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Party Planning Services

With years of event experience, we can create your perfect party or function every time. From high profile corporate hospitality, to large scale Christmas parties, from luxury sporting events to society weddings, our creative and dynamic party planners will make sure your event will be the success you deserve.

True Sound Hires experienced staff can look after every detail, making sure you can relax in the knowledge that you are in the best possible hands. From our highly trained catering staff, to our skilled bar staff and discreet floor staff, we can also provide security staff if required. True Sound Hires meticulous planning is extended to our wedding party planning service

So if your looking for a Party Planner

Handling the event management for wedding party planning can be taxing, but it can also be the most rewarding if done properly. The key to proper management is to be well prepared, for both the expected...and the unexpected! Having several back up plans in place can help avoid headaches and here are a few tips to make the big day run smoothly.

Choose the right sized venue for your guests. Too small, and you will find that they are cramped. Too large, and the space may appear to be 'empty'.

• Try to avoid organizing your wedding at the same time as other big events in the city since this can lead to problems with hotel availability, higher rates for services and potential traffic jams.

• Plan the meals well ahead of time (including meals for event staff). Find out special dietary requirements.

• Have a 'loss' threshold, where potentially up to 30 percent of the invitees may not attend. This can effect the size of the venue needed, food ordering and more.

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