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Three Great Tips For Putting On A Flawless Festival

Whether you plan on putting on an indoor or outdoor festival this winter season, there are a few things that you’re going to want to keep in mind to keep the day and night flowing smoothly. A festival means lots of people, and lots of people usually means lots of money being spent. This is one reason why you need a flawless performance both on stage, and also behind the scenes. What goes on as far as sound, lighting, and stage setup may not be as exciting or important to those in attendance, but we know from experience that when those things are lacking the crowd won’t be having a good time, and they are sure to let you know about it.

Here at True Sound Hire we believe in supporting our clients every step of the way from a price quote on just how many pounds you’ll need to budget for your festival PA hire to which pieces of equipment will work best for your particular needs. No festival or event is the same, and this is why working through a company like ours adds such a great advantage to your celebration. From our various speakers and sound setup to the smoke machines and disco lights we offer in our wide range of accessories, we have got your back for whatever theme or fun you want to be prepared for. Follow along with three of our top tips for those getting ready to setup for a festival you won’t soon forget.

Be On Top Of Everything

This may seem like an obvious rule when it comes to things like festival sound system hire, but you might be surprised at the number of people who run behind, lose track of performers, forget to hire the DJ equipment, or never learn how to run the lights properly. Every little thing that goes on behind the scenes at a festival is as important as the next, and if you don’t have a list of all of the items in use, and clear directions on how to use them then you may be in trouble. 

Our team of professionally trained experts help people through these problems every day, and we start by making sure that our clients understand the ins and outs of what they’re renting from us. Festival speakers hire is something that we take particularly seriously, because while you might understand that a speaker is what pumps the sound out to your crowd, if you aren’t savvy on the wiring and hookup, you’re in for a world of trouble. Even if our team sets the speakers up for you before the big night, you might want an idea of how everything fits into place in case you have to switch something around at the last minute. Staying on top of everything is the first key to success.

Have A Team That You Can Trust

Once you’ve got a list of supplies and you know how to work everything properly, you can focus on the team that is going to be helping you with your festival sound equipment rental. A great leader is nobody special without an excellent team to lead, and this means having a group of people you can trust working under you. Everybody should be trained in the equipment in their area, have a clear idea of when things must go on and off, and where things must be placed, as well as what kind of sound and lights will be displayed at any given time. You should be in contact with this group throughout the night so that if a problem occurs, everybody on the team knows first and can deal with it before the crowd suspects anything.

Hire Equipment That Won’t Fail

So any electronic device can have a problem from time to time, but we pride ourselves on having outstanding high quality goods that won’t quit on you when you need them most. We check our sound equipment before and after every event to make sure that it is in proper working order and you won’t be disappointed with what you hire for your event. If you have any concern whatsoever about a piece of merchandise that you have hired from us, please don’t delay in calling our office, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. If you would like to know about our company and what we do when it comes to PA, outdoor stages or lighting systems see our main home page where we give you an outline of what we do and the services we offer. We are a family run friendly hire company and we do our best to make every event something special. 

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Making The Xmas Holidays Merry And Bright With Our Outdoor Stage Hire

Nothing screams festive like an outdoor concert over the holidays, which is one excellent reason to consider outdoor stage hire in Surrey, and surrounding areas like London, Guildford, Portsmouth, and others. Many people assume that this time of the year isn’t the best for outdoor events because weather can be a bit unpredictable, but we here at True Sound Hire think that’s part of the fun of the winter season.

Getting a Quote

Before you get started in your event plans, you should take the time to find the equipment that you’ll need and get a quote from a professional team on the cost of rental and setup. We have many knowledgeable team members standing by who have been fully trained and are experts on our products and services; our staff is always ready to take your call and discuss not only the cost of outdoor stage hire in London and surrounding regions, but also the other products that you might need to make your event perfect.

If you hire an outdoor stage from us, you can count on our 10m X 8m fully covered outdoor stage system, which runs around £3500. Additional pieces that many people choose to add on include black tour deck stage panels at £20 for 2m x 1m, 40cm, 50cm, or 60 cm legs at £0.50, stage skirting for £25, and other stage carpeting determined by size. If your event requires a catwalk we have a 14m by 1m with a T piece for £170 available to our clients.

Checking Out The Gear

To get the right equipment for your show, you should consider what will be going on during the event. Festival stage hire can be great because you can get a covered stage to protect electronics, setup decorations around the perimeter, rent sound equipment and LED screens for better display to those viewers in the distance, and of course you’ll need the stage itself. Many rental companies give a sneak peek of products on their websites, here at True Sound Hire we list all of our stock, prices, and hire packages so that you can decide on the pieces you need ahead of time, and then call and speak to us about additional items you may need. 

Types of Events You Can Enjoy

Covered stage hire gives a wide variety of events that you can participate in. Christmas concerts for schools, holiday festivals with various talents and acts, or a band for outdoor activities like snowman building contests, carols, and hot chocolate. These make a wonderful addition to outdoor festivities because it gives things an air of professionalism and brings those events to the next level. Outdoor staging hire offers opportunities for more than just holiday events occurring during the winter season. These stages can be rented for other large outdoor displays, theater shows, and musical elevation during winter weddings or other outdoor parties. 

Here at True Sound Hire, we want to be with you every step of the way when it comes to special events that you’re putting on. This means being there to answer all of your questions or concerns in regards to products, placement, accessories, and additional equipment you’ll require. We provide quotes on rental, setup, give time frames for erecting large projects like outdoor staging, and we also list the number of people that our products will be best used for. For example, if you have a crowd of 100 or more guests attending a wedding, you may need more than one screen for viewing, for a large outdoor crowd at a winter festival, there may be need for additional staging, or placement of extra lighting for those in the back to have the most ideal viewing possible. 

Whether you’re renting an outdoor stage for a community event, school concert, or holiday festival, True Sound Hire offers multiple resources for you to shine at your brightest. Our staff is also full of great tips on lighting, sound, and staging, so don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion on some of the ideas that you have in mind you’re your party, festival, or concert. If you’re interested, please give us a call or drop in to check out our main location. Our website is also available 24/7. If you still have questions about staging or your festival please see our main stage page Outdoor Festival Stages where your find prices and picture tat should be a massive help when choosing a company

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Many Options for Creative and Stylish Wedding Lighting

Of all the events you could have, more than likely the one that is the most important is your wedding day.  For many, it is not just about having the perfect day; it’s about having something unique enough that it will make your day stand out from everyone else’s.  Weddings are the time when you can be the most creative making precious memories for years to come.  Often, when people think of wedding decorations they think of flowers, centerpieces, cake, fine linen, and so on.  Few think of wedding lighting as a decoration for their special day.  But you’d be surprised at what real lighting can do when it is set up the right way.

Bathe the Room in light

An effective way to instantly transform the space is with beautiful colored lighting.  Using uplighting in your wedding colors can give the room a special glow that can make the room look elegant and stylish.  If you decide not to use your wedding colors as a lighting option, make sure you select hues that are extremely flattering and will give the room a warm and inviting glow.  With True Sound Hire’s many options you can have your wedding venue lighting blend both the ceremony and reception together seamlessly.

Soften the Light You Already Have

Most wedding ceremonies begin in the daylight hours but the festivities will go well into the night.  But most venues offer pale and unappealing bland walls in neutral colors.  When you’re choosing your wedding lighting in Surrey make sure that you find lighting options that will detract from those boring walls and add a splash of color to your special day.  Rather than the harsh lighting that comes with most rental venues, you can soften the entire atmosphere with some diffused lighting from True Sound Hire.

Direct Their Eyes Where You Want Them

Another thing lighting can do is draw attention to a certain focal point that you choose.  If your wedding will be held in an old hall with lots of architectural features that will enhance the mood of your day, you can draw the guest’s attention to those areas with special lighting.  Pinpoint lighting or LED lighting can put your archway, wedding cake, or even the ceiling as a main focal point.  Direct their attention to where and what you want them to see by choosing some of the wedding lighting offered by True Sound Hire.

