10 Reasons To Hire A Sound System & Disco Lights For Your Event

The Sound 7 Light Hire Company Give You 10 Reasons To Hire A Sound System & Disco Lights For Your Event!

What’s a party without the finest sound system and lighting setup? Planning ahead for an event means a lot of considerations must be made to achieve a memorable and meaningful party. The perfect recipe for this occasion should be when hiring your sound system and disco lights. After a long process of planning and dealing with various process, getting a sound and lighting hire must be included on your top list.

If you’re planning to create either a warm or outgoing atmosphere, depending on the size and theme of your event, you must first look into companies that offer these professional services that are incredible and trustworthy enough to meet your specific needs. 

We have consolidated top 10 reasons as to why you should hire a sound system and disco lighting for your event from The Sound & Light Hire Company.

1.Guaranteed High-Quality Equipment

On the top of the list is when choosing to hire sound system and disco lights equipment from an event production company, you will be certainly offered premium equipment. By choosing to hire professional equipment hire, you are rest assured to achieve a professional sound with superior standards coming from high-quality brands. 

The quality of the equipment is evident with the company’s transparent inspection before and after hiring of the devices.

2.Latest Technology and Equipment

There is a high chance for companies offering sound and light hire to have the latest and up-to-date versions of their equipment, especially top-tier companies such as The Sound and Light Hire Company. With the latest technology, it uses different light types and sound system hire making your event more appealing to the eyes and ears of the audience.

Furthermore, with these given advancements, wireless equipment are now readily available for ease of use in manipulating your light hires and sound system volume or effects. 

With professional sound equipment hire, you can ensure that you have the latest and state-of-the-art technology possible.

3.Quality Detailed Enhancements

In professional events, like conferences, corporate meetings and such, the main purpose is to focus and give emphasis on the tone quality of the lighting systems for your event. It will not only make your event more captivating but also catches the client and audience’s eyes if you want to highlight a specific detail that are relative to the theme or message of your event. 

Details also help in marketing and advertising through the use of proper lighting in highlighting your products and services.

4.Offers Multiple Options

Once you decide on getting a sound and light hire, you will be certainly offered a wide list of various packages inclusive of all different party equipment to suit the size of your event, and cater to the size of the venue for both indoor or outdoor events.

The packages are already separated and made according to their different aspects. From lighting hire packages with disco light types, LED uplighting hire, Outdoor light hire packages, Wedding light hires, Conference lighting, Wireless LED uplighters and many more. You may also choose from the various sound hire packages available for conferences, wedding events, outdoor parties. Even DIY plug-and-play sound hire packages are readily set for your convenience.

5.Premium Sound and Light Output

Knowing you have high-quality equipment at hand, expect to receive top-quality performing equipment as well. This would also mean a smooth flow for your event given its performance. Also, the production crew can help in any way whenever there are technical problems that need troubleshooting. Since all of the equipment is tested and proven before its release, it is proven to be of very good shape producing excellent work at enhancing your event and complementing your theme.

6.Affordable and Cost-effective

In organizing an event, you always would want to go for the less renting package bundle that already has everything that you need from lighting, sound, and visual hires. Hiring sound system and lighting production packages comes out to be less expensive since you will be renting them for the entire event. 

Also, once purchasing you will either be paying for only your specific equipment bundle or a complete set and it will cost just according to the equipment you need depending on the situation.

7.Easy-going Production

You won’t have to worry about setting up your equipment as well since company staff and on-site, engineers can be requested to help you set up for the event. In addition, you also won’t have to worry about storage since the rentals’ company will be delivering and collecting the equipment used and ensure that it is constantly in its best condition.

8.Exceptional Service

Hiring production equipment comes with a production team. This is also just the same as the latter benefit given, however, this gives emphasis more on how a company should always have production teams and staff to cater to all your queries. A great hiring company does not only mean having high quality and premium equipment but also the quality and modest crews to entertain you and enlighten you throughout the event whenever problems arise.

9.Experience & Expertise

Our team is composed of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields so you don’t have to worry about trusting us with your function. We have 20 plus years experience in the industry  and we take pride in the extensive equipment inventory and in-depth research on tried-and-tested brand that we use for our clients’ events.

10.Convenient & Accessible

If you think of it, planning for an event is never easy. So to keep a hassle-free event preparation, it would be best to hire a trusted event equipment company to do this for you. The Sound and Light Hire Company is always accessible to answer any of your queries on event equipment. 

We cater to clients based in Surrey, Guildford and Berkshire. We do not just offer our customers the logistics and supplies of their events but more importantly, save them the hassle, money and time in jumping from one company to another looking for their event needs. So the next time you host an event, you know who to reach out to- Sound & Light Hire. 

If you’re looking for a sign of whether to hire a production company to achieve the best lighting and sounds for your event, this is it! Choose from our wide range of sound system and disco lights readily available for any event. For easy, convenient, affordable and quality products, contact The Sound and Light Hire Company right away and we will help you create the most memorable event yet. 

Event For A Event Production Company in Surrey? Let Us Help Plan Your Event

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

We are a trusted event equipment hire in Surrey, running and operating for more than 20 plus years in the business now

It can sound like planning an event is endless task. A lot goes into organising, scheduling, and, most importantly, producing the actual function itself. As a result, most of us turn to hiring an event production company to prevent mistakes, supply all the needed event equipment and ensuring that the event runs as well and as smoothly as you want it to. Having professional support with your event is critical in ensuring that your guests have a good time and that you do not get overwhelmed at your own event. Lighting, audio, and the DJ all other elements have a great chance of making the experience sound complete if they are all organised together. 

So, before you dive deep into the event planning, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to determining the best event equipment rental for you and how to deal with it efficiently. 

At The Sound & Light Hire Company, we can absolutely help you with every bit of detail needed in preparing an event you will be having. We are a trusted event equipment hire in Surrey, running and operating for more than 20 plus years in the business now. We are a full-service event production company with our wide range of in-house event supplies ranging from sound and lighting, AV equipment hire and the like. Let us help you create an event that will bring lasting memories! 

Establishing a concrete target and goals is the first step in organising an event. Begin by asking yourself, “Why are you planning this function, and what are your goals?” You will guarantee that any aspect of the event is prepared for success if you know your organisation’s core priorities before you start organising.

Are you planning to launch a product you’ve been working on soon? Or perhaps, planning your ultimate dream wedding?  If you want to invite 50 people or 500? Setting a target and measurable performance reports would make it easy for your suppliers or vendors to make sure you meet your goals.

With the vast knowledge of our sound and light engineers, we can definitely assist you with everything you lack supplies on and things in the event industry world that you may not yet be familiarised with. 

We deliver a DIY service, which many clients  find simple and, above all, budget-friendly, as one of Surrey’s premier sound and lighting rental company. We have party equipment for all sizes (small-large events), whether it will be held indoors, outdoors, or in a marquee. Not only can we have self-service, but we can also drop off, set up, and pick up for you at your venue reception.

Equipment that would be impractical and costly to rent on your own is available to event production companies. You will have the most up-to-date LED projection, audiovisual, staging, and lighting technology all in one stop. In addition, an event production company may also have other professional connection with other vendors  and offers its services at a fair price, it is often more cost effective to hire one. Many event production firms will offer a variety of services for your event, including musicians, DJs, sound technicians, and more. And in our case, we stock a complete range of equipment needed to run an event and as a result, will give clients saved time and money, the comfort of putting their event in skilled and professional hands, and reduced stress. 

Sound and Light equipment- definitely a staple in every event.  And being around in the business for quite a while now, The Sound and Light Hire company fully understands what works best for all types of occasion. And through our sound and light system that we offer, we would be able to help you connect with your attendees, embrace your brand’s image and build the mood you want to create for your event. And once you provide us with your idea and specific requirement  to the team, we will be able to properly execute them for you. Our team of professionals are aware of the audience’s and market’s preferences, beliefs, and needs, and can ensure that they are being met.

To get a full grasp of the lighting hire we offer, check our lighting hire packages . In here, we have already sorted all essential equipment for every event. For example, if you are planning to hold a conference soon and are looking for non-complex yet full-gear set up, you may choose from either our conference uplighting hire or conference stage lighting hire. We also have other lighting packages for outdoor and indoor events. 

Same goes with our sound hire packages. We have created these options for our clients to choose to spare them from looking for different kinds of PA systems just to get top-quality sound system on their event. We have laptop and ipod speaker hire packages  which is perfect for small to medium size events. These equipment are simply plug and play so you don’t have to worry on the controls of the system. 

And apart from that, we also store a wide variety of special effects machines that are a perfect addition, especially with weddings and other themed-parties. Some of these machines include, smoke machines, fake flame machines and bubble machines. But we have more to offer, you may check this section of our website to learn about each of their functions.

If you’re in the process of planning your next event, you might also want to consider availing any of our newly-added services and equipment in our inventory to bring an element of motivation, sentimentality, or booming laughter to the gathering. All of this is possible with our LCD, LED, and Plasma screen rental options, which are becoming highly common among special event planners across London and Surrey.

The Sound and Light Hire Company is a reliable event production company in Surrey. We will be the answer for all your event needs. Call us today for  queries and bookings and our team will be glad to assist you!

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Hire Your Summer Party & Lighting Equipment From The Sound & Light Hire Company in Surrey

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Sound, Lighting, Staging to LED Screen We Offer It All

Like every event planner knows, successful events take a lot of elements to come together. Some of those components are entirely necessary for the event to get off the ground. This blog post will walk you through the process of having your summer party and the importance of having a good lighting for the event.

While most of us consider lighting to be an afterthought, it is an important part of any form of event, whether it be indoor or outdoor, weddings or conferences and everything in between. Keep in mind,  no one likes to attend a gathering in the dark, and good lighting is needed for people taking photos during the event. When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s all about the intent and having all the options available. There are hundreds of different lighting setup to choose from. 

You want your summer party to leave an amazing experience and evoke memorable time to your guests. To do this, you must choose the right event lighting hire and strategically place lights within the venue to create different moods as the day progresses.

The Sound & Light Hire Company stocks a wide array of lighting hire for clients located in Surrey, Hampshire and London. We have created a comprehensive list of hire packages that will suit to any of your summer party needs and requirements. Have a look at the lighting hire packages we have below and let us know if you would like to avail to any of them. 


If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet complete lighting solutions to get your guests on the dance floor for a small-scale summer party event then this packages is just right for you! It includes some easy to use lights that is dubbed as “sound to light” which literally translates that the lights have small microphones that pick up sound vibrations from the music, causing the lighting effects to change and will be synchronized. 

There’s no need for you to fuss about complicated setup; all you have to do is bolt your lights to the available T-Bar and plug them in. That is what there is to it! When used in conjunction with a smoke or haze machine, these lights always shine! Improves the result by a factor of ten and helps to create a club-like atmosphere.

This packages includes the following: 

  • 2x Saturn 6 disco lighting effects
  • 2x Lighting stands
  • All the power & signal cables your need for your lighting hire


It only takes roughly 5 minutes to get this setup running that can accommodate up to 120 people (medium-size event).  Each light operates on the principle of sound to light, which ensures that the inbuilt microphone picks up sounds from the music and the effects respond in sync with the rhythm.

