Wedding Lighting Costs With Surrey’s Leading Lighting Hire Company

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Wedding Lighting Costs With Surrey’s Leading Lighting Hire Company

The Wedding Lighting Costs How Much……?

Wedding lighting costs can vary greatly, and there are a few reasons for this. We created this guide to provide you with an overall impression of what you would expect to pay for your wedding lighting. Prices for lighting vary from vendor to vendor, so this guide uses industry-averages as a reference. Thorough understanding of wedding decor pricing would help you use your budget effectively. the best return for your investment!

Before we discuss lighting costs, let’s pause for a moment. To comprehend prices, you must first understand the functions that go with them. If you know what you’re after, stay the course! You may need to check out our lighting services page for illumination choices if you don’t know the difference between uplighting and pin-spots. Take a look at all the wonderful lighting possibilities over there to light your wedding.

What Is The Wedding Lighting Cost?

Wedding ceremony requirements may vary depending on the size of your event!

Watching The Confetti Rain!

The appearance of your location greatly depends on the type of lighting you use. It has an influence on your space that no other component can. The décor, the linens, and drapes are important, but lighting can completely transform your venue. Without good lighting, your guests will be unable to appreciate the details. Without being able to make out details in a dark room, the attention to a lovely centrepiece is difficult to sustain. In some weddings, particularly daytime ceremonies, it is not required to use lighting. If you’re going to be a part of a large majority of the weddings, you may want to consider lighting. For reference, the majority of tents don’t come with little to no lighting. A neat traditional appearance can enhance the overall look of a wedding décor. Informal translation: It’s best to use freestanding bistros for covering big, uncovered outdoor affairs

Decide on your lighting budget with care. Uplighting can be used in almost all cases, but not all. If the colour doesn’t fit your theme, this is perfect! Practical and elegant methods of wall covering: if you want to cover something up, pipe and drape is an elegant and beautiful means of concealment

Allocating Money For Wedding Lighting

Getting a quote from one of the designers will give you a fast estimate of what your wedding lighting budget will be. It will only take a moment for our designers to return! To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, we’ve included some industry data below.

What Is The Wedding Lighting Cost?

Light up the entire ballroom Between £200 and £500

A texture cost: £50 to £300 for each light pattern

Pipe and Drape: £250 – £250

Pinpoint lighting: £75 – £95

Lights: £250 to £700

Pendants: between £25 and £45

Stage lighting: £1,000 and up

You should keep in mind that these costs do not include the delivery charges. Generally, labour costs £400 – £700, but if your project is big, then additional technicians will be required. Generally, the cost of delivery is between £80 and £250, but may vary depending on the distance.

Most People Buy Lighting For Weddings?

Newlyweds are often shocked by the cost of wedding ceremony lighting. Would you like to do it? Regardless of whether you’re going through financial hardship or not, you must still spend money on your flowers and/or on nice stationary, or they won’t be happy. There are times when only one or two types of lighting are required. An inexpensive single-purpose feature, such as uplighting or a small bistro is probably your best bet. It will add a stunning glow and light for your guests to the room. We usually recommend that couples spend between £2,000 and £3,000 on a small event. A small bistro lighting will suffice for your wedding that is held inside a 40 x 60 foot tent. At around £2,000 to £3,500 for a mid-sized, multi-featured wedding. This describes most of the weddings. The costs of large and lengthy events vary greatly, so don’t expect to know the exact price during the early stages of the planning process.

What Does Lighting Wedding Lighting Cost

The pin-spots draw attention to the lovely centrepiece of your wedding decor.

Doing the most with your money

More venues and DJs are willing to give reasonable discounts to couples for lighting. These prices are usually attractive, but there are a few things to consider. Many £1,000 and £2,000 venue and DJ lights are available for individual and group rental. Often, you’s get a lower price with a reduced quality. While the lighting in this room is of questionable quality, there are numerous issues with it. Red, Green, and Blue light LEDs also come from various sources. this influences the colour of the lights A lot of shows use images of lighting that are part of a professional lighting programmes and advertise that as such. Many would edit the images heavily in order to make them look better.

In addition, skilled lighting companies utilise higher-quality equipment for various environments. More often than not, you will get uplighting from a DJ that is not a high-quality. There is no reason to believe that lighting should be any different. The question has to be asked: look at it this way: A lower-priced catering option can be found at a fast food establishment. That and what you would expect from a luxury caterer is the same, but what you can get from a high-end caterer is different

The Cost Of Wedding Pinpotting

What kind of lighting is used for weddings?

wedding decorations are one of the most cost-effective ways to turn your space into a setting for a wedding It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your venue. Remember, your party will be remembered by what you do with your lights. Everything from the clothes you’re wearing to the cake is impacted by lighting. The quality of the lighting can completely transform your venue, greatly improve the mood and photo opportunities for your guests, and enhance your decor. Please see our wedding lighting hire packages here 

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