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Round LED Mobile Bar Hire
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Do You want To Hire LED Furniture For Your Party? The Sound & Light Hire Company Can Help !

With 2021 shaping up to be a year to celebrate the mass vaccination of the world’s population, slowly but surely it looks like we can get back to celebrating the old-fashioned way! Parties will hopefully return. Weddings can once again resume with the number of guests that brides and grooms had always envisioned. And we can all generally get our lives back on track!

Given the awful year that was 2020, we can’t wait to start 2021 on the front foot, and we’ve already seen an uptick in bookings for spring and summer party season. A lot of people have used this as an opportunity to try out new themes and reinvent their annual celebrations.

We’ve already noticed through multiple orders placed so far for LED furniture hire in Surrey, that this trend is going to play a big part of those new celebration ideas, and we couldn’t be better positioned to help you out as an event planner.

So let’s use this space to shed a little more light on what we can offer you in terms of LED furniture, starting with LED mobile bar hire.

LED Mobile Bar Hire in Surrey, London, Hampshire

Of course one of the central focal points of any party is the bar! It’s where everyone heads at least a few times during the event to get refreshments of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. So why not make it unique?

Our LED-illuminated mobile bar options are a perfect fit for all types of parties, including wedding receptions. For a start, we can provide you with what many people would term a “traditional” straight bar shape. We can supply the bar in a length of up to 8m, and it’s just as sturdy as traditional structures, capable of standing up to the rigorous demands of serving drinks to guests for hours on end. Speaking of hours, the battery life runs to eight hours, long enough for even the most extravagant of parties!

But wait, there’s more! We can also supply an LED mobile bar in either a semi, a full circle design. We’ve found this to be a really popular choice for outdoor parties in marquees that have less space to play with. As with the traditional bar, these quirky units will keep going for eight to ten hours. You can also choose from several static colours to fit in with the overall theme of your party, or you can use the included remote control have the bar cycle through a range of eye-catching alternatives dynamically.

Of course, these bars don’t just look great; they’re practical too. They come complete with under-the-counter storage, and you could choose to add a real touch of class by hiring complementary LED ice buckets! If you’re hosting some VIP guests, these little extras are a must!

But of course, the bar, while prominent, is only one feature of a party. You’re going to need plenty more furniture to complete your requirements. Let’s make a start by giving your guests somewhere very cool to sit!

Round LED Mobile Bar Hire

Round LED Mobile Bar Hire

LED Cube Hire in London, Surrey, Hampshire

For many, the next place to visit after the bar is the dancefloor, drink in hand. But (despite your guests’ best efforts) energetic dancing in high heels and the finest dancing shoes is going to inevitably require some rest at some point. Enter your LED-lit seating options!

LED cube hire provides you with a funky seating option that will provide a talking point and help your party furniture to stand out. Don’t let their square shapes fool you; these are as comfortable as many other conventional seating options. They are topped with plush leather to ensure that your guests will be happy to sit on them for hours and chat the evening away.

Due to their smaller size, they boast improved battery performance too. These versatile cubes will last 10 hours, and once again, you have the option of several static or dynamic colour choices. Like our mobile LED-lit bar, these cube seats are just as happy indoors in a nightclub as they are at an outdoor garden party. The choice is yours!

Seating aside, there is still one crucial aspect of furniture that we haven’t yet tackled – tables. You need somewhere to put your drinks, of course! So let’s move on to LED poseur hire.

LED Poseur Hire in Surrey, London, Hampshire

Poseur tables have long been permanent fixtures in bars and nightclubs up and down the country. They offer a perfect focal point for small huddles of individuals who want to chat and have somewhere to place their drinks (and food if necessary). Their unique design also adds a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to your party, especially if you’re putting them in an unusual location such as your own home or a marquee.

But hiring LED-lit versions elevates them further still. Their bright colours make them an excellent addition to darker environments (such as at the edge of the dancefloor). Better yet, like our entire range of LED-lit furniture, they are battery-powered, so you don’t have the issue of having to run cables everywhere, potentially causing a trip hazard.

You can combine them with the LED cubes mentioned above, or you could decide to give them their own designated area at your venue. Perhaps the best feature of these tables is their versatility, they fit in anywhere, at pretty much any type of event!

But we aren’t done yet; there’s plenty more LED-lit furniture we can offer you here at the Sound & Light Hire Company!

Massive Range of London LED Furniture Hire Available

Whether you’ve booked a swanky hotel function room, or you’ve “escaped to the country” for a wedding on a country estate, we have a full suite of LED furniture that is guaranteed to impress your guests. The list of items we have on our inventory is pretty extensive. While we don’t have the space to get into the nitty-gritty details of every single item, here is just a snapshot of what we have in stock when it comes to LED furniture available for hire:

  • Mobile bars
  • Cubes
  • Poseur tables
  • Benches
  • Curved seating
  • Bubble chairs
  • Champagne buckets
  • Stools
  • Conventional tables
  • Dancefloors
  • And much, much more!