The smoke machine that comes with the lights also manages to carry these lights to the next stage. The smoke machine is manually operated, allowing you full control of how much or how little smoke you want. For such a massive lighting spread, these lights are sure to reach even the biggest of dance floors.

When you avail of this package, these are the event equipment included: 

4x Equinox Revolution Party Disco Lighting Effects

2x Disco Lighting Stands

1x Party Smoke Machine

All the lighting cables to power your disco lights


If you are blowing a large summer party this year, then this lighting package is the perfect option for you! This is ideal for parties of up to 200 guests .  You’re looking at our big disco lighting rental kit, which is ideal for large parties and discos. The disco lighting effects are “sound too light,” making them very simple to use. Plus, this package also comes with a smoke machine that will definitely add an amazing effect to your venue. 

For this package, you will get the following: 

  • 8x Equinox Revolution Party Disco Lighting Effects
  • 4x Disco Lighting Stands
  • 1x Party Smoke Machine
  • All the lighting cables to power your disco lights

Also to get a clearer idea of the lighting hire included in this package, have a quick look at our product video here!


Another must-haves in a summer party would have to be the disco lights. We offer a complete disco lighting equipment with this type of package. This kit includes our Equinox Revolution set as well as our three-in-one moonflower, strobe, and laser effect fixtures, as well as a smoke machine to get the most out of these lights. It couldn’t be simpler to set up; all you have to do is bolt your lights to the supplied T-Bar and plug them in. That is what there is to it. All of the lights work on a sound 2 light setting, which ensures they all work together.

And to add, we have a fantastic array of add-ons that best complement this package. You can get 2x EV active speakers for as low as £54 to pump out some awesome sounding music at your summer party. Perhaps you’d like some confetti cannons to use at the next major event, too. 

The inclusion of this package are as follows: 

  • 2x Equinox Lighting
  • 2x Laser Lighting
  • 1x Smoke Machine

Now that we’ve made a rundown of the lighting packages we offer at The Sound & Light Hire Company, all you need to do is complete your summer party setup by adding a sound hire package that’s also available on our end. We have a variety of PA systems from trusted brands that will surely deliver top-quality sound system for your summer event. If you are also  looking for a DJ equipment hire , which is also one of our best-selling packages, you may check out our complete list of DJ equipment here !

Before it’s too late, give us a call today so we can start planning your summer party this year! 

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Hire LED Furniture From Surrey’s Leading Sound & Light Hire Company

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

If you want to make your event really stand out from the crowd, LED furniture rental is the way to go

There are a slew of options for making the party celebration special and unforgettable. You put a lot of thought into setting the date, choosing a theme, and finding the ideal location for this special occasion. Most, if not all, of us are unaware that an enticing LED Furniture will turn a birthday party, wedding reception, or even a house party into a party atmosphere.

If you want to make your event really stand out from the crowd, LED furniture rental is the way to go. Imagine the party taking place outside at night, with the only source of light being the colorful LED bits strewn around. Don’t believe it’s possible? You’d be shocked by what you’d learn. Since the days when dull old cubes were the only choice, LED furniture have come a long way.

LED furniture have been used in a multitude of events. They’re best for brightening up dreary spaces, adding an edgy touch to the venue and will leave a lasting memory to everyone who attended  the occasion. LED furniture can also be used to intensify space inspired celebrations, LED accessories are ideal for 90s discos and parties celebrated at night are easily transformed.

Nowadays, if you haven’t kept up with the progress of LED furniture, you’d be amazed at the amazing technology this element has to offer. If you haven’t kept up with the progress of LED furniture, and let’s be honest, who has, you’d be amazed at the products available. Each one of our products comes with a remote control and can be set to stay on a specific colour or you can opt to swap between colours.

The Sound & Light Hire Company, which has been in the event production industry for over 20 years, takes pride in its vast equipment collection and in-depth study of tried and tested brands that we use for our clients’ events. You don’t have to think about entrusting your function to us because our team is made up of experts who are competent and seasoned in their respective fields. If you’re interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, go to https://www.truesoundhire.co.uk/. 

LED furniture can be used to create a special and entertaining backdrop for any occasion, including exhibitions and business functions, award shows, weddings, birthday parties, and any outdoor gathering. Across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and London, Sound & Light Hire Surrey is your one-stop shop for LED furniture rental.

With such a huge collection to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the best fit for any of your occasion. We have a large number of furniture to choose from, but no matter what kind of event you’re doing, if you need equipment, we’ll get it to you. Even if you only need to employ one LED cube or one LED table, it’s not a challenge.


The tables you choose will immediately set the mood of your event. Set a contemporary trend, for example, by creating an ultra-modern tea dance with LED tea tables. For a laid-back feel, choose one of our LED poseur table. If you want a sophisticated environment for a music venue, our poseur tables are ideal.  Our LED poseur table is perfect for brides who want their reception to stand out from the rest. 


This stunning LED mobile bar will be one of the event’s main attractions, entertaining your visitors with ease. You can set your LED bar to either your event’s theme color or a more outlandish color scheme to delight your guests’ eyes, with 16 colors to choose from. Weddings, exhibits, business functions, and outdoor festivals are only a few of the possibilities. More importantly, our Round LED mobile LED hire is not only for aesthetic purposes but it also serves as a counter storage and ice chest options. 


Throughout the evening, these LED cubes emit a subtle glow in the color of your choice that complements your style. These LED cubes are not only attractive, but they’re still very cozy thanks to the padded tops.

It can be used for a variety of occasions, including weddings, corporate functions, birthday celebrations, themed partis and outdoor events. Since these LED cubes are battery operated, they can be mounted almost everywhere and you won’t have to worry about untidy cables during the entire duration of your event. The battery life is approximately 6 to 8 hours, but if you need more time, you may simply recharge and connect to the main power supply.


