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Do You Need LED Dance Floor Hire in Surrey or London?
We stock the perfect dance floor hire solutions for your event!

True Sound Hire stock a range of white LED starlit dance floors and can also offer you a full event production package including your dance floor, venue lighting and speaker system starting from just £600 ex VAT
Dance floor hire has grown over the last several years, becoming ever popular at weddings and events.

Many sound and lighting hire companies offer dance floor hire as an "additional" service, however, what this often means is it a dance floor is "subbed" in, or dry-hired in, from another dance floor company, causing you to pay more. Unlike these hire companies, we have our own stock of white LED starlit dance floors available for rental, enabling us to provide a dance floor hire service to you, at a reduced cost: saving you money over other suppliers.

All too often, people such as yourselves search on Google to find dance floor hire prices and are met with a website that preaches the merits of hiring a dance floor for your event, yet provide you with absolutely no firm pricing... Not with us! We believe in being straight up with our clients, and try to make it easy to find the crucial information you need.

A lot of dancefloor rental companies don't give you their hire prices? We find this strange and rather pointless and as such your be pleased to find below our extremely competitive white LED starlit dance floor hire price list.

Dance Floor Hire Price List

  • White LED Starlit Dance Floor
    10ft x 8ft
    Only £225 Delivered!   
  • White LED Starlit Dance Floor
    14ft x 14ft
    Only £265 Delivered!  
  • White LED Starlit Dance Floor
    16ft x 16ft
    Only £399 Delivered!  
  • NEW FOR 2017  Hire a 18ft x 18ft dance floor only £499 or a MASSIVE 20ft x 20ft  just £645 ! 


Please note above pricing incudes FREE delivery within 10 mile radius of Guildford, Surrey. As a rough guideline add £65 for delivery to London areas and £45 for Hampshire. With all dance floors there is a sub charge of £55 for a technician & cleaning materials. All of the above pricing is ex VAT and VAT will need to be applied at the prevailing rate.
Contact us for details and pricing if you need a custom size.

Offering customers dance floor hire is easy, but offering LED dance floor hire as a professional service having the knowledge, the skill and the right tools, is an entirely different matter. There are a large number of hire companies that provide a sub-standard service, sending out old, non-working dance floors, that are in a generally poor state, with grubby, black shoe marks all over them.

Our dance floors, on the other hand, are cleaned before delivery to your event, once more when installed at your event, and then a final time upon arrival back at our warehouse in Surrey. Why do we do this? Because to maintain the highest standards of service, these dance floors need to be!

White LED Starlit Dance Floor Hire Surrey

Imagine this if you will... the dance floor is laid down at a weddingt, during the course of the evening you may have up to 300 guests dancing on it, spilling drinks on it, and scuffing their shoes all over it. As you can imagine, by the end of the night it can look in a bit of a state, unsurprising when you consider what they are used for. If you leave all this to settle, for even just for a day or two, over the course of just a few months these dance floors will lose their shine, become unreliable, and before you know it, just stop working altogether.

We have invested not only money, but time into our dance floors, making sure we understand how to keep them looking perfect for your wedding or party. After we install your dance floor, we not only clean it by hand like we have mentioned, but we also buff the entire floor until it sparkles, something which is hard to find amongst other dancefloor hire companies.

Hopefully, by now you understand what True Sound Hire does differently, and how we work.

So now onto "what dance floors do you stock"? Well, as already mentioned in our price list above, we stock pure white LED starlit dance floors upt0 16ft x 16ft. Our 16ft x 16ft white LED Starlit flooring is by far the most popular choice we hire out, and is fine up to weddings and parties with 250 guests. These dance floors look stunning at any event, whether it be a wedding, or a major milestone birthday party..... Now just add some high power wireless LED uplighters around the venue / marquee, and you have a classy, atmospheric setting that creates the perfect mood for your event.

Our LED starlit dance floors are fitted with twinkling, bright-white "CREE" LED's, that are embedded into the smooth, bright-white surface. These dance floors are also programmable offering you different settings, patterns and speeds of the LED's, so that you can get an effect to your taste, providing look and the feel you want.

So, if you thinking about hiring a white LED starlit dance floor in Surrey or London, please talk to us. There are no hidden costs, no little extra charges added on, and all our prices are based on installation with full set-up, including cleaning of the floor, and ensuring it is safely and tidily installed, hiding all cables out of sight.

Also, please don't forget, we also stock a huge range of speakers, wireless LED uplighters, event lighting fixtures and staging, so pretty much anything to do with sound, lighting or production we stock. We are Guildford, Surrey's largest sound & lighting hire company but Google us and read the positive real reviews, left by real people. 

To give you a rough idea to setup times for your 16x16ft LED dance floor it roughly takes about an hour and a half to set up once the floor has been unloaded and brought into the required area. Please take into consideration that access needs to be pretty straight forward into the venue as a full LED dance floor weighs around 300kg. The all LED dance floors need to be laid onto a flat surface. If you are concerned about whether the area you are wanting to place the dance floor on is suitable or not we are happy to organise a site visit at an additional cost to the above price. Please rest assure most surfaces are workable and we will try our best to think of a solution for you (we have never turned a dance floor hire away due to floor surfaces)

Our LED dance floors are certainly durable having to take lots of dancing dads on it! But we have to be careful about spilling drinks, the more drinks that are spilt the more chance you have of causing some form of damage.... not only this but it becomes hazardous, we don't want any accidents, so therefore we do ask that no drinks are taken onto the dance floor. We understand this can be hard to control but at least try and keep drinks off the floor to a very min please. NEW for 2018 is our sister production company called ''Algarve Event Planners'' who also hire out LED dance floors but in Algarve, Portugal - See here Dance Floor Hire In The Algarve