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We Offer Various Options for Wedding Lighting

To create the right type of atmosphere for your wedding, you need to choose your lighting very carefully. This will largely depend on the theme of your wedding, as well as what type of crowd you will be catering to. Of course, it's your wedding, so you also have to make sure that you get the most out of it as well, because it is something you want to fondly remember for the rest of your life.

Because there are so many ways in which you can approach wedding lighting, True Sound Hire has developed various packages to help you easily create the type of atmosphere you are looking for. We've also taken into account other factors such as the size of your venue, the amount of guests that will be coming to your wedding and the type of guests that you will be entertaining. So when you come to us for any type of event lighting hire, we have what it takes to handle anything you throw at us just like we have for many other clients who have been looking for a good quality company that offers wedding lighting in London. Let us take a look at a few examples of how we can help you:

Example Wedding with Roughly 80 Guests That Are from the Younger Generation

Let's say that you need wedding lighting in Surrey, and that your wedding venue lighting requirements need to entertain around 80 young energetic guests. An excellent way to create the right vibe for your wedding party is by taking advantage of our Moving Head Hire package. In this package you will receive two iSolution iMove 7s, as well as the power and signal cables in order to get these units to function properly. These lighting fixtures work by utilizing a sophisticated music analysis system, which rather than moving around based by the music's beat only, will actually interpret the music so that the lighting effects look more alive. An excellent way to make these fixtures stand out more is by combining them with smoke machines, as this will allow you to see the light beams more clearly.

Once these iSolution fixtures are set up, they will have the ability to tilt up to 270 degrees and pan up to 540 degrees, so you will be seeing some very extravagant light shows once they begin dancing with the crowd!

Our UV lighting hire package could also work well with this combination and is able to be effective in venues that can cater to 100 guests. What makes them so exciting is that they create a "glow-in-the-dark" effect, and with the latest technology available today, these units have the ability to create a strobing effect which is based off the sound that is picked up from the party. This is possible because there is a small microphone built into the system.

Example Wedding for All Ages That Caters to Roughly 80 Guests

We understand that not every wedding lighting in London is for the younger crowd only. In most cases, there are going to be different generations of people mixing together, and so you need to find a way to cater to everybody while still creating the right type of atmosphere. If you're looking to hire a band, then our Band Lighting Hire package will likely be an excellent choice. The equipment that comes in this package is the following: 8 Showtech M800 Tourcan Uplighters, 2 Lighting stands and power & signal cables for your lighting hire. Once this equipment is set up, you will be able to easily light up a small stage, and because we utilize LED lights, you will be pleased to know that they require very little power consumption and emit low levels of heat.

Our Disco Lighting Hire package can also work well with the band lighting package. This package contains 1 20 cm Mirror Ball, 2 Lanta LED Saturn 6 Lighting Effect units and 1 Lighting Stand. What makes this package so effective is that it can easily create a party atmosphere, which is perfect for weddings, and is generally popular amongst all types of crowds.

Regardless of the type of wedding you want to organize, we have the expertise and experience in making the whole process extremely easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, as we will be more than glad to help you out. We understand how important your wedding is to you, and when it comes to your wedding lighting needs, True Sound Hire will help you turn your wedding dream into a memorable reality.

Go to our lighting hire stock page for info more and advice about what to hire 

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Why You Should Choose Festival Sound Hire Experts for Your Next Event

One of the most important factors that will have a huge say in whether your festival or any other type of event is successful is the sound quality of the music. I can personally remember many occasions when I wanted to get as far away as I possibly could from the event only because the sound quality was so poor that it was hurting my ears. I'm not talking about the music itself, but rather, the unbalanced sound frequencies that were literally hurting my ears. The reason for this is usually because an organizer of an event doesn't take the sound seriously enough, and so when they begin searching for a festival sound system hire service, the only thing they are thinking about is price. And in many occasions, they will try to save more money by hiring the equipment only and then setting it up themselves. When this happens, you usually choose the wrong type of equipment, because either it is not adequate for the size of the event, or the PA systems that they have hired are too powerful. A lot of this can be avoided by simply utilizing the services of professional festival sound equipment rental companies, and of course, we at True Sound Hire have all the necessary credentials to make this happen.

Here are a few reasons why we stand out from the rest of our competitors:

We Own High Quality Audio Equipment

True Sound Hire is on the constant lookout for new technology that improves on the old, and we can proudly say that all of our audio equipment is less than three years old. In addition, we also have them regularly serviced, every six months, so you can be sure that when you hire any of our mixing desks, amps and DJ equipment, they will be able to perform exceptionally well at your event without any nasty surprises.

We Are Experts on Sound

Every festival is different. While one type of festival will be focusing on live entertainment, others might not. In addition, there are also different size festivals, and while the majority of them might be outdoors, others could have a mix of both. All of these factors need to be seriously considered when it comes to festival PA hire, and our engineers understand exactly what type of audio equipment would perform the best in a given situation. So you are not only hiring high-quality festival sound equipment, you are also hiring our expertise.

Our Festival Sound Hire Packages Are Flexible

We have designed our festival sound equipment rental packages to ensure that regardless of the event you will be hosting, you can feel confident that the sound entertainment will be exceptional. The way in which we have accomplished this is by setting up packages based off the size of the event. For example, if you are requiring sound for a large festival, then you might want to take a look at our 42kw Sound Package. The specific package is perfect for outdoor functions that will be hosting a very large audience; up to 5000 people. The package contains the following equipment: 16 OHM TRS 218s subs, 8 HD-MH OHM midtop speakers, 11 MC2 E90 amplifier and 1 XTA 448 controller. In fact, this would also be perfect for the main stage at your festival. 

If you are hosting a medium-sized event, for roughly 2000 people, then you will find that our 24kw Sound Package might be a better option. This particular package contains the following equipment: 8 OHM TRS 218 subwoofers, 6 HD-MH OHM midtop speakers, 8 MC2 E90 amplifier and 1 XTA 448 controller.

