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Conference Staging & event Services Across Surrey & London

When it comes to event planning, stage setup should be one of the top considerations. It’s important to concentrate on the specifications (i.e. structure/layout/dimension) of your stage if you want your conference to effectively deliver its message across your audience. If you’re hosting a  large business conference with, let’s say, 500+ attendees or a niche forum with a smaller audience, your stage configuration plays an important aspect. You want your stage to come to life that will match your branding and message

The stage design has a lot of different components, and it’s vital to make sure you’re getting the most out of each stage rental. It’s difficult to decide what would be the perfect fit for your event with so many choices available today in the market.

 Read on to learn more about the importance of a stage design as well as some of our conference equipment hire to be able to produce an impactful event.

There are various types of stage configurations that you can play with depending on the kind of event you’re conducting and what the agenda entails. Until deciding on a single-stage hire, experiment with a few different layouts and see what works best. 

If you need any professional help with your stage setup or any of your conference equipment needs, you may reach our team from The Sound & Light Hire Company.

We stock a complete range of Staging hire and AV hire in Surrey and have been in the business for around 20 years. Our team is composed of sound and light technicians with many years of experience under their belt so you are assured that your event is handled by professionals.

You want your event to flow smoothly and seamlessly. Moreso, you don’t want a sporadic layout. When it comes to corporate stage design, you want your décor to complement what’s already on stage without distracting your audience. A corporate event backdrop design is used in many corporate stage projects. The key theme of your stage design, for example, maybe an expanded company logo that runs the length of the wall behind your stage. Alternatively, if your business gathering is a meeting, you’ll need to set up a conference table setup. This will encourage you to concentrate more on the tables and seating you’ll be using directly on stage. With whatever event you’re organizing, make sure the stage design contributes to the overall cohesiveness rather than detracting from it. We frequently discover that less is always enough.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for your stage layout, you may bring further enjoyable design features to it. Your stage’s design elements should all work together to create the environment you like. Your on-stage props should be enhanced by your stage backdrop. The environment created by your podium should be similar to the atmosphere created by your seating. All should have a distinct and unified function. Any design factor, including your LED screen, should be deliberate. 

We also offer the AF3 high-resolution indoor/outdoor 3.9mm small-pixel-pitch LED video wall panels.

These LED displays are ideal for displaying high-resolution HD content to your consumers or clients. If you’re standing 1 meter or 10 meters back the video quality would be crystal clear. Furthermore, the angling option can be used to create something really out of the ordinary.

In addition, we have offer packages dedicated to conference events-Conference Hire Package. Below are brief descriptions of the sub-packages: 

Conference Hire Package Option 1 

We have put this package together aimed towards your smaller conferences or presentations.

 Super easy to use & operate, it’s what we like to describe as ‘plug & play’

If required, the speakers can be used for background music during interludes by simply plugging them into a laptop, tablet, or any other computer with a headphone jack.

2x Mackie SRM 450v2 speaker cabinets

1x ViewSonic PJD5211 DLP projector

1x Tripod projector screen ( 6ft x 4ft )

1x Shure SM58 microphone

2x Speaker stands

All the power & signal cables your need for your event plus a free iPod lead to allow for laptop playback.

Conference Hire Package Option 2

This kit is perfect for medium to large-scale presentations where you want to make a big impression on your visual and audio quality.

To ensure that everyone concerned has a good vision of the relevant material seen, a wide 8ft x 6ft rear projection screen and two massive 52′ plasma screens on 1.5-meter truss podiums were used.

Also included is a lectern for your head speaker alongside a radio microphone which gives the most convenience of movement. The included speakers can also be used with a phone/laptop or any device with a headphone socket to play any background music needed for interludes or while people are being seated.

2x Samsung 52″ plasma screen + stand

2x Mackie 450 speakers

2x Speaker stands

1x Shure ULXP4 Wireless Microphone

1x Mackie profx12 mixing desk

1x Litedeck lectern

1x 8ft x 6ft Projector screen

1x HDMI short throw Projector

All the power and signal cables your need for your event plus a free iPod lead to allow for laptop playback.

With too many choices, deciding on the right stage design and LED/plasma screen hire for your business conference can be challenging. Allow The Sound & Light Hire Company to do the work for you as we have produced various corporate events of the like over the years. Let us join you in your event planning process by contacting us today. Whether you want a simple stage design for a smaller group or a more complicated immersive stage where speakers can engage the audience, we will help you build your desired setup. We are also fully-equipped to supply you with every piece of tool you will be needing to run an event.

Feel free to browse our hire packages to see more services we offer!

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LED Furniture Hire in Surrey, Best Prices For Those Looking To Hire This Year

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company has been lighting the Surrey and London event scene for more than 20 years now.

And since the beginning of our business, we have had the opportunity to work on some huge events across Surrey & London.

Every event is unique and distinct, as is each client’s vision. We’ve delivered all sorts of social parties and corporate events over the years assisted in the curating of various setups and helped bring concepts to life.

If you are preparing for an important event that you would want to celebrate this year and are looking for ways to light up that party in an exceptional way, then renting LED furniture is the way to go. Imagine having your guests outside at night, with only the bright LED bits strewn across your venue as the only means of light.  You’d be astounded by the transformation of a bare reception area with only a touch of some LED furniture. 

We often get asked how to best incorporate various glow pieces from our in-stock inventory into events,  so we decided to create this blog post to share with you some ideas that can inspire you when you are creating your party concept and leave a statement. Whether you are looking to use an out glow or just add accent lighting and a few flashes of colour to the room, we have you covered! Here we offer the best prices to those looking for LED furniture Hire in Surrey.