The Wow Factor

The right lighting can also make for a dramatic and memorable way to get the attention of your guests.  Having the couple’s names lit up across the dance floor or a specially monogrammed design can be quite impressive.  You can actually design your own monogram to put on display at the reception if you like.  If you are searching for special wedding lighting in London, then you’ll find that the lighting engineers at True Sound Hire are there to help you bring your wedding dreams to light.

The Moving Head

Another way to give your ceremony and reception a little flair that will make your event stand out from any others is the moving head lighting.  These can be fitted with your own designs or you can choose to use a series of designs from our stock footage.  Each moving head can be preprogrammed to produce quite a large number of images that can be projected onto each wall of your event room that could set the atmosphere for the entire day when done right.  

When it comes to effective wedding venue lighting there are countless options that could be used to make your event unique.  When it is something that needs to be unique and exciting like wedding lighting, why not find a way to blend the old with the new and create something that will reflect the personality and sense of style that you want to start your new life with.  

If a wedding event lighting hire is something that is new to you, then take the time to consult with True Sound Hire’s lighting specialists for help with some new and innovative ideas that can help you transform your wedding into something that everyone will want to remember. Take your time and let them help you to find a way to make the magic happen. If you're still unsure about what lighting to hire maybe take a look around our lighting package page for help - please see here for packages and pricing 

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Getting the Perfect Festival Sound Hire for Your Next Event

Festivals have gained in popularity in recent years, partly because the cost of concert tickets for your favorite artist has risen to the point that they are out of reach for the average person.  They have become an affordable way to get some live entertainment while enjoying other outdoor activities at the same time.  So, when you’ve decided to put on a festival with live entertainment you want it to be a stimulating experience for anyone who attends.  No matter how beautiful your stage is or how fantastic the food is, one thing that can totally ruin the whole affair is if the sound is too low or the quality is not adequate.  When you’re ready to decide on your festival sound hire it is essential that you know exactly what kind of sound you need.

The Layout

One factor that you need to consider seriously when you’re looking for a festival PA hire, is the layout of the event.  Depending on the size, you will have at the very least a main stage.  As the events get larger chances are you’ll find even more stages spread throughout the venue.  Each stage will have its own speaker system that is suited for the size of their audience.  This is very important when your festival will have multiple performances going on at the same time; too much sound and it could bleed into a nearby stage and dampen their performance, too low and you’ll lose your audience.  Making sure the festival sound system hire is the right size for the event is key to its success.

What Size???

It’s true that speaker systems of late have become much more compact than they used to be.  There is no longer a need for those giant monster boxes that we often see on concert stages to deliver sound to every corner of your audience.  That being said, this doesn’t mean that you can find a little tiny speaker box either.  In order to know what size system you need for your festival sound hire think about who is speaking or performing, the quality of their voice, the type of music, and kind of system you plan to use.  When looking at festival speaker hire these things must be calculated into the package to ensure that every inch of your festival will get the kind of coverage it needs.


Careful consideration must also be given to the type of equipment the system will be hooked up to.  Sound systems can be set up to accommodate all different sorts of things, you just need to find a system that will match your needs.  So, if you need speakers, amplifiers, to ramp up the sound on your musical instruments, computer system, or a combination of them all, you want to let your sound tech know this first when you’re deciding on the right festival sound equipment rental you need.  Before you meet with him, make sure that you make a list of everything that you will need to put into the system so that they can guide you in the right decision.

The Sound Check

Once you’ve decided on the right festival sound hire for your event, you can’t stop there.  Because sound is such an important aspect of a successful event, you want to make sure that everything is just right before you send out your entertainers to use it.  After all the equipment is set up you want to make sure that you do a full sound check to work out any bugs and problems that may happen.  When your singer is belting out their heart is not the time to find out that there is a glitch in the system.  

There is nothing easy about putting on a festival.  It is one of the largest events possible and there are so many things that need to be prepared.  Test everything thoroughly before, during, and after your event to make sure that the sound you deliver to your audience will be of the best quality and will reach every corner of your venue.  If you consider all of these steps when choosing the right True Sound Hire system, you will deliver a sound that could totally wow your audience. 

f you would like to talk to us about our festival hire packages you'll find all of our contact details including a bit more about our company on the home page 

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LED Dance Floors That Motivate Your Guests to Get Up and Move

When you’re planning a special event you understand that every decision you make will set the mood for the entire event.  However, when you want to move your guests to get out of their seats and hit the dance floor, you need to make that floor inviting enough for them to truly enjoy themselves.  So, if you’re looking for a dance floor hire in London, here are a questions you should ask to determine exactly what type of dance floor you need.

Where Will it Go?

There are a lot of things you have to be sure of before you choose the dance floor that will be right for your event.  One of them is to determine where it will be placed.  Only you will be sure of the layout of your venue; if dancing will be the main part of the event then you’ll probably place it in the center of the room, but if there will be other activities to enjoy, it might be better to situate it to one side of the room.  It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re having, your dance floor must be on a flat surface.  If your special event is held indoors this won’t be a problem but if it’s held outdoors you may have an issue with bumps or holes or uneven surfaces. In that case, then you may need to rent subflooring to level the whole thing out.

How Big Should it Be?

Your next decision in choosing LED dance floors is the size.  Choosing one that is too small can take away from your guest’s enjoyment and one that is too large can make the room look empty and sparse.  The best way to make this decision is to base it on how many guests you expect.  A general rule of thumb is that 50% of the guests will be dancing at any given time and every couple will use approximately 9 square feet of space to dance.  So, for a party of 200 people, you can expect that 50 of them will be dancing at a time (25 couples).  That means you’ll need approximately 225 square feet of dance space, that’s 25x9 sq. ft.  

The Style

True Sound Hire can provide you with a number of different dance floor styles but if you’re planning a wedding dance floor rental you’ll want to have something that will truly be special.  However, if you’re event will be using specialty lighting then you might want to consider using a white starlit dance floor hire to better reflect the lighting off its surface.  Remember, that your style selection is not limited.  At True Sound Hire, you’ll have plenty of options to ensure that you can select the perfect dance floor to enhance the mood that you want to demonstrate.

What Role Does the Dance Floor Play In Your Event?

Think about how your dance floor will impact your event.  Are you looking for party central where the music is loud and everyone is on the dance floor or are you looking for a quiet event with a little mellow music on the side?  In short, think about the energy that you want your event to have.  High energy, choose an LED starlit dance floor hire and make it the focal point of the room.  There are many ways to do this.  LED dance floors are often beautifully designed with LED lights to attract attention and impress your guests or you can opt to locate the dance floor in an area that will naturally attract attention.  Think of unusual places to put your dance floor that will motivate many people to want to get up and shake a tail feather.  Some have laid the floor over a pool with the lights reflecting off the water.  Whatever you choose, the right dance floor can leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

So, whether you choose a starlit dance floor in London, or just a plain and simple one, make sure that the selection you make will enhance your overall event.  When dancing will serve as a significant part of your event, you want to be absolutely sure that your dance floor has the style, placement, and size that your event deserves.  When you can do that your event will be a rousing success.

Thank you for taking the time again to read our blog, if you have any questions or if you would like some dance floor hire prices please see our Dance Floor Hire page where your find pictures, different dance floor prices and more advice on what floor would best suit your and your venue.

