor Stage Hire

Before you book you may want to call around and see what options are available as far as the best price, but you will probably find that while other companies may have reasonable rates, a lot of their outdoor structures are complicated to setup, and come in many pieces that need to be rented separately. Our festival outdoor stage hire gear comes in one excellent outdoor stage package which can be found in the packages section of our website. Pricing, setup time, and the number of people that this stage will suit is all listed on our website as well. In fact, our website has just about all of the information that you could possibly need in regards to preparing for your big day, weekend, or week-long festival. You can check out our stock page for other products that might come in handy, you can also visit our price list to see how much each individual piece costs, along with the price of our outdoor stage. 

Making Recommendations 

Along with your festival outdoor stage hire, you will find that working through us here at True Sound Hire means that you also get our equipment expertise as a complimentary bonus, and we have plenty of helpful staff members who are fully trained and prepared to take your calls, answer your e-mails and chat with you online about additional equipment you might need, and how each piece of equipment works and is assembled. There are many do it yourself items that we supply to those who want to cut back on having members of an outside team at your event, but we also offer many products that will be erected and setup for you, and you will find that you won’t be spending extra pounds where you don’t need to. 

Clients For Life

Here at True Sound Hire, we want to create a lasting relationship with our clients because we value our connections and enjoy serving the local communities of London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and other areas nearby. It matters to us whether our customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with our services and we urge you to rate us and let us know how we did and how you found the products in use. Each of our items are tested before and after use by a renter so that we know that everything is working and in tip top shape for your event. Whether you are renting only festival outdoor stage hire, or you also require speakers, a sound system, microphones, and lighting, you can count on everything working properly when it really counts. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact us and speak to a representative anytime. True Sound Hire is here to help you with all of your festival outdoor stage hire needs and anything else that you might require in regards to event planning equipment. If you would like more info about our festival stages please visit our main staging page where we have pictures, pricing and more info about what to look for.  

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Making Sound & Lighting Equipment For Weddings More Exciting

Every wedding deserves to be seen and heard, but what many planners and brides don’t know is that there are ways to really mix up your lighting and sound to create an exciting new atmosphere in your reception hall. Sure, there are always the basics for playing music throughout the room, and a spotlight for your toasts, but here at True Sound Hire we believe in offering more than the average lighting and sound experience to our clients.

Creating Something New

The first step that we usually recommend taking in creating a new experience for your guests is to research our sound and lighting equipment for weddings. Not all pieces of equipment are equal, although we do pride ourselves on selling only the best of everything. Each of our pieces of equipment is tested before and after each use so that you know they will work and won’t have any technical issues during your big day. 

We also offer a wide assortment of lighting and sound systems, which gives you the ability to customize your setup and choose colors and styles of lighting and sound that suit your life and your wedding best. One piece of lighting which we supply that has become very popular among brides and grooms is our decorative lighting projections, which can cast stylish illuminations across your walls. 

Taking A Chance on Exciting New Décor Styles

Something that we always offer to our guests who are seeking out sound and lighting equipment for weddings is our starlit dance floor. Nothing is more exciting to those in attendance at your big event, or for yourselves, than a brightly lit dance floor at your wedding. Like something right out of a fairytale, this dance floor can cast tones of whimsy or influence some creative dance moves by spicing up a slow night and creating fun and funky lights and colors.

For other exciting additions we also offer disco balls and strobe lights for the wedding couple that prefers something modern, hip, and young as opposed to something romantic, soft and whimsical. These tools work well with our DJ equipment and sound systems to give your reception the feel of an after party at a rock concert! 

Taking It Outside

Much of our equipment has been used at both indoor and outdoor events, giving you the option of moving your wedding outside into the open air. If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding then now is the best time to book for your outdoor staging and accessories. We always suggest that our clients book early in case another couple has their eye on the same items. Although there is plenty in stock here at True Sound Hire, we find that some equipment is more popular than others for this particular type of event, and the warmer seasons tend to be very popular among brides and grooms for wedding dates. 

Make It Live

Nothing makes a wedding more exciting than a live band, because although a DJ can be quite fun, it isn’t nearly as charming or interactive as a band on stage playing their own instruments and crooning to the crowd. For this we also have a variety of sound and lighting equipment for weddings that is suited to the live band crowd. Aside from speakers and sound setups to better amplify instruments, we also offer a wide assortment of microphone types so that your singer can be heard.

