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Hire LED Furniture From For Your Garden Party From Surrey’s Leading Event Hire Company

There are a variety of ways to make your garden party celebration memorable. A lot goes into planning- deciding on a date, a theme, and the perfect venue for this occasion. The majority of us, if not all, are unaware that LED Furniture can make a great impact in your garden party-whether it’s for a wedding, birthday celebration or a small gathering.

LED furniture rental is the way to go if you want to make your garden party stand out from the rest. Imagine the party taking place outdoors at night, with only the colourful LED pieces strewn about as a source of light. You don’t think it’s possible? What you’d discover would astound you. LED furniture has come a long way from the days when drab old cubes were the only options we have. 

What’s great about LED furniture is its flexibility. They’re ideal for brightening up drab rooms, bringing an edgy touch to the setting, and leaving a lasting impression on those that attended. LED furniture can be used to enhance space-themed events, LED pieces are suitable for 90s discos, and nighttime parties can be effortlessly transformed.

If you haven’t kept up with the advancement of LED furniture, you would be astounded by the incredible technologies this element has to bring. You’d be shocked at the pieces available if you haven’t kept up with the progress of LED furniture.

The Sound & Light Hire Company, which has been in the event production business for over 20 years, is known for its extensive equipment portfolio and thorough research of tried and tested brands that we use for our clients’ events. You don’t have to second-guess entrusting your garden party to us because our team consists of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields.

You’ll still be able to choose the right match for any event with such a large range to choose from. We have a huge selection of furniture to pick from, so regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, if you need any equipment, we’ll have it. It’s not a problem if you just need to use one LED cube or one LED table. Any of our equipment comes with a remote control that can be programmed to sit on one color or switch between them. Below are three of the main pieces of LED furniture we are offering that will best suit your garden party: 


Our LED cubes are a fantastic way to wow your guests and make your event stand out from the crowd, and they couldn’t be simpler to use. They come fully charged with a battery life of up to 10 hours, and all you have to do is push a button on the supplied remote control to select either a static color or a slow fade between colors.

Unlike any other cubes on the market, our LED cubes have the additional advantage of a very soft padded leather top, making them much more effective for long stretches of sitting.


These LED poseur tables are a lovely addition to every celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, a business gathering, or a wedding.

Whatever the occasion, these poser tables will add a touch of elegance and charm. The fact that these poser tables are battery-operated eliminates the need for unsightly wires, and the long battery life ensures that they can outlast even the longest of activities.


A mobile LED bar is the ideal way to welcome all of your guests in your garden party, not only does it look great, but it also has functional features like under-counter storage and ice chest options.

This 4-Meter diameter bar comes with a remote control that allows you to choose a static color or a slow fade between colors if you want. With an 8-10 hour battery life, this bar will last you through even the longest evening activities.


Complete your LED-themed garden party setup with a stylish DJ booth that is both sleek and trendy. Our LED DJ booth rental packages have a durable shelf, self-supporting cross bar, and everything is packaged in a neat, easy-to-carry bag, so there are no extra parts to miss or miss. The setup takes about 3 minutes, and we’ll teach you how to do it before you leave the rental store.

We also offer LED Screen hire and a large selection of lighting fixtures on hand, so we can help with any part of your garden party and you can save time and money by dealing with only one supplier. 

Our high-resolution LED video wall screens draw everyone’s attention and take your garden party to the next level. Another explanation why display screens/video walls are becoming more common is their usability. If you want a concrete wall or a more symbolic influence, you can split the panels over a truss frame.

The AF3 high definition indoor/outdoor 3.9mm small pixel pitch touring spec LED video wall panels are available from The Sound & Light Hire Company. These LED displays are ideal for displaying high-resolution HD content to your consumers or clients. Your video quality will be crystal clear if you’re standing 1 meter or 10 meters apart. Additionally, the angling feature can be used to make something truly special; we’ve found that curving panels around a DJ booth or a wide flown circle of LED screen is a unique way to use this feature.

Another factor we needed to stock IP-rated video screens is that they go well with stages for outdoor functions such as a garden party. The screens can be installed on either side of one of our outdoor covered platforms, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your event’s needs.

The Sound & Light Hire Company is a leading full-service event production company in Surrey, Guildford, and Berkshire, and we’re proud of the work we do. We don’t just provide support and supplies for our clients’ activities with our vast selection of LED furniture and event equipment rental; we also save them time, money, and commitment by eliminating the need to hop from one company to another.

Incorporating your garden party with LED furniture will probably be the best decision yet and there’s no other company like The Sound & Light Hire Company that can provide you with the most efficient service in the region. Contact us today and we will be glad to supply your event with a full range of in-house event equipment hire in Surrey. 

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