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True Sound Hire provide special effects hire across Surrey, London and Hampshire to add a little something extra to your special occasion.
From smoke machines to laser shows to bubble machines and high powered CO2 cannons there are so many options available to you why not read on to see what we have to offer!

Smoke machines are one of the most popular extras we have in stock, they are the perfect accessory for any party especially those parties with disco lighting the smoke effect creates a party vibe and illuminates the lighting. Bubble machines are such a fun addition especially popular for children's parties, it keeps them amused for hours! Alternatively they can be used for other events looking for something different.

Our laser systems are becoming high in demand due to the fantastic, impressive beams they produce. Not only do we stock smaller green laser effects most popular for 16th, 18th or 21st birthdays we also stock a whopping 4W green laser which is PC controlled and offers a jaw dropping laser show to really wow your audience.

Why not try our fake flame machines? They are great for themed parties, children's parties or just to try something different.
CO2 cannons are generally used for festivals, nightclubs or larger parties. They can be given to the DJ who can transform the room into an Ibiza style party within minutes. A really impressive must have for all those club lovers.
Unlike UV cannons which draw a lot of power from the mains and produce a lot of heat, our LED UV panels draw 50w not 500w, are lightweight, more reliable and offer a bigger output! A great addition for any UV themed events.

The Atomic strobes we stock are like a classic nightclub effect. These are very popular with younger teens and generally you would use a strobe with a laser and smoke machine package to reap the benefits of this lighting unit.
The snow machine is definitely a winter favourite. For all those Christmas parties or winter wonderland themed events this is a must have. It produces a foamy substance which gives the effect of snow, a great surprise for kids at Christmas time! Also extremely popular for children's parties and for those more recent 'Frozen' themed parties. Although this isn't generally classed as a special effect we have a range of DJ booths, plain white coloured LED and starlit. This really makes a focal point of the DJ and adds a sophisticated tidy image to any party.

Our LED starlit dance floor we have to mention as it is a special effect in itself! Extremely popular for weddings this impressive, sparkly dance floor is an exciting option for those looking to wow their guests and transform your venue into a sophisticated, inviting space. Our floor can go up to 16ft x 16ft which is the most common size of floor for all occasions. Another exciting addition is the LED backdrop drape. This is a very modern way of transforming the look of a room to create a vibrant, impressive set up for any event. Again this is especially popular for weddings or special milestone birthdays you want to make a statement for! The cloth is theatre grade, black in colour and supports lots of tiny LEDs. They aren't just white they are RGB, and the whole backdrop is DMX controllable which is very rare.

If you are looking for any of the above please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Popular Special Effects Hire Packages

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Great Staging Deals

  • 24ft x 8ft Catwalk Stage Hire with T Section
    from only £349!
    Also add a PA Speaker System and some Stage Lighting for only £199!
  • Hire our fully covered 32ft x 24ft Outdoor Festival Stages
    for only £1995 + VAT!
    Don't forget a Mojo Barrier!


Other Popular Services

  • Sound System Hire

    We stock a large selection of sound systems for hire, ranging from small to medium party iPod speaker packages suitable for 50 - 150 people, all the way through to our large scale touring OHM HD-MH speaker series suitable for up to 10,000 people
    Our hire stock holds specialist radio microphone systems & a range of digital mixing desks all from popular manufacturers such as Midas, AKG, Shure & Yamaha, and Allen & Heath.


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  • Lighting Hire

    Whether you are after just a couple of disco lights and a smoke machine for your child's birthday party, a laser system for your club event, or a complete truss and lighting package for a large festival, we can cater for your requirements.

    We take pride in the service we provide, and firmly believe in stocking only the most high-quality lighting equipment from professional and reputable manufacturers like Martin, Vari Lite & SGM.


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  • Laser Hire

    We can supply a range of laser equipment, from small DPSS laser systems, right through to 20,000mw PRUE full-white light systems.

    Our compresensive stock of laser systems provide some of the most spectacular beams, animations and 3D effects seen around today. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.


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    Popular Laser Hire Packages:

    Please Note: Lasers work by using coherent light which has very different properties to standard lighting effects. This is what makes lasers one of the most beautiful forms of light around but also one of the most dangerous light sources when not used with the proper precautions. True Sound Hire offers Laser displays to meet your individual needs but also all the safety requirements needed in the UK as we handle all aspects of the HSG 95 requirements.

  • Staging Hire

    Staging can be simplistic but intricate. Making sure the stage is the right size and setup in time for everything such as the stage sound equipment any lighting and course the bands equipment can't begin their magic until the stage is set up. We make sure all staging is delivered in the morning of your event so to avoid any of the above.

    We stock 2m X 1m TourDeck panels' finished with a black hex non slip top. Our TourDeck legs can be adjusted from 30mm to 60mm. We also offer a stage drape for at an extra cost, please ask about this when hiring your stage.


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