When you have a live concert, there are usually quite a few people in attendance, and this can make it difficult for everybody to see what’s going on. Our projection screens and LCD monitors can help you show all of your guests exactly what is going on center stage and bring the live show to your guests without any pushing or shoving for front row seats. Of course, at a wedding, the band is really there for the dancers, which means that most people will have a clear view. In this case, the screens can be used for other purposes such as displaying video clips or photo montages of the bride and groom as they grew up, met, and fell in love. Nothing makes a memory like a combination of many good memories all displayed in the same place. You can find a whole list of the difference hire services we offer from wireless LED uplighting to dance floors and PA systems. See our main homepage for details and advice 

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Financing Your Dance Floor Hire

Planning a special event such as a wedding or birthday party can be fun, but it can also be costly, and if you aren’t sure about your budgetary restrictions things can get pretty confusing. One of the things that we get many questions about here at True Sound Hire in regards to prices and budgeting is our dance floor hire. This starlit dance floor offers an illuminating glow for all of the guests who choose to use it, and while it is reasonably priced, if you are already paying for other equipment, it can be difficult to justify the purchase. For this reason, we want to offer you a few tips on how you can finance your dance floor hire without guilt or worry. 

Make A Budget

Okay, so step one is pretty simple, you need to see exactly how much money you have to work with and write it all out where you can see it. Whether you use an electronic device, or a pen and a paper doesn’t make a difference, what is important is that you know what you can spend and where you will be spending it. This means writing out more than just the number of pounds in your pocket, you must also include a list of prices such as venue rental, catering, clothing, and various other requirements. Once you know what you need and how much they cost you can subtract them from your original amount to see what you have to work with. 

Coming Up Short

If you find that you aren't able to pull together the amount necessary, this doesn't mean that you can’t get yourself a dance floor hire for the special day, it simply means that you must find a way to gain a little extra money before the event takes place. One way that we suggest to many of our clients to do this is by raising money through a draw or raffle of some kind that provides a prize of 50% of the earnings to those invited, and the rest can go toward additional needs for the event. By selling tickets for the draw early on and drawing on the night of the event you give yourself ample time to raise the additional funds without breaking your budget or going without the dance floor and any other rentals that you might need for your festival, party, concert, or other event. 

Cutting Out What Isn’t Necessary

If raising additional funds isn't an option for you or your event, but you really want the dance floor to be part of your special event, you don’t have to give up on your dream altogether, you can also take a second glance at that budget that you created and weigh the pros and cons of each item on your list. Do you need everything that you have written down, or are some things just extras that you might want on the big day? Take a good look at the dance floor, call and speak to one of our representatives for more information on the floor and how it could benefit your gathering and then decide by weighing it against the other options on your list. You might be surprised to find that you are spending money on a lot of unnecessary items that won’t bring you what you really want to achieve. 

Contacting True Sound Hire

Once you have found your method of finance, whether it was through one of the above mentioned methods or one of your own devising, your next step toward acquiring your dance floor hire is to contact us directly. We offer various methods of contact through our website, e-mail, and telephone, and are happy to assist in any way that we can through these methods. We invite you to come in look at our equipment, speak to our staff and find exactly what will suit your event. 

We are happy to serve clients from London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and many surrounding areas whether you are seeking dance floor hire, sound systems, PA hire, or lighting equipment, True Sound Hire is more than ready to take on any challenge that you throw our way. We believe in making our clients happy the first time by supplying the best quality equipment at the best possible prices. Check out our full dance floor hire page over at for more help, pricing and advice 

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Could True Sound Hire Be Your Ticket To A Successful Event?

With over a decade of experience and some of the brightest minds in the sound and lighting industry, we at True Sound Hire are proud to serve our local community and outer regions with some of the top event equipment services in the U.K. On the surface we are a business and that means that to thrive we must bring in new clients and make money, but at our core we are a great supporter of family, local businesses, and the personal relationships that we form with our customers. We are more than a company, we are a family, and we want to make every celebration and event that you organize turn out to be the success that you visualize it as. 

More For Less

One of the ways that we serve our local community is by bringing you the best equipment available at the most reasonable prices imagined. By doing this we guarantee that you can get what you need for less, and we also guarantee ourselves a lasting client. Our goal here at True Sound Hire is to build clientele for life, and to do this we are willing to go above and beyond for those that we work with. 

Price points for individual rentals and price points for packages are different, but by contacting one of our professionally trained agents you can add additional pieces of equipment to packages or single products to create just the right bundle for your particular event. 

Variety And Convenience

Not only are our prices reasonable, but we have a large selection from which you can choose, which means that you can put on just about any type of event and True Sound Hire can supply you with exactly what you need for a successful day or night. Wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, high school reunions, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, and much more can be achieved with the right staging, lighting, and sound system setup, and this is what we live for. True Sound Hire has a long listing of stock items which can be found on our website, we also have a price list for individual pieces, and a hire packages section which is perfect for larger events requiring more sound and light equipment. 

