LED Uplighting Has Gone Wireless; This Changes Everything!

One of the most popular forms of lighting, especially for weddings is LED uplighting. This beautiful luminescent glow casted upward against a wall and onto the ceiling of your venue creates a magical and timeless style of lighting that many others might not think to add. Our light and sound technicians have been working with these light features long enough to recognize all of the good qualities that they possess, and also are familiar with how to properly install and utilize the latest models.

Taking advantage of LED uplighting in its wireless form means that you are able to take a venue without this style of lighting and redesign the room to include it without needing to rewire anything or remove any other lighting. A standard venue with overhead lights can be transformed quickly and affordably into a romantic opalescent paradise in no time.

Many of our clients tend to lean on us for advice and opinions when selecting lighting and equipment for an event. This is because we are experts in our field and have been working with much of our sound, lighting, and stage equipment for more than a decade. We can offer some insight on which brands and products will work better in an outdoor setting, indoor setting, wedding, birthday party, fashion show, or rock concert. We have seen our clients pull off some extraordinary events using the items that we stock, and this includes our wireless LED uplighters.

Currently, we are serving a variety of townships including London, Portsmouth, Surrey, Essex, Ascot, Chertsey, and many surrounding areas. If you don’t see your region listed on our company website, don’t worry, we try not to limit ourselves to any one area in specific, so if you are nearby but don’t see your town or city on the list, feel free to ring us and ask about the possibility of renting our merchandise and services for your next event.

Often our wireless LED uplighters are used in a wedding reception setting, but many organizers also enjoy the effect that they bring to a business event. Conferences and charity auctions make a great venue for this style of lighting, and allow you to individualize your experience with different colours and brightness. You can view all of our lighting packages on our website, and see if any of the prepackaged offers include the pieces you require for your event.

By changing the lighting colours used in your uplighting, you can also quickly take an event from dinner to dancing. This helps cut back on access time or money being put into an additional venue, alternative room for dancing, or having to put up different lights between activities. Coloured lights are an especially wonderful touch to a theme wedding, where blues and greens can tie in nicely with a tropical vibe, or soft pink glows can create a romantic, heartfelt hue.

Wireless LED uplighters are one of our popular light options for otherwise subdued settings, so we ask that clients interested in hiring them for parties and gatherings, call in advance to place a hold on them. We want to provide each of our customers with exactly what they need when they need it, so it helps us to have an order in place that gives us times and dates so our equipment isn’t hired out when you need it. Delivery and setup are not a problem with uplighting or any other equipment, and you can learn a great deal about the timing and headcount that each items works best for.

One thing that we pride ourselves on is having the best brand names for tried and tested results with each piece of equipment. Our wireless LED uplighting is no exception, and this means that you can trust the technology we use, even if it is wireless. Some people have reservations about wireless devices for fear that outages might occur, or they may not function the way that a wired fixture might. With wireless LED uplighting, this is not an issue to worry about, each of our products are tested before going out to a venue so we know it will light up and do just what you want it to do each and every time.