These are just two examples of the sound packages we are able to provide, and if you're unsure of what festival sound hire package you should choose, that won't be a problem, we can easily give you our recommendations once you give us enough information on the type of event you will be hosting. True Sound Hire understands how important good quality sound is to any event, and with the vast amount of knowledge that we have in this field plus all of the experience that we have gained over the years, you can be confident that the festival sound hire service we will be providing you will more than meet your expectations.

Check out our main sound system hire page here for more info and help 

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LED Dance Floors Add that Final Touch to Make your Wedding Shine

Okay, you have the sound set up correctly, all the lighting is in place, meticulous energy has been put into every aspect of your wedding to make sure that everybody has a great time; so why do you still feel there is something missing? Most likely it is because no matter how beautiful everything looks, it's pretty much what everyone else has at their wedding, and so you need to do something slightly more different to make it stand out and to be more memorable. A great way to do this is with LED dance floors. While you can usually set up one of these floors for any event, you will find that a white starlit dance floor hire is the best option for weddings.

The Advantages of Using LED Dance Floors

Unlike the incandescent lighting technology that was used in the past, LED lighting is by far more economical. They are not only famous for requiring very little maintenance to set up and operate, they also require very little wattage and heat. The best part is that nothing is sacrificed. These LED dance floors still have the ability to create vibrant colors, can last for hundreds and thousands of hours, and also very easy to operate. Because of this, we are able to offer LED starlit dance floor hire throughout London, Surrey and Hampshire at very competitive prices.

We Take It One Step Further and Make It Easier for You

Setting up an event, while exciting, can be very overwhelming when you don't have the right tools and know-how. The idea is there, and in most cases you generally know what the end goal should be; dazzle the crowd so they can't stop talking about your event for many months afterwards. True Sound Hire understands this predicament completely, and we believe that the best way for any organizer to get their event up and running without any delays or possible issues is by letting the experts handle certain aspects within an event that they have many years of experience in. For us, this is everything to do with sound and lighting.

What makes us different to our competitors is that we own all of the equipment, so when you are hiring our services, you know that you're getting very competitive prices, and more importantly, the quality of our service still remains very high. And this is no different when it comes to renting our LED dance floor.

First of all, we offer dance floor hire in London & Surrey as part of a package (venue lighting, dance floor and speaker system), or you can get a wedding dance floor rental as a standalone service. Regardless, we still offer you the same high quality service in getting it set up and dismantled once the event is over. When you hire one of our LED dance floors, we will make sure that they have been properly cleaned before we deliver them to your event, and we will then install the starlit floor and have it cleaned once a game once installation has been completed. This ensures that you never have to worry about whether you have set up the floor correctly or not, and instead, can utilize that extra time to focus on other important aspects to get your events up and running. The whole process usually takes around an hour and a half to set up from the time the floor has been unloaded and carried to the location where it will be installed. 

Basically, you can be confident knowing that you are hiring a company that has the correct tools and expertise to set up a high quality LED starlit dance floor, and then once it has been completely set up, you will be adding that extra bit of dazzle to your event in London, Surrey or Hampshire .

We understand that every event is different, and this means that one person might need a larger dance floor for their wedding while another might need something a bit smaller. This isn't a problem for True Sound Hire, because our LED starlit dance floors come in various sizes which are 10ft x 10ft, 12ft x 12ft 14ft x 14ft, 16ft x 16ft and our massive 22ft x 22ft

So what are you waiting for, let us help you add that finishing touch to make your wedding shine from above and below!

For LED dance floor hire prices see our main website page 

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M-Audio introduced their new Trigger Finger Pro at the NAMM 2014 Show, and it’s all everyone is talking about. Trigger Finger Pro is a portable, 16-pad (4×4 configured) instrument with on-board sequencing, which can be used as a controller for your DAW or as a standalone.

For those of you who don’t know, the Trigger Finger was a very simple MIDI pad controller which you could use for pretty much anything you wanted – it had minimal controls and worked well with almost every piece of drum software available. But in today’s modern age – with guys on YouTube playing entire tracks with just a Launchpad – we wanted more than a basic MIDI pad, and M-Audio has really provided with the new Trigger Finger Pro.

The new model is a completely different machine than its bare-basics predecessor. It has the familiar pads and faders, but pretty much everything else has changed – but when you’ve got a name as respected as Trigger Finger, you don’t just throw that away.

The USB controller still works with pretty much every bit of software out there, but the real story is what you get bundled with it – Arsenal, a virtual drum machine app to use within your desktop or standalone; AIR Drums and Hybrid-3 plugins, as well as 8GB of ready-to-play sounds, loops and one-shots to ensure you can start playing with your new toy straight out of the box. But you don’t use the Trigger Finger to control AIR Drums – instead, you use it to control Arsenal. It sounds a little weird at first, but when you see the controller in action it all starts to make sense.

Arsenal is effectively a virtual representation of the Trigger Finger, and you can load AIR Drums as a kind of VST inside of it to get access to sounds and map them to the pads. What’s especially cool is that you can do this with any VST – so you can effectively map any sound you want to the controller, giving the Trigger Finger Pro this compatible-with-all label we love to try and disprove. But honestly, you really will struggle to find something this controller doesn’t agree with!

At the top of the controller is a screen very reminiscent of the MPC Studio, giving you instant feedback of whatever mode you’re in, underneath the faders and pads you expect to see from the original Trigger Finger – but with the bonus of customisable RGB feedback on the pads (because who doesn’t like disco lights?), and at the bottom a step sequencer which you can use with Arsenal to create your beats right on the controller! There are 16 RGB pads in four available banks, 48 assignable controls between 4 faders, 4 knobs and 4 buttons across 4 banks, and also includes the Hybrid 3 synth that hasn’t even been released yet.