If you’ve attended an event before with LED-lit furniture and want to know if we can supply the same thing to your party, the answer will invariably be yes. In short, we have one of the biggest selections in the country, so you’d be foolish to go anywhere else!

But whether you are planning an event for yourself, or on behalf of another individual or company, you’re going to be thinking about one important factor – price. So let’s quickly address the elephant in the room!

LED Poseur Table Hire

LED Poseur Table Hire

The short answer is not as much as you might have thought! If you’ve got this far through this article and still think that hiring this type of unique and exclusive furniture is something that only corporate companies or wealthy individuals can afford, then you’re wrong!

Our LED furniture hire packages start at less than £25. Yes, you read that correctly! Not too shabby, right? Especially when you evaluate those hire costs on an hourly basis! For a few hundred pounds, you can create a pretty spectacular setup. For a few hundred more, you can hire a mobile LED bar that is really going to steal the show!

If you’re planning a ticketed event, then it’s these kinds of touches that can pay themselves back in spades when word travels around at how unique and exclusive your event felt. With tickets selling out fast for your next organised party, you can afford to push the boat out even further fo the next one!

Speaking of hiring budgets, you aren’t going to want to stop at LED furniture. You’re going to need a whole host of hired equipment, including sound equipment, lighting fixtures, and maybe even some special effects packages! So let’s take a moment to remind you what we have available for those of planning a big celebration in the near future!

Hire Everything You Need for Your Party from the Sound & Light Hire Company!

We have a range of party equipment hire packages that are perfect for parties of all descriptions. Whether you’re hosting a milestone birthday party or a wedding reception party, we’ve got a hire package that includes everything you need to have a great time.

Just take our platinum wedding party hire package as an example. We’ve bundled everything you could possibly need together to secure you huge savings over hiring the equipment from separate outfits.

On the sound side, we’ve included two d&b audiotechnik PA speakers, two subwoofers, and an amp. Those impressive pieces of kit are matched on the lighting side by 20 (yes, 20!) wireless LED uplighters, eight R17 beams and eight metres of truss podium upon which to rig them.

Still not impressed? Good, we’re nowhere near done yet! In addition to that industry-leading sound and lighting hire setup, we will supply you with a 16ft x 16ft white LED-starlit dancefloor, an 8m x 4m LED-starlit backdrop, and an LED DJ booth! Can we just remind you this is all part of one hire package that costs less than £1500!

If that somehow wasn’t enough, we have a range of special effects hire packages including bubble machines, lasers, confetti canons, and flame machines starting at just £25 per item hire.

The best part? We can send our expert engineers and technicians down to your venue to both set everything up and take everything away for you should you wish. They can stick around during the event too if you need help overseeing tasks such as mixing the sound for your live band/DJ or running special effects machines and dazzling light shows for your guests!

We really are your one-stop party equipment hire solution.

Call Us Today to Secure Your Equipment for Spring/Summer 2021

If 2020 was the year of cancellations and postponements, then 2021 is shaping up to be the year of celebration and pure relief. The spring and summer party season is already set to be the biggest of the century thus far, which means you need to act now or face disappointment. As much as we’d like to help everyone out with our equipment hire and support services, the truth of the matter is we are booking up fast due to phenomenal demand.

We are currently benefitting from a perfect storm of rearranged hire orders from last year meeting a surge in new bookings for parties celebrating set to coincide the end of COVID restrictions on the horizon. So if you know you’ve got a big celebration planned for the spring or summer of 2021, don’t delay!

We’ve got sound, lighting, special effects, and LED furniture hire slots left on most spring and summer weekends, but they are fast disappearing. So act now to get yours booked in before somebody else beats you to your preferred dates!

You can call us on 0800 861 1136 seven days a week during the hours listed below to discuss your requirements. We can’t wait to hear all about your party ideas!  

Hire a LED Light Up Cube

This light up LED Light Up Cube is part of our LED furniture hire stock





The Sound & Light Hire Company Discuss LED Furniture & What LED Furniture To Hire For Your Event

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Hire a LED Light Up Cube

This light up LED Light Up Cube is part of our LED furniture hire stock

The Sound & Light Hire Company discuss LED furniture….

From summer to winter, LED furniture is the hire product which never goes out of season and can be used to add a splash of fun to all event productions

We thought we would post a blog of a hire product group we haven’t mentioned for a little while as this used to be one of the more popular requests we would get asked for when clients come to us planning an event requesting advise on our recommendations to suit them. It certainly is not that LED furniture has had its day by no means, its popularity has just been placed on hold slightly due to the current situation the events industry is in thanks to our nemesis Covid!

