What To Do When The Wedding Lighting Isn’t What You Expected

Unfortunately, for many brides and grooms, it can be easier said than done to organise and assemble a dream wedding. This is especially true when you’re trying to skimp and scrape on the budget to leave some much needed cash for the honeymoon. While it might seem like the end of the road, when your wedding lighting isn’t necessarily what you expected, if you recognise the mistakes in time, you may be able to fix it with some wedding lighting hire from The Sound & Light Hire Company.

Here at The Sound & Light Hire Company we pride ourselves on having the best and brightest of all event equipment, and this includes lighting and sound for wedding receptions and other parties. This means that if you find yourself in a pinch with improper lighting at the venue that you have chosen, you don’t have to panic, The Sound & Light Hire Company can help. I

One thing that you should know is that the sooner we know about your lighting needs the better, so if you find out that the perfect wedding venue doesn’t quite cast the glow that you wanted, contacting us as soon as you can is in your best interest. This gives us the opportunity to find the lights that you need, put them aside for you to hire, and get them to your location on time.

Choosing The Right Lighting

With wedding lighting, there really aren’t any rules; where some couples prefer to go soft and subtle; others are all about the strobes, disco balls, and starlit dance floors. If you want an opinion on what might best suit your current theme, all of the staff here at The Sound & Light Hire Company are trained, and have years of experience behind them in the setup and organisation of our party and event equipment. Speaking to a representative over the telephone or e-mail might help clear up some questions and concerns, or completely change the concept you have envisioned as far as lighting goes.

One way that you can get an idea about what we have to offer, and what might suit your style and taste is by taking a glance at our website, particularly the stock list, and packages page. Our different lighting packages might offer some illumination on what you need, or inspire you to create an even more eventful reception. One particularly popular fixture that many couples choose to explore on their wedding day is our selection of lighting displays, which cast different designs on the walls of your venue. This can be a very romantic and whimsical touch, especially when paired with the starlit dance floor hire.

Budgeting For The Best

For many, a wedding is the most important day in history, and this means that it deserves to be remembered, but creating lasting memories can cost quite a few pounds, and you don’t want to spend where you don’t have to. By investing in the above mentioned lighting packages rather than selecting your wedding lighting fixtures one at a time, you can save money, and save yourself some time. You will also notice that many of our packages explain how long it takes to setup and dismantle, as well as the number of guests that each package will be suitable for. This can help you decide if our lighting packages will be enough for your venue before they are installed. This can save you disappointment and money in the long run.

Deciding how much money you have to work with before calling us here at The Sound & Light Hire Company can also help greatly. By having a number in mind, it allows us to select your lighting fixtures based on your price point, rather than creating a new one of our own. We can easily select cheaper fixtures, or try to find a bundled package that will work for you without you needing to overspend.

At The Sound & Light Hire Company we want to create clients for life, so that when it comes time to throw that next retirement party or wedding reception, we are the company that you think of in terms of best price, quality products, and friendly staff. For more information on any of our wedding lighting, or to inquire about the other items we have in stock, please contact us online. If your after a custom, bespoke lighting design then would suggest taking a look over this company as they specialize in 3D rendering & technical lighting designs for weddings mainly, we also have worked with this company on a number of events & they do some pretty amazing things when it comes to lighting & different lighting designs www.ontourevents.co.uk (based in London) – Of course we can hire you the lighting equipment but we don’t currently offer any 3D rendering services.