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Things You Must Consider Before Reserving an Outdoor Stage Hire

Preparing for any type of venue requires giving attention to innumerable little details, but when that venue is set to take place outdoors, there is even more to be concerned about.  Whenever you need to have an outdoor stage hire there are many things that you need to prepare even before you decide on the stage details.  Here are several things that you must give careful consideration to in order to make your outdoor event a success:

The Location

Especially when your event will be outdoors, there are many variations for outdoor settings.  Whether you’re planning a concert, a music festival, or a talent show, you need to know that the area you choose will be conducive for an outdoor stage.  To start with, your stage will have to be on level ground even if the ground is not level.  This may require you to hire additional supplies to make sure that there is a minimal amount of sloping when it is set up.  You also need to know that you have an adequate power source to hook up the equipment.  Depending on the size of your venue, you will need to have arrangements for adequate seating around the stage.  

The Weather

When it comes to weather, it is advisable that you take extra precautions.  If you’re in a location where the weather stays pretty much the same year round then you have little to worry about.  But in most cases, a sudden change in the climate could make or break an event.  When considering an outdoor stage hire in Surrey, you will need to have a backup plan if the weather turns.  To protect those on stage, think about reserving an awning to keep the elements out or using a covered stage hire.  This is not limited to a sudden rain shower or thunderstorm.  In some locations, the temperature can be unbearably hot, which can cause just as much damage to your event as rain.  Other areas may have to deal with wind or a sudden drop of temperature.  When you’re looking at an outdoor stage hire this is one of the most important details you need to prepare for.

The Stage

Next you want to give your attention to the stage itself.  When you’re checking out the location, look for a cement pad that can be used to set up your stage.  If not, what condition is the grass in?  Will it be able to hold the weight of a rented stage or will it sink?  You might have to think about putting down some sort of material to protect the grass underneath.  You want to be sure that the area you’re looking at will stay dry when you erect the festival stage hire over it.  


When you rent an outdoor stage hire from True Sound Hire, you have your choice of several stages made from extremely sturdy but lightweight material that can be used in any number of settings.  Whether you’re looking for support for a small band or a large orchestra, you’ll find an outdoor staging hire that will be strong enough to support everything you need to make your event a success.  

Night Events

If your event is scheduled to happen at night, you also need to be concerned about adequate lighting.  When you’re checking on an outdoor stage hire in London, power can become a major issue, not just for lights but for amplifiers, microphones, and other equipment that you use.  Consider getting wireless as it is more practical than laying down an endless array of cords that could increase the risk of someone tripping over them.  

When the time comes to hire an outdoor stage there are many decisions that must be made.  If you’re not able to decide between a covered stage hire or one that is uncovered, or you’re not able to decide on the size stage you need.  It might be best to consult with a True Sound Hire staging expert to help you to sift through all of the many different options that are available.  

Planning a major outdoor event can be a challenge for even the most expert of people.  Whenever an event is outdoors, there are many variables that must be taken into consideration.  If you’ve carefully planned your event and thought through all the many different details that may or may not come up, chances are you’ll find an outdoor stage hire that will work well for you.

For pricing and pictures of some of our outdoor stages please see our Outdoor Stage Hire page. If you still unsure about what you need your always welcome to call us and we will be able to help :)

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What You Should Know Before Choosing Wedding LED Uplighting

Traditional is a key word that is often used when discussing wedding plans.  Everyone wants their special day to be absolutely perfect in every detail.  We painstakingly look at color choices, wedding locations, and decorations.  We scrutinize little details like the wedding invitation, the gifts for the bridal party, and getting the menu just right.  Yet, even with all of those details carefully selected, there is always something that many people do not give much thought to.  One of those details is the lighting.

When it comes to wedding lighting, often the choices are limited to the place where your special day will be held.  Odds are that whatever lighting they have available is what you will choose.  But what if you could choose your own lighting?  Would you be satisfied with the limited options that are offered to you?  Odds are if every other detail of your big day requires such careful scrutiny, you’ll give more attention to your lighting options as well.

At True Sound Hire, we offer many different types of wedding LED uplighting that can make every painstakingly chosen detail of your ceremony stand out.  With wedding LED uplighters, you not only give your ceremony the kind of light it deserves, you can also create a series of special effects that will leave a lasting impression indelibly marked on everyone in attendance.  However, when you’re ready to choose the right lighting for your special day, here are some basic thoughts that you should bear in mind:

Visit Your Location

Before you make your decision on which wedding LED uplighter package you want, it is advisable that you make a visit to your wedding location at the time your ceremony will be held.  As you scan the area try to determine where the present lighting is concentrated.  Are the lights looking at objects on the walls like paintings, tapestries or figures, or are they turned towards the ceiling or the windows to highlight another aspect of the room.  For your wedding, you want to keep your guests’ eyes focused on you, your table, or the dance floor.  Find out if the site has dimmers that can turn down lights that will not be directed towards the area you want them to be.  This will help you to determine which type of lighting you will need.

Learn the Jargon

The world of lighting has its own lingo and when you sit down with a True Sound Hire professional, it will be easy to understand what he recommends when you know the terminology.

Pin spot: A tight beam of light that is concentrated on a particular object; the bride as she walks down the aisle, the wedding cake, or a table centerpiece.

Color wash: This refers to a type of colored lighting that covers an entire area.

Gobos: These are circular stencils that cover a lighting source projecting an image or pattern.  Gobos can take the form of monograms, dates, or your personally chosen wedding motif.  

LED: Stands for light emitting diodes. LED uplighting hire are very popular wedding choices as they tend to stay much cooler than the comparable halogen lighting and they are far more cost effective to use than the traditional incandescent lighting.  You can even opt to have wireless LED uplighting hire making it much more convenient when you’re choosing your lighting options.

When Your Wedding is Outside

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding, lighting can still make a major difference. Carefully placed wedding LED uplighters along the path or the aisle can create a very dramatic effect on the entire ceremony. Whether you’re looking for LED uplighting in London or an LED uplighting hire in Surrey there are many choices of lighting equipment to choose from. There are many details that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right lighting equipment to create the atmosphere you want for your big day.  In order to ensure that your wedding gets the full attention it deserves, it is recommended that you spend some time consulting with one of True Sound Hire’s lighting technicians.  They can make absolutely sure that your special event turns out exactly as you hoped it would, a magnificent showcase of a memory in the making.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to know how to use lighting to its full effect.  By working directly with a True Sound Hire lighting technician, you will be able to find the right type of wedding LED uplighters to create the perfect wedding atmosphere that will make not just you happy but all your guests as well.  And while traditional may still be the theme of your event, with your lighting choices, everyone will feel like they’re a part of a new tradition that will stay with them for many years.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, for more info and pricing on our wedding LED uplighting services please see 

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What You Need to Know Before You Hire an LCD Plasma Screen

Renting a plasma TV for your next event requires a lot of decision making.  It is not enough to just say you want an LCD plasma TV but you also have to know the size you need, the distance it will be placed from the viewers, where it will be mounted and how it will be used.  If for your next conference you’re in need of an LCD plasma screen it is recommended that you consult with one of True Sound Hire’s technicians to get some helpful guidance in how to make the right choice.  Our pros fully understand the many different intricacies that are involved in making your event go off without a hitch and keep it within the confines of your budget. While they can and will be a very valuable resource, here is some of the information that you’ll want to share with them.


There can be many reasons why you would want to rent a plasma screen TV.  More often than not LCD plasma screens are used in trade shows and conferences where there is a need for an excellent video picture and digital signage. They are also a popular choice for many social gatherings where video presentation is a key factor in the success of the event.  When you rent your smart screen hire in London from True Sound Hire, you can be sure that you will get quality presentation for whatever venue you may have.


One of the first decisions you’ll want to make is choosing the right size monitor.  LCD plasma screen hires can range in size from as small as 19” to as large as 103” so you can be sure that you will be able to meet your exact needs.  The size of your event is one of the factors that will determine the size of the monitor or the quantity you will need.  When detail is important, plasma screens are an excellent choice for audiences up to 15 people.  Numbers over that amount or audiences that will be seated far away from the screen will not be able to see the detail very clearly.  For large audiences, it is recommended that you use a projector as your main way of delivering your message and a number of plasma screens placed throughout the audience to supplement the main projector viewing.  This way, everyone will be able to enjoy the presentation no matter where they are situated in the audience.