Finally, besides the LED furniture hire mentioned above, we also offer LED startlit dancefloor to add another jaw-dropping element in your overall setup. The event industry has progressed from conventional wooden to vinyl  to LED Starlit dance floors. The hundreds of thousands of tiny LEDs engraved together create a starry effect that exudes charm and refinement . Any wedding, gala, or business gathering would undoubtedly profit from this stunning centerpiece.

We are glad to be able to sell you our LED starlit dance floor kit deals at such a fair price. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft x 10ft to a height of 22ft x 22ft, either in white or black with a matte finish. If you’re planning a small gathering or a large gathering, our LED starlit dance floors can be customized to fit your style, color scheme, or brand.

The Sound & Light Hire Company is a leading full-service event production business trusted with the work we put in on every event we cater in Surrey, Guildford, and Berkshire. With our large range of LED furniture and event equipment hire, we don’t only have support and equipment for our clients’ events; we also save them time, resources, and effort by not having to jump from one organization to another looking for them. 

So if you are planning to incorporate your event with LED furniture, contact us today  and we will supply a full range of in-house event equipment hire in Surrey. 

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Gets Ready For a Busy Summer As Events Open Back Up

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Is Gearing Up For A Busy Summer With Events & Parties

In the midst of the worldwide lockdown, it’s enticing for all of us to believe that the pandemic will disappear in no time—at least in some places—with all being freed from the yoke of lockdowns. And in Surrey, life is slowly getting back to normal. As summer is just around the corner, everybody just wants to resume planning their postponed events and celebrations. 

Same is true at The Sound & Light Hire Company. We are jam-packed with events on events as the summer season is fast approaching. We have bookings of all types of events (weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences, product launches) ligned up for the next couple of months to cater to. And if you are planning to host an event soon, here are some of the event equipment and  services we offer that you might need. 

Lighting Hire 

The Sound and Light Hire Company is a leading supplier for event lighting needs within Surrey and London. We have served different clients with our various lighting setup in Surrey, Berkshire, and London. Our wide range of lighting equipment hire come from trusted and high-end brands that allowed us to deliver profitable and impactful events in the last 20 plus years. Here’s a short rundown of the lighting services we have for you: 

We specialize in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technologies, stocking over 15 different styles of LED uplighters for both indoor and outdoor applications in both LED bar and LED par can formats. We’re also one of the first hire companies in the UK to provide the 200w COB LED zoom fresnel, which we expect will eventually replace all ETC Source 4 fresnels in the next two years owing to a few main advantages.This latest 200w COB (Chip On Board) technology makes lighting fixtures light-weight, brighter, and more practical to purchase so you don’t need any dimmers or disco light. And these lighting effects just draw 1.1a from the mains, compared to 6.3a for a regular ETC Source 4! When you hang 10 ETC Source 4s, you’ll quickly wish they were half the weight and just need 13 ETC Source 4s.

Following that, we have a huge stock of R5 beams! Although these aren’t Clay Paky sharpies, they’re the nearest thing to a sharpie beam available on the rental market right now. Many event lighting companies resorted to China and “invested” in full rip-offs of the Clay Paky sharpie, but within a year, these rental companies discovered that they were so cheap and then eventually stopped working. In our case, we only use a UK-based brand called Prolight. We went with their Xperior R5 beam fixture because it is quick, powerful (our R5s use the same Philips MSD platinum 5r lamp as the Clay Paky fixtures), and most importantly, efficient.

Sound Hire 

Another very important element in a party that is practical for you to invest to would have to be your sound system. Over the years, we’ve had several different brands of PA systems on hand, allowing us to try out a variety of speakers. This has provided us with a thorough knowledge of what fits best in our business and the sound systems our clients favor.

We currently have our active EV ZLX speakers in stock, which are ideal for smaller groups and can be configured with a pair of subwoofers for more bass or to simply cover a wider number of people. Our RCF active speakers are the next step up, and are ideal for medium-sized events such as a marquee wedding or a small outdoor music performance. Taking things a step further, we have our high-end, flexible PA, the d&b Audiotechnik Q1 or Q7, which most people are familiar with. These units, along with the Q subs that go with them, are known for their sound quality as well as their flexibility in terms of what they can be used for.

Because of their scalability, the D&B Audiotechnik systems can be used for anything from intimate gatherings to major outdoor festivals this Summer season. These systems are designed for a variety of events, including executive gatherings, award shows, weddings, and live music concerts to name a few.


Most of the events we have plotted this summer are leaning towards parties that may need some specific equipment to give life and create a party atmosphere. We have a few hire packages in store for you that will suit any of your specific needs.

We have LED Starlit Dance floor package that will perfectly match a summer party event. Party-goers can enjoy the dancefloor the entire night. The dancefloor is available in black and white and has hundreds of tiny LEDs that will light up and sparkle in your venue reception.. 

Another essential element for a summer party is the DJ booth. We offer a wide range of in-stock DJ equipment such as Pioneer CDJs, Allen & Heath mixers, and Mackie monitors. Each piece of our DJ equipment has been specifically selected to suit the needs of every venue, from the smallest bar to the largest concert hall.

And finally, to complete your party theme that will definitely keep your guests shaking and grooving, we offer you the Disco Party Lighting package. This kit includes our Equinox Revolution lights as well as our three-in-one moonflower, strobe, and laser effect fixtures, as well as a smoke machine to get the most out of these lights. It couldn’t be simpler to set up; all you have to do is bolt your lights to the supplied T-Bar and plug them in. It’s as simple as 1,2,3! All of the lights are sound 2 light, which ensures that the small microphone built into the lights picks up the beats of the music and is synchronized in real time.