We’ve served on a lot of big corporate and social activities, and most of them have a lounge seating area. Our LED Benches, Cubes, Lounge Tables, and future LED Modular Sofas would work wonders for creating an upscale and welcoming seating area for a cocktail reception or a VIP area that really stands out. You may use the furniture to make a fully lit lounge or use a few items to add accent lighting to more conventional white leather lounge furniture. In any case, the end result is a beautiful, upscale, and contemporary lounge.

Product hire from £22.50


LED Poseur tables are easy to set up and offer a unique way to bring a wow factor to your special occasion. It’s amazing how these pieces of LED furniture can take an ordinary space and transform it into something really creative. A few sets of these poseur tables in a bare space can easily replace additional styling that will cost you more. 

You also do not have to worry as these are battery-operated and ensure that they can outlast even the longest of activities. Moreso, it eliminates the need for unsightly wires. 

Product hire is £25


Our LED cubes are a fantastic way to wow your guests and make your event stand out from the crowd, and they couldn’t be simpler to use. They come fully charged with a battery life of up to 10 hours, and all you have to do is push a button on the supplied remote control to select either a static color or a slow fade between colors.

Unlike any other cubes on the market, our LED cubes have the additional advantage of a very soft padded leather top, making them much more effective for long stretches of sitting.

Product hire is £19.50


The bar is still a heavy traffic place at every Corporate Event, Gala, or Wedding! Some venues and event spaces, especially if the event is held outdoors or in a ballroom, lack the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a full-service bar. So, what do you do if this is a problem? Our modular, cordless, and waterproof LED bars can be quickly and easily set up anywhere.

This 4-Meter diameter bar comes with a remote control that allows you to choose a static color or a slow fade between colors if you want. With an 8-10 hour battery life, this bar will last you through even the longest evening activities.

Product hire is £399  


As the music starts pounding and your guests will now be ready to head to the dancefloor Our LED Starlit Dance Floor will be the center of attention at every party. We’ll have your party hopping like never before with the thousands of LEDs etched together creating a starry effect on the dancefloor.

They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft x 10ft to a height of 22ft x 22ft, either in white or black with a matte finish. If you’re planning a small gathering or a large gathering, our LED starlit dance floors can be customized to fit your style, color scheme, or brand.

Product hire is £225

 When you place your order of LED furniture from The Sound & Light Hire Company, you’ll get a wide range of options, including stools, benches, tables, globes, LED poseur tables, and cubes – and unlike many other event suppliers, we don’t have a minimum order required. It doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re throwing; if you need any type of event equipment, we’ll bring it to you, even if you’re searching for anything specific. Our in-house inventory ranges from AV systems down to truss and stage hire deals.

If you want more details on these products and services, please browse through our product catalogs and see which ones will better fit your upcoming event this year! You can also get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with tips on how to incorporate any LED furniture into your reception venue.

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Hire Your Outdoor LED Screen From The Sound & Light Hire Company

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Hire Outdoor LED Video Screen For Your Event

While every event production firm strives to offer the most advanced LED technology available in the market, The Sound & Light Hire Company has remained to be at the top in the events industry over the years-offering high-end event equipment rental with a very reasonable party package rates. 

We have recently switched to a more compact alternative from our 12.5mm pitch DMT pixel mesh touring spec LED video wall panels. These modern LED panels are ideal for a variety of occasions, including concerts, conferences, product launches, and birthday parties with outdoor locations.

We’ve added a smaller pitch LED panel to enable you to get much more intense clarity for graphics and images, creating a more engaging environment for the crowd. The IP rating of the AF3 high definition 3.9mm video panels indicates that they are waterproof. The television projector, on the other hand, can be set up both indoors and outdoors since the panels are also built for any setting. This gives our clients a lot of flexibility in terms of where they can put the displays and how they can be used for different kinds of functions. 

Our 3.9mm LED video screen is ideal for a multitude of purposes and events.

This LED video screen is perfect for grabbing the audience’s attention if you’re doing an award show inside an auditorium and need some simple visuals behind the spokesperson showing winners’ names/images or brief videos. Or perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor movie night, which is a great activity for family and friends. The picture quality is incredible- bright, and prominent, which is just what you want when watching a movie outdoors. Because of the fine pixel pitch inside the LED panels, the image is not only visible in the dark, but it is also clear throughout the day. The simpler the target projection, the smaller the pitch, which we are delighted to now give.

Another factor we needed to stock IP-rated video screens is that they go well with stages for concerts, parties, school productions, and movie theater setup. The screens can be installed on either side of one of our outdoor covered platforms, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your event’s needs. We can have screens divided on each side of the stage, or a single widescreen hanging at the rear of one of our stages, or a screen that stands alone for your outdoor cinema; we can accommodate all possibilities.

There are some ways to set up the screen, which we would like to discuss more over the phone, but to give you a brief explanation, the screen may be suspended from a truss frame or supported on the ground for a more streamlined appearance.

It is entirely up to you how your video screen is shown, and we are pleased to provide you with all the possible choices. The truss method of rigging is preferred for festivals with a central stage and screens hung from truss wings on either side. A neater, streamlined look will be preferred for an award ceremony, product launching, or a movie night. In that case, we use ballast at the back of the screen to keep it in place, and we give it height by using staging panels, which are then draped over to mask the staging. The possibilities are endless!

To add, 4m x 3m and 5m x 3m video screens are common screen sizes that work well in a variety of event types, particularly when it comes to aspect ratio. Please contact us for more specifics about screen size choices. Our team will be able to provide you with recommendations based on your event requirements. 

Our outdoor LED screen hire will also come with a video server, complete rigging, and the option of hiring an AV technician to assist you with any of your technical concerns.

Our team will deliver, set up, and then pack up the LED video screen for you, so you don’t have to think about setup, configuration, or time constraints. 