Another decision you will have to make is what accessories will come with your plasma screen TV.  Unlike other monitors, plasma screens need to be mounted, either on the wall or on a stand.  Take a look at your vspace and decide where and how you will mount your screen for the viewing.  If you do not have clear wall space then you will need to have a TV stand to serve as a base for your viewing screen.  

Difference Between LCD and Plasma Screens

To the untrained, an LCD and Plasma screen TV are exactly the same, but there are some distinct differences.  Aside from the technical way they project pictures (Plasma burns a neon-xenon gas to create the video image and the LCD uses liquid crystals in which an electric current is passed through to create the images); there are other more practical differences that can help you decide.  Plasma TVs generally have better color accuracy and can track motion better when you have moving images. However, LCD screens have a cooler running temperature and can function well even at high altitudes.  They also tend to produce brighter images, so they will work well when being used in brightly lit rooms.

The decision to rent LCD plasma screen can be a very difficult one.  There are many factors that need to be considered very carefully before you can find the one that will work best for you.  So, if you’re in search of an LCD screen hire in Surrey, or an AV screen hire, it is recommended that you take the time to consult with one of our True Sound Hire technicians to help you through the selection process.  Evaluating so many different factors can be a complicated task, but once you’ve done so, you’ll be sure to have a display monitor that will be perfectly suited for the type of venue you have.

If you would like more info on our hire prices please see where your be able to find what your looking for, we hope this blog post has been of some help and e look forward to speaking with you soon 

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How to Decide on the Right AV Projector Hire for Your Conference

For those who have the task of organizing the next conference or business presentation there are many details that must be considered.  However, if your event will require an audio visual presentation where you need a projector you want to make sure that you rent equipment that will not only give you the best medium to make your presentation but that the equipment you hire is reliable and dependable in every way.  By renting True Sound Hire’s AV projector hire you will be assured that they will check and double check every detail that you may need for your conference, even if you haven’t thought about it yourself.

Account for the Degree of Darkness You Will Need

Ideally, a projector will work best in an enclosed room with little light.  This could become a problem if your presentation will be held during daylight hours.  While you can certainly turn off the light switch, it is a bit more challenging to block out the sun.  Try to find a location that can shut out outdoor sunlight when the projector is in use.  By doing this, you can ensure that your presentation will show a clear and vivid picture to your viewers.  Your projector and screen hire will have to compensate if you cannot shut out enough light.  This does not mean that you must have complete darkness, however.  In some settings having some lighting will be a necessity.  In classroom settings, often students will need a little light for note taking and performing other classroom functions that may be needed.

How Many Lumens Will You Need

Lumens measure the amount of brightness in a given area.  One lumen is considered to be equal to the light that emits from a candle that is one foot away from you.  Projectors measure brightness in the form of lumens.  You may not know exactly how many lumens your room will need, but as a gauge, consider that the darker the environment the lower the lumens required.  A typical setting in a dark room will require anywhere between 500 and 1000 lumens while a room with more lighting could use as much as 3000 lumens.  If you’re not entirely sure, consult with a True Sound Hire lighting engineer for help.  They should be able to tell you exactly how many lumens you need with your AV projector hire.

The Size of Your Audience

You also need to know how many people will be viewing the presentation and how far they will be seated from the screen.  This information will determine the correct size projector you will need.  A projector that is too small will make it difficult for those furthest away from the screen to figure out, and a projector that is too large may lose some of its picture clarity.  

The Type of Presentation You Want to Display

There are several different types of projector hire in Surrey that you should seriously take into consideration; the liquid crystal display (LCD) and the digital light processing (DLP), each one works with a different type of presentation.  For example, if you’re planning to have a Power Point presentation at your next conference then you’ll likely want to use the LCD projector.  They are much better at displaying information that must be readable.  They are also less expensive than the DLP, which is better for presenting images and video data.  

So, if you’re looking for a Surrey AV hire, make sure that you speak first with one of True Sound Hire’s technical experts so that they can be sure to get the best projector for the job.  They will be able to sit down with you and show you the many different options on all of the possible equipment you will need so that you can find a cheap projector hire that will also fit right into your budget.  

Planning a business conference or seminar can be a time consuming task, but when it comes to renting the right projector with True Sound Hire working with you, it will be one less problem to worry about.  Whether you event will be held in a business conference room or at a hotel seminar, you can be sure that your presentation will be presented on the best equipment and you’ll be prepared for any possible situation that may arise no matter how unexpected.

For more and info and pricing please see our main page here 

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Setting Up For Amateur Boxing Night in Surrey with the Right Boxing Ring Lighting Hire

Whether you’re in Surrey, London, Portsmouth, Guildford, or any of the surrounding areas, putting on an amateur boxing night means weeks of preparation, or in some cases months. There’s hiring the equipment, sound, stage, lighting, and cage setup, as well as hiring the fighters, selling tickets, and dealing with promotions. These are only a few of the subjects you’ll be researching as you gear up for your boxing event equipment hire, and the pressure doesn’t ease up after your checklist is complete.

Having The Right Gear On Hand

Okay, first and foremost you need to have the right equipment on hand. So you’ve hired a venue and done your advertising to get enough viewers in to watch the match. Tickets are sold, and you’re ready to put on the best show possible, but after the actual fighters what else are you going to need to pull off an amazing night of fights? To start with you’re going to need some top notch cage fighting lighting hire which we at True Sound Hire conveniently have a large selection of. If you’re interested in stage lights you can take a look through our stock listing, price list, or the lighting hire packages which include many different styles and brands of lighting for your boxing match. Spotlights, strobes, smoke machines for special affects as boxers enter the ring, coloured lights, and a multitude of other equipment can make this a night that you won’t be soon to forget.

After lighting you must focus on your stage setup, boxing ring, cage, stairs, and of course, sound. Packages for sound and staging are also available through our website, and we have a large selection of pricing, meaning that no matter the size of your budget, you won’t be spending more pounds than you’ve got. In fact, many of our products are reasonably priced, and even considered cheap by comparison to others in the sound, stage, and lighting hire industry. 

Being Prepared For Problems That May Occur

When it comes to renting lighting equipment for boxing rings it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the absolute best gear on your stage, there’s always room for technical errors, which means that you’ve got to be well prepared in advance with backup gear. Even if you choose one of the True Sound Hire lighting packages, you can still add on additional pieces of lighting equipment at a very reasonable rate. This allows you to have backup lighting that you can put into use right away for an even brighter night, or store in the background for later use if something were to go wrong with the gear that you’ve got set up and ready to go. You can never be too prepared when it comes to a large event like this, so make sure that you’ve got some backup products ready to help you in a pinch. 

Pulling Out All The Stops

Just because your event is amateur doesn’t mean that it needs to look like a tavern brawl; having the right boxing ring lighting hire can be the difference between being able to see your fighters on stage, and just imaging what’s going on in front of you. If your viewing audience wanted to watch two men going at each other in a dimly lit room, they could travel to any night club on a weekend and witness a drunken fight, which would be promptly ended by the security staff. Instead, deliver the best and brightest match that your guests could ask for by having the appropriate overhead lighting installed, along with the correct support necessary to keep your lights where they need to be.

If you’re unsure about what lighting you require, or what kind of trusses and other lighting equipment is needed to give your match a bright start and an equally bright finish then please feel free to contact us here at True Sound Hire. We believe in giving all of our clients, new and returning the highest quality products and service, and we provide our staff with a strong knowledge of each item and what additional accessories should accompany it. By calling or e-mailing questions and concerns you can guarantee to know more about each product, and get exactly what you need for your match.