These are just some of the basic event equipment that you may need to hire on your next event. We have more in store for you here!

Summer is shaping to be a busy season, so contact The Sound & Light Hire Company with all of your audio visual, lighting and other party needs to make your event absolutely unforgettable!

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How To Overcome Marquee Wedding Challenges

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Let The Sound & Light Hire Company In Surrey Help With Your Wedding & Marquee Requirements

Marquees are literally a blank canvas for a wedding venue. All you need is an open space to transform the area into whatever you envisioned your dream wedding to be- whether minimalist or grand, string lighting or chandeliers, simple buntings or silk draping and everything in between. 

When arranging a marquee wedding, there are a number of logistical and planning checklist to watch out for as you will be building your entire setup from scratch. Keep in mind that compared to other wedding setups, marquee weddings are more laborious and aren’t often the most cost-effective option. You are essentially designing your own wedding venue, which involves constructing the entire area, filling the venue with furniture and layout designs, and then dismantling the entire setup when the ceremony is done. We want to make sure you are aware of these key points that go into planning a Marquee Wedding. 

There’s a lot to cover when planning a Marquee Wedding but by taking note of this checklist we have put together, we assure you the preparation process will all be worth it the end! 


First things first! Before kicking off your planning process, finalise the site where your marquee will be erected. This will give you a clearer planning process and overall vision of how the structure will come to life moving forward. By determining your final venue, you will be able to foresee any operational challenges and cost considerations. 

There are also couples who would want to make use of their garden or their other properties as its venue. As this option may give you more flexibility in designing your marquee, below are some important considerations to look out for:

  • Permits for local regulations- Before you start scheduling event suppliers, check with your local government and see if you need any permits to hold a huge party such as a wedding at your residence. You don’t want to break the noise ordinances, fire codes, health department rules, or zoning restrictions. Your suppliers may also be required to file extra paperwork in certain circumstances.
  • Accessibility  to your wedding suppliers, guests and their vehicles- Allocate a setup area for your suppliers and make sure your parking area is wide enough to accommodate your guests
  • Toilets for your guests and events team- This is a basic and necessary requirement for when you setup a Marquee wedding in a private property.
  • Power supply capacity- Ensure that your power source has the capacity to supply all the event equipment that will be used during the occasion.Remember you will be installing light and sound systems, food catering equipment, and other machines that your home power supply may not be able to carry. Otherwise, you may need to hire a generator set.
  • Running water for your caterers 
  • Consider your neighbours, too  (possible noise and other disturbance) – For courtesy purposes, do not miss to inform your neighbours ahead about the occasion that you will be holding. Inform them about the time your guests will be arriving and leaving. 

 This will also allow you to find the right balance between being too cramped and having too much empty space inside your marquee setup that you don’t know what to do with.


One of the best things about choosing a Marquee Wedding is that there are unlimited ways to style your setup according to your chosen theme. Are you thinking of a boho-inspired feel, or maybe a rustic country theme? Do you wish to install a dance floor for your guests to enjoy?  And the list goes on. It’s also best to consult a professional wedding planner as they can offer layout recommendations and styling as well as help you see your ideas come together. 

Whilst this part in the planning process is quite exciting, it’s also important to not neglect some of the limitations and other important considerations that you may encounter, such as:

  • Wedding furniture (like tables and chairs) according to the number of guests and the capacity of the marquee (general rule applies that in every three 5ft 6in round tables with a seating capacity of 10 guests occupies per bay of 9m wide marquee) 
  • Make sure that you’re getting the right type of marquee for the weather (whether it has to be rain, snow, wind or sun proof)


Now that you have thought things through, it’s time to hunt for the best marquee supplier that will be able to meet your wedding requirements. There has been a tremendous rise in the marquee industry  and whilst these companies strive to compete with each other, there will be some from the bunch that actually over-promises yet under-delivers.  That’s why, it’s best to check out their background first, the previous events they have worked for, and testimonials coming from their previous clients to ensure their credibility. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has been in the events industry for more than 2 decades and counting. Our Marquees are built to host all types of events such as weddings, birthdays, and conventions and can be set up in almost every place for short or long periods of time within Surrey, Guildford, Berkshire and neighbouring areas. We partner with our clients from start to finish to create a truly exclusive wedding reception that meets your exact requirements. With our huge inventory of marquees stored in our own warehouse, we offer great size flexibility, range and top-quality, that will surely cater to either intimate weddings and grand luxurious ones. 

You may also partner with us with your other wedding event needs as we are a one-step events hire company supplying all types of equipment from lighting hire, sound systems, and LEDs among others. Browse the complete list of our flexible  hire packages priced at very affordable rates. 

Have you decided to go for a Marquee Wedding? Do not waste any more time and contact us so we can help you build your dream Marquee Wedding.

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3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Corporate Event Relevant

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Can Help With All Your Corporate Events

Staying in the loop on what is trending and relevant in the events industry at this day and age will bring your attendees in your conference on board, with the mission to share with them something new to remember. It has become more important — and more difficult — to keep conferences fresh and unpredictable. The events industry are constantly looking for new ways to stimulate excitement and offer attendees substantial reasons to return year after year, no matter what the conference’s intent is (whether it’s networking, team building, B2B, B2C, or education conventions).

In this blog entry, we will walk you through some of the latest innovations event organisers and other companies are implementing in their conference events to make it more remarkable and to ensure greater return of investment.


We saw a dramatic transition of the whole events industry to the virtual space caused by the covid-19 pandemic crisis worldwide. For the most part, this development will continue on for the next couple of years and even here to stay, with multimedia being a key component of an event strategy.