Although we work with a lot of large businesses and assist in many festivals and concerts, we also supply to a multitude of small affairs, parties, and family events that require only a few items at a time. This means that no matter what size your event will be or how many guests are included, you can use True Sound Hire without fear of too little equipment or outrageous prices based on big business scales. 

Serving Local Communities

Although we mentioned time and again throughout our blog that we supply to London, Surrey, Portsmouth, and Guildford, we also supply to a large selection of nearby locations as well. Our client bases range from Cranleigh, Weybridge, Heathrow, and Staines to Knightsbridge, Slough, Godalming, Farnborough, and everywhere in between. 

Our website has a listing along the bottom that expresses all of the communities that we service, but we don’t stop there. If you live in a nearby region that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us. You might be surprised to find that we often branch out on a client need basis, and we look forward to building bridges into new counties that require our services. Currently we provide equipment for everyone from community function planners to parents who require sound systems for children’s birthday parties, and we don’t limit these options by region. This means that all of our packages and stock are available in all of the regions we serve without limitation based on location. 

Choosing True Sound Hire

True Sound Hire has a knowledgeable staff, top quality products, reasonable rates, and serves many communities throughout the U.K. For this reason among many others we strongly encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns that we can address. Whether you’re seeking more information on a particular product, you need help deciding what type of equipment you need, or you’re unsure if your budget will cover expenses on one of our packages, we are always happy to help. Check us out 

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Festival Production Services Can Save You A Bundle!

With the holidays quickly approaching and the need to sing, celebrate and dance being of the utmost importance you can be sure that all of those concerts and parties won’t go unnoticed, and they certainly can’t go unplanned. Planning festivals, parties, and other events takes a lot of work, and it also takes a little know how as far as equipment, lighting, sound hire, and stages go. For this reason, among many others, we usually suggest that planners turn to professional festival production services to make sure that their events are a success and that the festival runs smoothly and has everything it needs to be the talk of Surrey, London, Guildford, and surrounding areas for years to come.

Choosing True Sound Hire

Here at True Sound Hire we have a strong client base, and it isn’t difficult to see why we seem to attract so many locals to our services. We have been in the business of festival production services for more than a decade and pride ourselves on having some of the top lines of equipment from our speakers to our strobe lights. 

Designing and putting on a festival takes an entire team, not just one planner, and we want to be that secret weapon in your back pocket that you can pull out to beat the competition and come out on top. 

Saving Time To Save You Money

Spending thousands on pounds on a festival is inevitable no matter what kind of equipment you decide to go with, but the good news is that you will make all of that back and more when your guests are impressed with what they see. This can make your next event an even bigger success, and we love seeing our clients fulfill their dreams.

One way that we can make your life easier in terms of festival production services is that you will find yourself saving time left and right. Answers to questions and concerns can be put to rest quickly and efficiently by our fully trained staff. Setup and take down are a synch no matter how much equipment you have to hire, and we always let you know approximately how long your setup will take and how many people the equipment you choose will work for. 

Equipment That Works Right The First Time

At True Sound Hire we take pride in all of our equipment no matter how small or how big, and this is why we check everything before it goes out and when it comes back from use to make sure that it works as though it is brand new. This means that you don’t wind up turning on a light only to find that it isn’t working and nobody can see your show. Our products are also crafted by well-known companies, meaning that the brands that you trust are exactly what you will get for your big event without having to spend those brand name prices for your show. Get top quality sound, visuals and special effects for a fraction of the price, and still make a big impact on your guests.

We supply equipment to wedding receptions, birthday parties, boxing matches, night clubs, anniversary celebrations, office parties, business meetings, conferences, festivals, and a variety of other events that require lights and sound to shine at their brightest. Festival production services are in place so that you don’t have to worry about everything working, or having the right equipment; at True Sound Hire, we do the worrying for you and we make sure that everything we supply is ready to perform along with the performers!

We provide services to London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth, and various other areas to bring the professional sound and sights of our products to your local events. Whether you’re inquiring for your own gathering, for a future festival or party, or as a planner who has been hired for a wedding or celebration that will be occurring in the near future, we want to help you put on the absolute best performance, show, party, or event of the season. Our clients are clients for life, and we would like to keep it that way by saving you money, saving you time, and giving you exactly what you need to be a success in your field or industry. If you would like to read more about our company and see what services we provide please visit our main web page here you can read a little about us and hopfuly your get a feel about what we do & how we work. 