Go to our home page where your able to read about our company and give yourself an overview of what we are about / how we work. Your also see some of the offers we are running along with pricing thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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Better Viewing for Your Next Event Is Only an LCD Plasma Screen Away

Deciding on an LCD plasma screen hire for your next event is a no brainer, especially when you stop and think about all of the benefits that these pieces of equipment can offer. Whether you’re throwing a family birthday bash, a Hollywood sized wedding reception, or you’re creating a red carpet effect for a fashion show catwalk, these screens make it easier for your fans to see what’s going on without having to be right next to the stage. They also make exceptional outlets for personal messages, unique advertising opportunities, and photographs and video feeds from previous events or other fun activities. 

Setting Up Where the Crowd Gets a Great View

LCD screen hire in Surrey and surrounding areas has never been a more simple process than now; you can hire online, speak to a representative from our True Sound Hire office over the phone, or come in and pick something out for yourself. We believe in giving guests a full view of events, be it a concert at a large venue, or a boxing match that viewers are dying to see play out in high definition. 

Part of what gives your audience such a great view, no matter the activity involved is the placement of our smart screen hire in London and other areas nearby. We want you to know how to give your crowd a great show, which is why all of the representatives that work through True Sound Hire have a keen sense of placement in regards to the best possible viewing opportunities. For example, if you’re planning a wedding reception, you want the screens to be visible even from the farthest tables with no pillars or columns to block the sight, and you want it to be in a comfortable area where guests don’t have to arch their backs or turn their necks to see what’s going on.

Gaging the Competition

We, at True Sound Hire, pride ourselves on not only our excellent customer service, but the prices that we supply as well. For the number of coloured lights, extensive sound systems, stage setup, special effects, and of course our plasma hire in London, we give most competitive companies in this field a real run for their money. We don’t want our clients spending a pound over asking price, which is why we price so low. Our pricing chart and a list of stock products and packages are available for viewing from our website, but we’re more than happy to go over items individually with any customer who cares to call. We know that many of the events being planned with need for these products are important ones, either for business and financial reasons, or for a special occasion that you don’t want to forget. That’s why we don’t overprice, and we stock a large selection of equipment for any type of event. 

Why Plasma Screens Make Events Better 

AV screen hire surrey may not be for every individual or every occasion, but it certainly has its benefits for the majority of party planners. These screens allow you to truly individualize the experience not only for your guests, but for yourself as well. If you’re planning an event for financial and business purposes then these screens make an excellent way to put up advertising for sponsors and for your own business and local businesses that might be interested in being listed. It also acts as a way to show personal messages, images and videos for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and even weddings. Have guests give warm messages to remember for years to come, or show off funny baby photos and other interesting images for visitors to enjoy. 

These screens also make a warm addition to any holiday party, which is good to know as the cool autumn air gets colder and we all start digging out our mittens and scarves. Yuletide music, videos, and even karaoke can be displayed across these large screens for staff parties and family events. For larger celebrations, two or more screens make it easy to display multiple videos and photographs at once, while smaller, more personalized parties may only require one to get the message across. The best part of this style of equipment is its incredible adaptability to your needs.

Thank you reading our blog post, if you have any more questions or some idea on pricing please see our main LCD screen hire page 

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Give Your Fashion Show the Glam and Glitter it deserves with the Right Catwalk Stage Hire

Fashion shows can be very fun and exciting.  You attend the event with keen anticipation and you watch the glittering lights, the models gliding across the stage, and you feel the anticipation of the audience before each new design is revealed. It’s truly an awesome time for the guest.  But for the event organizer it’s not so simple.  There are thousands of tiny little details that need to be pulled together that the audience never even notices.  A successful stage showing of any kind goes off in a smooth uninterrupted manner if you’ve taken the time to plan everything well.  One major feature that needs to be taken care of early on in the planning phase is making arrangements for the stage.  Getting a catwalk stage hire needs to be given careful attention in order to make sure that your event is as exactly as you envisioned it.

The Key Element

When you hire a catwalk stage it has to set the pace for the entire event.  Its purpose goes beyond showing off fashions or your various entertainment selection, it’s design, set up, and lighting will be the main focal point of your event, setting the mood and atmosphere for the occasion.  So, whether you’re planning a fashion show, a talent show, or any other type of event, make sure the rentals you choose match the theme, style, and mood of your affair.  Here at True Sound Hire, we have a wide variety of options to choose from.  Perhaps you’re looking for an elevated stage with black draping around the base, or you could be more into finding something with a bit more glitter and glam with a floor level stage that protrudes into the audience for a more inclusive experience.  Before you make your choice of stage design, you should start making your decision by marking out the outline of the stage on paper.  If you have access to the location where you’re event will be held you can also mark out the stage dimensions with double sided tape on the floor to make sure that your idea will work well for the location.  A stage that is too small will not have a memorable impact for your guests, and one that is too large could be overwhelming.

The Unnoticed

When you consider the type of venue you’re planning there are also hidden details that need to be included in your event plan.  Regardless of whatever type of show you’re planning you need to consider these other features details along with the catwalk.  Think about the catwalk stage and lighting hire when you want to draw the audience’s attention to a specific area of the stage.  You also have to think about the backstage space and accommodations.  If you’re strictly concerned with a fashion show stage hire then you need to find space for quick changes as well as sound equipment in your same plan.  With True Sound Hire you can find combinations packages that include sound, lighting, and staging all together making for an easy event setup.

Consider the Size and Scope of Your Show

You want to consider the size and scope of your event before you make any decision on stage needs.  Will the event be held outdoors?  Will you need a cover?  How many guests do you expect?  True Sound Hire has catwalk and staging options to accommodate guests that could number from as little as 100 to well into the thousands.  Even if you need accessories you can be sure that if you can find them at all, they’ll have them at True Sound Hire.  

Consult an Expert

Sometimes you’re not quite sure what type of staging you need.  When that happens, you can get extra help by consulting with a staging expert.  They can provide you with some practical suggestions and ideas on how to make your venue a rousing success.  If this is your first event you’ll likely appreciate a little helping hand throughout the process and with a professional staging engineer helping you along the way, your event could even rival others who’ve been in the industry for years.  Planning any type of exhibition show requires careful attention to detail.  So, when you’re looking for a fashion show stage hire you need to prepare for every possible contingency.  When you have a professional at your disposal you’re ensuring that your event will be a rousing success.  

So whether you’re in need of a catwalk hire in London or a catwalk staging hire in Surrey, your event can be everything you hope it will be because you’ve taken care of every possible detail and consulted with the best in the industry.

If you would like more info about our staging systems please our stage hire page here and if you still cant find what you need or your looking for a complete event production cost just email us your requirements 

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Let Our Experts Help You with the Right Party Speaker Hire for Your Next Event

So, you are planning a big party and you want everything to go off without a hitch.  You have thought of all the elements, the food, the locale, the music, and the atmosphere.  All of these features can make or break your event if the details fail to meet your expectations.  And while food is a major part of your guests’ enjoyment, without the right music setting, the atmosphere of your event can easily begin to crumble.  It’s not only important to have the right kind of music to set the mood for your event but also the right delivery system.  By using a professional party speaker hire system you can ensure that the music at your venue will be exactly as it should be.

Precision and Perfection

With True Sound Hire's engineers, your speaker needs will meet precise standards of installation from the moment they arrive at your venue.  Depending on the type of venue you’re planning, every detail can be met to perfection. As we deal with more and more advanced technology, it may not always be easy to understand exactly how to set equipment up correctly, so when you have a service that will do the set up and break down for you, your attention can be directed to other important details for your event.  

