Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of ID are required to hire from you?

A: Three forms of ID are needed:
2: Original Photographic ID's (Drivers license & Passport) If you dont carry these please contact us prior to your hire. 
1: Original Proof of address (Utility bill/Bank Statement) No older than 2months old
* We may ask for a refundable deposit at our discretion & we may also ask for further ID if we feel it is needed.

NEW UPDATE : You will need a valid credit or debit card to hire from us as we will take a small refundable deposit (under £0.10) to confirm your identity.

All prices on this website are exclusive of V.A.T and will be charged at the prevailing rate

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We operate primarily across Guildford, Surrey & London covering: Hampshire, Berkshire, Woking, Leatherhead, Dorking, Farnham, Godalming, Ripley, Horsley, Reigate, Redhill, Horley, Epsom, Cranleigh, Weybridge, Berkshire, Sunbury, Haslemere, Windsor, Slough, Heathrow & Staines...... We are not limited to these locations and also operate nationwide.

Q. Can we pop over for a cup of tea and demo some of the sound & lighting equipment we're looking to hire?

A. Yes of course you can. We're here to be friendly & as helpful as we can be. If your not sure about what lighting fixture to hire or PA system to use come down and we can show & demo you what we have in stock.

Q. Where are you ? Where do we park ?

A. Our address is: -- By appointment only --
Unit 2
Manor Park Industrial Est
Wyndham Street
GU12 4NZ

Q. Do you charge for delivery ?

A. Yes we charge £0.70 per mile from Guildford town centre & we charge for the return trip as well. 
Example: Guildford to Epsom is 20miles x 4 = 80miles round trip - 0.70 x 80 = £56
We must have an adequate, safe & secure space to load and unload which is near the venue (under 30meters)
If there are there any parking restrictions / access problems we MUST be told before the date of your event. Parking permits and/or adequate parking space for the delivery vehicles must be arranged and paid for by the client prior to delivery. If this is not done and parking tickets occur, outside of our control, the cost will be passed on to the client. Our crew / driver has the right to reasonably refuse to offload at a venue if she/he deems conditions to be unsafe

Q. When do you require payment?

A. Payment can only be made via bank transfer. No credit terms are available and all invoices are based on ''Payment With Order''. Cheque payments are not a preferred method for payment for hire customers and is currently only available if pre approved by us, If paying by cheque please make ALL payments payable to True Sound Hire Ltd

Q. What happens if am late ?

A. All dry hired equipment must be returned or made available for collection at or before the time agreed. For each day or part day it remains outstanding the hirer will be charged the daily hire rate for each outstanding item, or the total of consequential losses attributable to its late return.

Q. What happens if I have a technical problem?

A.Throughout your hire we give you full telephone support (07908-732936). Even if your question is as simple as ''how to turn the volume up on these speakers'' don't be embarrassed to call....if there was a problem with a piece of our equipment we will come back or to the venue and sort it out for you free of charge.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes. We carry full public liability insurance up to £5 million.

Q. Is the equipment safe?

A. Yes, all equipment is PAT tested regularly. If you want to see our PAT certificates you will need to ask before hand as we dont NOT keep paper copies & the office isnt open over ther weekends so if your venue are asking you for this your need to let us know so we can send you one via email (please allows 48 hours for this). Please note all of our equipment is tested before & after a hire. 

Q. What if am looking to hire some sound or lighting equipment but i cant see it on your website?

A. If there is something in particular that you are looking for and can’t find it on our website, give us a call or send us an email.

Q. Do you use any hire contacts & what are your hire T&C's

A. All hires are subject to our conditions of Hire, copies of which are available on request (Hire contract can be found below**). We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice. All equipment remains the property of True Sound Hire Ltd. A hirer cannot export, sell, lease, lend, sub-hire, modify (speaker drivers are checked) or dispose of any equipment, furthermore the location of all equipment must always be made known to us. Under UK law there are two basic terms that constitute a binding agreement. The verbal agreement will be binding if there was an agreement on the services to be performed and an agreement was reached on remuneration for this service. This agreement can be reached by a verbal exchange in person, via telephone or via an email.
**This is an important document which you must consider carefully when choosing whether to use our services at
any time. Please read the terms of this agreement carefully before agreeing to it. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations set out below. When making payment you are agreeing and entering into this contract, you also agree to comply with all of our
terms set out.

True Sound Hire Ltd | Terms and conditions of hire:

 1. Hire periods
All dry hired equipment must be returned or made available for collection at or before the time agreed. For each day or part day it remains outstanding the hirer will be charged the daily hire rate for each outstanding item, or the total of consequential losses attributable to its late return.
2. Payment
i. Hire fees for dry hire equipment including deposits must be made in full at or before the time any equipment is
received by the hirer by BACS only.
ii. Invoiced clients (must be pre approved by us first) will need to clear outstanding fees within 7 days of the invoice date. Late payments will incur
daily late payment penalties of 5% of the outstanding sum for a maximum of 31 days. After 31 days from the invoice
date, if it remains unpaid and outstanding beyond this time, proceedings to make a court claim against the hirer will be made. Cheque payments are not a preferred method for payment for hire customers and is currently only available if pre approved by us.
3. Deposits and ID
i.The full amount of any deposit(s) that are paid are non refundable if any item is lost, stolen or damaged. (also
see 10)
ii. Identification must be provided by the hirer when dry hiring equipment. ID will be retained by us until the return of all equipment. Exceptions may include:-where equipment is delivered to a hirer’s home address, council authorities, company representatives and previous known clients.
(If ID is not made available, equipment will not be dry hired). Any or all deposits are taken at our discretion and we reserve the right to ask for a full deposit to the value of the goods. The hirer must have substantial insurance in place to cover the full cost of any loss or damage to the equipment while on hire or whilst being transported.
4. Ownership
All equipment remains the property of True Sound Hire Ltd. A hirer cannot export, sell, lease, lend, sub-hire, modify
(speaker drivers are checked) or dispose of any equipment, furthermore the location of all equipment must always be made known to us.
5:2 Cancellation of an agreed hiring
i. Where we receive less than 14 days notice of cancellation, you are liable to pay the full amount of the agreed hire fee.
ii. Where we receive more than 14 days but less than 31 days notice of cancellation, you are liable to pay 75% of the agreed hire fee. *PLEASE NOTE we do not issue refunds under any circumstances and all payments should be made knowing that these are non refundable.
We have never cancelled or failed to turn up for an event we have been engaged for. In an event that we cannot fulfill an engagement, our liability is limited to the cost of alternative hire, subject to a maximum of the fee we have agreed with you.
We will not be liable to you for any other direct or consequential losses. Our liability is also limited by giving you notice, in the same proportion and applying the same periods we apply to your liability to us (see 6 below), and by force majeure.
6:1. Force majeure
We will not be liable for any failure to supply a product or service where that failure is wholly caused by an event beyond our control that we could not reasonably anticipate, forestall or prevent.
This may include (but is not limited to) acts of war, terrorism, extreme weather conditions, or natural disasters. Where any public authority advises that only essential journeys should be undertaken, any product or service we supply shall not be considered essential.
7:1. Condition of equipment
We check the condition and operation of all equipment before it leaves us. The equipment will be provided in full
working order, as detailed on the hire sheet and in good physical condition. On accepting delivery you agree that it is in good condition and fully operational. Any discrepancies or faults must be reported within 2 hours of receipt of the equipment hired by calling the company mobile number 07908-732936.
You will need to speak to us and explain what the faults are, you may leave a voicemail if you have made many attempts to communicate with us but emails, text messages and land line phone calls are not accepted when reporting any faults
We reserve the right to substitute your hire item(s) & provide you with a like-for-like exchange should your product
be faulty or not available.
8. Use of equipment
It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure equipment is suitable for the purpose intended, and is used safely and
legally. Anyone appointed to operate or supervise equipment must be competent to do so (and received appropriate training where required). Equipment may only be used within manufacturer guidelines.
Any misuse of equipment entitles us to its immediate recovery without notice or penalty, and may result in further action by us if it has been tampered with or damaged. Any instruction to "turn down" or "turn off" given by an authority (i.e. police or local council representative) must be followed immediately and maintained. The hirer will be liable for any consequential losses due as a result of failing to observe such
instructions given by appointed authorities.
9. Service and repair
No service or repair is to be attempted with the exception for serviceable fuses and lamps. User-replaceable parts (fuses or lamps) may be replaced with manufacturer specified parts. The removal of panels or panel screws invalidates manufacturer's warranty, and the hirer is liable for the full cost of replacing
equipment where evidence of such is found.
10. Lost or damaged equipment
Unless it arises from our own actions of negligence, a hirer is liable to us for the whole costs of replacement and
any consequential losses, due as a result of damage, theft or loss that occurs during the period of hire (including that resulting from any third party's use of our equipment). All prepaid deposits will also be forfeited. If no deposit has been made you are agreeing and giving us the full entitled right to debit / charge any debit or credit card which has been used to make payment upon hire. Where hired equipment is returned ''non working'' damaged / faulty or broken in any way we reserve the right to charge debit or credit cards up to 14 days after the date of hire to give time to eliminate whether it was due to malfunction of the equipment or misuse by the hirer.
11. Equipment failure
All equipment hired from us is tested to be electrically safe and is fully operational, it is of a professional standard and is kept maintained. Catastrophic failure is unusual and unlikely. However, we cannot accept liability for any direct or consequential losses arising from equipment failure which is beyond our control. Any discrepancies or faults must be reported within 2 hours of receipt of the hired equipment by calling the
company mobile number 07908-732936 *Please read ''7:1. Condition of equipment'' for more information.
12. Electricity supply
Generators of any sort must NOT be used to supply electrical power to any item of our equipment without our
expressed permission. The unauthorized use of any generator entitles us to its immediate recovery without notice or penalty, and will result in further action by us if damage is caused due to the use of a generator that has provided an inadequate power supply. All of our hire equipment needs a 240v / 50hz within +5% or -5% of that value (Please see 10 above)
13. Equipment dimensions
All equipment dimensions & weights are available upon request. If you are unsure about the equipment you intend to hire and you're worried about the hire items not fitting into your car, van, truck or other means of transport please contact us before hand and we will be able to give you the dimensions & weights.
PLEASE NOTE: When making payment you are agreeing and entering into this contract, you also agree to comply
with all of our terms set out above. We do not require your signature only payment but you may be asked to sign
a copy if you are collecting the equipment from us. If you are unsure about any of the above or have any questions
please contact us before making any payments.
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998) We collect information about you to provide you with the best possible information and service. We will not e-mail you in the future unless you have given us your consent. We will give you the chance to refuse any marketing email from us or from another trader in the future.

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