 Clients and event organizers holding music festivals and other outdoor events of the like would opt to partner with The Sound & Light Hire Company mainly because we do not just offer LED display screens but as well as outdoor festival stage hire. From a stage format for a smaller sporting event to huge arc roof stages that reaches up to 10m x 8m performance area. This arc roof system utilizes a self-climbing truss system, allowing us or another event equipment provider to rig all of the lightings at a sound level prior to raising the roof. The estimated payload on the roof is 1800 kg. For lighting, film, and special effects, you’ll have enough of weight filling. We can also add extra PA wings or video wall sides to this festival level, giving it a very spectacular exterior appearance.

When hosting huge public events such as festivals, make sure that everyone in the audience can have the best viewing experience of what’s going on. Choosing the right outdoor LED display panel, including the growing number of sizes available on the market, comes down to your chosen event equipment company from which you buy or rent it. The Sound & Light Hire has a highly regarded reputation in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and London.

We have a range of services with the best prices in the industry.

See more of our hire packages that will definitely answer all your event equipment needs from PA systems, special effects machines to LED furniture hire. Being in the business for 20 plus years, we gauge expectations realistically no matter your project. You may also check out our gallery of the events we have produced over the years. If you are looking to hire large TV’s projectors or outdoor LED video screen in London then On Tour Events would a good place to start

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Best Sound, Lighting & LED Furniture Hire Deals For Your Party

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The opportunity to paint and turn an empty event hall into an amazing memory is right at your fingertips, from the sound system to lighting setup.

There is no such thing as a small or too big of a venue! The Sound & Light Hire Company has the right tools and resources for anything from lighting, sound system setup to LED furniture hire. 

As an event production firm in Surrey, our main role is to assist you in using cutting-edge technology to build the party of your dreams. If you need special effects machines, festival stage hire, or other types of lighting for a celebration, our experienced technicians will work with you to design the perfect venue to ensure a successful event.

The best and most suitable environment for a party crowd is created by a great combination of sound and light hire equipment. Since sound and light are so complimentary during festivals or other parties, one does not exist without the other. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has put together a comprehensive list of packages that are flexible according to your liking and event demands. Below, we share with you some of the premium packages for sound, lighting, and LED Furniture for any of your upcoming events.


This set includes our Mackie active speakers, a link to an iPod or laptop to play music from, and two of our sound-to-light disco lighting effects for up to 70 people. Perfect for those trying to spice up their party with some disco lighting and music. We also have other kits available, as well as other PA and lighting effects in stock. See below the inclusion of the House Party Package Hire:

l 2x Mackie SRM 450 v2 full range Speakers

l 2x Speaker stands

l 1x iPod / Laptop lead

l 2x Saturn 6 lighting effect

l 1x Lighting stand

l All the power & signal cables your need for your Event / Disco / Party


Our Birthday Party Hire package is comprised of sub-categories according to the birth year for the younger generation starting from 16th, 18th and 21st birthday package hire. With a bass-booming sound system & nightclub-style lighting effects, this is the perfect package for bringing the club vibe to your party. We give you a brief overview of these sub-packages:


The sound system, which includes two EV active speakers and one EV active subwoofer, can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests. These speakers are easy to set up and connect to any tablet, laptop, or another device with a mini-jack (headphone socket) output. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with any DJ mixer currently available. We promise that the volume and sound quality achieved with these speakers would astound you. Two multi-colored, 360° rotating head fixtures on top of two one-meter truss podiums offer a fantastic spread of illumination that is sure to inspire even the most apprehensive of visitors. We’ve also added two brilliant green lasers to the mix, which are sure to wow everyone at your party. 


The sound system, which includes two speakers and a bass sub, can accommodate up to 120 people. We can have a lead to connect to an iPod or laptop for music playback, or if you have a DJ, we will provide the appropriate converter leads to connect to your DJ’s mixer. The lighting we’ve added creates an amazing effect at every party; the lasers add a youthful entertainment element that will inspire your friends, whilst the spinning heads have the party disco effect that everybody craves. A smoke machine has also been added, which captures the beams and improves the illumination, which is very powerful. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use plug-and-play device, look no further.


If you’re looking for a full kit that includes all sound and lighting equipment for a large-scale event like a 21st birthday bash, we’ve got you covered! This kit includes what we refer to as a big iPod setup. It consists of two active tops and two active sub-woofers. Another main inclusion for this package is the LED DJ booth that comes in black and white- a perfect place to hide all of the equipment and keep everything needed for music in 1 place neat & tidy.

To get a complete list of equipment included in each of the above packages, check out this section of our website. Get additional equipment such as a party smoke machine and laser lights hire from one of these kits. 


We also offer packages made specifically for the Christmas Holidays. If you are planning to host a Christmas special event at home or in your office, then these packages are right for you. We have included sound and lighting equipment appropriate for this season plus some special effects machines that will truly transform your venue into a winter wonderland theme.


Aside from the Christmas holiday package, we have also curated some deals for wedding events. These packages also fall into sub-categories based mostly on the size of your event and the reception venue. A more detailed list of equipment included in this sub-categories of this package is found here. 


With such a huge collection of LED furniture to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the best fit for any of your occasions. We offer Light up LED Cube Hire, LED Poseur table and LED mobile LED Hire. Check out our amazing deals on LED furniture and its respective features and functions. 

You will be able to see your vision come to life in ways unseen before by mixing the creative impressions of our extraordinarily talented team paired with our full range of event equipment hire. Our experience in the business has proven over time that we are one of Surrey’s most trusted event production companies. 

For bookings, reservations, or any queries on event planning and event equipment hire, feel free to reach us today! 

