The Sound & Light Hire Company Gets Ready For a Busy Summer As Events Open Back Up

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The Sound & Light Hire Company Is Gearing Up For A Busy Summer With Events & Parties

In the midst of the worldwide lockdown, it’s enticing for all of us to believe that the pandemic will disappear in no time—at least in some places—with all being freed from the yoke of lockdowns. And in Surrey, life is slowly getting back to normal. As summer is just around the corner, everybody just wants to resume planning their postponed events and celebrations. 

Same is true at The Sound & Light Hire Company. We are jam-packed with events on events as the summer season is fast approaching. We have bookings of all types of events (weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences, product launches) ligned up for the next couple of months to cater to. And if you are planning to host an event soon, here are some of the event equipment and  services we offer that you might need. 

Lighting Hire 

The Sound and Light Hire Company is a leading supplier for event lighting needs within Surrey and London. We have served different clients with our various lighting setup in Surrey, Berkshire, and London. Our wide range of lighting equipment hire come from trusted and high-end brands that allowed us to deliver profitable and impactful events in the last 20 plus years. Here’s a short rundown of the lighting services we have for you: 

We specialize in the most cutting-edge LED lighting technologies, stocking over 15 different styles of LED uplighters for both indoor and outdoor applications in both LED bar and LED par can formats. We’re also one of the first hire companies in the UK to provide the 200w COB LED zoom fresnel, which we expect will eventually replace all ETC Source 4 fresnels in the next two years owing to a few main advantages.This latest 200w COB (Chip On Board) technology makes lighting fixtures light-weight, brighter, and more practical to purchase so you don’t need any dimmers or disco light. And these lighting effects just draw 1.1a from the mains, compared to 6.3a for a regular ETC Source 4! When you hang 10 ETC Source 4s, you’ll quickly wish they were half the weight and just need 13 ETC Source 4s.

Following that, we have a huge stock of R5 beams! Although these aren’t Clay Paky sharpies, they’re the nearest thing to a sharpie beam available on the rental market right now. Many event lighting companies resorted to China and “invested” in full rip-offs of the Clay Paky sharpie, but within a year, these rental companies discovered that they were so cheap and then eventually stopped working. In our case, we only use a UK-based brand called Prolight. We went with their Xperior R5 beam fixture because it is quick, powerful (our R5s use the same Philips MSD platinum 5r lamp as the Clay Paky fixtures), and most importantly, efficient.

Sound Hire 

Another very important element in a party that is practical for you to invest to would have to be your sound system. Over the years, we’ve had several different brands of PA systems on hand, allowing us to try out a variety of speakers. This has provided us with a thorough knowledge of what fits best in our business and the sound systems our clients favor.

We currently have our active EV ZLX speakers in stock, which are ideal for smaller groups and can be configured with a pair of subwoofers for more bass or to simply cover a wider number of people. Our RCF active speakers are the next step up, and are ideal for medium-sized events such as a marquee wedding or a small outdoor music performance. Taking things a step further, we have our high-end, flexible PA, the d&b Audiotechnik Q1 or Q7, which most people are familiar with. These units, along with the Q subs that go with them, are known for their sound quality as well as their flexibility in terms of what they can be used for.

Because of their scalability, the D&B Audiotechnik systems can be used for anything from intimate gatherings to major outdoor festivals this Summer season. These systems are designed for a variety of events, including executive gatherings, award shows, weddings, and live music concerts to name a few.


Most of the events we have plotted this summer are leaning towards parties that may need some specific equipment to give life and create a party atmosphere. We have a few hire packages in store for you that will suit any of your specific needs.

We have LED Starlit Dance floor package that will perfectly match a summer party event. Party-goers can enjoy the dancefloor the entire night. The dancefloor is available in black and white and has hundreds of tiny LEDs that will light up and sparkle in your venue reception.. 

Another essential element for a summer party is the DJ booth. We offer a wide range of in-stock DJ equipment such as Pioneer CDJs, Allen & Heath mixers, and Mackie monitors. Each piece of our DJ equipment has been specifically selected to suit the needs of every venue, from the smallest bar to the largest concert hall.

And finally, to complete your party theme that will definitely keep your guests shaking and grooving, we offer you the Disco Party Lighting package. This kit includes our Equinox Revolution lights as well as our three-in-one moonflower, strobe, and laser effect fixtures, as well as a smoke machine to get the most out of these lights. It couldn’t be simpler to set up; all you have to do is bolt your lights to the supplied T-Bar and plug them in. It’s as simple as 1,2,3! All of the lights are sound 2 light, which ensures that the small microphone built into the lights picks up the beats of the music and is synchronized in real time.

These are just some of the basic event equipment that you may need to hire on your next event. We have more in store for you here!

Summer is shaping to be a busy season, so contact The Sound & Light Hire Company with all of your audio visual, lighting and other party needs to make your event absolutely unforgettable!

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