If you don’t feel like reading all of that (go back and read it!) here are the main features:


· USB-MIDI connection to a Mac or PC

· 16 ultra-responsive pads with illuminated RGB feedback

· Customizable, backlit controls with instant automapping

· High-resolution display lets you focus on the music, not the computer

· Detachable, 3-position rugged metal stand for angled use

· Extensive expression controls; pitch bend, modulation & more

· 16 custom drum kits from Black Anomaly (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown)

· Arsenal also includes 10 Prime Loops Expansion Packs

· Includes 5 ToolRoom Records artist sound packs

· Over 2000 combined artist patches and presets for Hybrid 3 and Prime Loops content

Overall a pretty cool piece of kit which I personally can’t wait to get my hands on. Trigger Finger Pro will be available Spring 2014 with a price of around £300 you can’t really go wrong for what you get with it!

only the best quality PA systems, music performance equipment and professional DJs across the North-West of England, so if Tim from True Sound Hire is too far out of your area, why not give Darren a call for a professional and affordable DJ in the North?

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We have been looking for a new DMX lighting desk for some time now and after testing both the Avolites Titan mobile, tiger touch and then the ChamSys MQ40 and MQ60 we felt the ChamSys desks had a little more to offer us but that’s not to say the Avolites desks werent good…. They were very nice and we had no problems but we had to pick one in the end.

The ChamSys is perfect for smaller hires and fits very well within our rental stock. At a day rate price of £90 ex VAT or £220 ex VAT a week it makes affable for smaller lighting productions where budgets are tight.
The ChamSys MQ range is fully packed with audio in, Art-Net, media server control lighting fixture morphing LED pixel mapping and even an In-built UPS just in case you lose power on. For a demo or to speak to us about the hire of one of the ChamSys lighting desks please drop us an email or give us a call.
We are based in Surrey about 25mins from London and don’t forget we stock a huge range of lighting effects as well from 5R beams, Sunstrips to LED washes to PARs and DPSS laser systems… annnnd oh course lots of PA.
We look forward to speaking with you soon.
James M
01483 564438
07908 732936
Below your find a little more info about the ChamSys lighting desks we have for hire:
The MagicQ MQ60 is that the 1st of a brand new generation of little and light-weight MagicQ consoles specifically designed for movement lighting designers. The MagicQ MQ60 fits at intervals the luggage restrictions of all the foremost budget airlines together with Ryanair, Easyjet and South West. The MQ60 could be a absolutely featured console together with each AN local area network switch ANd an in-built UPS, consideration in at around 6kg.
The MagicQ MQ60 options constant acquainted and versatile GUI lighting management, media server property choices and in-built constituent plotter found all told different MagicQ consoles. The MQ60 utilises constant software package and show formates, enabling  compatibility between all product within the MagicQ vary.
The MagicQ MQ60 supports twelve universes over local area network victimisation Art-Net I, II or III, Pathport, or Streaming ACN. additionally there ar four absolutely patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel.
The MagicQ MQ60 incorporates high dependableness parts, together with high sturdiness metal Neutrik Ethercon protection connectors for simple and reliable networking. like different MagicQ consoles, the local area network switch is protected by the UPS, so guaranteeing that each the console and also the network switch maintain operation even throughout an influence loss.
The MagicQ MQ60 options and in-built bit screen with constant resolution because the MagicQ MQ100 consoles, however in an exceedingly a lot of compact size. additionally, there\'s AN external monitor output for a separate show, which might be up to 1440x900 resolution, and might be a USB or serial bit screen.
The MagicQ MQ60 provides ANd vastly powerful complete management console in an extremist compact size. it\'s ideal for simple transport and fitting into little areas, and is that the console of alternative for dominant lighting, video and junction rectifier. The MagicQ MQ60 conjointly makes a perfect \"tech console\" for testing lighting on stage or within the warehouse.
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We have been on the look out for a large 50''+ LED screen with a ''punchy'' spec to keep up with today's demands.
We have found the screen we needed ! The SAMSUNG X55LED is a full HD LED screen built for the TV, media and conference market with a very impressive spec to say the least.
We currently stock four of these large LED screens and these are available to hire and to other AV rental companies for only £140 per day for £370 a week ! with Global truss F34 stand and base plate included for only £30
Delivery starts from only £50 within the Guildford to Heathrow area and only £85 into London. Don't forget we hire and stock all the AV and screen equipment your ever need for your conference event whether it be in an office or in the XL !
True Sound Hire is based in Guildford, Surrey but we have a smaller hire shop now based in the centre of London making it suppper easy for transporting these screens straight to your event or office.
Remember we rent staging, projectors and lighting as well so if your in need of any of this equipment just shout and we will do our best to help you.
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When Gary and Helen called True Sound Hire they had a very specific idea of what they wanted for their wedding celebration which was being held at the One Marylebone venue.....
Provide a Funktion One sound system, and full lighting set up, to bring the sound and feel of Ibiza’s top clubs to One Marylebone Road in central London.

But before the evening really took off the stage had to be set for the ceremony and reception itself. An early start saw the True Sound Hire team hard at work. Lighting for such a prestigious venue could never be an easy task, with wide open spaces, vaulted ceilings and wide archways, getting the balance right demanded no small amount of expertise, thankfully something we aren’t short on!

Seventy-seven LED 18 X 10W RGBWA uplighters provided a reliable source for coping with the demands of the venue. These exceptional lights have the output to cope with the space, while remaining unobtrusive to the guests, providing a beautiful ambience to the entrance, main hall and galleries. A further four LED wash lights placed high, over a hundred metres of drape and eight Source 4 projectors providing light patterns, gave the space tangible texture.

A beautiful ceremony went without a hitch, after which the guests went up to the galleries to enjoy good food and live music, giving time to prepare the main hall for the evening’s entertainment; a wedding celebration with a difference. . . Four Funktion One RES4 midtops stacked on six Funktion One F218 subs gave the Gary, Helen and thier guests the sound the wanted along with some of the freshest house music now playing in Ibiza, delivered DJs flwon in from Ibiza.

Looked after by our expert sound engineers this system delivered a crystal clear, tight thumping kick for the rest of the night, while our lighting engineers put on an incredible show using no less than eighteen 5R beam moving heads and two 7000mw full colour lasers.