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Hire a Projector & Projector Screen from Surrey Leading AV Hire Company

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Audio Visual Equipment Hire Across London & Surrey

With the advancement of technology becoming more relevant in corporate events today, people seek the latest, top-quality event equipment that can exert maximum effort on enhancing the visual quality of a specific event. While you think of multiple options on how to properly display your content, there are different things to consider as well. This is for you to finally decide on what production hire equipment to use and what company you need to choose from. 

Across the UK, several production hire companies are already offering different party hire packages including sound hires, lighting hires and visual hires. Among these top hiring companies, The Sound & Light Hire Company is Surrey’s leading Audio Visual Hire Company. You can find the latest, high-quality event equipment to enhance your visual presentation and that is a high-quality AV Projector Hire.

We have compiled all detailed information about Projector Hire Surrey; specific equipment brands, what’s included in each hire packages and more upgrades to look forward to for you to hire a top-leading equipment.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a projector from The Sound & Light Hire Company is a must-do and how this wise decision will lead you on towards a successful event presentation:

1. Latest Premium Models

The Sound & Light Hire Company is equipped with the up-to-date equipment models not only for their projector hires and the materials it comes along with but basically including all their production hire equipment. All the products readily made available for your event are designed in such a way that meets the standards of every event production. We also make sure our packages are updated according to the latest technology available in the market. 

In a time and age, when newer inventions are coming out every day, products/equipment tend to become outdated very soon. Clients always appreciate hiring equipment that are not likely to become redundant in a short time and is still reliable to use repeatedly with a few simple upgrades.

This latest and top-performing premium equipment model will soon speak for its own once it is already being utilized.

2. The Best Package Deals

Hiring a Projector from an event equipment hire is a lot easier than expected. From their lighting hire down to their sound hire, specific hire packages are already available in the company. All you need to do is choose from these packages the best and most suitable equipment you need for your event. 

Now, if you are looking for suggestions on how to present your content in your most favorable way, checking in on our projector hire packages should be of a lot of help. 

Our hottest and greatest deals include  Home Cinema Projector & Screen Hire Package (Small) which is available in all three sizes (small, medium and large) depending on the size and venue of your event. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap and easy projector and screen setup, the small projector screen hire package is just the right equipment for you!

This Projector Hire package comes with a Professional AV cinema projector, a Pop-up Projector Screen and an HDMI Cable to use to connect to your laptop/playback source.

For medium-sized parties or setup, they also provide a different Home Cinema Projector & Screen Hire Package (Medium) which consists of a High powered Cinema Projector, a Large Projector Screen and Stand, an HDMI cable, and the cables required for connection. If your looking to hire audio visual equipment in or around London then On Tour Events is a leading AV hire company based there – AV Equipment For Hire in London

A Large-sized Projector Hire Package is also provided for large venues perfect for garden & marquee parties & great for outdoor film nights for seating. This Home Cinema Projector & Screen hire Package (Large) is consisting of a Super Large Projector Screen, a High powered AV Projector, a Projector Stand and Projector wires and cables.

3. Flexible and User-friendly

All of our company’s equipment hire are available including our Projector Hire packagesthat are easy to operate since it is also built-in with simplicity and ease. A projector’s nature for people to get interested in it is its flexibility and convenience. Projectors are portable and lightweight. Installing your own projectors during an event should be easy since the wires and cables are easy to identify and the manual instructions that come along with it are easy to comprehend and follow as well.

Projector screens are also portable making it easier for you to move them to a place you are most comfortable with. It is built with a tripod stand that is easy to construct and dismantle after use. 

4. Cost-effective

The cost-effectiveness of a product or equipment is a must for probably almost all companies offering production hire packages. And it is necessary since people would always look into this aspect. But if you plan on doing presentations in the most inexpensive way, then renting a projector hire would be the best option. 

The cost of your projector hires is determined by the different specifics that you would need and recommend to the company to suit your event. 

5. Guaranteed Trust

Surrey’s Leading AV Hire Company, The Sound & Light Hire Company, have already established over 20 years of exceptional reputation for their high-end professional hire equipment and hire services making them the longest-running sound and lighting hire company across Surrey. 

With this, you are a hundred one percent guaranteed to have long-lasting equipment that is durable and promising so you wouldn’t have to worry if your projector might get into trouble in the middle of your presentations. 

If you’re then looking for ways to give justice to your presentations at your conferences and meetings, or maybe just hang out in your backyard and enjoy your movies with friends, or even bring your film showing indoors, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Sound & Light Hire Company for more specific details for us to help you with. 

Get all the latest and premium production hire equipment packages only here at Surrey’s Leading Production Hire Company, The Sound & Light Hire Company. 

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Hire Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Screen In Across Surrey & London

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Hire Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen From The Sound & Light Hire Company, Your Trusted Production Company

Although LED video wall displays have been used at sporting events and concerts for years, they have only recently been widely used in business meetings, trade shows, product launching events, and even weddings and graduations.

Since its introduction decades ago in the events sector, video wall technology has had a profound impact on how information is shared in several event types.

If you’re planning a business event of every scale, from large conventions to gala nights to product launches to all in between, using LED wall as your main visual tool is a must. Digital screens involve the attendees or guests better than traditional signs, but the video wall amplifies that advantage dramatically. It can be difficult to prevent the viewers from tuning out and ignoring key messaging and information, but LED walls can help you avoid this. It integrates several screens into a nearly seamless vision that can be as large or as small as you choose.

Before you suggest adding an LED wall, you can first determine the size of the space you’ll be filling. Keep in mind the venue’s main features– if you’re setting up for a trade show and just have a small table, a large screen wall might be too much for the guests to handle. Also, have a rough estimation of the number of people who will be attending your case. The broader the audience, the more LED walls you’ll need.