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Outdoor Staging Hire For Beginners

At True Sound Hire we are always excited at the prospect of helping our clients plan a new event in regards to the sound, lighting, and stage equipment, and this is especially true of outdoor staging hire. Whether you have been putting on outdoor festivals and events for years, or you’re new to the event planning arena, all of our professionally trained staff are eager and willing to help you get the absolute best quality equipment to make your show go off without a hitch. We can explain how the equipment works, where best to setup, what accessories might work well with your selection, the price and how to budget your equipment rentals, as well as a number of other suggestions that could make your festival or concert a much brighter affair. 

Take Exact Measurements

When our clients ask us about the first steps to throwing a successful outdoor event, we always suggest that they start out by measuring the lot they plan on using to setup their staging equipment. Our equipment for this type of event measures 10m X 8m, is a fully covered outdoor stage system and costs £2000, well within the means of most event planners with a big crowd to prepare for. 

The purpose of most outdoor concerts or festivals is to create a large space in which people can gather and take part. For this reason, you need to know how much room you have to work with where you will place the staging, and measure that region for an exact idea of what you have to work with. Once you have a general idea of placement you can move on to the next steps in getting started with outdoor staging hire.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

We love helping our clients choose accessories for their staging and parties because we have so much to offer. From sound systems with wireless microphones and full DJ equipment to strobe lights and smoke machines, we have it all. One thing that many of our clients decide to go with when they select the outdoor staging hire is the additional carpeting and catwalk that can go along with it. The catwalk is an excellent accessory if you are playing a live concert and want the performer to be able to come out into the crowd to interact without leaving the stage. It also works well for fashion shows or events which are trying to display something in particular to viewers in the crowd.

Another item we supply that we often get requests for in combination with outdoor staging are our plasma screens, which make a wonderful addition because they can be used to play videos, display pictures, convey advertisements to the audience, and more These screens allow audience members further back to see what is going on up front if you place them throughout the crowd.  Additional trusses and other mounting gear may be required if this is something that you are interested in.

Choose A Flat Stable Area

So you have measured the main area and you have a few accessories chosen, now you need to prep the area for setup and this means locating or creating a flat space for your stage to cover. If you erect the outdoor staging hire on a hill, you might find things sliding off onto the ground, and performers may have trouble balancing and playing the way that they need to. This is also dangerous because things can get broken, or may not get put together properly due to uneven ground which could be cause for further accidents. 

Be Wary Of Possible Weather Malfunctions

Finally, you can’t plan an outdoor event without knowing that the weather is always going to factor into how successful your concert or festival plays out. Rain can be an especially unfortunately situation to find yourself dealing with, but there are weather proofing options, and some party planners utilize alternate days due to bad weather to play their event. If you can’t move your date and bad weather persists you will be happy that you took precautions and that the stage is equipped for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Speak to one of our representatives today to get tips and hints about how you can better prepare for weather. If you would like some costs on our different outdoor festival stages please see our Outdoor Festival Stage Hire page for more info & advice, your also find pictures of our stages and other useful info like payloads etc. 

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Get Noticed With A Projector Hire!

In the world of business there is a vast multitude of tricks and tools that you can use to set yourself above the competition. This is especially true in big business when the corporate ladder for success is a steep climb and your co workers are willing to go above and beyond to make an impression on the management team. For this, and many other opportunities, projector hire can be the difference between a boring presentation and one that highlights exactly what you want to say while also entertaining and providing top notch visual representation.

Here at True Sound Hire we take projector hire seriously, and encourage all of our clients to check out the high quality equipment that we provide for both business and personal needs. Although projection can make a big impression in business, it also adds a personal quality to an otherwise unglamorous evening.

Making Your Boss Pay Attention

Projector hire can be used in coordination with our screens which are designed specifically for use with the projectors. They can also be used in correspondence with LCD or plasma displays to give you the picture and clarity that you require. We recognize that not all events are the same, and neither is every conference, seminar or presentation, and that’s one thing that makes these machines so very interesting and convenient. You can use it in just about any situation for a variety of themes and content. You want to display charts and graphs? A projector hire can help; similarly, if you are looking to show a video, photographs, or any other type of text or image, you can have it up front and center for everybody to see. This shows dedication, focus, and an impressive sense of organization and preparation. 

One of the great things about these tools is even those who don’t particularly want to pay attention will be drawn to the visual. Whether it is text that you’re expressing, the quarterly numbers, or a just video clip representing something else worth noting in your company, you can get your point across with a projector hire. 