If You’re Having a Small Event

Your first step in meeting your audio needs will be to decide on the right equipment for your venue.  Of course, everyone doesn’t want to have a big major affair and may just want to have a small group to spend their time with.  Many may not realize that they can also hire speakers for these events as well.  For example, for an event of 70 guests or less, the True Sound iPod Sound Speaker hire could give you everything you need in audio equipment in one small package, which consists of 2 Mackie SRM450 V1 & V2 speakers with the speaker stands and the iPod lead so that everything is ready for a quick and easy set up.  These systems are designed to easily load your own music collection directly into the system so you eliminate the need to hire a DJ if that’s what you want.  As a party organizer, you always have the option to hire speakers in Surrey for all types of events.

The Importance of Having Quality Sound

Sound can be a delicate thing.  While people love to have good music to set the mood for their event, it can be unnerving if the sound is not right, sort of like fingers on a chalkboard.  For your event to be successful, you want the music to be loud enough for people to enjoy but not so loud that they can’t communicate with each other.  But if your event is large, it needs to be heard the same in the furthest corners of your venue as it is right in front of the speakers.  This can only happen if your sound hire in Surrey is up to the challenge.  Other factors also come into play.  Each decision you make about your party can have a direct impact on the type of equipment you choose.  For example, if your event is an outdoor one then you need to consider how sound travels to make sure that the music will be heard by all. You also want to prepare for the outside environment.  This is why it is essential that you speak to a technician or a sound engineer when you are ready to plan your venue.  Only this way will you be able to find the quality sound you need to make your party the smashing success you hope for.

So, when you are ready to get your iPod Sound System Hire package, it would be wise to consult with our sound engineers for helping in choosing the right audio equipment to use at your next big affair.  This way, you can be absolutely sure that the one thing that won’t go wrong will be your audio equipment.  When you have the right sound system and it is working properly, your guests will be more comfortable and the mood will be exactly as you planned it.

For more helpful, friendly info about our speaker packages along with our hire prices please see our main web page at  

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How Wedding LED Uplighters Can Shape Your Special Night

One of the top questions that we get asked here at True Sound Hire is, “how can I make my wedding day special?” And we love being able to answer! There’s nothing more unique or magical during your ceremony and reception than being able to add a little lighting magic. The first thing that people consider when it comes time to think about lighting for a wedding is being able to see the bride and groom, and while this is obviously a very important part of this event, there’s more to be had than just a few simple spotlights. Wireless LED uplighters can take any wedding, no matter the theme, and turn it into something whimsical yet classic. 

Setting The Mood

The first thing than LED uplighting in London will accomplish is your mood or theme, by sending up uniquely designed images, patterns, colours, and shapes onto the walls, ceiling, and even table tops. You’d be surprised at the number of different patterns that our lights can accomplish, and how truly spectacular they are to see in person. If you’re interested in taking a look at one of our LED uplighting packages but you’re not sure what you’re looking for, don’t be concerned, we get a number of first time clients wondering what they should work with and what won’t work for them. Here at True Sound Hire we have a team of expertly trained staff ready to take on any question and help you make your big day the best that it can possibly be. 

Pre-packaged Selections For Your Event

LED uplighting hire in Surrey and surrounding areas is simplified by being categorized into packages on our website. You can look through the many options, and choose from 5 different well organized hire packages, as well as two wireless packages, and a small, medium, or large high powered LED package. The main five packages provide our clients with a list of how many guests they will suit, an explanation of the equipment included, as well as a time frame on setup and take down. Our first package runs at only £32 per day, which means that you won’t be spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on something that shouldn’t be more than a hundred quid at most. Many other professional sound and lighting companies have similar products but overcharge, or don’t offer honest guidelines on setup and maximum attendees per fixture. We hope that our guide helps to better satisfy your shopping needs and prepares your venue with the lighting it requires so that you don’t wind up worrying about it at the last moment. 

Making Things A Little Bit Different

Wedding uplighting offers a little something new to the standard lighting at ceremonies and receptions, with many effects to be accounted for. This means that you don’t have to stick to the traditional soft glow as you walk down the aisle or party afterwards. You can adjust your settings so that different features are created throughout the day or night. Change the images and patterns as the groom takes his place at the front of the venue, make colours and shapes swirl as the couple kisses for the first time. 

Whether you’re looking for some old world elegance or some fun and funky charm on the dance floor, uplighter hire gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from other weddings in your life. If you find yourself wanting more than just a little additional lighting, you can also invest in a few additional effects, like a smoke cannon or a disco light. One of the simpler setups we provide gives you access to two iSolution Colour bar 16tc, two Saturn 6 disco lights, two light stands, one Martin smoke cannon, and all of the cables and hookups required to light your night up for £57 ex VAT per day. 

Bright Lights And Memories

The lights in our wireless LED uplighting hire are great for a picture perfect finish to your evening, as guests and the happily married couple can easily snap up photos of the colours and lights in action. These products are bright enough to be seen, and should make for some interesting albums to flip through on your anniversary. For more info and pricing on our wired and wireless LED uplighting packages please see our main page here thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we look forawrd to working with you soon.  

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Need To Be Heard? Try Our Radio Mics for Conferences 

It isn’t just festivals, concerts and weddings that we cater to; here at True Sound Hire we believe that everybody should have a voice, and sometimes that voice should be amplified. For this reason we provide a number of microphone options, and our radio mics for conferences make a great addition to our lineup. Many conference organizers don’t realize that if they hire radio mics they can make a huge improvement to the quality of performance given by guest speakers and meeting associates. If your speakers can’t be heard at the back of a room, then they might as well not be speaking at all. 

Getting On Board With The Best Mics Around

One of the best ways to get yourself heard is to invest in a lapel radio mic hire, these small devices are small in size, convenient to clip onto your clothing, and are much less visible to the audience than a large hand microphone will be. This can add a little bit of class and sophistication to your event, and show the viewers at your conference just how committed to the cause you really are. All of the microphone products we offer here at True Sound Hire have been tested to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on offering some of the best brands in the country. We currently have three separate mic hire packages, with a list of available stock and pricing on our website for individual hire as well. If you’re interested in learning more about wireless microphone hire in Surrey, London, Guildford, Portsmouth, and all surrounding areas, then we encourage you to contact us via telephone or e-mail for more information on our products. We have a fully trained staff standing by to answer any questions that you might have, and to set you up with something that will work best for your particular event. 

Getting Down To Business

Some business conference organizers feel that microphones can be problematic, especially if you’ve got to worry about wires, speakers tripping, or the mic not working when it should. Our packages all come with information regarding setup, time for setup, and even the number of individuals per venue that will work best for the type of microphone and sound system you decide on. One idea that can help save you on safety concerns is our wireless microphone hire in London and surrounding regions. We provide these wireless devices so that you don’t have to worry about tripping, tangling, or stringing along speakers when important messages are being conveyed. This also shows a strong them of advancement and technological knowledge, which can be viewed by those in attendance as a positive sign of a company or organization that knows what it is doing. 

Hiring The Right Package

Each of our packages is different, and offers a number of items necessary for putting on the best possible conference or other event. Our radio microphone hire package number one provides clients with two share ULX wireless handheld radio mic receivers, two share ULX radio mic transmitters, one set of fresh batteries and all of the signal cables necessary for setup. This particular package is suggested for all crowd sizes and takes only five minutes or less to complete the setup. It can be requested at £60 ex VAT per day, and paired with many of our additional sound tools for the best possible results. 

All of our radio microphone packages are completely prewired and are delivered in a flight case for convenience of travel and use. The batteries included in wireless products are always brand new, giving you peace of mind regarding the prospect of the mic cutting out during a performance or speech. At True Sound Hire we are happy to provide our new and returning clients with products of the highest caliber performance that we trust time and time again for use. Each product is inspected and checked for sound quality upon return, so that the next customer who receives it can expect the results that each piece of equipment should provide each and every time. 

For more information regarding our wireless mic packages and other sound options, feel free to check out our website, which gives a listing of all stock products, pricing, and packages, and even offers a few images of what our product line will look like.

We have a full radio microphone page on our site which can be found here here your find pricing and even more useful info

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Why Hiring LED Dance Floors For Your Next Bash Makes Sense

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, a birthday party, or just trying to liven up a bored night club, an LED starlit dance floor hire can change the entire concept of your room. Theme parties and teen dances can also benefit from this type of equipment, especially if it’s an evening reception, or the other lighting is minimal and the floor can really shine. Here at True Sound Hire, we pride ourselves on having some of the best lighting and sound equipment in Surrey, London, Portsmouth, and surrounding areas with reasonable pricing for any budget. For consultation with one of our experts, you can contact us anytime, and we’d be happy to give you more information on this style of dance floor, as well as other event lighting and sound options. If you’re not certain whether a white starlit dance floor hire is right for you, check out our list of advantages below.

Offering Some Additional Lighting

So, the most obvious reason to consider this type of lighting equipment is simply for the extra glow it will add to the room. The lights that are used in the flooring might not be as bright as the strobes and disco lights you can select from our stock list, but they certainly add some illumination where there wasn’t any before.

Setting the Mood

If you’re considering a wedding dance floor rental, nothing is more romantic than the soft glow of one of these floors beneath your feet, especially for the first dance. As the bride’s white dress sweeps onto the dance floor, no guest will be able to take their eyes off of her, and when it’s time for the crowd to join in, the theme of this equipment can easily change from romance to fun. For a funky addition to a birthday party or club night, a bright floor will help to draw in the crowd and encourage others to hit the floor with their best moves.

Distancing Guests Who Need a Break

Having a highly visible starlit dance floor in London and surrounding areas gives you the ability to separate guests who might not be as into the dance scene from those that really like to get down. Nothing is more annoying to a designated driver looking for some peace and quiet than a room full of rowdy dancing guests who have been drinking; this floor helps show your guests where to take the noise, while those invitees who would rather take a break can get some peace and quiet. This also offers a more suitable space to stop and chat, away from the movement and singing that is sure to accompany this particular light up flooring. 

Pricing and Equipment

We believe in offering our clients the best quality products at reasonable rates that any pocket book can afford, which is why our white starlit dance floor comes in a different sizes starting from 12ft x 12ft right up to 22ft x 22ft foot square starting at only £225, although the pricing will be determined after a quick consultation. Installation and setup of the floor takes approximately one and a half hours, making it easy and quick to setup and takedown without a fuss. Our DJ equipment hire packages and additional lighting hire packages go well with the floor to give you everything you need for a night of fun, no matter the occasion. 

Convenience and Portability

Perhaps one of the least thought of advantages that our starlit floors offer is the convenience and noninvasive installation for any venue. Whether you’re renting or using a space that you own, this type of equipment makes it simple to get the floor up and going without damaging carpet or hardwood underneath. It offers an easily portable solution to a boring dance floor and makes any location sparkle in the way that your special celebration deserves. Many clients consider this flooring, even if guests aren’t planning on dancing, as a way to set the mood, and bring the room together. The floor offers a sense of whimsy to parties that require a softer edge, while still keeping the vibe classy and crisp. The white light used in the floors also means that you can pair it with any colour theme you choose, without fear of clashing tones.

For more dance floor info and for a full price list on each dance floor please see this web page here 

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Want Something Unique For Your Wedding Party? Consider Theme Wedding Lighting!

When it comes to a successful wedding, whether your nuptials are planned for daytime or evening, having proper lighting is key. With the change from warm sunny days to crisp autumn foliage, considering a theme for your wedding can make it an event you won’t soon forget. Here at True Sound Hire we suggest the use of colour change to create an atmosphere that will impress your guests. Wedding venue lighting comes in a variety of different sizes, styles, lighting products, and brands, and we stock plenty of equipment to go along with these options.

Selecting a Theme

Even if you’re not basing your wedding day around a seasonal theme, you can still select something that will incorporate our event lighting hire to make your day and night more festive. LED dance floors make for a great play on dancing among the stars, while our strobes and disco lighting can bring a retro feel to your party without the need for additional décor. Choosing your theme should reflect on your partner and yourself, and can include different lighting, decorations, a theme cake, and even bridesmaid dresses to suit the style of your event. 

If you’re planning your wedding on your own without the help of a professional planner then you can find plenty of interesting ideas for ways to produce your theme online. Everything from party favors to themed cocktails can be found on the web, and if you have any questions about which type of lighting would work best with these ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experienced staff has been working with weddings and celebrations for years, and we enjoy the opportunity to help our clients get the best look for their money. 

Hiring On A Budget

Not everybody has spare quid to toss around on wedding lighting in London and surrounding areas, but that doesn't mean that you have to go without. If you use a company that hires out their stands, trusses, lights, and controllers then you can have an amazing setup for cheaper than you think. We offer a wide variety of lights that can be seen on our hire packages page and a list of prices is also available on all stock we offer. Many of our packages also include additional accessories, and the webpage is setup to let you know how many pounds you'll be spending and how many people each package will work for. 

Wedding lighting in Surrey, London, Guildford, Egham, Portsmouth, and surrounding regions can be quite pricey if you don't know what you’re looking for, which is why we suggest getting in contact with one of our specialists to decide on a setup for your wedding theme. If you’re having your ceremony in the same place as your reception then you may also need additional lighting to switch between the two; this is not a problem, and can still be reasonably priced.

Making A Night To Remember

Lighting is an important part of a wedding for many reasons; it can represent your theme, but it also lets your guests see the bride and groom during those romantic moments when they say their vows. Think about the mood that you’d like to cast during this time; soft glowing bulbs can bring emotion into your ceremony and give guests something to talk about for years to come. Illuminate the walk down the aisle with a rainbow of colours and use the same lighting later at the reception for a fun and funky appearance on the dance floor. 

Whatever you choose for your wedding theme, you can be sure that there are many ways to represent this through your light choices. Our website has quite a few examples of lighting that works best in wedding parties and even explains how it is best displayed so that you’re not left wondering. Describe your theme to us and we can easily decipher which equipment will help you show your best side during this special time. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to hire your wedding venue lighting, especially if you’re planning on using various pieces of equipment. Remember that the more guests you have, the more lights you’ll need, no matter which theme you choose.

For more details and pricing about wedding lighting please see our home page here where you should get an understanding of the high level we work to 

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What You Need To Know About Your Outdoor Stage Hire Before Setup

When it comes to organizing your outdoor stage hire in Surrey and surrounding areas like London, Guildford and Portsmouth, there are a few things you should have on your checklist before setup. We here at True Sound Hire believe that preparation is key with any event, and whether you’re putting on a big concert for hundreds, or keeping the crowd minimal for an outdoor business presentation, the show can’t go on without the correct sound equipment, lighting, and of course staging and trusses. 

Planning Around The Weather

As you probably know, outdoor stage hire in London means being ready for any type of weather, namely rain, and while our staging should get you through most of the drizzle, a downpour could put a damper on any festival, concert, or presentation that’s going on, not to mention the damage that it could do to expensive sound and lighting equipment. For this reason, we suggest that you have a plan for poor weather. You can have a second day booked in case of rain, rent an indoor venue for use in a storm, or hire the correct weatherproofing like our covered stage hire so that the show might still go on. Even if you choose to continue through some fog and showers, planning ahead means you’re ready for the worst. 

Finding The Best Equipment For The Job 

Okay, so you’re ready if a storm should hit, and you’ve got a good idea of what types of staging you require, but finding quality festival stage hire in Surrey and the surrounding regions can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Our hire packages include a variety of stage, truss, lighting and sound options to make your event one that you won’t soon forget. With setup times, pricing, and even a listing of how many people each package caters to, it’s impossible to select the wrong one. With that being said, we are always more than happy to answer any questions that our potential clients have regarding our equipment. If you’re interested in taking a look through the site you’ll see that we have a 10m x 8m fully covered outdoor stage setup for only £2000 with additional stage carpet and other accessories with varying prices.

