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One of the most crucial aspects in organising a business event is deciding what type of lighting setup to use and how to make sure it suits perfectly to the occasion, whether it’s a product launch, a conference or a trade show. Hard sets are no longer the only option for creating remarkable corporate event environment. Of course, you can always have the option to resort to a DIY or perhaps rely to the in-house event lighting available.

What makes the right lighting essential to your event is that it will tell your audience where to set their attention to the most appropriate areas of the room, build the perfect business event atmosphere, and eventually set the stage for the occasion. In a conference event for example, you want to make sure that your audience will stay engaged and focused on the speaker from the very beginning of the event until the end. So to be able to do that, you want to think of ways to effectively play with your  lighting setup.

In this blog post, we have put together some important points on how to get started with your event lighting setup, lighting mistakes to avoid to improve your overall setup of your upcoming corporate event. 

Before going over the specifics of your event lighting,

you must first consider the size and type of your venue location, as well as the number of guests who will be attending, when selecting the right lighting system for you. A simpler, less dramatic setup may be suited for a small, indoor venue. While a more extravagant, high-end lighting fixture may be required for a bigger venue with a large-scale crowd. 

And the first take-away? At all costs, do not go for glaring white fluorescent lamps. These are extremely irritating to the eyes and can cause your audience tiredness and distorted vision especially in a conference or a seminar event. Delegates are often uplifted and energised by soft, warm lighting around the sides or natural lighting from windows.

With more than a decade of experience, The Sound & Light Hire Company is an expert in delivering creative and customised event lighting solutions. The company has been setting the standard for event lighting design in Surrey and London and we have the portfolio to back it up. We take pride in our dedication to delivering the best lighting service possible for our clients and their events.

It’s not just about flipping on a light switch for us

but most importantly building a good working relationship with our clients that lead to a perfectly tailored lighting design that maximise effect and generate an unforgettable atmosphere on their business events. Moreover, we are a full-service events production company for all your lighting needs as one of the largest event services provider in the area. 

Any corporate event must establish a professional appearance and one way to achieve such is to consider an intelligent moving light setup that can be adjusted from bright to dim or transitioning room lighting to draw concentration to the hosts or guests speakers who will be on stage.   

The Sound & Light Hire Company specializes in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technology

with over 15 different styles of LED uplighters available for both indoor and outdoor use, in both LED bar and LED par can formats. Renting lighting equipment with features mentioned above will be worth your budget to be able to set the right mood to your conference. 

And finally, another important aspect in event lighting setup that most event organisers tend to neglect is the lighting truss system or rigging. You want to make sure that your attendees are not only having a productive time but also safe while your corporate event is taking place. You do not want to deal with any of them tripping over scrambled lighting wires and cords. That’s why a professional event lighting company is essential in your event. The Sound & Light Hire Company can take care of this for you. We only use Global F34 box truss as well as F34 truss section among the wide array of other lighting trus system we have readily available for rent on any of your events, not just on a conference event but as well as on wedding receptions and live music festivals. 

Learn more about the technicalities of every event equipment and understand the impact it can bring to your event by checking out our services and find out how we turn every event into a memorable experience for our clients and their attendees.

Now that we have shared some of the factors you need to look out for when deciding on your event lighting system keep in mind that lighting is merely one aspect in any business engagement event that can make a huge difference overall. Without an impressive stage setup or a top-quality A/V system, your lighting hire may be ineffective. We offer specific special packages for  conference events that cover your staging needs and A/V system specification. These packages include a fully-equipped setup from microphones, amplifiers and even backline event equipment hire needed to run a show.

If you want to avoid any event planning stress and rely to an events company instead which can truly deliver and meet your expectations, The Sound & Light Hire Company has been tried and tested by many clients throughout the years. We have team of sound and light technicians who are proven experts in their respective fields and are flexible to work with basically all types of events such as trade shows, wedding events and  many more. We also share some basic knowledge of the brands and event equipment our clients need to know for their event. 

We will be glad to cater to any of your event needs that next time you will be having one. From an intimate birthday bash to as large as a music festival event, we definitely have all the right equipment for you. Contact us now to help you get started! 

