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One of the most crucial aspects in organising a business event is deciding what type of lighting setup to use and how to make sure it suits perfectly to the occasion, whether it’s a product launch, a conference or a trade show. Hard sets are no longer the only option for creating remarkable corporate event environment. Of course, you can always have the option to resort to a DIY or perhaps rely to the in-house event lighting available.

What makes the right lighting essential to your event is that it will tell your audience where to set their attention to the most appropriate areas of the room, build the perfect business event atmosphere, and eventually set the stage for the occasion. In a conference event for example, you want to make sure that your audience will stay engaged and focused on the speaker from the very beginning of the event until the end. So to be able to do that, you want to think of ways to effectively play with your  lighting setup.

In this blog post, we have put together some important points on how to get started with your event lighting setup, lighting mistakes to avoid to improve your overall setup of your upcoming corporate event. 

Before going over the specifics of your event lighting,

you must first consider the size and type of your venue location, as well as the number of guests who will be attending, when selecting the right lighting system for you. A simpler, less dramatic setup may be suited for a small, indoor venue. While a more extravagant, high-end lighting fixture may be required for a bigger venue with a large-scale crowd. 

And the first take-away? At all costs, do not go for glaring white fluorescent lamps. These are extremely irritating to the eyes and can cause your audience tiredness and distorted vision especially in a conference or a seminar event. Delegates are often uplifted and energised by soft, warm lighting around the sides or natural lighting from windows.

With more than a decade of experience, The Sound & Light Hire Company is an expert in delivering creative and customised event lighting solutions. The company has been setting the standard for event lighting design in Surrey and London and we have the portfolio to back it up. We take pride in our dedication to delivering the best lighting service possible for our clients and their events.

It’s not just about flipping on a light switch for us

but most importantly building a good working relationship with our clients that lead to a perfectly tailored lighting design that maximise effect and generate an unforgettable atmosphere on their business events. Moreover, we are a full-service events production company for all your lighting needs as one of the largest event services provider in the area. 

Any corporate event must establish a professional appearance and one way to achieve such is to consider an intelligent moving light setup that can be adjusted from bright to dim or transitioning room lighting to draw concentration to the hosts or guests speakers who will be on stage.   

The Sound & Light Hire Company specializes in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technology

with over 15 different styles of LED uplighters available for both indoor and outdoor use, in both LED bar and LED par can formats. Renting lighting equipment with features mentioned above will be worth your budget to be able to set the right mood to your conference. 

And finally, another important aspect in event lighting setup that most event organisers tend to neglect is the lighting truss system or rigging. You want to make sure that your attendees are not only having a productive time but also safe while your corporate event is taking place. You do not want to deal with any of them tripping over scrambled lighting wires and cords. That’s why a professional event lighting company is essential in your event. The Sound & Light Hire Company can take care of this for you. We only use Global F34 box truss as well as F34 truss section among the wide array of other lighting trus system we have readily available for rent on any of your events, not just on a conference event but as well as on wedding receptions and live music festivals. 

Learn more about the technicalities of every event equipment and understand the impact it can bring to your event by checking out our services and find out how we turn every event into a memorable experience for our clients and their attendees.

Now that we have shared some of the factors you need to look out for when deciding on your event lighting system keep in mind that lighting is merely one aspect in any business engagement event that can make a huge difference overall. Without an impressive stage setup or a top-quality A/V system, your lighting hire may be ineffective. We offer specific special packages for  conference events that cover your staging needs and A/V system specification. These packages include a fully-equipped setup from microphones, amplifiers and even backline event equipment hire needed to run a show.

If you want to avoid any event planning stress and rely to an events company instead which can truly deliver and meet your expectations, The Sound & Light Hire Company has been tried and tested by many clients throughout the years. We have team of sound and light technicians who are proven experts in their respective fields and are flexible to work with basically all types of events such as trade shows, wedding events and  many more. We also share some basic knowledge of the brands and event equipment our clients need to know for their event. 

We will be glad to cater to any of your event needs that next time you will be having one. From an intimate birthday bash to as large as a music festival event, we definitely have all the right equipment for you. Contact us now to help you get started! 

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Event Lighting & How Lighting Can Transform Your Party

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Event Lighting & How Lighting Can Transform Your Party

It is always possible to underestimate the role of lighting in a case. When done correctly, the way a space is absolutely transformed can be one of the most efficient methods. It will help create a lot greater mood than any amount of thematic props or table decorations.

Here are a few examples of how the multiple lighting should be used to build the wow factor that the participants deserve!

Up lightning lights may be used to cast colour splashes around an area. They can be used to illustrate the main characteristics of a room you like, while cleverly distracting the eyes from those which might not be so visually attractive. In this case the light uplights were used to look at the incredible architectural features of this amazing structure in the glorious room of the Natural History Museum.

Decor for Light Up

Lighting is becoming more and more common, particularly with light-up letters, as seen above. In this case, the letters offered the participants a great photo opportunity to document the experience and to be a true focal point on the exhibition floor. They deliver a comparatively cheap means of displaying your brand or main message which is also spread across all social media channels.

