Essential Lighting Setup Checklist For Your Wedding Reception

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Growing up, we always dreamed of having a fairy-tale-like wedding where we are dressed in a dazzling bridal gown and in your sight you see the most exuberant embellishments of your wedding venue. But reality hits you with sleepless nights, eternal checklists and crazy deadlines to beat as you prepare for your own wedding day. As everybody wants this day to be a memory that will be cherished forever, we all need to go through the most thorough and stressful wedding planning process to get everything perfect and polished on the day of the event. 

For your venue location to fully establish a breathtaking scene without spending a fortune, consider having a well-executed event lighting equipment stationed strategically in your setup. So here, we give you some wedding lighting essentials you need to have to elevate your wedding reception to the next level!


Probably  the easiest, most practical type of wedding event lighting is the Fairy Lights. It can turn your entire venue to  having a romantic, dreamy look by not doing too much and just simply draping the fairy lights around their venue. And voila! An easy transformation of your setup. Furthermore, fairy lights also look wonderful in your wedding photos. 

One functional purpose as to why you should consider incorporating Fairy Lights to your overall theme is that it can serve as a room divider to the less glamorous areas of your venue where you don’t want your guests to see and visit. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company stocks around 200 meters of wedding fairy lighting that can bed pretty much any regular venues out there and uses an HO7- grade of cable making it adjustable (move and bend) according to your preference. And what’s more, our Fairy LEDs are a high gratefully IP rated lighting fixture which means it is safe to use them on any outdoor wedding venues. These lights will also look neat and slick when installed as they come in 10 meters section without having you having to worry about any power shortage  since it only requires one power supply to keep the 100 meters fairy lighting from working.


Another wedding lighting system that is similar to fairy lights are the String Festoon Lights which is becoming more and more popular in the wedding events industry. This type of lighting serves a lot of purpose in a setup. You may hang them up the trees or other pillars found in your reception or even across the dining area of the reception to add a more intimate, homey vibe best fitted for rustic and minimalist wedding theme.

Our in-stock festoon lights can stretch up to 500 meters and 200 meters more for backup in case a client may require such measurement. Again, these are IP rated so it can be used outdoors. Our string festoon lights are also great for a wedding setup because of its natural string color.


Placing some LED Blossom Trees in your aisle or dead spaces in your reception can definitely become a stunning element among your wedding embellishments.  This show-stopper stands at 8 ft high (2.4m) and stretch its realistic dark branches covered in white blossom flowers that illuminate hundreds of white LED lights. Just perfect for your wedding photo backdrop! 

Our LED Blossom Tree hire are equipped with energy saving technology so you don’t have to worry about the power supply in your wedding venue. These will also be installed by our professional lighting engineers who will ensure your safety all throughout the occasion. 


These impressive wedding decoration stands at 1000 mm high that are very flexible to any wedding themes such as rustic, garden, beachside, and bohemian inspired setup . We have available LOVE and MR. & MRS. Light up letters that you may want to rent for add-ons. 

These wedding light up texts are also less hassle as each letter is free standing unlike those other types that will require heavy base plates or platform. 


Veering away from the essential wedding lighting ideas that we suggest you need to  have on your wedding,  hiring a photobooth is a perfect entertainment corner for you and your wedding guests. It’s a classic favorite for any type of event be it a birthday party or a college homecoming. It’s a special keepsake you can gift and also a fun and engaging activity for everyone who attended your wedding day. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company is a trusted events production services catering to clients in London, Surrey, Guildford, Portsmouth and other surrounding areas. We also have the right logistics to deliver any of our equipment right at the very doorstep of your venue. Our huge equipment inventory  allowed us to ultimately provide any of your event needs. We have been paving the way for sound and light hire solutions for more than 10 years now, tailoring each setup according to the requirement of the event- big or small.  Our team of engineers are also well-experienced in the business and are among the best in their fields. 

Now, that we have shared some of the essential wedding lighting systems that you may want to have at your wedding reception, it will all be up to you how you can mix and match these lighting equipment  that will perfectly suit to your taste and style without compromising your wedding budget. And if you are unsure, our team are ready to help you out and get your started with your wedding preparation. See a full list of our wedding lighting hire. If you looking for a professional lighting hire company in London then we would suggest speaking with On Tour Events who offer a range of event & wedding lighting services

Remember, your wedding day will be one of  the  most magical, romantic and special days of your life. So with ample research, proper time management and reliable event production team your dream wedding will definitely transform into reality! Call us today and will help you make it happen. 

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