Big spaces, great acoustics, trusting clients and a lively crowd made this event one to remember for the True Sound Hire team. For one cold, dark night in the beginnings of our UK winter; Ibiza came to London

If your looking for a company in London, Surrey or Hampshire to help with your events production please see our events pages -
Timothy Maysh
True Sound Hire Ltd
Office: 01483 564438
Out of hours: 07908 732936
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Versatility in the key to the success of True Sound Hire

Versatility is the key to True Sound Hire’s success to date. Over the years we have enjoyed repeated business from many satisfied customers. From live bands in need of fine tuned clarity for jazz vocals all the way down to filthy bass for dub step sets.

However, RedFest needed something a little different when they asked us at True Sound Hire to take control of their famous Hype Stage. They asked us to deliver a sound and light system for a weekend of pure, extreme rock: a mash up of metal, hardcore punk, thrash and melodic singing, known to its fans as Metalcore.

In dealing with Metalcore’s elite; veterans of Download Festival such as Bleed From Within, Bury Tomorrow and Freeze The Atlantic, the sound engineers of True Sound Hire had to deliver a system capable of dealing with the heaviest guitar distortions and vocals, to crystal clear harmonic breakdowns. All this for artists, organisers and fans, who when it comes to their music, will take no compromise.

And that is exactly what we did.

Four Ohm HDMH midtops coupled with four OHM Trs 212 midtops for outfill handled a demanding mid-range, complemented by six Ohm TRS218 to make sure every last note was felt and heard.

Meanwhile, ten of our MAX15 stage monitors kept the bands in the loop, delivering sharp sound to compete with the output of our incredible Ohm PA System

And all this finely tuned and kept under control by our expert sound engineers; perfect sound delivered to highly exacting standards.

A powerful sound system on its own though, is never enough. To set the mood for the event True Sound Hire took a selection from our wide range of available lighting systems.

The comprehensive lighting package included sixteen of our Xperior 5R beams, giving that awe-inspiring light show only high quality moving heads system can deliver. Add to that twenty-four of our hugely versatile LED, colour shifting, RGBWA parcans and eight of the larger than life Showtec Suntrips, our lighting engineers helped complete the True Sound Hire package and get the audience deep into the pulse of the music.

RedFest: a weekend of sun, loud music and a great atmosphere. We had the opportunity to work with artists passionate about their music, and deliver the sound and light system for them to share that passion.

Its why we get out of bed in the morning.

The True Sound Hire team

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The Day Of Portugal event has been held at Kennington park in London for over 10 years now and over this 10 year period they have used many different PA companies and for one reason or another haven't been able to settle with using the same company..... but 2013 was the year they asked us to be a part of such a huge cultural event and we were happy to oblige.

After providing productions for many outdoor events not too dissimilar to this, we were asked to supply the PA system and staging for this event.

Having visited the site to gain a better idea of the space being used, we were able to offer our expert advice on the best, most suitable PA system to cover the area effectively. We supplied our RCF line array system. made up of 20 RCF HDL20 line array midtops & just six RCF 8006 infra subs which distributed the sound sweetly throughout the site & all the way to the back @ 115 meters

We also supplied the outdoor stage system which was a fully covered Milos MR1 10m X 8m system which is our newest outdoor stage system (more info here outdoor stage hire page ). After hours of constructing the stage and assembling the PA to the Portuguese high health and safety standards we were able to enjoy the performances throughout the day such as the prayer groups and live bands and we were told on numerous occasions 'the coverage is perfect, we really like the sound thank you’’.

After a very successful day we were inundated with compliments and remarks of approval, which is such a huge compliment to our guys and production team. We have already been asked to return next year to provide the same service as this time round and the Day Of Portugal event is something we are more than happy to work on again.

A huge thank you to all involved including Luis, Barry, Tim, Adam and Paul !

We will see you all again at the 2015 Day Of Portugal event

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This blog post is all about speakers and a little about amps......

Every band has their own preferences when it comes to sound, and particularly tone, which is why most tend to spend their days trying out different amps, pickups and instruments. Most tend to forget just how much of an impact the right speakers can have on the tone, which is why we have set out these guidelines to help musicians find their sound before that next big performance.

What Exactly Do Speakers Do?

Without a sound knowledge of what speakers actually do, how can you go about picking the ones that will suit your own needs best? Basically, speakers are responsible for ensuring the instrument’s sounds are actually emitted into the world via sound waves.

Replacing Outdated Speakers

If you’re searching for the ultimate tone, you’ll need to replace your speakers within the cabinets or amps every now and again, especially if you want to benefit from what the more modern equipment has to offer. While some speakers have been designed to recreate the more classic tones, others are meant to do anything but; which is why you’ll want to take the time to determine what it is you are looking for before you start your search.

Power Considerations

Power isn’t the “be-all and end-all” of attributes when you are in the process of picking out your speakers, but it does come in handy if you are playing in a larger venue and you want your sound to carry. The RCF range that we carry comes in a few different sizes, with varying power capabilities, and so they tend to be very popular with performers. Ultimately, the more powerful your speakers are, the greater your projection will be, and you will benefit from a quicker break-up, so it’s worth investing in something just a bit more powerful every now and again.

Paper Cones

The cone within the speaker plays an important role in the tone that is produced, and the material from which it is manufactured will not only affect the tone, but also the magnetic properties of the speakers. When purchasing speakers, you’ll have a few different options to pick from in terms of the material of the cones, including polymers and other fibers. Keep in mind that the heavier the cone is, the less likely it will be to break up, and this makes it more difficult for the speaker to distort.


The wattage will have a big impact on the breakup. Higher wattages tend to require more power in order for breakups to occur, so if you are looking for a quicker breakup, you will want to make sure that the power rating of the amp is actually much higher than the speakers.

The Voice Coils

A speaker with a higher power rating will also have much larger voice-coil diameters; something that actually increases the bass and allows a much warmer sound to be produced by the speakers.

