The Sound & Light Hire Company Supply Event Production to Art Exhibition and Party at Joldwynds

Joldwynds Surrey

The Sound & Light Hire Company Supply Event Production to Art Exhibition and Party at Joldwynds

It’s fair to say that Joldwynds is one of the most unique event venues in all of Surrey. This Grade II listed building was built in the 1930s and features striking architecture. The one-of-a-kind venue sits on Holmbury Hill, boasting incredible views of the surrounding Surrey countryside. 

It was at this stunning location that there was a recent art exhibition-cum-party that we were tasked with helping on the event production side of things. Our event brief was split in two, with the first aspect focused on the exhibition and the second element that required our help was supplying and installing the technical infrastructure for the party and live entertainment.  

So let’s take you through our work, starting with the art exhibition. 

Event Lighting and Sound Equipment Supplied to Surrey Art Exhibition 

The exhibition was showcasing predominately interactive digital art installations, and we were contacted to help with a number of event production elements. The first of which was supplying and installing a number of flat screen TVs upon which the artists’ works would be displayed. We also helped with the sound element of some installations, providing PA speakers where necessary. 

Lastly, for some of the more traditional art pieces, we rigged pinspots above the pieces so that they could be shown in their best light as it were. With all of those elements taken care of, our team moved on to set up the event equipment for the party scheduled to take place immediately after the exhibition. 

Sound and Lighting Hire for Party at Surrey Mansion 

Once the art exhibition had come to a close, the paying guests were invited across to the other side of the property to listen to speeches from the artist and curators responsible for the exhibition before opening the floor up to the catered buffet, drinks, and eventual dancing. 

As you might have guessed, we were placed in charge of the entertainment element, namely the music. There was a small live band booked, and we helped them by supplying microphones, PA speakers, a couple of floor-based stage monitors, and power amps. 

We had one of our sound engineers on standby to oversee the mixing, and our lighting technicians had erected a few light stands upon which stage lighting fixtures were perched on top. Since the space was quite tight, we opted for a few spotlights, stage washes, and PAR cans

This tight-knit event was a resounding success, and it was lovely to see everyone celebrating their hard work in the months leading up to the exhibition. We were also completely in awe of this unusual venue and hope to be back again soon. 

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