Indoor LED Video Screen is applied in indoor events like trade shows, award ceremonies, car shows, conference rooms or weddings. To achieve the best effects on indoor environments, the LED display has to be equipped with the best hardware to deliver high definition image quality and superior visual performance. But it has no waterproof or high brightness requirements. 

Outdoor LED Video Screen, on the other hand, is widely used to outdoor events like concerts, music festivals, touring or sports competitions. To be used in outdoor environments, the LED display has to

 have a greater pixel pitch and a lower resolution, and are weatherproof.

Many large-scale activities employ the use of a rented LED light. LED screens are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and styles. The different forms of AV hire allow for the enhancement and reinforcement of the show’s results in almost all situations.


LED walls come in a wide range of sizes. The popularity of modular display systems is increasing (building one large screen out of many small panels). You can rent an LED Wall ranging in size from a 7′ x 12′ screen for a small team convention to an 18′ x 25′ screen for a national conference case.

These factors should be taken into account when deciding on the video wall’s height, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution, and power requirements.

We deliver a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens for all forms of business activities, including conventions, exhibits, product launches, and even live streaming events. Long-term and short-term rentals are available for our event equipment hire, which includes LED Walls, PA systems, and stage hire. 

At The Sound & Light Hire Company, we provide top-quality LED walls to our clients across Surrey, Guildford, Berkshire and other neighbouring areas, and provide them with the knowledge in using this essential technology for any occasion. Our in-house LED walls are guaranteed tried and tested and are handled by professional technicians in the industry. 

Our 12.5mm pitch DMT pixel mesh touring spec LED video wall panels have recently been replaced by a more flexible alternative at The Sound & Light Hire Company. These modern LED panels are ideal for a variety of occasions, including concerts, conferences, product launches, and birthday parties.

We’ve added a smaller pitch LED panel to enable users to get much more intense clarity for graphics and images, creating a more engaging environment for the crowd. The IP rating of the AF3 high definition 3.9mm video panels indicates that they are waterproof. The television projector, in layman’s words, can be set up both inside and outdoors since the panels are not disturbed by the heat.

This gives people a lot of flexibility in terms of where they can put the displays and how they can be used for different kinds of activities or events. If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the 3.9mm video screen, we have another forum devoted to it.

If you’re looking for one that doesn’t have to be as high-quality or be able to be used outside, we will also provide the 12.5mm pitch LED video screens. 

We’ve also put together several hire packages for our clients to choose from, depending on their particular event requirements. Don’t forget that you can reach out to us for all of your equipment needs, including staging, PA equipment, and lighting. We can make certain that you have access to all rental offerings, ranging from the most cost-effective to the most up-to-date trends in the event industry. We will put your mind at ease by pairing your LED video screen hire with some of the most entertaining lighting and PA facilities on the market.

We also provide other event equipment you may need from sound and lighting systems, LED furniture and dance floors, and even special effects machines. For a full list of our available services and packages, browse through our website or you may call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options! 

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Hire LED Furniture From For Your Garden Party

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Hire LED Furniture From For Your Garden Party From Surrey’s Leading Event Hire Company

There are a variety of ways to make your garden party celebration memorable. A lot goes into planning- deciding on a date, a theme, and the perfect venue for this occasion. The majority of us, if not all, are unaware that LED Furniture can make a great impact in your garden party-whether it’s for a wedding, birthday celebration or a small gathering.

LED furniture rental is the way to go if you want to make your garden party stand out from the rest. Imagine the party taking place outdoors at night, with only the colourful LED pieces strewn about as a source of light. You don’t think it’s possible? What you’d discover would astound you. LED furniture has come a long way from the days when drab old cubes were the only options we have. 

What’s great about LED furniture is its flexibility. They’re ideal for brightening up drab rooms, bringing an edgy touch to the setting, and leaving a lasting impression on those that attended. LED furniture can be used to enhance space-themed events, LED pieces are suitable for 90s discos, and nighttime parties can be effortlessly transformed.

If you haven’t kept up with the advancement of LED furniture, you would be astounded by the incredible technologies this element has to bring. You’d be shocked at the pieces available if you haven’t kept up with the progress of LED furniture.

The Sound & Light Hire Company, which has been in the event production business for over 20 years, is known for its extensive equipment portfolio and thorough research of tried and tested brands that we use for our clients’ events. You don’t have to second-guess entrusting your garden party to us because our team consists of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields.

You’ll still be able to choose the right match for any event with such a large range to choose from. We have a huge selection of furniture to pick from, so regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, if you need any equipment, we’ll have it. It’s not a problem if you just need to use one LED cube or one LED table. Any of our equipment comes with a remote control that can be programmed to sit on one color or switch between them. Below are three of the main pieces of LED furniture we are offering that will best suit your garden party: 


Our LED cubes are a fantastic way to wow your guests and make your event stand out from the crowd, and they couldn’t be simpler to use. They come fully charged with a battery life of up to 10 hours, and all you have to do is push a button on the supplied remote control to select either a static color or a slow fade between colors.

Unlike any other cubes on the market, our LED cubes have the additional advantage of a very soft padded leather top, making them much more effective for long stretches of sitting.


These LED poseur tables are a lovely addition to every celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, a business gathering, or a wedding.

Whatever the occasion, these poser tables will add a touch of elegance and charm. The fact that these poser tables are battery-operated eliminates the need for unsightly wires, and the long battery life ensures that they can outlast even the longest of activities.


A mobile LED bar is the ideal way to welcome all of your guests in your garden party, not only does it look great, but it also has functional features like under-counter storage and ice chest options.

This 4-Meter diameter bar comes with a remote control that allows you to choose a static color or a slow fade between colors if you want. With an 8-10 hour battery life, this bar will last you through even the longest evening activities.