The Patterns On The Speakers

Speakers tend to have different patterns molded onto them, and these greatly affect the manner in which the frequencies are defined, as well as the distortion capabilities of the speakers. Cones that have circled molded onto them, for instance, tend to move much more freely, and so they are often able to define much higher frequencies.


Magnets have a big impact on the bass quality, as well as the clean tones produced by the speakers, and so many people tend to opt for heavier magnets, because of the higher quality sound that they produce. Most speakers tend to have ceramic, neodymium or alnico magnets within them, although ceramic options tend to be the cheapest ones available.

Factory-Fitted Ports

If you are looking to replace your speakers, you will want to make sure that the new one fits into the cabinet. Keep in mind that some speakers are fitted in the factory and so the cabinets might be built around them; this can be a big problem if you are trying to find a suitable replacement. Remember, if your speakers are going to support your performance, you’ll want to put some effort into getting your tone just right; make sure you put in the effort to do just that.

This blog post was written by Jamie Maysh

True Sound Hire
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Using LED Uplighting Hire to Make Your Event Really Stand Out

LED uplighting is currently one of the more popular lighting options on the market, whether it is for casual occasions or more formal events, such as weddings. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it is so versatile that it can be used just about anywhere, for just about any occasion. When you know how to really put this lighting to good use, you can utilize it to really make your event memorable.

For Big and Small Parties

Due to the dramatic effect that LED uplighting can have on a venue, some people assume that it is just for large events, but this is certainly not the case. The flexible nature of this lighting option allows people the chance to use it whether they are throwing a discrete birthday party or organizing a festival; it is all about how you design your lighting.

Use It for Every Purpose

One of the more exciting things about this lighting option is that it isn’t restricted with regards to where it can be put to use. Some people prefer their lighting to be restricted to areas such as the dance floor, especially when it comes to moving lights. You should keep in mind, however, that you can use this lighting for decorative purposes, as well as practical, and this doesn’t only refer to lighting the venue so that you can see. Washing a room in uplighting allows you the chance to set a mood for the big event, and this can actually save you a lot of money in terms of decorations.

Outdoor and Indoor

When you think of LED uplighting hire, don’t just focus on what it can do for you inside the venue; make sure that you consider its uses for the exterior of the venue. Washing an exterior wall gives the building a very dramatic effect, preparing the visitors for what they can expect when they enter the building.


Certain venues have very unique features that could end up being overwhelmed by all of the décor and the mass of people attending the event. LED uplighting can go a long way in helping accent columns, walls and other special features, giving the unique facets of a place the chance to really stand out. In some instances, people might have picked a venue for these unique features, and this is precisely why they would want to use their lighting to help them stand out.

Lead the Way

In larger venues, you might want to lead people to certain areas of the building and keep them away from others, and believe it or not, you can actually use LED uplighting to help you with this. By lighting up specific areas and keeping others dark, you’ll actually be showing people where they should congregate while they are at a party, as well as which spaces are off limits.

Bring the Music to Life

LED lighting can also be used on the dance floor, moving in time with the music to add another level to the experience. The LED RGBWA 18 x 8W par cans are one of the products that True Sound Hire has made available to our clients because of the quality and the capabilities of this equipment.

Safety and Security

One of the most important things that a client needs to be aware of when making use of lighting, whether it is for decorative or practical purposes, is the safety of these products, because they can get very hot, and possibly even cause a fire. LED uplighting, however, doesn’t get hot enough to become a problem because it functions on about 10 watts, and so you can have it going throughout the night without any problems.

Get an Expert to Set It Up

Designing and setting up your LED uplighting is no small feat, which is why it is generally a good idea to turn to professionals when you’re having this job done. Our lighting experts at True Sound Hire have a lot of experience in designing lighting for an event and setting everything up on time for the big occasion, which is why we can tackle every job with such confidence. Don’t underestimate what LED uplighting can do for your event; you might just be surprised at how many ways you can put this equipment to use.

For more advice on what LED uplighters you should be looking at hiring please see
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Need To Hire A Catwalk Stage For Your Event ?

Great Tips for Setting up Stages for Catwalks

In just about every runway show, the catwalk is the center of attention. the place where models emerge to show off exciting new clothing designs and capture the hearts of fashion lovers around the world. If you want to start off your show on the right note, you simply cannot do without quality staging; in fact, this specific facet might make or break the big event. Our team at True Sound Hire knows what it takes to ensure your staging is set up to make your event look and feel perfect.

1. Choose The Length of The Stage Runway

When it comes to the length of the catwalk runway, there’s no set minimum or maximum, so you need to decide what works for you. Take into account the styles that are going to be adorning the models, the size of the event and the number of models that you have working in the show, as all these facets will determine whether something shorter or longer will work better. It’s a good rule of thumb to make your runway about 2/3 of the length of your venue, but once again, this will depend on your specific needs but to give you an idea to cost we can many fashion shows with our 32ft x 4ft catwalk stage set 2ft high which is available for hire from only £350

2. The Width of The Runway

Before you can make a decision about the width of the runway, you’ll need to keep a few facets in mind. Firstly, you will probably want to take the overall designs of the clothing into consideration; if the outfits are going to be quite wide and take over a big portion of the stage, you’ll need to ensure your runway can accommodate them. Remember, you’ll probably have two models on the runway at any given time, so keep this in mind as you go about determining the size of this feature.

3. The Shape of The Runway

Most runways tend to be rectangular in shape and jut out quite far into the crowd, but this is not always the case. If you are looking to be a bit different, you can opt for a t-shaped runway that allows models the chance to spend more time showing off their outfits at the end of the ramp. We can supply the above stage with a 12ft T section from £425. You can also opt for a circular runway that will give the models the chance to keep walking without having to stop, turn and walk back the way they came. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what type of look and feel you’d like your show to adopt, and use this to determine the style of the ramp. Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers here, so you can get as creative as you would like. Litedeck staging, for instance, is a high quality product that we stock, because it has proven itself time and time again; with a product like this, your stage design will be easier to implement.