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Event Sound, Lighting Plus Staging & LED Screens

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

The Sound & Light Hire Company Logo

Looking to Hire Sound or Lighting Equipment For Your Events? Here We Talk About Sound, Lighting, Staging & LED Screens

Here at the Sound and Lighting Hire Company, we provide all manner of event production services. From small pick up and play services such as iPod party package, to substantial international awards shows in London. We really do offer one of the most all-encompassing ranges of event sound and lighting services within the UK.

We also offer specific services such as sound hire or provide the full monty of event production services if you’re hosting a much larger event such as a conference or exhibition. So let’s dig into our hire packages and services into a little more detail, as you may be surprised by our enormous spectrum of capabilities.

Event Production Services in Surrey, London, Berkshire and Hampshire  

We’ve said this many times before, but there is no event too large or too small for us. We really do cover an enormous range of sizes. From a couple of dry-hired speakers for a children’s party, right up to a full custom-built stage, lighting and rigging, and sound equipment complete with experienced engineers and technicians to run your production.

Regarding the smaller event, we’ve provided equipment for numerous parties, celebrations, weddings, and even outdoor cinemas! At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve provided the equipment and team for productions as large as cage fighting matches and the O2. We are pretty much the only company in the South East of England that has this range of capabilities when it comes to event sound and light services.

So in case you have something in mind for your event, be it a glitzy award show or an intimate wedding reception, let’s delve a little deeper into our specific event hire packages and services to give you a better idea of how we can help you.

Event Sound Equipment Hire 

For many of you, sound equipment hire might be all you need to run your event smoothly. That’s fine, even though we provide audio equipment for (and produce) huge events such as festivals, we are just as competitive for the little guy! We have a range of dry hire packages for speaker systems.

Whether you just want to hook up a phone or a laptop to a speaker for some background noise at a barbeque, or you need a large speaker hire for a wedding or anniversary celebration, we’ve all got all manner of sound equipment hire packages to suit. The best part? Those speaker hire packages start at just £60. Can’t say fairer than that for a party of up to 70 guests, can you?

But what if you want to take things up a notch. For instance, what if you’ve hired a live band for your event? Fortunately for you, we’ve got specialised hire packages for that too! Whether you’ve got a solo performer, or you’ve splashed out on a local band, we can cater to your every need. You can even have one of our sound engineers as part of the hire package to set everything up and professionally produce the event for you.

But what if you’re organising something different? After all, not all events are birthdays or weddings. Yep, we can do that too. We offer complete AV hire for conferences, including wireless microphones and projector hire, for example. When it comes to sound more specifically, we often supply line array packages to significant public events such as festivals, award shows, and product launches. We really mean it when we say there’s nothing really beyond the scope of our capabilities.

But what if you need more than sound? What about lighting? Well, the clue is in our name, and as it happens, we’re not too shabby at that either.

Event Lighting Services Surrey, London, Berkshire and Hampshire  

A lot of the events we’ve just spoken about also require lighting. Live bands and DJs, for example, often depend on lighting to make their performances much more immersive and compelling. Similarly, can you imagine a wedding dancefloor with any disco lighting? It just wouldn’t work.

When setting up our company over a decade ago, we were acutely aware that you often can’t have event sound without lighting and vice versa. That’s why we put just as much effort into this side of our business as we do the other, often combining sound and light equipment hire packages.

In many ways, lighting can be split up into what we would call ‘performance’ lighting and ‘atmospheric’ lighting that helps to set a mood or an ambience. Referring to performance lighting, we’re talking about event lighting equipment that is pretty much necessary for the production in question.

For instance, most DJs require an array of lasers and disco lights, rather than just a small set of speakers and decks. Or, if your event is a gala dinner, award show, or fashion event, you’re going to need spotlights to illuminate and follow your presenters and models as they move across the stage or catwalk.

By contrast, atmospheric LED uplighters can completely transform the look and feel of a venue by ‘washing’ it in a specific colour. Likewise, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can create a truly magical atmosphere after the sun sets with thoughtful festoon lighting. Or perhaps you’re going for a spookier feeling and want to hire UV lighting to make both people and objects glow in the dark.

