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We are a trusted event equipment hire in Surrey, running and operating for more than 20 plus years in the business now

It can sound like planning an event is endless task. A lot goes into organising, scheduling, and, most importantly, producing the actual function itself. As a result, most of us turn to hiring an event production company to prevent mistakes, supply all the needed event equipment and ensuring that the event runs as well and as smoothly as you want it to. Having professional support with your event is critical in ensuring that your guests have a good time and that you do not get overwhelmed at your own event. Lighting, audio, and the DJ all other elements have a great chance of making the experience sound complete if they are all organised together. 

So, before you dive deep into the event planning, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to determining the best event equipment rental for you and how to deal with it efficiently. 

At The Sound & Light Hire Company, we can absolutely help you with every bit of detail needed in preparing an event you will be having. We are a trusted event equipment hire in Surrey, running and operating for more than 20 plus years in the business now. We are a full-service event production company with our wide range of in-house event supplies ranging from sound and lighting, AV equipment hire and the like. Let us help you create an event that will bring lasting memories! 

Establishing a concrete target and goals is the first step in organising an event. Begin by asking yourself, “Why are you planning this function, and what are your goals?” You will guarantee that any aspect of the event is prepared for success if you know your organisation’s core priorities before you start organising.

Are you planning to launch a product you’ve been working on soon? Or perhaps, planning your ultimate dream wedding?  If you want to invite 50 people or 500? Setting a target and measurable performance reports would make it easy for your suppliers or vendors to make sure you meet your goals.

With the vast knowledge of our sound and light engineers, we can definitely assist you with everything you lack supplies on and things in the event industry world that you may not yet be familiarised with. 

We deliver a DIY service, which many clients  find simple and, above all, budget-friendly, as one of Surrey’s premier sound and lighting rental company. We have party equipment for all sizes (small-large events), whether it will be held indoors, outdoors, or in a marquee. Not only can we have self-service, but we can also drop off, set up, and pick up for you at your venue reception.

Equipment that would be impractical and costly to rent on your own is available to event production companies. You will have the most up-to-date LED projection, audiovisual, staging, and lighting technology all in one stop. In addition, an event production company may also have other professional connection with other vendors  and offers its services at a fair price, it is often more cost effective to hire one. Many event production firms will offer a variety of services for your event, including musicians, DJs, sound technicians, and more. And in our case, we stock a complete range of equipment needed to run an event and as a result, will give clients saved time and money, the comfort of putting their event in skilled and professional hands, and reduced stress. 

Sound and Light equipment- definitely a staple in every event.  And being around in the business for quite a while now, The Sound and Light Hire company fully understands what works best for all types of occasion. And through our sound and light system that we offer, we would be able to help you connect with your attendees, embrace your brand’s image and build the mood you want to create for your event. And once you provide us with your idea and specific requirement  to the team, we will be able to properly execute them for you. Our team of professionals are aware of the audience’s and market’s preferences, beliefs, and needs, and can ensure that they are being met.

To get a full grasp of the lighting hire we offer, check our lighting hire packages . In here, we have already sorted all essential equipment for every event. For example, if you are planning to hold a conference soon and are looking for non-complex yet full-gear set up, you may choose from either our conference uplighting hire or conference stage lighting hire. We also have other lighting packages for outdoor and indoor events. 

Same goes with our sound hire packages. We have created these options for our clients to choose to spare them from looking for different kinds of PA systems just to get top-quality sound system on their event. We have laptop and ipod speaker hire packages  which is perfect for small to medium size events. These equipment are simply plug and play so you don’t have to worry on the controls of the system. 

And apart from that, we also store a wide variety of special effects machines that are a perfect addition, especially with weddings and other themed-parties. Some of these machines include, smoke machines, fake flame machines and bubble machines. But we have more to offer, you may check this section of our website to learn about each of their functions.

If you’re in the process of planning your next event, you might also want to consider availing any of our newly-added services and equipment in our inventory to bring an element of motivation, sentimentality, or booming laughter to the gathering. All of this is possible with our LCD, LED, and Plasma screen rental options, which are becoming highly common among special event planners across London and Surrey.

The Sound and Light Hire Company is a reliable event production company in Surrey. We will be the answer for all your event needs. Call us today for  queries and bookings and our team will be glad to assist you!

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