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LED Screen Rental | Video Wall Hire Company In London

True Sound Hire offer the AF3 high resolution 3.9mm small pixel pitch touring spec LED video wall panels. These LED screens are perfect when you're looking to show your customers / clients high resolution HD content. Weather you're standing 1 meter or 10 meters back your video content will be crystal clear.

LED video wall rental can be used for a variety of different events. Popular choices including festivals, corporate events, conferences, exhibitions the list goes on. Whatever your event may be one thing is for sure, LED video screens will always make a huge difference to your event or production.

Our high resolution LED video wall screens grab attention from all & gives your event that stand out factor. The versatility of video screen / video wall is another reason why it's becoming more & more popular. Whether you want a solid wall built or to separate the panels across a truss structure for a more abstract effect.

Furthermore the angling option can be used to create something really out of the ordinary, we've found curving panels around a DJ booth or a large flown circle of LED screen is a unique way to use this feature.

LED Video Wall Rental From A Hire Company You Can Trust

Using high resolution 3.9mm pixel pitch LED screen far exceeds using projectors and projector screens.... Please see the video below which is an example of just what can be achieved when using P3 LED video wall – Please note this product is NOT IP / waterproof and is design to be used inside – Customers would normally rent this LED screen for a product launch, branding exercise or corporate production where clarity & quality is a must.

LED Video Wall Price & Costs

There are different types of LED screens on the market but the main parameter which determines the cost is the pixel spacing. Closer the pixel density the more precise your video content will be. A lot of production companies use the following method / guideline to help their customers understand and choose the right LED video wall for the right application. LED screens are normally available in the following and standard pixel pitch – 12.5mm | 9mm | 6mm | 4.6mm & 3.9mm

Normally the lager the LED pixel pitch the brighter the screen is, this is generally because the screen is being used on a much larger scale where people are watching from 20+ meters back .... to give you an idea – We have all watched the X factor yes? Well the LED video wall screens used on that show would have a pixel pitch of about 9mm where as the LED screens used in a conference environment would be a min of 6mm but the standard is set now at around 4mm due to most of the content these days is made in full HD and the smaller the pixel density the better the LED wall / screen looks.

On the flip side if you're watching a huge LED screen outside at a festival these may have a pixel pitch of 12.5mm but as your standing 20 / 30 meters back you don’t notice the spacing in between each LED, these screen will be fully IP rated as well and have a huge light output of around 5000+ Nits (Nits is a measurement of the light output of the screen, typically an indoor LED wall has a output of around 1500 – 2000 Nits)

Whenever you hire our video wall you'll be offered the option of having one of our experienced engineers work alongside you during the event insuring your vision for said event is achieved.
We stock over 8 terabytes worth of video content so no matter what theme or style your event may be we'll definitely have you covered.

We work closely with another event production company who specialise purely in video equipment hire so if you're in need of video recording & or video mixing equipment we will be able to secure you the right equipment at the right cost.


Tech Specs

Pixel Pitch 3.9mm HD LED per pixel Full black body SMD (high-contrast ratio > 4000:1
Resolution 65536 pixels/sqm
Cabinet Resolution 128x128 pixels
Cabinet Material Die-Casting Die-Casting Aluminium Cabinet Single Cabinet Weight 8.5kgs/cabinet (super light weight)
Screen Constant colour range 16 billion colours
Refresh rate 1000-2500Hz
Best view distancing >2m
Vertical viewing angle >160° (super wide viewing angles w/o any shadow)
Horizontal viewing angle >160° (super wide viewing angles w/o any shadow)
Brightness 1300cd/sqm
Brightness Adjustment Manual, 256 level; Auto, 8 levels Screen Power Consumption Max: 250w/tile; Average: 120w/tile