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Staying in the loop on what is trending and relevant in the events industry at this day and age will bring your attendees in your conference on board, with the mission to share with them something new to remember. It has become more important — and more difficult — to keep conferences fresh and unpredictable. The events industry are constantly looking for new ways to stimulate excitement and offer attendees substantial reasons to return year after year, no matter what the conference’s intent is (whether it’s networking, team building, B2B, B2C, or education conventions).

In this blog entry, we will walk you through some of the latest innovations event organisers and other companies are implementing in their conference events to make it more remarkable and to ensure greater return of investment.


We saw a dramatic transition of the whole events industry to the virtual space caused by the covid-19 pandemic crisis worldwide. For the most part, this development will continue on for the next couple of years and even here to stay, with multimedia being a key component of an event strategy.

It’s all about the ambiance at a conference. And if in-person activities are on hold for the time being, you can still create digital or alternative versions that your audience can enjoy. There are actually two key approaches to improve the web experience of your attendees.

Although producing the same or at least similar experience is critical, you’ll still need to figure out how to break down barriers between the actual event and the online participants by allowing two-way contact. Event software would be the vehicle for bridging the gap between the two classes of your attendees.

The use of social media and other online platforms to create hype to get people excited about the conference is a perfect way to get people interested. You may also  create a Facebook event to help people communicate during the conference and to remind them of some important details. 

Moreover, attendees can view event agendas online. And you can conveniently make announcements and send out notices to your audience, thanks to this emerging practice in the events industry. 


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities are becoming more and more  popular in many conferences and other events as they generate goodwill among participants and the society as well. Corporate associations of all sizes may join together through a variety of services designed to support local or national charitable organisations. The trick to success, though, is choosing the right CSR operation for your organisation and adopting those best practices.

Corporate events have a lot of positive potential. If you decide this year to be  the year you give back with a service project at your case, you may also give your attendees the opportunity to get involve in this endeavour. Provide a means for them to give back. Perhaps donate a portion of the profits to a local charity, form a sponsorship with one, or use a matching scheme to inspire people to donate. Everyone would feel as if they made a difference in the world when they leave the conference. Keep in mind that every Corporate Social Responsibility activities will have fresh and interesting sponsorship opportunities moving forward!


For a long time, live streaming has been a common theme in the field of event technology. However, in the aftermath of COVID-19, more businesses are switching from in-person to online activities. You may either host live stream activities in response to the pandemic or have useful information targeted to your audience’s specific needs at this moment.

Live streaming your event has a number of advantages. You reach out to potential participants who could not attend, target overseas clients, and get the word out about the corporate event online. Plus, once people see how powerful the experience is already on the internet, they’ll be more likely to attend on the next in-person events that you may host.

Hybrid events are also on the rise. Many hybrid activities would eventually have a significant in-person aspect in addition to their digital counterpart. This will make them open and welcoming to other participants all around the world. However, the challenge will be to ensure that both classes of attendees have a similar experience and that neither should be left behind as far as the event goes. 

Furthermore, the emerging technology has brought artificial intelligence (AI) on the event scene. 

It has been widely used to many events as a result of its potential to personalise environments for attendees while also taking the world together especially the given limitations brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. AI assists attendees in associating themselves with their area of work and avenue, ensuring that the best, most useful information meets the right audiences at the right time. It has the ability to make the overall experience more effective. This provides less complex system for your participants who have already had to adapt to a slew of other updates in your previous function. 

Given the power shift of the new norm across all industries brought about by the covid-19 crisis, planning an event can be daunting. Take note of all the key points mentioned above that you may consider incorporating in your next conference for a more relevant and engaging event. 

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