4. The Height of The Platform

When it comes to choosing the height of the catwalk, you have a few different options to choose from, but remember that most of these stages can be adjusted to suit your needs. Some designers prefer to have their models walk ramps that are closer to the ground, since this allows the viewers a more personal experience of the event. Most, however, opt to have their ramps set a bit higher up so that guests actually have to look up to view the entire outfit of a particular model. Remember, when a garment is viewed from a slight angle, it does tend to look better, especially in the right lighting, and so a slightly elevated ramp might serve your needs best.

5. Smooth Surface

During the walk on the runway, models won’t be looking at their feet; this means that if the catwalk has even the slightest step, your models could end up falling. It is imperative that you opt for staging that is completely smooth, although has enough traction not to be slippery. Otherwise your models could be falling for a completely different reason. Keep in mind that any ridges or other protruding facets could end up snagging on the outfits and damaging them before they have been fully showcased to the public, and this could be disastrous.

6. Schedule a Dry Run

Just before the big event, you might want to schedule a rehearsal so that you can determine whether the design of the staging works well. Keep in mind that all of these facets will go a long way in determining whether your show is a success, and so it’s imperative that you take each one seriously.

You can find a lot more info on our staging by looking at our staging hire page
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Hire The Right Speakers For Your Party

Tips On Getting The Party Started With the Right Speakers

Speakers come in all different shapes and sizes, but choosing the right ones to hire requires more than just a quick comparison of their size. If you’re looking to host a party or festival, you’ll need to put a considerable amount of effort into picking out the right speakers for the job, and our team at True Sound Hire is happy to help you make the right choice.

1. Don’t Use a Hi-Fi

Some people assume that they can make hi-fi speakers work in place of quality equipment, but this is a big mistake; ultimately, the DJs mixer equalizer could quickly end up destroying it, especially when the performer turns up the volume. While quality is something that needs to be considered once you begin your search for the right equipment, hiring anything other than professional equipment is simply out of the question.

2. Determine Your Budget

Sound equipment ranges from expensive, branded devices to cheaper versions that can be purchased outright for a couple hundred quid. If you’re hosting an event, you’ll most likely want to hire the equipment, this will allow you the chance to opt for something of a higher quality at a lower price, and if you’re not going to use them again in the near future, there’s no harm in putting off a purchase. When looking for high quality, the RCF range of speakers we stock, is a worthwhile investment.

3. Improving the Bass

A solid bass is an important part of any song, especially when it comes to dance music, so make sure your speakers can handle this. If you’re interested in a very powerful system, particularly for festivals, you might be interested in PAs that come with a separate speaker that only deals with the bass, this won't set you back quite a lot, but it’s definitely worthwhile and if its a 18th or 21st birthday its a must in our books. Have a look at our medium Ipod sound system package to see what we mean -

4. The Size

Before you can make a choice about the size of your speakers, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be using them for. If you simply want something to listen to while hosting a luncheon, you might not need much more than a small Ipod / laptop speaker package, one like this

suits most -, but if you are going to be hosting a wedding party for 300 guests or need the PA system for a live band nothing less than this

- is what we would recommend.


5. Invest in Stands

It’s not only the performance of the speakers that you need to watch out for when you’re trying to locate the right sound equipment; it’s also important to consider how the speakers are going to be treated during the event. By hiring or purchasing speaker stands, you won’t have to worry about people using the speakers as makeshift beverage stands, and this will go a long way in protecting them from being damaged. Always remember to tape down your speaker cables and mark out clearly where your stands are placed with white gaffer tape unless its a nice floor and then your be needed some low tac tape.

6. So Do You Really Need a Subwoofer?

Subwoofers for dealing with low frequencies between the 25Hz - 90Hz band and they tend to remain on the floor, which is the best place for a sub due to a lot of reasons which we will cover in another blog post. These types of products are generally only opted for by individuals who are planning big parties or those that simply love bass, but it is not imperative to opt for this, especially since most modern speakers can now handle much more than they used to. Still, if you’re going to be hiring a DJ to perform, you’ll probably want to make sure you hire a PA system with a sub.

7. Opting For The Right Connectors

Once you have picked out all of the right speakers and supporting equipment, you’ll need to bring everything nicely together with the appropriate connectors. Connectors come in two different types; balanced and unbalanced, with the latter being better for connections between short distances. When longer distances need to be crossed with connectors, it’s important to make use of balanced options, especially when it comes to connecting the PA system and your mixing desk.

Speakers are worthwhile investments into a party because they affect the quality of the sound, and if the sound simply isn’t right, the entire mood of the event could be destroyed. You can turn to our team at True Sound Hire for a wide range of high quality rental options that work brilliantly for any type of event.
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Tips To Set The Mood With Party And Festival Lighting

Lighting can make or break an event, which is why this needs to be taken seriously whether you are putting together a small party or organizing an annual festival. Our team at True Sound Hire have been in the business long enough to know what our clients should be looking for in lighting hire, which is why we have put together some helpful tips to guide you in the right direction.

Power-Related Requirements

When you’re planning your big event at a separate venue, one of the first tasks that you’ll have to undertake is determining how much power you’ll need, and then ask about how many electrical sockets you can expect to find when you arrive. Some venues will supply you with only a couple of sockets, which means that you’ll have to get quite creative with regards to how you use them, as well as the lighting equipment that you opt for. Due to the amount of heat and power that stage lighting uses and emits, many people are opting for LED uplighting, which doesn’t struggle with the same setbacks as the more traditional options, and uses only a fraction of the power.

Keeping It Simple

If you’re going to be picking out your lighting equipment and setting it up on your own, you’ll probably want to stick with something simple that’s easy to run. Remember, if you’re hosting a festival, you’ll most likely be the one controlling the lights throughout every performance, so you might not want to have to get an engineering degree to accomplish this. eLumen8’s Kudos CM 108 Moving Head or our 5R Sharpy beams which is a great addition to any stage and easy enough to use, two advantages performers and organizers will benefit from.