Partying With Style

If the business lifestyle isn’t what you’re interested in, projector hire can still be for you. No great party is complete without some photos or video clips of whatever you’re celebrating. This works for birthdays, wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties, or family events. You can showcase Uncle Eddy’s rendition of a beloved song from last year’s family holiday bash, or play a tribute montage of romantic photos of newlyweds at a wedding event. There is really no end in sight for the number of ways you can set yourself apart with one of these tools. 

We often recommend to our clients that they consider the projector hire with just about any other equipment that they rent because the price is great, and it adds a little something extra to stage events like concerts, or to shows that require sound and lighting such as a DJ club dance party Whether you’re entertaining a younger crowd or one with an older audience, you can find something to show off and make the celebration unique to you.

Planning For Better Events

Even if you aren’t the one celebrating or presenting something, this is a great rental for the office, classroom, or any kind of party that you are planning for somebody else. We especially suggest that wedding planners and other event planners give it some consideration, especially if they don’t have a lot of personal knowledge to use in the plans for the host and hostess. People love being represented in their special events, so having a way to show photographs or videos from the family, friends, or office staff can really spice things up and bring business back around to you the next time that somebody is planning something like this. 

If you go with our projector hire you can also add sound systems to magnify what you’re displaying, a wireless microphone to make your presentation stylish and entertaining, or specialty lighting including a spotlight, disco and strobe lights, or decorative lighting. If you’re interested in any of these products we encourage you to get in touch with one of our well-trained staff members for a quote today! Check out out for details about our projector hire packages, your also find tips & tricks along witn more helpful advice

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Selecting The Best Conference Sound And Lighting Hire Package

Conferences are all about getting the attention of your audience, and more importantly, they are about making an impact on those you are trying to share a message with. Conferences can be utilized for a number of reasons including business functionalities involving work information and new sales tactics, or they can be utilized by organizations or charity foundations as a method of appealing to the public. The equipment that you select for your presentation will depend on who is involved and how many people are in attendance, but here at True Sound Hire we supply a number of different conference sound and lighting hire options for nearly any size or theme. 

Lighting Up Your Venue

So our top priority here at True Sound Hire is to make sure that you are seen and heard, and while many businesses focus on the latter to appeal to their audiences, many people forget that lighting can be just as important as sound equipment, especially when you’re speaking to a large room. Our lighting packages come in a variety of sizes with additional stock pieces that can be added to nearly any combination you choose. 

Lighting can be an art, but it certainly doesn’t have to leave you stressed out and anxious about where to put things or how to set them up. Your rental agent should be equipped with all of the information that you need to place your lights in an area where they will make the best of you venue. They should also be able to set you up with all of the additional requirements for staging and mounting, which is exactly what we pride ourselves on. 

Speak to a representative about which lighting package would work best for your event and be prepared to ask questions that you need answered at this time. A list of venue measurements, guests, and budget numbers should be on hand when you discuss the lighting, especially because stage placement and additional furnishing can make a difference to how easily visible the lighting makes your speakers. Remember that not all conferences require a central speaker at all times, which means that more than one spotlight may be required. 

Creating Great Sound

Sound System Hire in Surrey, London, Guildford, Portsmouth, and all surrounding areas is simple with our sound package hire. The True Sound Hire website is full of information on our packages and pricing, like our 7kw sound package which can be easily setup in as little as twenty minutes and works well for an audience of up to two hundred and fifty guests. The package includes two OHM TRS 212 midtop speakers, two OHM TRS 218 subs, and an E100 amprack which should fit very conveniently into a small transport van for those conference organizers who are considering a DIY approach to cut costs on setup. Currently this package is reasonably priced at £195 ex VAT per day of use, which makes it a steal for one day seminar or conference events.

This particular sound package works great in a variety of settings, but it isn’t the only package we offer for conferences. A 2.5kw, 14kw, 16kw, 24kw, and 42kw are also available, with the largest package supporting sound setup for an audience of 5000 people for the hire rate of £1600 ex VAT per day of use. This applies a simple approach for all businesses in the selection of gear, giving you the ability to look into guest count and budget as a method of understanding what you need.

Whether you’re gearing up for the biggest sales conference of the year or you’re operating a learning style conference for those interested in taking part in a nonprofit organization or charity event, your lighting and sound will be in capable hands if you use our easy to access data regarding pricing and size options. Our packages are designed to make your life easier, but you don’t have to stop at sound and lights, there are plenty of other opportunities available to make the best possible conference. Staging, special effects, décor opportunities and more are all available to our clients if you know where to look. If you work through an alternative rental business, be sure to ask about any additional pricing they may not include for setup and travel costs. If you would like a better idea of what we offer & would like some more info please see our main webpage where your be able to read about our hire services and what we offer in terms of production.

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