Complete your LED-themed garden party setup with a stylish DJ booth that is both sleek and trendy. Our LED DJ booth rental packages have a durable shelf, self-supporting cross bar, and everything is packaged in a neat, easy-to-carry bag, so there are no extra parts to miss or miss. The setup takes about 3 minutes, and we’ll teach you how to do it before you leave the rental store.

We also offer LED Screen hire and a large selection of lighting fixtures on hand, so we can help with any part of your garden party and you can save time and money by dealing with only one supplier. 

Our high-resolution LED video wall screens draw everyone’s attention and take your garden party to the next level. Another explanation why display screens/video walls are becoming more common is their usability. If you want a concrete wall or a more symbolic influence, you can split the panels over a truss frame.

The AF3 high definition indoor/outdoor 3.9mm small pixel pitch touring spec LED video wall panels are available from The Sound & Light Hire Company. These LED displays are ideal for displaying high-resolution HD content to your consumers or clients. Your video quality will be crystal clear if you’re standing 1 meter or 10 meters apart. Additionally, the angling feature can be used to make something truly special; we’ve found that curving panels around a DJ booth or a wide flown circle of LED screen is a unique way to use this feature.

Another factor we needed to stock IP-rated video screens is that they go well with stages for outdoor functions such as a garden party. The screens can be installed on either side of one of our outdoor covered platforms, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your event’s needs.

The Sound & Light Hire Company is a leading full-service event production company in Surrey, Guildford, and Berkshire, and we’re proud of the work we do. We don’t just provide support and supplies for our clients’ activities with our vast selection of LED furniture and event equipment rental; we also save them time, money, and commitment by eliminating the need to hop from one company to another.

Incorporating your garden party with LED furniture will probably be the best decision yet and there’s no other company like The Sound & Light Hire Company that can provide you with the most efficient service in the region. Contact us today and we will be glad to supply your event with a full range of in-house event equipment hire in Surrey. 

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Hire Sound & Lighting In Surrey From Surrey’s Leading Audio Visual Hire Company

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Looking for the best sound & lighting hire shop in Surrey? Check this out below:

Audio Visual hire companies are in high demand in a variety of events these days. And in order to put on outstanding sound and light production, you may have to consult an event production hire that offers a larger range of in-stock equipment.

One of the leading AV hire companies in Surrey, The Sound & Light Hire Company, is recognised for providing dependable and competent service with high-quality party equipment hire. We take pride in our in-house inventory of not only sound and lighting party equipment but also LED starlit dance floors, special effects machines, backdrop, and drape packages, among others. 

We are constantly upgrading to keep up with the demands in the events industry, using high-end equipment in every event we have. We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive list of sound hire, lighting hire, disco lighting hire,  LED furniture hire, and more while we make sure it fits any working budget. 

For more than 20 years, The Sound & Light Hire Company has proven its consistency with AV hire equipment in a variety of events, including conferences, weddings, and festivals. We stock a wide range of PA systems, allowing us to work on all types of speakers from trusted brands. This has provided us with three important things: a.) a thorough knowledge of what fits best in our business, b.) sound systems our clients favor and c.) the appropriate equipment on every occasion. 

Moreover, we keep a wide range of active and passive speakers on hand. This allows us to work on PA arrangements for each event, whether it’s a house party, wedding, garden party, or corporate event. 

We currently have our active EV ZLX speakers, which are ideal for smaller audiences and can be supplemented with a pair of subwoofers for more bass or to simply cover a larger crowd. Our RCF active speakers are the next step up, and they’re perfect for medium-sized events like a marquee wedding or an outdoor live event.

Taking things one step further, we have our high-end, flexible PA, the d&b Audiotechnik Q1 or Q7, which are more popular. These units, along with the Q subs that go with them, are known for their sound quality as well as their flexibility in terms of what they can be used for. Because of their scalability, the d&b Audiotechnik systems can be used for any size of events from intimate gatherings to major outdoor festivals. 

We also offer Bose Pro1 battery speaker system, which is a great option for those who need a good sound system but don’t have access to electricity in the venue. This speaker is ideal for smaller gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors. One of its main selling points is its Bluetooth compatibility.

In addition, we also have mixing tables, monitors, microphones, a variety of lighting fixtures, LED panels, LED camera screens for indoor and outdoor use, and indoor/outdoor staging. We specialize in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technologies, stocking over 15 different styles of LED uplighters for both indoor and outdoor applications in both LED bar and LED par can formats. We’re also one of the first event hire companies in the UK to provide the 200w COB LED zoom fresnel, which we expect will eventually replace all ETC Source 4 fresnels in the next couple of years owing to a few main advantages.

The Sound & Light Hire  Company began as an audiovisual company in the early 2000s, but as time went by, we were expanded to providing lighting equipment for the productions we worked on. After 14 years, we are now one of Surrey’s and London’s largest lighting hire companies. From our inventory of sound systems, we also have our in-stock lighting hire LED uplighters to basic “sound to light” dance lighting effects to high-end intelligent DMX shifting head fixtures in stock. 

We are also one of the first equipment hire companies in the UK to take on the 200w COB LED zoom fresnels, which we believe will eventually replace all ETC Source 4 fresnels due to a few key factors. Since you don’t need any dimmers or power distribution, this newer 200w COB (Chip On Board) technology makes lighting fixtures brighter and less expensive. 

We only stock Global F34 box truss, but we have a large inventory of any F34 truss segment. So if you need a small or large Ground-supported truss system or a large flown lighting grid, we have the truss and rigging to meet your requirements.

