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When it comes to event planning, stage setup should be one of the top considerations. It’s important to concentrate on the specifications (i.e. structure/layout/dimension) of your stage if you want your conference to effectively deliver its message across your audience. If you’re hosting a  large business conference with, let’s say, 500+ attendees or a niche forum with a smaller audience, your stage configuration plays an important aspect. You want your stage to come to life that will match your branding and message

The stage design has a lot of different components, and it’s vital to make sure you’re getting the most out of each stage rental. It’s difficult to decide what would be the perfect fit for your event with so many choices available today in the market.

 Read on to learn more about the importance of a stage design as well as some of our conference equipment hire to be able to produce an impactful event.

There are various types of stage configurations that you can play with depending on the kind of event you’re conducting and what the agenda entails. Until deciding on a single-stage hire, experiment with a few different layouts and see what works best. 

If you need any professional help with your stage setup or any of your conference equipment needs, you may reach our team from The Sound & Light Hire Company.

We stock a complete range of Staging hire and AV hire in Surrey and have been in the business for around 20 years. Our team is composed of sound and light technicians with many years of experience under their belt so you are assured that your event is handled by professionals.

You want your event to flow smoothly and seamlessly. Moreso, you don’t want a sporadic layout. When it comes to corporate stage design, you want your décor to complement what’s already on stage without distracting your audience. A corporate event backdrop design is used in many corporate stage projects. The key theme of your stage design, for example, maybe an expanded company logo that runs the length of the wall behind your stage. Alternatively, if your business gathering is a meeting, you’ll need to set up a conference table setup. This will encourage you to concentrate more on the tables and seating you’ll be using directly on stage. With whatever event you’re organizing, make sure the stage design contributes to the overall cohesiveness rather than detracting from it. We frequently discover that less is always enough.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for your stage layout, you may bring further enjoyable design features to it. Your stage’s design elements should all work together to create the environment you like. Your on-stage props should be enhanced by your stage backdrop. The environment created by your podium should be similar to the atmosphere created by your seating. All should have a distinct and unified function. Any design factor, including your LED screen, should be deliberate. 

We also offer the AF3 high-resolution indoor/outdoor 3.9mm small-pixel-pitch LED video wall panels.

These LED displays are ideal for displaying high-resolution HD content to your consumers or clients. If you’re standing 1 meter or 10 meters back the video quality would be crystal clear. Furthermore, the angling option can be used to create something really out of the ordinary.

In addition, we have offer packages dedicated to conference events-Conference Hire Package. Below are brief descriptions of the sub-packages: 

Conference Hire Package Option 1 

We have put this package together aimed towards your smaller conferences or presentations.

 Super easy to use & operate, it’s what we like to describe as ‘plug & play’

If required, the speakers can be used for background music during interludes by simply plugging them into a laptop, tablet, or any other computer with a headphone jack.

2x Mackie SRM 450v2 speaker cabinets

1x ViewSonic PJD5211 DLP projector

1x Tripod projector screen ( 6ft x 4ft )

1x Shure SM58 microphone

2x Speaker stands

All the power & signal cables your need for your event plus a free iPod lead to allow for laptop playback.

Conference Hire Package Option 2

This kit is perfect for medium to large-scale presentations where you want to make a big impression on your visual and audio quality.

To ensure that everyone concerned has a good vision of the relevant material seen, a wide 8ft x 6ft rear projection screen and two massive 52′ plasma screens on 1.5-meter truss podiums were used.

Also included is a lectern for your head speaker alongside a radio microphone which gives the most convenience of movement. The included speakers can also be used with a phone/laptop or any device with a headphone socket to play any background music needed for interludes or while people are being seated.

2x Samsung 52″ plasma screen + stand

2x Mackie 450 speakers

2x Speaker stands

1x Shure ULXP4 Wireless Microphone

1x Mackie profx12 mixing desk

1x Litedeck lectern

1x 8ft x 6ft Projector screen

1x HDMI short throw Projector

All the power and signal cables your need for your event plus a free iPod lead to allow for laptop playback.

With too many choices, deciding on the right stage design and LED/plasma screen hire for your business conference can be challenging. Allow The Sound & Light Hire Company to do the work for you as we have produced various corporate events of the like over the years. Let us join you in your event planning process by contacting us today. Whether you want a simple stage design for a smaller group or a more complicated immersive stage where speakers can engage the audience, we will help you build your desired setup. We are also fully-equipped to supply you with every piece of tool you will be needing to run an event.

Feel free to browse our hire packages to see more services we offer!

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