LED furniture can be used for any type of event and can be used inside or outside so it has lot of versatile useability which is great when you are looking for something different in addition to hiring sound or lighting equipment. The Sound & Light Hire Company have provided many variations of LED furniture arrangements for all types of events such as corporate functions, birthday celebrations, weddings, mini festivals, local fetes, VIP events & Halloween parties! We stock a range of different LED furniture which we will discuss throughout this article.

Starting off let us discuss our LED cubes.

These can be used for both sitting on as intended but also as small tables due to the top being able to come off and a groove underneath allowing for drink placement. The top of the cube has a black padded cushion to allow for a more comfortable seat, rather than the standard LED cube which is just the polyethylene material. We have found this to be a unique selling point to most customers who were after using them for their seating purpose rather than just the illuminated effect. The LED cube can be set to a colour of choice by the customer or they can be left to strobe from one colour to another if preferred.

They can set the perfect ambience to any venue whether this be a house, marquee, hall, pub or nightclub and is such a suitable alternative to plain dull looking chairs for those looking to add a splash of colour to their event.
Perhaps your venue doesn’t have any seating, or you have some seats but not enough to cater for your entire party. If that is the case & you are trying to think of something more creative and fun than standard wooden chairs to really enhance your party atmosphere these would work really well. These can be dotted around if you have a large space to fill or they can be placed next to one another in tighter areas.

As a company we have worked on so many events and have come across a lot of people wanting to add something original, creative and different to their event without breaking the bank. They are looking for a lighting option but don’t just want disco lighting flashing on and off throughout the evening they want something cool and retro- well these LED cubes fit that down to a t!

What goes quite nicely with the LED cubes are the LED Poseur coffee tables. These are smallish, circular tables which are at just the right height to accompany the seated person on one of the LED cubes. We suggest comfortably seated 4 people per table, allowing enough room for drinks to be placed on top and some nibbles to. Again, these tables can change colour at your desired speed, or they can remain statically set to a colour of your choice.

It is probably useful to mention at this point that all our LED furniture has a battery life of between 8-10 hours.

The reason for the 2-hour window of difference is for factors such as temperature. Should the LED furniture be placed in a cold environment this will use more of the battery life than in a warmer climate. We could go into more detail and explain why this happens, but we don’t want to bore you away so instead we will just offer that useful information (we hope!).

Another popular type of table we stock is the LED poseur table. Most people have come across this or heard of this before, and is such a great choice for corporate functions, VIP events and product launches. We have 2 different shaped poseur tables, round ones and rectangular ones. Both use the same amount of battery and offer the same colour samples. It is just down to personal preference on what style you would rather see at your event. The rectangular ones are slightly bigger but only very minimally! There is about 8cm difference so I would say if you need more space on the table for the Champagne then the rectangular ones would be best suited!

We have previously supplied the LED poseur tables for a product launch at a prestigious venue in London along with some LED cubes, LED benches and LED bar as well. The event was relating to the Pride festival and a new clothing range specifically for festival goers, and colour was the theme. The room they were using, although stunning, did not have much power so we were limited with ideas on how to create a bright, fun atmosphere without using the mains. We came up with battery powered LED wireless up lighters and our LED furniture stock. The guys absolutely loved it, we supplied 24 x wireless LED up lighters, 30 x LED cubes, 12 x LED benches and 1 x straight LED bar section. The guys wanted different colours around the room, so the furniture pieces were all set to different colours, it worked really well, added so much vibrancy to the evening just what the client had requested.

Our LED curved benches are an invaluable asset to limited spaces but with the need to seat people whilst offering a level of fun as well. The curved bench can seat between 4-5 people or can just be used as decorative features in a marquee or garden. We were asked to supply sound and lighting for a birthday party in the customer’s garden and they were after more than just lighting to fill the marquee. It was the customers daughters 21st birthday and they wanted a cracking sound system as well as bespoke lighting arrangement to fill the 12m x 10m marquee. We supplied 6 x LED moving heads, 24 x wireless LED up lighters, 2 x 3w lasers, hazer and our LED furniture.

This consisted of 6 x LED curved benches, 12 x LED cubes, an LED curved bar and 8 x LED poseur tables. The colour scheme was pink which wasn’t hard to adhere to as each piece of furniture had a pink colour setting. To break it up a little bit we suggested adding a white then pink arrangement throughout the marquee, otherwise it may have looked a little overkill. They were happy with our suggestion and the marquee was filled with pink ambient light in addition to the fun disco effect lighting we had put in as well, the combination worked nicely to reflect the young birthday event.

We have been asked a lot about LED bar hire, which is also something we do.

Our LED bar is curved and can create either a semi circle or full circle minus a gap between the 2 sections to allow for entry into the bar area for serving drinks. This is a great choice for smaller spaces or for just storing the beverages near to where the party is taking place. Popular for VIP events to add a cool vibe.
If you would prefer a straight LED bar then not a problem we can cater for this as well. The bar we can provide is up to 8m in length and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. It is a professional, sturdy bar used for more prestigious events and has been supplied to many VIP events we have done in marquees, private estates and festivals.