These are but some of the many event equipment hire we have in store for you.  We have worked with many different events that we know the nitty-gritty of the industry.  Always remember when holding an event sound and lighting are integral parts of the overall success of your production. The Sound & Light Hire Company has integrated everything that you need for an intimate wedding or a large-scale corporate event. Certainly, you get a full package deal complete with all important equipment.  For conferences, we have created unique packages that address the staging requirements as well as the A/V equipment specifications. These packages contain microphones, amplifiers, backline event equipment rental, and everything we know that is essential to put on a great show. Please see our complete list of hire packages on our website. 

Worrying about contacting different companies offering different technical hires separately should be the least of your worries. We would be happy to accommodate all of your event requirements the next time you have one. We have what you need for an intimate birthday celebration to a large-scale music festival experience. Please contact us right away so we can assist you in kicking-off your event planning!

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Guildford’s Leading Sound, Lighting & Stage Hire Company

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company is Guildford, Surrey’s Leading AV Hire Company

Premiere sound, light and stage hire equipment are now considered to be fundamental elements in transforming your event from scratch to the best there is. The Sound & Light Hire Company is Guildford’s leading event production hire company which encompasses a variety of production tools from speakers, lighting effects, and stage hire packages, and probably every equipment needed from a production hire company.

To cater to all your necessary party needs, The Sound & Light Hire Company has them all in store for you. Specific types of events also come with specific sets of hire packages. Whether your event is a small gathering house party, a corporate function, an indoor or an outdoor wedding celebration, or a huge outdoor festival, equipment are set according to the most suitable type of event.

The Sound and Light Hire Company’s services are as top-performing as their equipment. A fast and convenient way to assemble your event with no worries is to hire a leading company that is best at what they do. 

To quickly give you an overview of the diverse production equipment series of The Sound & Light Hire Company, here are some of the best sound, light and stage hire packages for you to browse through.

Sound Hire Packages

PA sound hire Guildford equipped with packages that are made available for different occasions such as weddings, festival, corporate functions, summer productions and more:

DIY iPod – Laptop Packages

  • iPod Speaker “Hot Deal” Hire Package

A special 2014 summer iPod package that is based on their classic iPod / Laptop PA package getting a 2 days of dry hire only for the price of 1 and a half day. Consists of 2 Powered Mackie SRM 450 v2 speakers, 2 k&m Speaker Stands, 1 iPod / Laptop lead, and power & signal cables needed.

  • iPod & Laptop Speaker Hire Package

An iPod – laptop package available in different package sizes (small, medium and large) which consists of 2 EV ZLX 12P Active speakers, 2 speaker stands and all the required speaker cables and power leads

Outdoor PA Hire Packages

  • Line Array Hire Package

Offers three different packaged versions, each with varying amount of KW. It is a d&b audiotechnik line array package based on the very popular d&b Q1 PA system. It consists of an Audiotechnik Q1 Line Array Speakers, Qsub Sub Bass Speakers, D12 Power Amps and cable & rigging supplied to suit the system

Conference Sound Hire Packages

Quality conference equipment hire for your small presentations that super easy to use and operate and described as a “Plug & Play” device. It consists of 2 Mackie SRM 450v2 Speaker Cabinets, A ViewSonic PJD5211 DLP Projector, a Tripod projector Screen, a microphone, speaker stands, power and signal cables.

Live Band Hire Packages

  • Solo Performer Speaker Hire Package 

A package that is perfect for solo artists or smaller bands. It includes a 1500w PA system, a subwoofer, a small 12 channel mixer, 2 Shure microphones and 2 K&M microphone stands.

There are still a lot of extra essentials that are already available upon client’s request which is not listed above. Addition of these extra devices should not be a worry since the company is open for the adherence of all your additional specifications.


 Our packages are suitable for any type of event you may have. From marquee weddings, music festival, house parties- there are multiple options to choose from that are made to fit your event. Here are some popular lighting hire packages that the company offers:

Conference Lighting Hire Packages

To create a calming and sophisticated mood within your  venue location, help set the mood for your conferences with the help of this light hire package. It’s a wireless uplighting with a 10-hour battery life perfect for long meetings. 

Conference Stage Lighting Hire Package

This type of lighting for conferences is best for incorporating perfect spotlights to keynote speakers ensuring that he/she is visible on stage.

Wedding Lighting Hire Packages

This comes in 3 different package sizes (small, medium and large) perfect for wedding celebrations that are based around using LED wireless uplighters, disco lighting effects and even comes with a smoke machine to give that perfect wedding vibe. It’s cost efficient, gives off both warm mood lighting and party feels whenever you want to.

LED Uplighting Hire Packages

Since LED lightings can be very flexible in terms of its uses and style, Guildford offers a lot of options for the hire package. They have 5 different LED Uplighting Options and 3 High powered LED Uplightings depending on its size. Some of the given light hire packages come with a smoke machine, lighting stands and complete with power cables needed for your Lighting hire.


 A perfect mix of sound and light hire equipment gives off the finest and most appropriate atmosphere for your party. Since sound and lights complement each other during celebrations so much, one could not stand alone without the other. The Sound & Light Hire Company has made a bundle of these two most important production hires for easier selection of your sound system together with your lighting hire. 

 Thinking of what type of hire package to choose for a specific party in mind? The Sound & Light Hire Company packages are already sorted out according to the occasion. Here is the list of sound and light hire package below:

House Party Package Hire

Equipped with the most suitable disco lighting and sound system including a Mackie active speaker, connection to an iPod or laptop to play music through, this sound and light hire package is perfect for your house party event. 

Birthday Party Package Hire

This package even has its specifications divided and sorted out according to the birthday celebrant’s age, whether this be your 18th, 16th or 21st birthday party, they already got them arranged for you. 

Christmas Hire Packages

Perfect for the season of festivity bringing warmth to your surroundings with the family and friends. It consists of both sound and lighting equipment, having a specific light design that brings a Christmas feel ideal for gatherings and get together during this season. They may also include a snow machine, party smoke machine and iPod lead other than wireless uplighters and Disco speakers.