Lighting For Your Event

Event lighting doesn’t necessarily require light bulbs, lamps and unstable floor lights, which all come with wires you choose to mix into the background. There are now lots of ways to display the lighting’s fixtures and fittings! A few examples of lighting that needs to be central are fairy lamps, Edison light bulbs and neon icons and words. Here, the flickering fairy lights produce an almost surreal look and change what is only a bare, boring barn. This kind of lighting would be ideal for a wedding breakfast in combination with long trestle table tables, rustic flowers and the antique dressings. Make sure you check out the new disco lighting hire package on the website, we have spend a long time making sure we get this right!

Wireless Uplighting & Mood Lighting

Color has an immense effect on your mood and will quickly give your attendants the impression they want to share. Lighting will almost immediately change the colour of a room. As you can see in the photographs above, the orange environment works to close the room, warm it up and make it feel smaller and more intimate. In contrast, the cool blue colour options on the right side make it look bigger, opener, and even more clinical.
Developing an illumination strategy, think of where you want the main lighting points and which areas of atmosphere and lighting are of the utmost importance. You must realise where this is happening.

A visit to the site is advised in order to get an understanding of the scale of the location where light fixtures may need to be installed, what the site rules with respect to wall fixings or floors, and where the power points lie.

Event Lighting Tip : Understand what equipment you need

In general, most new lighting systems are LED, but some venues do have installed lighting systems. Your lighting kit consists of a variety of lighting equipment, including disco lights, uplighting lights and other equipment which transforms even the blandest party site in combination with a lighting designer.

Event Lighting: Spotlights & wedding pin spotting

Obviously, if you run conferences and seminars, the emphasis is on the stage, and it should be lit appropriately. Venues often have their own basic lighting systems, but in order to add a professional look and atmosphere to your event, ensure that all speakers are appropriately lit on stage with spots and that the audience space is darker and more ambient.

Make sure the plenary room is coloured in a way that does not impact presentations on the stage – Congo Blue is also an outstanding choice here. However, if they wish, you will have to adjust the lighting standard for the public to write notes.

Conference Stage Lighting

Use of the stage or colour
Wash lighting is used to flood a room with colour and illumination. It can be used on a stage to illuminate the area. It can also be used in an environment you wish to showcase if you have an exhibit room. Color cleansing will echo your colours or simply be a simple white light.

Lighting Event Tip for your event uplighters:
Uplights are earth-based lights that allow the illumination of certain characteristics such as banners or signs. Again, in various colour combos they can be very easily used to bring more excitement to a case.

Modern lights are operated by batteries, which eliminate cable or trip risk concerns. This ensures they will be used in environments which were not available or known to be hazardous for older wired fixtures for as long as this is secure.

Of course, you must still make sure both devices are put in a sensitive protected location, wireless or otherwise, as part of your schedule.

Lighting effects of Gobos

If at the next business function you just want to take advantage of lighting, think about the consequences that an audience may have.

Gobos are lights which can stream into your event area with your company logo or patterned designs. Gobos may either be static or mobile or fade in and out. You may use gobos to projecte light patterns to the ceiling to produce a surreal feeling inside a room if you are having an evening drinks event.

You may also literally take the logo and project it onto the venue walls, or the hashtag of the event. You can do this by using moving gobos if you want to make a light display.

Enjoy the colours of the lighting

You don’t have to be plain white for your lighting. It can easily represent your business and brand name. Color also enables you to build various areas inside the event room and it is nice to help visitors locate the location they need.

To welcome a friend to the ‘Green Zone’ for networking purposes is even better than to ask him to obey the signals. Create dramatic messages with a cued lighting that captures the attention of the public and gives them a sense of excitement.

Lighting Tip: Lighting from day to night

Colored lighting will really make a space feel like an environment. To set the mood for each event section, you use multiple coloured lights and colour washes and transition the illumination effects from day to night if the guests remain on for drinks and networking.

Event Lighting Tip: Lighting in event lighting & TV filming

If you capture or live stream the day’s case, it’s worth checking that the lighting people communicate with their lighting specifications for filming with videographers.

You would want to make sure you record the incident well and that no dark spots are noticed when you see the video. This will entail some modifications to the initial design to ensure that the specifications are fulfilled as well.

Smart lighting

If you use an adaptive lighting system to change the lighting accordingly, all the event lighting will be preprogrammed. It allows the lighting to easily adjust during the case, allowing the day to flow smoothly.

Lighting Tip Event: Use light and sound

It is very easy to connect the sound and light systems together so that they can ‘speak’ to one another if you schedule an experiential experience, and choose to do a little bit more.

For instance, you can capture, process and output a basic hashtag tweeted by someone at an event in the form of a siren or you can use a sound alarm to begin playing the video.

You should also use music associated with the lighting by changing the lighting from white to green. The versatility to allow these structures to speak to each other will lead to any event being engaging and forward-looking.

Project mapping Event Lighting Tip

A more and more interesting idea is projection mapping with a truly modern feel, to get the event to the next level.

In other words, take a simple 3D model and project live animation and gestures onto the top, bring it to life and add the wow factor to a launch or presentation.

Projection mapping of things like vehicles where you can deploy a new electric car, or something similar, is increasingly common. The specification is the true secret to projection visualisation.

The time required to prepare and draw up the map would contribute to unbelievable results. Know that you must get the majority of the lighting in the first place to make the full use of projection visualisation.

The lighting of events is a major part of the location

Good event lighting can be set up to any budget – consider first, speak to the location and get guidance from an event manager and lighting designer. Share the thoughts with a specialist and you can discover that your visitors will be delighted with even the simplest lighting solutions, if they do well.

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