Keep It Interesting

The right equipment can bring a venue to life without being overly complicated, and some of the best candidates for this type of job are lasers..... True Sound Hire can supply all types of lasers from small green lasers to large outdoor full colour systems. It is equipment such as this that really allows a venue to stand out and put crowds into the right state of mind in terms of enjoying the party.

Go Compact

Not all lighting equipment needs to be big and bulky; in fact, compact units are now all the rage at parties and festivals around the country. These types of equipment options are especially popular for performers who intend on bringing their own lighting to an event because they are quick to set up and they don’t require a lot of effort to control. The bulbs within compact lighting options are cheap to replace, depending on the brand, and they make for great additions to smaller parties.

Sound To Light Controllers

Sound to light controllers have always been exciting party accessories, and this is why we stock a wide range of equipment options for just about every type of occasion. The iSolution controller is one of the many products that we have that allow customers the chance to sync up the music and the sound, although this machine takes it one step further in terms of working with the music. Usually, sound to light controllers work off the bass, but this sometimes leaves the equipment struggling to keep in time with the music; the iSolution controllers are much more effective in working to the sound of the music, because it actually interprets it, rather than just going with the bass. This type of lighting is great for dance floors, and so clients can choose to save one of the best pieces of equipment for last to get everyone pumped up for this portion of the event.

Use Your Lighting as Décor

Lighting is so versatile these days that you can use it to amplify the effects of the music, set a mood or decorate the venue, and when it comes to the latter, LED is all the rage these days. Our team takes a lot of pride in the fact that we know LED uplighting; in fact, we can accomplish just about anything with this piece of equipment, and this includes using it as a backdrop on the stage. Remember, LED lighting is not just for big events; it works wonders for local performers who are looking to improve the overall appearance of a stage, and this makes it a worthwhile investment.

For more info on lighting hire in Surrey or London please contact us
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Tips to Improve Your Understanding of Sound and Lighting Equipment Hire to Boost Your Career as a DJ

DJing has become very competitive these days, and if you are serious about becoming a professional, it helps if you can put on a good lighting show as well as wow everyone with your music skills. In the competitive world of DJing you need to create a unique experience to get your name out there. DJs that can provide a sound and lighting extravaganza offer a lot more interest factor than those who just play music. If you’re thinking of adding something a little different to your DJ resume, here are some skills you could think about developing:

Learn About LED Uplighting

Sure you won’t be part of the party set up every time, but having LED uplighting or backlighting by your DJ box will create something to talk about. True Sound Hire has a small LED uplighting package, which is perfect to provide a show with something different. The package only has four cans and a stand and can be set up in a matter of minutes. This can give you the edge over other companies and improve the overall look.

Get Familiar with Disco Lights and Sound

Whatever you can learn about sound and lighting will act in your favour if you are ever playing at a gig and something goes wrong. You might be a in a position where the sound team is late or doesn’t arrive, and being able to set the sound system rig up yourself could be all that stands between a party happening or not so why not keep take of our blog for lots of tips and what to look for and how to problem solve any speaker problems you might have.

Get a Smoke or Haze Machine

Drawing attention to yourself when you play can be a lot of fun with a smoke or haze machine at the event. We also provide other accessories like disco balls and flame machines, so you can find the right sound and lighting equipment hire to make every performance unique. Experiment with different techniques to ensure your event really stands out. True Sound Hire stock also stock a huge range of LED furniture and a brand new LED dance floor.

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Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire For Your Wedding

Sound and Lighting Equipment Hire Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Not all wedding venues provide sound and lighting equipment hire, some may provide basic equipment, but it might not be able to give you the entertainment you need for your big day. It is a good idea to go to the venue and have a look at the equipment on offer, preferably with a sound and lighting technician from True Sound Hire, to check and test the capability of the equipment so that you can have the kind of party you want at your reception. Here is the list of what you should be looking for on your visit:

1. Music Playback Device

Are you having a DJ for your wedding? Does he play CDs or digital music files? Based on the kind of DJ you’ll be hiring, you will either need a digital music set up for playing music through a laptop, CDJ’s or vinyl turntables to play the sound through. It is unlikely that the venue will provide this equipment unless they are supplying the DJ, so check up on this.

2. Speakers and Stands

Your venue might provide you with some speakers and stands but a technician will be able to let you know if this will give you the sound volume and clarity you need. The technician will need to inspect the venue to tell you how many speakers are necessary and where they should be positioned, according to the size of the venue and the number of people you are expecting. Nothing worst than spending £1000’s on your big day only to have a poor sounding party where you can't enjoy the music.

3. Microphones

Microphones are very handy for larger weddings, especially if you want everyone to be able to hear the speeches. Wireless microphones are popular these days because they can be passed around more easily. We have a number of radio mic hire packages designed and perfectly suited for weddings. We only use Shure ULX channel 38 radio mic systems (by law your radio mic needs to be on the channel 38 change over feq) this insures no drop outs and crystal clear speech.

4. Disco Lights

Coloured lights can make your reception party a lot more festive. LED lights have become very popular because of the range of colours they offer as well as their energy efficiency which can only be a good thing. From lasers, to LED uplighters to big colour disco lights ! we stock it all & don’t forget we also stock our brand new LED video dance floor which is a must fr any wedding or party.
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Conference Sound and Lighting Equipment Hire

Let True Sound Hire Assist with You........

No matter the size of your conference or executive meeting, you need to be sure you have high quality sound and lighting equipment to make the session productive. True Sound Hire provides conference packages that give you value for money and take care of all your sound and lighting equipment hire needs so you can focus on making the session beneficial for all delegates. Here are three important ways we can help you:

1. Getting the Sound Right

The sound system you use depends on the number of delegates you are expecting as well as the size of the conference venue. If you are having 100 or fewer guests, we suggest two speaker cabinets on stands if you are having more than 100 upto 250, we suggest four conference speakers again mounted on speaker stands. Our larger conference packages also include digital mixing desk so you can make live adjustments to your sound and are a must if you're planning on using lapel microphones.