No matter the type of lighting hire you need for your event, we can accommodate your requirements. Better yet, we can set up any of those lights in the specific manner you need them. Trusses and rigging are no problem for us. In fact, we set them all the time. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, balance them against the limitations of your specific venue, and then provide you with a lighting solution your 100% happy with.

But of course, several events need more than mere sound and lighting equipment. For instance, what about your stage?

Staging Services Surrey, London, Berkshire and Hampshire

What would a live band or DJ be without a stage? Or an awards show for that matter? Most event productions need a stage or a set. Whether you’re putting on a corporate event in London, or you’re having a marquee wedding in Hampshire, you need a stage to provide a focal point and a better viewing experience for your guests.

This is a cinch for us too. Since our company is part of one of the most prominent event production companies in the UK, we can build all manner of trusses and staging. We’ve already joined forces to design, develop and work on some of the biggest events in the country. But we can take that superior experience and bring it to your smaller-scale event. Whether you’re looking for outdoor stage hire for your small-scale festival, or you’re merely looking to hire a stage for a live band, we can handle all sizes of events.

While sound, lighting, and stage equipment are critical tenets of most event productions, we also offer much more specific event services and hire packages.

LED Screen Hire Surrey, London, Berkshire and Hampshire

LED screens and LED video walls continue to increase in popularity, thanks in large part to their versatility. Our high-resolution LED video wall screens grab attention and can give your event that stand-out factor. Whether you want a solid wall built or to separate the panels across a truss structure for a more abstract effect, our cost-effective LED screen hire can set your event off perfectly.

Perhaps you need to show footage of your event if your attendees need help viewing what’s taking place on stage. Or maybe you think they would add a perfect visual display to your lighting show. Either way, LED screen hire can give your event that extra little bit of je ne sais quoi. You can hire these flexible pieces of equipment either on their own or as part of a more comprehensive event production hire package.

Bespoke and Ready-Made Event Production Services

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to dry hire equipment from us, or you want to have us exclusively design, build and execute all aspects of your event production, we are always flexible to the meet the specific needs of our clients. In many cases, we listen to your requirements and recommend one of our “off the shelf” ready-made event production packages, which will include all manner of event sound and lighting equipment, and in some instances, staging and personnel too.

In other scenarios, we have to work with our clients to shape and refine the vision for their event. Completely starting from the ground up, going through each of the design, assembly, and implementation phases together. The truth of the matter is we’re happy to do either. If you know what you want, and just want to get a cost from us, that’s fine. If you would like us to walk you through everything you need to have your event run precisely as you had intended, we’ll do that for you too.

Our event production services team have literally “done it all” in this industry, in many cases getting the T-shirt too! Whether you’re putting together a crucial corporate conference in London, or you’re planning the wedding celebration of a lifetime in Berkshire, we can do almost anything within the event space.

What Makes the Sound and Lighting Hire Company Different for Event Production Hire?

While we could tell you all about how our customer-centric approach and attention to detail stand us apart (which is true by the way), it’s perhaps best to focus on more tangible aspects such as our inventory.

It might be hard to believe, but we own everything you see available for hire on this site. All of our equipment is stored on-site, and we’re continually inspecting, maintaining and rotating our stock to ensure the equipment we provide you with never lets you down. Over ten years since launching our business that’s still the case, and we pride ourselves on our flawless track record.

But in many ways, state-of-the-art equipment is only half the story. You could have the best sound and lighting equipment in the world, but if you don’t have expert sound engineers and lighting technicians to operate them, then it might not mean much. Our staff are used to working in high-pressure situations where getting it wrong isn’t an option. From corporate events to personal celebrations, we understand that getting it right matters and we take that a “that will do” approach. It’s excellence or nothing.

Best of all, we consider ourselves friendly and approachable. Whether you need some on the spot training for your speaker hire, or you need a technician to run the sound and lighting for the live band at your wedding, we are always on hand to listen to your needs and provide our professional service with a smile.

Finally, despite what we feel is a premier event production service, we are incredibly competitive on price. In many instances, we can’t be beaten anywhere in the UK for what we offer in terms of equipment and price. So why not get in touch to discuss what you might need for your next event? We’re here for you, seven days a week.