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The Sound & Light Hire Company is Guildford, Surrey’s Leading AV Hire Company

Premiere sound, light and stage hire equipment are now considered to be fundamental elements in transforming your event from scratch to the best there is. The Sound & Light Hire Company is Guildford’s leading event production hire company which encompasses a variety of production tools from speakers, lighting effects, and stage hire packages, and probably every equipment needed from a production hire company.

To cater to all your necessary party needs, The Sound & Light Hire Company has them all in store for you. Specific types of events also come with specific sets of hire packages. Whether your event is a small gathering house party, a corporate function, an indoor or an outdoor wedding celebration, or a huge outdoor festival, equipment are set according to the most suitable type of event.

The Sound and Light Hire Company’s services are as top-performing as their equipment. A fast and convenient way to assemble your event with no worries is to hire a leading company that is best at what they do. 

To quickly give you an overview of the diverse production equipment series of The Sound & Light Hire Company, here are some of the best sound, light and stage hire packages for you to browse through.

Sound Hire Packages

PA sound hire Guildford equipped with packages that are made available for different occasions such as weddings, festival, corporate functions, summer productions and more:

DIY iPod – Laptop Packages

  • iPod Speaker “Hot Deal” Hire Package

A special 2014 summer iPod package that is based on their classic iPod / Laptop PA package getting a 2 days of dry hire only for the price of 1 and a half day. Consists of 2 Powered Mackie SRM 450 v2 speakers, 2 k&m Speaker Stands, 1 iPod / Laptop lead, and power & signal cables needed.

  • iPod & Laptop Speaker Hire Package

An iPod – laptop package available in different package sizes (small, medium and large) which consists of 2 EV ZLX 12P Active speakers, 2 speaker stands and all the required speaker cables and power leads

Outdoor PA Hire Packages

  • Line Array Hire Package

Offers three different packaged versions, each with varying amount of KW. It is a d&b audiotechnik line array package based on the very popular d&b Q1 PA system. It consists of an Audiotechnik Q1 Line Array Speakers, Qsub Sub Bass Speakers, D12 Power Amps and cable & rigging supplied to suit the system

Conference Sound Hire Packages

Quality conference equipment hire for your small presentations that super easy to use and operate and described as a “Plug & Play” device. It consists of 2 Mackie SRM 450v2 Speaker Cabinets, A ViewSonic PJD5211 DLP Projector, a Tripod projector Screen, a microphone, speaker stands, power and signal cables.

Live Band Hire Packages

  • Solo Performer Speaker Hire Package 

A package that is perfect for solo artists or smaller bands. It includes a 1500w PA system, a subwoofer, a small 12 channel mixer, 2 Shure microphones and 2 K&M microphone stands.

There are still a lot of extra essentials that are already available upon client’s request which is not listed above. Addition of these extra devices should not be a worry since the company is open for the adherence of all your additional specifications.


 Our packages are suitable for any type of event you may have. From marquee weddings, music festival, house parties- there are multiple options to choose from that are made to fit your event. Here are some popular lighting hire packages that the company offers:

Conference Lighting Hire Packages

To create a calming and sophisticated mood within your  venue location, help set the mood for your conferences with the help of this light hire package. It’s a wireless uplighting with a 10-hour battery life perfect for long meetings. 

Conference Stage Lighting Hire Package

This type of lighting for conferences is best for incorporating perfect spotlights to keynote speakers ensuring that he/she is visible on stage.

Wedding Lighting Hire Packages

This comes in 3 different package sizes (small, medium and large) perfect for wedding celebrations that are based around using LED wireless uplighters, disco lighting effects and even comes with a smoke machine to give that perfect wedding vibe. It’s cost efficient, gives off both warm mood lighting and party feels whenever you want to.

LED Uplighting Hire Packages

Since LED lightings can be very flexible in terms of its uses and style, Guildford offers a lot of options for the hire package. They have 5 different LED Uplighting Options and 3 High powered LED Uplightings depending on its size. Some of the given light hire packages come with a smoke machine, lighting stands and complete with power cables needed for your Lighting hire.


 A perfect mix of sound and light hire equipment gives off the finest and most appropriate atmosphere for your party. Since sound and lights complement each other during celebrations so much, one could not stand alone without the other. The Sound & Light Hire Company has made a bundle of these two most important production hires for easier selection of your sound system together with your lighting hire. 

 Thinking of what type of hire package to choose for a specific party in mind? The Sound & Light Hire Company packages are already sorted out according to the occasion. Here is the list of sound and light hire package below:

House Party Package Hire

Equipped with the most suitable disco lighting and sound system including a Mackie active speaker, connection to an iPod or laptop to play music through, this sound and light hire package is perfect for your house party event. 

Birthday Party Package Hire

This package even has its specifications divided and sorted out according to the birthday celebrant’s age, whether this be your 18th, 16th or 21st birthday party, they already got them arranged for you. 

Christmas Hire Packages

Perfect for the season of festivity bringing warmth to your surroundings with the family and friends. It consists of both sound and lighting equipment, having a specific light design that brings a Christmas feel ideal for gatherings and get together during this season. They may also include a snow machine, party smoke machine and iPod lead other than wireless uplighters and Disco speakers.

Guildford Leading Sound and Light Hire Company has a lot more to offer. Listed above are only some of the hottest offers and most significant lighting and sound hires available. We offer complete sets of hire from sound systems, lightings and even visual hires that you must also check out. To add, we offer full technical support and have all of the sound, lighting, staging and LED video screens available for rent anytime. 

Call us today so we can keep you on the right track of your event planning process and supply any of your event equipment needs!  

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