It’s all about the ambiance at a conference. And if in-person activities are on hold for the time being, you can still create digital or alternative versions that your audience can enjoy. There are actually two key approaches to improve the web experience of your attendees.

Although producing the same or at least similar experience is critical, you’ll still need to figure out how to break down barriers between the actual event and the online participants by allowing two-way contact. Event software would be the vehicle for bridging the gap between the two classes of your attendees.

The use of social media and other online platforms to create hype to get people excited about the conference is a perfect way to get people interested. You may also  create a Facebook event to help people communicate during the conference and to remind them of some important details. 

Moreover, attendees can view event agendas online. And you can conveniently make announcements and send out notices to your audience, thanks to this emerging practice in the events industry. 


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities are becoming more and more  popular in many conferences and other events as they generate goodwill among participants and the society as well. Corporate associations of all sizes may join together through a variety of services designed to support local or national charitable organisations. The trick to success, though, is choosing the right CSR operation for your organisation and adopting those best practices.

Corporate events have a lot of positive potential. If you decide this year to be  the year you give back with a service project at your case, you may also give your attendees the opportunity to get involve in this endeavour. Provide a means for them to give back. Perhaps donate a portion of the profits to a local charity, form a sponsorship with one, or use a matching scheme to inspire people to donate. Everyone would feel as if they made a difference in the world when they leave the conference. Keep in mind that every Corporate Social Responsibility activities will have fresh and interesting sponsorship opportunities moving forward!


For a long time, live streaming has been a common theme in the field of event technology. However, in the aftermath of COVID-19, more businesses are switching from in-person to online activities. You may either host live stream activities in response to the pandemic or have useful information targeted to your audience’s specific needs at this moment.

Live streaming your event has a number of advantages. You reach out to potential participants who could not attend, target overseas clients, and get the word out about the corporate event online. Plus, once people see how powerful the experience is already on the internet, they’ll be more likely to attend on the next in-person events that you may host.

Hybrid events are also on the rise. Many hybrid activities would eventually have a significant in-person aspect in addition to their digital counterpart. This will make them open and welcoming to other participants all around the world. However, the challenge will be to ensure that both classes of attendees have a similar experience and that neither should be left behind as far as the event goes. 

Furthermore, the emerging technology has brought artificial intelligence (AI) on the event scene. 

It has been widely used to many events as a result of its potential to personalise environments for attendees while also taking the world together especially the given limitations brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. AI assists attendees in associating themselves with their area of work and avenue, ensuring that the best, most useful information meets the right audiences at the right time. It has the ability to make the overall experience more effective. This provides less complex system for your participants who have already had to adapt to a slew of other updates in your previous function. 

Given the power shift of the new norm across all industries brought about by the covid-19 crisis, planning an event can be daunting. Take note of all the key points mentioned above that you may consider incorporating in your next conference for a more relevant and engaging event. 

If you are looking for an event production company  that can help you conceptualise your next event  including conventions, trade shows, educational programmes and more, The Sound & Light Hire Company  is a leading production hire services that has long years of experience in the business under their belt. For around 20 years, the have provided top-notch event services in Surrey, Hampshire, London and other neighbouring towns.

With our in-house event equipment inventory ranging from sound, lighting, LED screens, stage setup and more, we can cater to the most specific requirement of a client. Our hire packages  are also available at a most affordable prices with a first-rate services. Call us today for more information!

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Essential Lighting Setup Checklist For Your Wedding Reception

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Need To Hire Lighting For Your Wedding? Looking For A Trusted Wedding Lighting Company in Surrey or London? Lets Talk….

Growing up, we always dreamed of having a fairy-tale-like wedding where we are dressed in a dazzling bridal gown and in your sight you see the most exuberant embellishments of your wedding venue. But reality hits you with sleepless nights, eternal checklists and crazy deadlines to beat as you prepare for your own wedding day. As everybody wants this day to be a memory that will be cherished forever, we all need to go through the most thorough and stressful wedding planning process to get everything perfect and polished on the day of the event. 

For your venue location to fully establish a breathtaking scene without spending a fortune, consider having a well-executed event lighting equipment stationed strategically in your setup. So here, we give you some wedding lighting essentials you need to have to elevate your wedding reception to the next level!


Probably  the easiest, most practical type of wedding event lighting is the Fairy Lights. It can turn your entire venue to  having a romantic, dreamy look by not doing too much and just simply draping the fairy lights around their venue. And voila! An easy transformation of your setup. Furthermore, fairy lights also look wonderful in your wedding photos. 

One functional purpose as to why you should consider incorporating Fairy Lights to your overall theme is that it can serve as a room divider to the less glamorous areas of your venue where you don’t want your guests to see and visit. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company stocks around 200 meters of wedding fairy lighting that can bed pretty much any regular venues out there and uses an HO7- grade of cable making it adjustable (move and bend) according to your preference. And what’s more, our Fairy LEDs are a high gratefully IP rated lighting fixture which means it is safe to use them on any outdoor wedding venues. These lights will also look neat and slick when installed as they come in 10 meters section without having you having to worry about any power shortage  since it only requires one power supply to keep the 100 meters fairy lighting from working.


Another wedding lighting system that is similar to fairy lights are the String Festoon Lights which is becoming more and more popular in the wedding events industry. This type of lighting serves a lot of purpose in a setup. You may hang them up the trees or other pillars found in your reception or even across the dining area of the reception to add a more intimate, homey vibe best fitted for rustic and minimalist wedding theme.

Our in-stock festoon lights can stretch up to 500 meters and 200 meters more for backup in case a client may require such measurement. Again, these are IP rated so it can be used outdoors. Our string festoon lights are also great for a wedding setup because of its natural string color.


Placing some LED Blossom Trees in your aisle or dead spaces in your reception can definitely become a stunning element among your wedding embellishments.  This show-stopper stands at 8 ft high (2.4m) and stretch its realistic dark branches covered in white blossom flowers that illuminate hundreds of white LED lights. Just perfect for your wedding photo backdrop! 

Our LED Blossom Tree hire are equipped with energy saving technology so you don’t have to worry about the power supply in your wedding venue. These will also be installed by our professional lighting engineers who will ensure your safety all throughout the occasion. 


These impressive wedding decoration stands at 1000 mm high that are very flexible to any wedding themes such as rustic, garden, beachside, and bohemian inspired setup . We have available LOVE and MR. & MRS. Light up letters that you may want to rent for add-ons. 

These wedding light up texts are also less hassle as each letter is free standing unlike those other types that will require heavy base plates or platform. 


Veering away from the essential wedding lighting ideas that we suggest you need to  have on your wedding,  hiring a photobooth is a perfect entertainment corner for you and your wedding guests. It’s a classic favorite for any type of event be it a birthday party or a college homecoming. It’s a special keepsake you can gift and also a fun and engaging activity for everyone who attended your wedding day. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company is a trusted events production services catering to clients in London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth and other surrounding areas. We also have the right logistics to deliver any of our equipment right at the very doorstep of your venue. Our huge equipment inventory  allowed us to ultimately provide any of your event needs. We have been paving the way for sound and light hire solutions for more than 10 years now, tailoring each setup according to the requirement of the event- big or small.  Our team of engineers are also well-experienced in the business and are among the best in their fields. 

Now, that we have shared some of the essential wedding lighting systems that you may want to have at your wedding reception, it will all be up to you how you can mix and match these lighting equipment  that will perfectly suit to your taste and style without compromising your wedding budget. And if you are unsure, our team are ready to help you out and get your started with your wedding preparation. See a full list of our wedding lighting hire. If you looking for a professional lighting hire company in London then we would suggest speaking with On Tour Events who offer a range of event & wedding lighting services

Remember, your wedding day will be one of  the  most magical, romantic and special days of your life. So with ample research, proper time management and reliable event production team your dream wedding will definitely transform into reality! Call us today and will help you make it happen. 

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Level Up Your Business Event With The Perfect Lighting Setup

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Talk Event Lighting

One of the most crucial aspects in organising a business event is deciding what type of lighting setup to use and how to make sure it suits perfectly to the occasion, whether it’s a product launch, a conference or a trade show. Hard sets are no longer the only option for creating remarkable corporate event environment. Of course, you can always have the option to resort to a DIY or perhaps rely to the in-house event lighting available.

What makes the right lighting essential to your event is that it will tell your audience where to set their attention to the most appropriate areas of the room, build the perfect business event atmosphere, and eventually set the stage for the occasion. In a conference event for example, you want to make sure that your audience will stay engaged and focused on the speaker from the very beginning of the event until the end. So to be able to do that, you want to think of ways to effectively play with your  lighting setup.

In this blog post, we have put together some important points on how to get started with your event lighting setup, lighting mistakes to avoid to improve your overall setup of your upcoming corporate event. 

Before going over the specifics of your event lighting,

you must first consider the size and type of your venue location, as well as the number of guests who will be attending, when selecting the right lighting system for you. A simpler, less dramatic setup may be suited for a small, indoor venue. While a more extravagant, high-end lighting fixture may be required for a bigger venue with a large-scale crowd. 

And the first take-away? At all costs, do not go for glaring white fluorescent lamps. These are extremely irritating to the eyes and can cause your audience tiredness and distorted vision especially in a conference or a seminar event. Delegates are often uplifted and energised by soft, warm lighting around the sides or natural lighting from windows.

With more than a decade of experience, The Sound & Light Hire Company is an expert in delivering creative and customised event lighting solutions. The company has been setting the standard for event lighting design in Surrey and London and we have the portfolio to back it up. We take pride in our dedication to delivering the best lighting service possible for our clients and their events.

It’s not just about flipping on a light switch for us

but most importantly building a good working relationship with our clients that lead to a perfectly tailored lighting design that maximise effect and generate an unforgettable atmosphere on their business events. Moreover, we are a full-service events production company for all your lighting needs as one of the largest event services provider in the area. 

Any corporate event must establish a professional appearance and one way to achieve such is to consider an intelligent moving light setup that can be adjusted from bright to dim or transitioning room lighting to draw concentration to the hosts or guests speakers who will be on stage.   

The Sound & Light Hire Company specializes in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technology

with over 15 different styles of LED uplighters available for both indoor and outdoor use, in both LED bar and LED par can formats. Renting lighting equipment with features mentioned above will be worth your budget to be able to set the right mood to your conference. 

And finally, another important aspect in event lighting setup that most event organisers tend to neglect is the lighting truss system or rigging. You want to make sure that your attendees are not only having a productive time but also safe while your corporate event is taking place. You do not want to deal with any of them tripping over scrambled lighting wires and cords. That’s why a professional event lighting company is essential in your event. The Sound & Light Hire Company can take care of this for you. We only use Global F34 box truss as well as F34 truss section among the wide array of other lighting trus system we have readily available for rent on any of your events, not just on a conference event but as well as on wedding receptions and live music festivals. 

Learn more about the technicalities of every event equipment and understand the impact it can bring to your event by checking out our services and find out how we turn every event into a memorable experience for our clients and their attendees.

Now that we have shared some of the factors you need to look out for when deciding on your event lighting system keep in mind that lighting is merely one aspect in any business engagement event that can make a huge difference overall. Without an impressive stage setup or a top-quality A/V system, your lighting hire may be ineffective. We offer specific special packages for  conference events that cover your staging needs and A/V system specification. These packages include a fully-equipped setup from microphones, amplifiers and even backline event equipment hire needed to run a show.