Guildford Leading Sound and Light Hire Company has a lot more to offer. Listed above are only some of the hottest offers and most significant lighting and sound hires available. We offer complete sets of hire from sound systems, lightings and even visual hires that you must also check out. To add, we offer full technical support and have all of the sound, lighting, staging and LED video screens available for rent anytime. 

Call us today so we can keep you on the right track of your event planning process and supply any of your event equipment needs!  

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Offer Amazing Summer Hire Deals On Wedding Packages

The Sound & Light Hire Company Offer Amazing Summer Hire Deals On Wedding Packages

Without a doubt, your wedding day is ultimately the biggest, most significant party you will ever throw in your life. And just like any other party celebration, a wedding reception requires a couple of different elements to pull off a beautiful setting that will make your wedding photos look even more wonderful and will leave a lasting memory forever.

The venue, catering, sound and light, entertainment, and design setup must be carefully thought of to realize such a goal. One may need the assistance of a seasoned event production hire that can manage a range of production tasks all at once while ensuring that the day runs smoothly and without tension.

This summer, The Sound and Light Hire Company is offering a wide variety of amazing Summer Hire Deals on Wedding Packages; customisable for any of your specific requirements. For more than two decades now, The Sound and Light Hire Company have become a reputable event production hire with an in-house inventory of not only sound and lighting but also LED starlit dance floor, special effects machines, and more. We are constantly evolving and upgrading, using cutting-edge event equipment technologies to deliver high-quality events to our customers. We provide our clients with a comprehensive list of London wedding packages.

In this blog post, we will give you some of the Sound and Lighting wedding packages we are offering for the summer season.

Hiring all of the sound and lighting equipment from one supplier makes it more convenient and hassle-free on your end. So we’ve put together a few sets of some of our favorite wedding equipment that we found to compliment well in a variety of wedding themes. Below are three of our sound and lighting wedding packages that you may choose from:


This package includes eight of our sparkling wireless uplighters that will transform the feel and look of your wedding venue. You may simply choose any of your preferred colours with only a press of a button. We have also included 4x moving heads (on 1-meter truss podiums) will also be included in our Silver Package. The moving head is an adaptable tool that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We also offer an option of covering the truss podiums with our deluxe white truss covers. We have also included a smoke machine that will enhance your dance floor or stage setup, giving off a more party vibe. Finally, the sound equipment is plug-and-play and covers up to 70 guests.

The complete inclusion of the Wedding Package Hire-Silver are as follows:

● 2x EV ZLX 12p Active Speaker Speakers

● 2x Speaker Stands

● 1x iPod Lead

● 1x EV ZLX Active Sub

● 8x LED Wireless Uplighters

● 4x i Move Moving Heads

● 4x 1m Truss Stands

● All Cabling Required


This package is specifically designed to cater to up to 200 guests and is fully equipped with a more complex and high-end setup to create a show-stopping wedding production. We ensure the couple that their guests will most definitely have a time of their life on the dance floor and their wedding day will be remembered forever.

The sound setup included in the Wedding Package Hire-Gold is one of our personal favourites and highly recommended- combining deep club-style bass with crystal clear vocals. Two RCF 735a top speakers and two RCF 8003 subwoofers will also be installed. Believe us when we tell you, you will be blown away by the efficiency of this system! You’ll be able to have people up and dancing the night away with a coverage of up to 200+ guests.

One special feature included in this package is the DJ booth, which is the most appropriate area to store your laptop, tablet, or even a full DJ setup. It will go for every style and it is available in both black and white. This piece of equipment helps to tie things together and give you that polished look, all while keeping cables and gadgets neat and easy to find.

Below is the full list of equipment included in the Wedding Package Hire-Gold:

● 2x RCF 725 Midtop Speakers

● 2x RCF 8003a Powerful Sub

● 2x Speaker Stands

● 21x iPod Lead

● 12x LED Wireless Uplighters

● 6x i Move Moving Heads

● 6x 1 Meter Truss Stands

● 1x K1 Hazer Machine

● 1x LED White/Black DJ Booth

● All Cabling required


And finally, if you want to achieve the ultimate wedding creation, where every box is checked and every detail is covered from beginning to end, this wedding package hire is for you! This package is composed of sound and lighting equipment that runs in perfect harmony and to top it off, the best price in the industry today.

Our mind-blowing LED starlit dance floor, measuring 16FT X 16FT of absolute sparkling glory, is included in this set. This will definitely serve as the main entertainment for your guests. The LED starlit dance floor will encourage them to bring their groove to the centre stage and will give them the opportunity to engage with one another.

Here is a more detailed list of the sound and lighting equipment you will be getting from our Wedding Package Hire- Platinum:

● 2x d&b Audiotechnik Q7 Midtop Speakers

● 2x d&b Audiotechnik Qsub

● 1x d&b Audiotechnik D12 Power Amp

● 1x 16ft x 16ft LED White Starlit Dance Floor

● 1x LED DJ Booth

● 1x LED 8m x 4m Starlit Backdrop

● 20x Wireless LED uplighters

● 8x R17 Beams

● 8x One Meter Truss Podium

We fully understand the sentiments of our clients how daunting it could be when trying to look for the perfect sound and lighting equipment that will work best for their wedding reception and will suit their budget. However, when you work with full-service event equipment hire in London such as The Sound & Light Hire Company, it will save you time, money, and most importantly, stress.

Our comprehensive summer hire deals on wedding packages have been tried and tested in many weddings we have worked with in the past years. Logistically speaking, we also have a very competitive delivery cost and with that comes free set up and collection. We cater to clients across Surrey, Hampshire, and London.

This summer, feel free to contact us so we can start planning your upcoming wedding day!

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