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True Sound Hire specialise in speaker PA systems, lighting equipment, AV projection, staging Hire, and DJ equipment rental for professionals, live bands and the general public. Whether your event is a conference, exhibition, school play, live gig, festival or large scale dance event, we can always guarantee to help.

Our equipment is regularly tested and inspected before it is allowed to go out on hire, we service all of our amps, mixing desks, and DJ equipment every six months to ensure we consistently offer a reliable hire service.

We are constantly investing in brand new, top of the range PA equipment, like our new d&b Q series range, and that’s why not a single piece of our sound equipment is over 3 years old.

We never fail to surprise new clients with the quality of equipment that is supplied for the money paid, but also with our professional attitude and behaviour towards them. We ensure we arrive at your event promptly at the agreed time and never a minute late.

True Sound Hire also carries full public liability insurance and all of our equipment is PAT tested yearly. Over our 8 years we have never had any equipment failures and we put this down to using branded industry standard audio equipment like d&b audiotechnik, XTA & Pioneer.




Popular Sound Hire Packages


Useful Tips:

  • When choosing a sound system for a DJ, or PA system for a live band, you should consider a number of factors such as your audience numbers and the size and shape of the venue. Both of these important factors play a big part in the type of sound system needed. It’s not as easy as using Google and typing in ‘’Surrey Sound Hire’’ and then picking a pre-made speaker system package when you could be running an event holding 3000+ guests. We are more than happy to spend some time with you and discuss your requirements, so we can tailor make a suitable sound package to your exact specifications.


  • Room size in an important factor when deciding on the correct sound system equipment to use for your event. If your venue is very long and narrow, then you may need to install delay stacks to achieve the best sound possible across the entire room or using a long throw PA system like the d&b audiotechnik Q series. Similarly, if your venue very wide but not very deep then using a speaker cabinet with a wide acoustic dispersion is key to getting a great sound.


  • PA systems for large DJ acts need to be completely bomb-proof, mainly because many DJ’s are notorious for clipping (overloading) DJ mixers….The DJ will be wanting very loud and clear DJ monitors so that they can monitor their performance, and some bigger live dance acts will also want stage monitors. This type of work always seems easy but you would be surprised just how many sound hire companies fail to produce the right PA system & DJ equipment.



  • If you have a live band playing and require some form of live sound equipment, it is worth knowing that the PA system you require is a completely different kettle of fish. You may not realise it but live bands require extra kit like microphones, stage monitors, mic stands, mixing desks, DI boxes, outboard gear, multicore systems, and 9 times out of 10, additional crew. When working with live bands we are always happy to deal with their riders and adhere to their specification. We make it our responsibility to ensure there is a good reliable working relationship between our engineers, the artists and the client.


  • For your night to run smoothly it is essential that the right sound system, stage monitors & mic’s are setup correctly. Live music is very dynamic and some companies fail to understand this, you really need to ensure there is plenty of headroom in the sound system and power amps as you can always turn a bigger sound system down and never a small PA system up. Another important thing to bear in mind is lot of modern music these days has more low frequency content in it than ever before so if you’re running a large dance event the system would be spec’d differently to a live band setup but don’t worry we work closely with you to specify the right sound system for the right venue, and engineer it in the correct manner every time. You will find different terms used a lot across our website like active or powered speakers, midtops and sub woofers. These terms refer to the type of speaker you’re looking at. An active or powered speaker means it has an inbuilt amplifier in it and doesn’t need an external amp or controller where as a passive or bi-amped speaker needs a amp and controller for it to work. Midtops refer to the top speakers of the PA system and tend to only reproduce frequencies from about 100Hz up to 15 KHz where as a sub-woofer is a dedicated speaker that only reproduces frequencies below 100Hz and down to about 20Hz


Other Popular Hire Services

  • Sound System Hire

    We stock a large selection of sound systems for hire, ranging from small to medium party iPod speaker packages suitable for 50 - 150 people, all the way through to our large scale touring OHM HD-MH speaker series suitable for up to 10,000 people
    Our hire stock holds specialist radio microphone systems & a range of digital mixing desks all from popular manufacturers such as Midas, AKG, Shure & Yamaha, and Allen & Heath.


    View Our Sound System (PA) Hire Page


  • Lighting Hire

    Whether you are after just a couple of disco lights and a smoke machine for your child's birthday party, a laser system for your club event, or a complete truss and lighting package for a large festival, we can cater for your requirements.

    We take pride in the service we provide, and firmly believe in stocking only the most high-quality lighting equipment from professional and reputable manufacturers like Martin, Vari Lite & SGM.


    View Our Lighting Hire Page


  • Laser Hire

    We can supply a range of laser equipment, from small DPSS laser systems, right through to 20,000mw PRUE full-white light systems.

    Our compresensive stock of laser systems provide some of the most spectacular beams, animations and 3D effects seen around today. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.


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    Popular Laser Hire Packages:

    Please Note: Lasers work by using coherent light which has very different properties to standard lighting effects. This is what makes lasers one of the most beautiful forms of light around but also one of the most dangerous light sources when not used with the proper precautions. True Sound Hire offers Laser displays to meet your individual needs but also all the safety requirements needed in the UK as we handle all aspects of the HSG 95 requirements.

  • Staging Hire

    Staging can be simplistic but intricate. Making sure the stage is the right size and setup in time for everything such as the stage sound equipment any lighting and course the bands equipment can't begin their magic until the stage is set up. We make sure all staging is delivered in the morning of your event so to avoid any of the above.

    We stock 2m X 1m TourDeck panels' finished with a black hex non slip top. Our TourDeck legs can be adjusted from 30mm to 60mm. We also offer a stage drape for at an extra cost, please ask about this when hiring your stage.


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    Popular Lighting System Hire Packages: