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Hire Outdoor LED Video Screen For Your Event

While every event production firm strives to offer the most advanced LED technology available in the market, The Sound & Light Hire Company has remained to be at the top in the events industry over the years-offering high-end event equipment rental with a very reasonable party package rates. 

We have recently switched to a more compact alternative from our 12.5mm pitch DMT pixel mesh touring spec LED video wall panels. These modern LED panels are ideal for a variety of occasions, including concerts, conferences, product launches, and birthday parties with outdoor locations.

We’ve added a smaller pitch LED panel to enable you to get much more intense clarity for graphics and images, creating a more engaging environment for the crowd. The IP rating of the AF3 high definition 3.9mm video panels indicates that they are waterproof. The television projector, on the other hand, can be set up both indoors and outdoors since the panels are also built for any setting. This gives our clients a lot of flexibility in terms of where they can put the displays and how they can be used for different kinds of functions. 

Our 3.9mm LED video screen is ideal for a multitude of purposes and events.

This LED video screen is perfect for grabbing the audience’s attention if you’re doing an award show inside an auditorium and need some simple visuals behind the spokesperson showing winners’ names/images or brief videos. Or perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor movie night, which is a great activity for family and friends. The picture quality is incredible- bright, and prominent, which is just what you want when watching a movie outdoors. Because of the fine pixel pitch inside the LED panels, the image is not only visible in the dark, but it is also clear throughout the day. The simpler the target projection, the smaller the pitch, which we are delighted to now give.

Another factor we needed to stock IP-rated video screens is that they go well with stages for concerts, parties, school productions, and movie theater setup. The screens can be installed on either side of one of our outdoor covered platforms, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your event’s needs. We can have screens divided on each side of the stage, or a single widescreen hanging at the rear of one of our stages, or a screen that stands alone for your outdoor cinema; we can accommodate all possibilities.

There are some ways to set up the screen, which we would like to discuss more over the phone, but to give you a brief explanation, the screen may be suspended from a truss frame or supported on the ground for a more streamlined appearance.

It is entirely up to you how your video screen is shown, and we are pleased to provide you with all the possible choices. The truss method of rigging is preferred for festivals with a central stage and screens hung from truss wings on either side. A neater, streamlined look will be preferred for an award ceremony, product launching, or a movie night. In that case, we use ballast at the back of the screen to keep it in place, and we give it height by using staging panels, which are then draped over to mask the staging. The possibilities are endless!

To add, 4m x 3m and 5m x 3m video screens are common screen sizes that work well in a variety of event types, particularly when it comes to aspect ratio. Please contact us for more specifics about screen size choices. Our team will be able to provide you with recommendations based on your event requirements. 

Our outdoor LED screen hire will also come with a video server, complete rigging, and the option of hiring an AV technician to assist you with any of your technical concerns.

Our team will deliver, set up, and then pack up the LED video screen for you, so you don’t have to think about setup, configuration, or time constraints. 

 Clients and event organizers holding music festivals and other outdoor events of the like would opt to partner with The Sound & Light Hire Company mainly because we do not just offer LED display screens but as well as outdoor festival stage hire. From a stage format for a smaller sporting event to huge arc roof stages that reaches up to 10m x 8m performance area. This arc roof system utilizes a self-climbing truss system, allowing us or another event equipment provider to rig all of the lightings at a sound level prior to raising the roof. The estimated payload on the roof is 1800 kg. For lighting, film, and special effects, you’ll have enough of weight filling. We can also add extra PA wings or video wall sides to this festival level, giving it a very spectacular exterior appearance.

When hosting huge public events such as festivals, make sure that everyone in the audience can have the best viewing experience of what’s going on. Choosing the right outdoor LED display panel, including the growing number of sizes available on the market, comes down to your chosen event equipment company from which you buy or rent it. The Sound & Light Hire has a highly regarded reputation in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and London.

We have a range of services with the best prices in the industry.

See more of our hire packages that will definitely answer all your event equipment needs from PA systems, special effects machines to LED furniture hire. Being in the business for 20 plus years, we gauge expectations realistically no matter your project. You may also check out our gallery of the events we have produced over the years. If you are looking to hire large TV’s projectors or outdoor LED video screen in London then On Tour Events would a good place to start

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