If you want to avoid any event planning stress and rely to an events company instead which can truly deliver and meet your expectations, The Sound & Light Hire Company has been tried and tested by many clients throughout the years. We have team of sound and light technicians who are proven experts in their respective fields and are flexible to work with basically all types of events such as trade shows, wedding events and  many more. We also share some basic knowledge of the brands and event equipment our clients need to know for their event. 

We will be glad to cater to any of your event needs that next time you will be having one. From an intimate birthday bash to as large as a music festival event, we definitely have all the right equipment for you. Contact us now to help you get started! 

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How A Staging Hire Company Can Make An Impact On Your Next Festival Concert

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Looking For A Festival Stage Hire Company With A Proven Track Record? Keep Reading About The Staging Services Available

Growing and developing a band is a huge undertaking. While producing music that will hit must  have to be the prime focus, it will not be the only factor that demands attention and effort in gaining traction to the music industry. 

Staging your gig, especially if it is going to be your debut performance, must have tedious and careful planning in order for  you to wow your audience and gain re-attendees in your future concerts. While a  lot of otherwise new and emerging bands in the scene would opt to personally stage their own gig to cut cost, there will be a greater risk of maybe a technical issue along the performance and worse, the overall success of the band will be put at risk.

This is where The Sound & Light Hire Company comes in.

We are a professional events production hire service that has helped produce successful concerts and live performances for various bands across Surrey, Hampshire and London. We have a full-gear of staging equipment particularly configured for a band concert event. With our qualified sound and light engineers and events personnel working in our team, we make sure that every detail of your live performance is in place and ready to put on a show! When you turn to a credible full-service event hire company like us, you get every bit of professional help to put on a stellar show.  

In this blog post, we have put together some guidelines and  key points you need to know as a band when it comes to setting up your stage for your next gig! For a complete list of the event equipment and services we offer for a mobile stage setting, go to https://www.truesoundhire.co.uk/hire-packages/category/dj-equipment-hire-packages/band-staging-hire-package/

Before jumping into planning your stage design, you must first finalize your location. Is it an indoor or outdoor venue? How large is your expected audience? And so on. Knowing the type of place you will be putting your structure on will allow your event staging hire to determine how large of a space they will be working with and the lay-out they will need to customize for your event (i.e., where the stage will be facing.) By knowing the location first, this will also prepare us to secure the type of materials required to ensure  a solid and sturdy platform that will be able to support the setup and the number of musicians estimated to be on stage. This factor is really important as we always want to prioritize the safety of the performers and avoid any liability during the entire duration of the event. 

The Sound and Light Hire Company offers flexible staging packages for all types of concert locations and sizes requirements.

Starting from a stage setup that is 6 meters wide by 4 meters deep and with a height from 40 cm to 60 cm. All our setup are fully-equipped with handrails, steps and legs.

Moreover, if you are planning to do an outdoor concert, we can also put up an outdoor covered stage for you. This type of stage is relatively bigger (8 meters by 6 meters) as it is perfect for an audience ranging from 1000-4000 people. This comes with a ground based truss system with a roof covering for this bandstand and is available at a starting rate of £499.00 only. For larger outdoor covered festival stages please see Outdoor Stages who are based in the UK as well

Another valuable reason why it is important to hire a professional events production company is that they can essentially help you with the acoustics of your venue. They have the knowledge and years of experience to provide you with advice on what suits perfectly for your performance. The staging layout will also be in a way in such the band can perfectly hear themselves play, paving the way for a great and successful show. They are also fully aware that an indoor venue location may produce a better sound quality and an outdoor setup, on the other hand, may require multiple and special PA systems that will result to a top-quality sound output giving your audience a remarkable concert experience and leaving a lasting impression from your performance. Having a team you can fully trust that will run the technical aspect of your show contributes greatly in the success of your gig since you cannot do this on your own while you are due on stage to perform. 

In addition, when you choose a full-service events production hire,

it will practically help you save money, time and effort looking from one firm to another for some specific demands of your concert performance. Because aside from the staging service, you would also need a PA system that will meet the  requirements of your chosen venue location.

This does not only mean an audio equipment, but entails a complete sound setup from monitor systems, power amps, mixing desks, microphones operated by a professional sound engineer which The Sound & Light Hire Company specializes in. Our equipment are branded and well-maintained to ensure we deliver premium event production services across Surrey, Hampshire and London. And not just that, our backline equipment hire packages are readily available for bands and clients who need some guitar or bass amp hire as well as high-quality drums set and keyboards needed for their performance. You may reach out to us for these queries as we have a wide array of in-house event equipment inventory. Check out this section of The Sound & Light Hire Company website to learn more about the hire packages we currently offer https://www.truesoundhire.co.uk/hire-packages/. 

And finally, to complete the overall production setup for your live performance, we have a variety of lighting and AV systems options you may choose from that will match your theme. You can expect our stage lighting setup to transform the overall look of your stage and our engineers can play with these effects to highlight the important parts of your performance. Our inventory range from spotlights to laser lights And LED lights to LED walls and panels that will definitely provide your audience a better viewing experience of your performance, if you need LED video wall for your conference please see this London screen hire company. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has been doing this for more than 15 years now and we guarantee that we are top-tier in the industry. If you’re looking for a corporate events company that can build you a stage for your conference then please visit https://www.ontourevents.co.uk/stage-hire On Tour Events provide staging & event equipment across London * we have worked with them over the years the best of what our team can offer thus, keeping us on top of our game. We also provide services for other events such as weddings, conferences, gala nights and many more! Learn more about our packages by following https://www.truesoundhire.co.uk