2. Taking Care of Your Visual Needs

For smaller conference groups we recommend a data projector which has auto input sensors so you don’t have to worry about configuring them to your laptop. Our projector is supplied on a tripod stand, which unfolds in just a few minutes and with a remote for convenient use. For larger groups of 300+ we usually suggest two 60” plasma screens with a 8 x 6 projector screen and DVD player for better resolution and visibility, we can supply smaller plasma screens from 42” upwards but we have found that our larger 60” screens work best and give you what you need.

3. Set up Assistance

True Sound Hire can provide you with manned or unmanned conference equipment hire. Having a sound or AV tech on site for your event will ensure that your system is working to your satisfaction and your will run without any problems. Our packages always come with all the cabling you need to set your system up as well as a lead for an iPod so you can connect a laptop easily giving you the ability to play some background music for your guests.

For more info on conference speaker systems please see our Conference PA Hire page where your find a whole load of ideas and info to help you.
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Sound and Lighting Equipment Hire Tips for Outdoor Events

A great party needs music, but this can be a lot more difficult if you are throwing your party outdoors. Battery power is hard to sustain, and getting your cabling right in a remote location can be equally tricky. Furthermore, sound can dissipate in areas that are not closed off so you need expert help from True Sound Hire to ensure you get the set up and acoustics right. If you have decided to get your sound and lighting equipment hire from us here are three important tips for your speakers to ensure your outdoor sound is crystal clear:

1. Get Speakers That Are Made For Outdoor Use

You can only use high quality speakers that are built for outdoor use to give you the sound quality you need, in terms of clarity and volume. They are also more resilient to rain, sun and wind exposure. It doesn’t matter how you position cheap speakers, if they are not built for the outdoors they will not sound as good but more than that you will find they just won't cover the area you need covering. Firework events are a great example of this...... we have all been to a fireworks night where you can see the show but not hear it, why ?  because the sound company didn’t understand just quite what was needed to do the job right.

2. Position Your Speakers on a Sturdy Base

Even if the speaker is lightweight, if it is positioned on a flimsy or unstable stand it will not stay in the correct position for very long but more than this you will lose a lot of the bottom end (bass) due to the fact they are in free space and aren’t coupling with the ground so really your speakers should be mounted somewhere solid & flat to provide you with better sound quality.

3. Put Them High Up

The general rule of thumb is the higher the speakers are positioned, the better the coverage & ‘’throw’’ will be. Just make sure they are not mounted higher than needed and firing over the heads of everyone, try tilting your speakers facing downwards into the crowd (but secure) this will help get the sound where it is needed rather than slapping off the walls of the tent..... Choosing the right PA system in the first place also plays a big part in this as well like NOT using a line array style speaker setup in a dome tent, which again we have all seen.

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Sound and Lighting Equipment Hire Advice and Tips

Planning Your Stage Production:

The planning for stage productions needs to be done far in advance of the opening night and should be facilitated by a professional sound and lighting company like True Sound Hire for things to run smoothly. You need to sort out things like plotting and placing your speaker system, planning & programming the lighting. If you are planning a stage production, here are two very important sound and lighting equipment hire and preparing tips to bear in mind:

Lighting for the Stage

Your lighting needs to follow the theme of your production; if you are doing a drama, your lighting should be starker and the colours less vibrant. Bright, light colours are best suited for comedies and musicals, to emulate the energy onstage.

The lighting production \ design should be recorded on a light plot before opening night and even before the dress rehearsal. Put the colours down by their name or number for later reference. Get a lighting technician to help you so that the lighting is seamless when you perform live for an audience. It is advisable to have the lighting expert come out to the dress rehearsals so they get enough practice between scenes.

Sound for the Stage

Your effects should be noted in the same way as your lighting, and the sound effects for each scene should be tested and written down for the sound technician. Decide in advance whether you want live or pre-recorded sounds. If you opt for mixed sound, you will also need the director’s input so you know which need to be recorded in advance and which must be created live.

True Sound Hire can assist you with your sound requirements so that the venue’s acoustics and size are taken into account to give you clarity, volume and quality of sound for the stage production you are planning.

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Two Excellent Reasons to Get Your PA Rental in London from True Sound Hire

True Sound Hire has been providing PA rental in London for more than 15 years and is expertly positioned to help you take care of all your live sound, party and corporate PA equipment needs. We provide a number of different sound packages designed to suit functions with different numbers of people and their sound requirements. We also provide PA systems for hire on a wet or dry hire basis. Here are three of our most popular speaker hire packages with our customers.

Ipod Speaker Hire Package

Having a party ? want to plug your Ipod, laptop, Ipad or Iphone into a speaker system which will then play your music with stunning quality and deep bass..... our Ipod speaker hire systems do just that. The sound package comes with two active Mackie SRM450V2 speakers which means no need for amps and cables running everywhere. We will supply you all the Ipod cables and speaker stands if needed. We have a number of Ipod packages but the smallest start from only £45 + VAT and will cover upto 100 guests.

2.5 kw Sound Package

This is one of our smaller packages and is suitable for up to 300 people. While it provides a lot of sound power, it only takes 20 minutes to set up. If you book out a 2.5kw package, we provide you with two RCF752a midtops and two RCF8003 subs. You can control everything with the built in power amp & DSP, so you do not have to worry about crossovers or heavy amps. All you really have to do with this system is plug it in the amps will take care of the crossover settings, EQ and delay. We provide this package with poles and cables to connect it to your mixer.

7 kw Sound Package

If you need to provide sound and music for more people, this is the package for you. It can be used in nightclubs that accommodate up to 500 people and live sound festivals and events that attract up to 400 people. It also only takes 20 minutes to set up and is one of our most popular packages. It delivers powerful sound through six RCF HDL20A line array midtops and two RCF 8006 infra subs

You can combine either of these packages with DJ equipment or add additional speakers to make your event even more better ! and why not speak to us about our lighting and staging systems we have for hire, from small events in marquees to large scale outdoor festivals we cover it all.

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