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Are you looking for lighting hire company in Surrey or London? True Sound Hire carry a wide range of lighting equipment from LED uplighters, simple ''sound to light'' disco lighting effects to high-end intelligent DMX moving head fixtures, we've stock it all!

True Sound Hire started out as a PA hire company back in 2001 but over time we were asked more and more to supply the lighting aspect of the production's we worked with. 14 years later and we are now one Surrey & London's leading lighting hire companies. The company is split about 50/50 in terms of stock. Production companies & hire customers are dealing with us for their lighting needs due to the level kit we stock, the way it is package for productions and the level of care we give to all the equipment.

We specialise in the very latest LED lighting technology, stocking over 15 different types of LED uplighters alone for both inside and outside use in both LED bar & LED par cans formats. We are also one of the first hire companies in the UK to take on the 100w COB LED zoom fresnel's which we believe will replace all of the order types of ETC Source 4 fresnels within the next 2 years due to a few key points: This newer 100w COB (Chip On Board) technology makes lighting fixtures lighter, brighter* cheaper to purchase considering you don't need any dimmers or power distro but also these lighting effects only draw 1.1a from the mains where as a standard ETC Source 4 pulls around 6.3a from the mains ! Start hanging up 10 ETC Source 4's and you're soon wish they were half the weight and needed only some 13a mains power....

Having a disco? Want that 70's disco look and feel or maybe something a little more taste full. We hire out lots of different lighting effects and have some super cool effects not many have seen like our flame machines, LED pixel disco lights and multi-colour led sound 2 light disco effects all which is available for you to demo beforehand and of course without any charge. We can also hire you bubble, snow, and smoke machines for that extra special effect.

Next up is our large stock of R5 beams! While these may not be the Clay Paky sharpies these are the closest thing to a sharpie beam that you will find on the rental market as of yet. Many lighting companies went to China and ''invested'' in complete fake rip-offs of the Clay Paky sharpie but within 12 months these rental companies soon found out why they were so cheap in the first place – in a nut shell they stop working.
We brought our R5 beams direct from the UK Company – Prolight. We choose their Xperior R5 beam fixture because it was fast, very powerful (our R5's use the same Philips MSD platinum 5r lamp that is used in the Clay Paky fixtures) but most of all very well built! As we purchased from a UK based company we get all the support you & I will ever need and without any phone calls to China!

Lighting truss systems and what is and isn't possible..... If you can think of it we can build it or at least get very close for you. We only stock Global F34 box truss but we do stock every F34 truss section available and lots of it. So whether it be a small or large ground supported truss structure or a large flown lighting grid we stock the right truss and rigging to comply with your needs.

Hopefully this page has given some insight to what we do and what we are about. This is only a very quick over view of what we stock in our hire infantry so if you need any more details or would like to talk about your event or production please feel free to contact us at any time.

Popular Lighting Hire Packages

  • Sound System Hire

    We stock a large selection of sound systems for hire, ranging from small to medium party iPod speaker packages suitable for 50 - 150 people, all the way through to our large scale touring OHM HD-MH speaker series suitable for up to 10,000 people
    Our hire stock holds specialist radio microphone systems & a range of digital mixing desks all from popular manufacturers such as Midas, AKG, Shure & Yamaha, and Allen & Heath.


    View Our Sound System (PA) Hire Page


  • Lighting Hire

    Whether you are after just a couple of disco lights and a smoke machine for your child's birthday party, a laser system for your club event, or a complete truss and lighting package for a large festival, we can cater for your requirements.

    We take pride in the service we provide, and firmly believe in stocking only the most high-quality lighting equipment from professional and reputable manufacturers like Martin, Vari Lite & SGM.


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  • Laser Hire

    We can supply a range of laser equipment, from small DPSS laser systems, right through to 20,000mw PRUE full-white light systems.

    Our compresensive stock of laser systems provide some of the most spectacular beams, animations and 3D effects seen around today. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.


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    Popular Laser Hire Packages:

    Please Note: Lasers work by using coherent light which has very different properties to standard lighting effects. This is what makes lasers one of the most beautiful forms of light around but also one of the most dangerous light sources when not used with the proper precautions. True Sound Hire offers Laser displays to meet your individual needs but also all the safety requirements needed in the UK as we handle all aspects of the HSG 95 requirements.

  • Staging Hire

    Staging can be simplistic but intricate. Making sure the stage is the right size and setup in time for everything such as the stage sound equipment any lighting and course the bands equipment can't begin their magic until the stage is set up. We make sure all staging is delivered in the morning of your event so to avoid any of the above.

    We stock 2m X 1m TourDeck panels' finished with a black hex non slip top. Our TourDeck legs can be adjusted from 30mm to 60mm. We also offer a stage drape for at an extra cost, please ask about this when hiring your stage.


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    Popular Lighting System Hire Packages: