How A Staging Hire Company Can Make An Impact On Your Next Festival Concert

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Looking For A Festival Stage Hire Company With A Proven Track Record? Keep Reading About The Staging Services Available

Growing and developing a band is a huge undertaking. While producing music that will hit must  have to be the prime focus, it will not be the only factor that demands attention and effort in gaining traction to the music industry. 

Staging your gig, especially if it is going to be your debut performance, must have tedious and careful planning in order for  you to wow your audience and gain re-attendees in your future concerts. While a  lot of otherwise new and emerging bands in the scene would opt to personally stage their own gig to cut cost, there will be a greater risk of maybe a technical issue along the performance and worse, the overall success of the band will be put at risk.

This is where The Sound & Light Hire Company comes in.

We are a professional events production hire service that has helped produce successful concerts and live performances for various bands across Surrey, Hampshire and London. We have a full-gear of staging equipment particularly configured for a band concert event. With our qualified sound and light engineers and events personnel working in our team, we make sure that every detail of your live performance is in place and ready to put on a show! When you turn to a credible full-service event hire company like us, you get every bit of professional help to put on a stellar show.  

In this blog post, we have put together some guidelines and  key points you need to know as a band when it comes to setting up your stage for your next gig! For a complete list of the event equipment and services we offer for a mobile stage setting, go to

Before jumping into planning your stage design, you must first finalize your location. Is it an indoor or outdoor venue? How large is your expected audience? And so on. Knowing the type of place you will be putting your structure on will allow your event staging hire to determine how large of a space they will be working with and the lay-out they will need to customize for your event (i.e., where the stage will be facing.) By knowing the location first, this will also prepare us to secure the type of materials required to ensure  a solid and sturdy platform that will be able to support the setup and the number of musicians estimated to be on stage. This factor is really important as we always want to prioritize the safety of the performers and avoid any liability during the entire duration of the event. 

The Sound and Light Hire Company offers flexible staging packages for all types of concert locations and sizes requirements.

Starting from a stage setup that is 6 meters wide by 4 meters deep and with a height from 40 cm to 60 cm. All our setup are fully-equipped with handrails, steps and legs.

Moreover, if you are planning to do an outdoor concert, we can also put up an outdoor covered stage for you. This type of stage is relatively bigger (8 meters by 6 meters) as it is perfect for an audience ranging from 1000-4000 people. This comes with a ground based truss system with a roof covering for this bandstand and is available at a starting rate of £499.00 only. For larger outdoor covered festival stages please see Outdoor Stages who are based in the UK as well

Another valuable reason why it is important to hire a professional events production company is that they can essentially help you with the acoustics of your venue. They have the knowledge and years of experience to provide you with advice on what suits perfectly for your performance. The staging layout will also be in a way in such the band can perfectly hear themselves play, paving the way for a great and successful show. They are also fully aware that an indoor venue location may produce a better sound quality and an outdoor setup, on the other hand, may require multiple and special PA systems that will result to a top-quality sound output giving your audience a remarkable concert experience and leaving a lasting impression from your performance. Having a team you can fully trust that will run the technical aspect of your show contributes greatly in the success of your gig since you cannot do this on your own while you are due on stage to perform. 

In addition, when you choose a full-service events production hire,

it will practically help you save money, time and effort looking from one firm to another for some specific demands of your concert performance. Because aside from the staging service, you would also need a PA system that will meet the  requirements of your chosen venue location.

This does not only mean an audio equipment, but entails a complete sound setup from monitor systems, power amps, mixing desks, microphones operated by a professional sound engineer which The Sound & Light Hire Company specializes in. Our equipment are branded and well-maintained to ensure we deliver premium event production services across Surrey, Hampshire and London. And not just that, our backline equipment hire packages are readily available for bands and clients who need some guitar or bass amp hire as well as high-quality drums set and keyboards needed for their performance. You may reach out to us for these queries as we have a wide array of in-house event equipment inventory. Check out this section of The Sound & Light Hire Company website to learn more about the hire packages we currently offer 

And finally, to complete the overall production setup for your live performance, we have a variety of lighting and AV systems options you may choose from that will match your theme. You can expect our stage lighting setup to transform the overall look of your stage and our engineers can play with these effects to highlight the important parts of your performance. Our inventory range from spotlights to laser lights And LED lights to LED walls and panels that will definitely provide your audience a better viewing experience of your performance, if you need LED video wall for your conference please see this London screen hire company. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has been doing this for more than 15 years now and we guarantee that we are top-tier in the industry. If you’re looking for a corporate events company that can build you a stage for your conference then please visit On Tour Events provide staging & event equipment across London * we have worked with them over the years the best of what our team can offer thus, keeping us on top of our game. We also provide services for other events such as weddings, conferences, gala nights and many more! Learn more about our packages by following