Last but by no means least we do the LED ice bucket which is so great for a bit of prosecco fueled fun. Stick your prosecco, champagne or beer into the bucket whilst it chills for you, it brings some ambient colour to the evening event, at least you cant lose your drink this way!

Any of the listed LED furniture we have mentioned above looks amazing against our white LED starlit dance floor. This timeless dance floor can literally transform a dull, lifeless room into a fun, sparkly, inviting environment for all to enjoy. Let your hair down, jump on the dance floor, grab a friend and a drink at the same time. Many companies would avoid allowing any drinks on the floor, or placement of tables and chairs, but not us. We want you to have a blast, it is your party and your time to have fun so go for it. We would just ask for you to be respectful and not deliberately throw drinks on it, we have to put our foot down somewhere!

Why stop there? What about some disco lighting or LED wireless up lighters to go with the battery no mains power option?

Up lighters are still a great addition for changing the tone of a room, adding colour and they are not as pricey as they were when they first came out, they are a really cost efficient way of adding ambient light to any event. Perhaps you don’t have the concern about power and you want a couple of disco lights for your house party, no problem we can supply those for you. They are easy to use, sound to light reactive and come with an easy to assemble lighting t bar stand as well. Why not add a smoke machine to really enhance the lighting effect. The machine comes full of fluid when you hire it ready to go and we guarantee you will not run out of fluid it seems to just last forever.

Well whether it is a special birthday, product launch, Christmas get together or outdoor festival it doesn’t matter, LED furniture really does suit all occasions for use inside or outside, for an hour use or 8 hours use. Pink, red, blue, yellow, green or white, we guarantee you will find a colour that suits your event and fits in perfectly with your theme. If anything we have discussed throughout this blog has grabbed your interest and you are thinking of planning your next event for 2021 please do not hesitate to contact us at The Sound and Light Hire Company and we would more than happy to help you & dont forget to check out Sound & Light Hire Surrey website where your be able to find loads of disco lighting & party speaker packages

LED Furniture can add a certain style to any occasion. Although modern in its style, the flexibility of LED Furniture means that it’s at home in either traditional or modern settings and fits almost any theme imaginable. While the term ‘LED’ may give you the image of an electronic device, it actually stands for Light Emitting Diode. There are many different types of these light-emitting diode that are used to provide different applications for lighting fixtures. The primary function of LED lighting is for a decorative effect, especially with a table lamp. A table lamp is traditionally made from brass with a bulb. Today, this lamp is available in several different styles. If your lighting needs are more complex, then you might want to consider the LED recessed lighting option. These lamps are placed inside of the walls instead of above them. These types of lamps provide a softer glow than the usual metal halide bulbs. They are also easier to install than traditional designs.

LED recessed lighting comes in many different styles such as frosted glass, clear glass, etched glass, and wood grain. It’s important to note that there are some disadvantages to using LED lights as opposed to traditional bulbs and fixtures. First of all, they are a bit more difficult to aim because they have a shorter wavelength that absorbs some of the light. Also, if the light doesn’t fit well, the light will scatter and create a glare. However, many experts agree that using LED lighting in the right setting is a great choice for enhancing your home or office space.

The second reason why LED Furniture is becoming so popular is because it’s much more energy efficient. Since the light is emitted from within the fixture, it’s easier for it to be spread throughout the room, thereby conserving energy. Finally, since LED lights require less electricity to run than traditional light bulbs, they’re also an environmentally friendly option. Since they last up to twenty years, they make great furniture investments over the long run. If you’re looking for LED lighting, it’s important to remember that different types of this type of lighting are made differently. For instance, the frosted glass option is easier to work with, since the glass has a frosted finish to it that allows for a better reflector. You can find this type of lighting in a variety of places including department stores and retailers. If you’d prefer to shop online, you can check out sites that sell different brands and models of this type of lighting. Another advantage of the LED is that you can purchase them in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can choose the color that you want to match your decor or the style of your room.

If you do your research, you’ll learn that you can purchase LED flooring at your local retailer. or online. If you shop online, you can even compare prices between online stores. Once you know which brand and style is right for your situation, you can simply buy a piece of LED furniture. There are plenty of options available to suit your requirements. LED lights can be found in almost any size and shape. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble finding one to suit your needs. As mentioned above, LED lights can last up to twenty years if properly cared for. Therefore, you’re not only getting a stylish piece of furniture, but you’re also getting an investment that’s going to last you a lifetime. When shopping for LED lighting, it’s always a good idea to choose a store that has a large selection. It’s also important to consider how much room you have in your home, since this will determine the size of fixtures that you need to purchase.

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