How To Organise Your Festival Outdoor Stage Hire

Once you have made the decision to utilise festival outdoor stage hire, and have made the call to one of our well-trained staff members here at The Sound & Light Hire Company in regards to the best setup and package for you, you must think about how you want to organise the stage.

We have a large selection of not only staging and stage accessories such as carpets, wraps and additional platform sections, but we also carry an advanced assortment of lighting and sound equipment. Every accessory that you add to your festival outdoor stage hire helps to create the theme, motif, and experience of your guests.

Building Your Theme

Whether it is rock and roll, pop rock, jazz, or a non-musical festival which has brought on the need of festival outdoor stage hire, the opportunities are endless for creating the absolute best platform for entertainers, actors, comedians, and presenters to display their talents on. In order to get the most out of your stage you must think about the way that you will decorate it, and while confetti and backdrops aren’t exactly our strong suit, we do pride ourselves on having some of the top lighting displays, and when it comes to a festival, especially one held outdoors, lights will make all the difference.

Coloured lights, strobe lights, and wall display decorative lighting will cast a glow on your festival outdoor stage hire like you’ve never seen before. We offer lighting in a variety of regions from London and Surrey to Guildford, Portsmouth, and a large variety of areas in between. If you’re uncertain about whether or not our lighting, stage and sound services reach you in your township, we would absolutely love to speak to you about the possibility of bringing our products to you. You can also find a listing of all of our products, packages, prices, and local communities that we serve on our website.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Atmosphere

Knowing what kind of weather to expect isn’t always possible, but if there is one thing that we know for sure about living in the U.K. it is that we should always be prepared for a little bit of rain. Fortunately, festival outdoor stage hire is ready to face most elements and there are additional measures that can be taken to improve your show as well. All of the lighting, sound equipment and staging used outside has been approved for this kind of use, and we don’t rent anything to our customers for festival activity that hasn’t been tested in these conditions before.

We often suggest that if you do find it a bit misty during the day of your performance that you remember to wipe things down before secondary use, keep any electrical equipment off of the ground where it might end up resting in a puddle, and utilise any of the waterproof gear that comes along with our equipment when possible.

Getting The Best Sound With Your Stage

Outdoor sound setups might seem complicated, but in fact, you can still manage a wonderful sound without much effort as long as you have enough speakers for your crowd. If you have a good idea of the number of guests that will be in attendance at your festival you can produce a high quality sound that will reach the ears of everybody listening. On our website we actually list how many guests each of our speaker systems will benefit, but if it isn’t labelled and you aren’t sure what you require for your number of guests, we urge you to contact us with your questions and concerns.

For pricing, pictures & details about our outdoor stages please see staging-hire

Generally you will require a microphone for each singer or presenter that will be on stage at any given time, and corresponding equipment for each. Speakers that send out the correct currents of sound will be necessary, and some of these may also need to be mounted throughout the grounds of your festival depending on how large the venue is.

No matter what type of concert or event you are putting on outdoors, whether it is for a massive crowd or a small, close knit group expecting a festival of sorts, you can create the best and brightest in your area with a little help from The Sound & Light Hire Company.