Learning The Basics

Outdoor staging hire doesn't always come with a crew to assemble the parts for you, which is why we suggest knowing a little bit about how things go together before you hire from a third party company. We at True Sound Hire provide instruction and setup for our clients, giving you the convenience factor that many event planners require before the stress of a big show. Companies that don’t include installation may do so at an extra charge, otherwise you can hire additional stage hands to assist with this task. If you’re planning for a big event, it’s best to ask these questions while you’re hiring equipment, so that the next phone call you place can be to supply the appropriate staffing for assembly.

If you hire a outdoor stage for your event from True Sound Hire you can be sure that the products you receive are of the highest quality and have been well tested. This helps you to avoid accidents, and it helps us to keep our clients coming back for their next event preparations. Along with the outdoor staging package we offer, we also have additional lighting and sound options that can be added for an additional hire fee per day. Each of these packages is priced differently to reflect the number of pieces in the package and what they do. If you’re unsure about these other types of devices you can ask one of our experts about the specifics. We find that getting all of your rentals through one business often saves time and money in the end. It means that everything is arriving at the same time, and being returned to the same place, and that all payments are being processed through the same name. 

Don’t find yourself unprepared at that crucial moment during your event or outdoor festival; call True Sound Hire for a helping hand, and see what we have in stock that could benefit you. Even if you don’t plan to rent today our staff is happy to help you fill out your to do list anytime.

So if your looking for a hire company that can help with your sound, lighting and outdoor staging need we are the company to speak too :) Please see our full staging hire page here for more details and pricing 

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Ever Wonder Why So Many Events Choose an LCD Plasma Screen? Check This Out!

Believe it or not, there’s almost no event big or small that can't benefit from an LCD plasma screen hire. These make a great way to set yourself apart from other event planners, and to give your celebration an edge no matter the time of day. With this type of equipment for your viewing audience you can display images, videos, and music videos, suitable for any style or theme. With the high definition picture and brightly backlit screen you can guarantee a clear view from the front of the room straight into the back row. If you're left wondering whether your event could benefit from this equipment, look no further, we at True Sound Hire offer the following information as a guide for LCD screen hire in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Adding a Little Holiday Ambience 

With the changing seasons upon us and the cold chill of winter creeping into the crisp autumn air, there’s no better time to start planning your events for the yuletide. Holiday functions for work, friends, and family are a big deal around this time, and selecting AV screen hire in Surrey, London, Portsmouth, Guildford, and other regions can make your party much more personal, or take it up a notch from dull to brilliant. We suggest playing holiday classics with festive imagery to get your guests in the mood, or why not run a slide show of last year’s festivities to get your guests in the mood for a fun evening? Many holiday celebrations take advantage of plasma hire in London because it gives them the opportunity to run personalized music, messages, and images throughout the entire night right from their own data source.

Give Your Boxing Event A Little Punch

Punch up your boxing event by setting up LCD plasma screens on the sides of your venue. This gives those in attendance near the back of the room a better view at the action, and also allows you to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities as you air adverts for different products, or other upcoming events. If you don't plan on broadcasting the event from these additional screens, you can still use them as a means of getting the group into the mood by displaying boxer statistics, previous fight clips, and many other photo and video options.

Wedding Day Tributes

Smart screen hire in London and surrounding areas can bring your very special day into an entirely new category as you allow your guests and well-wishers a glance into your history together as a couple. A slide show of the bride and groom as they grew up, met, and finally fell in love makes a wonderful addition to any reception. We also suggest that somebody in the wedding party take it upon themselves to collect video messages for the newlyweds giving advice for their future and congratulations; these can be played during the wedding dinner, or early in the evening before the dancing begins. A well placed LCD plasma screen works well for a day or evening wedding, and while they may not display as well outside, they make a great memory maker inside of large or small venues during the after party. 

Modernizing Your Concert

One of the most popular uses for our many types of lighting and sound equipment is for concerts, instrumental and otherwise. A plasma screen or two can be set up on the sides of the stage, near the back of the room, or on the sides of the venue for a closer look at the band, to accompany music with imagery or videos, and to give entertainment between sets as the band takes a break. These screens make wonderful assets as marketing investments if you plan on having future events or concerts and want those in attendance to know more about your business, future plans, and ticket sales. 

Whether you’re planning a walk down the aisle or a big birthday bash in a club scene, you can give your guests a unique experience by incorporating one of our LCD plasma screens to better represent yourself and your theme. Don’t be daunted by the thought of setting up equipment or getting the right parts for the job; give us a call today to find out what you need, and get an estimate on how many pounds you’ll need to spend to make your event the best one yet.

Thank you for reading our blog, if your looking for more info or pricing please see our LCD screen hire page here 

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Boxing Light Hire for a Fight to Remember?

Whether you’re planning on a daytime or a nighttime match, a boxing ring requires some serious lighting, and we should know; we’ve been in the stage and cage lighting business for many years. Here at True Sound Hire we believe in satisfying your guests and yourself with only the best lighting, sound, staging, and AV equipment, and we have plenty to choose from. One of the number one questions that we get from individuals and companies all over London, Surrey, Guildford, and surrounding regions such as Portsmouth and Farnham, who are interested in cage fighting lighting hire, is how much lighting they require to completely illuminate their ring. 

With multiple three minute rounds and a brutal force to endure, your boxing brutes deserve to be represented and respected in the ring. They already need to worry about having their hands wrapped, a mouth guard in and of course their gloves; they shouldn’t need to worry about the lights above their head as well.

Capturing Your Match in a Good Light

Boxing ring lighting hire must be placed carefully so that you don’t flood too much light in one area, which is why we usually suggest that you base your lighting on the size of the ring, as well as the number of viewers in attendance. It you’re playing to a big arena, for instance, you’re going to need some intense lighting equipment to brighten the match as it progresses. However, if you’re playing to a small crowd, then a few basic lights will do. Remember to cast a glow on each fighter’s corner, and to have a good view of the ref so that those in attendance can track the scoring. 

Lights for this type of activity are usually raised by using trusses so that they shine down on the match, rather than in the eyes of the boxers or the audience. Lighting is generally meant to make things easier to see, so we don’t want you to be blinded by them instead. We offer truss packages for hire along with the lighting equipment for boxing rings, which makes for an easy setup and disassembly, and means that you aren’t left with those in attendance asking for their money back. 

Getting the Equipment to Get You Started

Lighting equipment for boxing rings comes in many shapes and sizes, like our lighting hire packages which include items such as moving head lights, DMX controllers, smoke machines and truss plinths. Our website includes a pricing list, as well as an expected timeframe for setup and how many guests certain lighting packages will benefit. If you’re nervous about which kind of equipment to use, you can feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns that you might have. There are many sites across the internet with information on boxing events and the type of lighting required, but many times this can be outdated or supplied by individuals who don’t interact with this equipment on a regular basis. 

For boxing you’ll want to invest in some architectural lighting with a soft glow and a high output. You can also consider something with different colours, and maybe even a smoke machine to increase energy as boxers are entering the ring. 

Selecting a Comfortable Price Point

Choosing boxing event equipment hire doesn’t have to be costly. In fact many of the products that we sell here at True Sound Hire are relatively cheap and will still supply you with the quality that you expect. One thing that many of our clients have trouble with is the assumption that hiring lighting for events like these will be too expensive, and while it’s true that some items cost more than others, there are lighting packages for every pocket book here. 

Creating a budget before you begin hunting for equipment can better help us serve you in finding items within your guidelines. If you plan on charging for the boxing match then you may be able to afford more lighting than if it’s a simple affair for fun. If you are collecting for tickets then adding more boxers to the card can often bring in a larger crowd, which may increase your need for lighting, but could also give a higher payout at the end of the event.

For pricing and mor info please see our lighting hire page here 

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