The Sound & Light Hire Company Offer Amazing Summer Hire Deals On Wedding Packages

The Sound & Light Hire Company Offer Amazing Summer Hire Deals On Wedding Packages

Without a doubt, your wedding day is ultimately the biggest, most significant party you will ever throw in your life. And just like any other party celebration, a wedding reception requires a couple of different elements to pull off a beautiful setting that will make your wedding photos look even more wonderful and will leave a lasting memory forever.

The venue, catering, sound and light, entertainment, and design setup must be carefully thought of to realize such a goal. One may need the assistance of a seasoned event production hire that can manage a range of production tasks all at once while ensuring that the day runs smoothly and without tension.

This summer, The Sound and Light Hire Company is offering a wide variety of amazing Summer Hire Deals on Wedding Packages; customisable for any of your specific requirements. For more than two decades now, The Sound and Light Hire Company have become a reputable event production hire with an in-house inventory of not only sound and lighting but also LED starlit dance floor, special effects machines, and more. We are constantly evolving and upgrading, using cutting-edge event equipment technologies to deliver high-quality events to our customers. We provide our clients with a comprehensive list of London wedding packages.

In this blog post, we will give you some of the Sound and Lighting wedding packages we are offering for the summer season.

Hiring all of the sound and lighting equipment from one supplier makes it more convenient and hassle-free on your end. So we’ve put together a few sets of some of our favorite wedding equipment that we found to compliment well in a variety of wedding themes. Below are three of our sound and lighting wedding packages that you may choose from:


This package includes eight of our sparkling wireless uplighters that will transform the feel and look of your wedding venue. You may simply choose any of your preferred colours with only a press of a button. We have also included 4x moving heads (on 1-meter truss podiums) will also be included in our Silver Package. The moving head is an adaptable tool that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We also offer an option of covering the truss podiums with our deluxe white truss covers. We have also included a smoke machine that will enhance your dance floor or stage setup, giving off a more party vibe. Finally, the sound equipment is plug-and-play and covers up to 70 guests.

The complete inclusion of the Wedding Package Hire-Silver are as follows:

● 2x EV ZLX 12p Active Speaker Speakers

● 2x Speaker Stands

● 1x iPod Lead

● 1x EV ZLX Active Sub

● 8x LED Wireless Uplighters

● 4x i Move Moving Heads

● 4x 1m Truss Stands

● All Cabling Required


This package is specifically designed to cater to up to 200 guests and is fully equipped with a more complex and high-end setup to create a show-stopping wedding production. We ensure the couple that their guests will most definitely have a time of their life on the dance floor and their wedding day will be remembered forever.

The sound setup included in the Wedding Package Hire-Gold is one of our personal favourites and highly recommended- combining deep club-style bass with crystal clear vocals. Two RCF 735a top speakers and two RCF 8003 subwoofers will also be installed. Believe us when we tell you, you will be blown away by the efficiency of this system! You’ll be able to have people up and dancing the night away with a coverage of up to 200+ guests.

One special feature included in this package is the DJ booth, which is the most appropriate area to store your laptop, tablet, or even a full DJ setup. It will go for every style and it is available in both black and white. This piece of equipment helps to tie things together and give you that polished look, all while keeping cables and gadgets neat and easy to find.

Below is the full list of equipment included in the Wedding Package Hire-Gold:

● 2x RCF 725 Midtop Speakers

● 2x RCF 8003a Powerful Sub

● 2x Speaker Stands

● 21x iPod Lead

● 12x LED Wireless Uplighters

● 6x i Move Moving Heads

● 6x 1 Meter Truss Stands

● 1x K1 Hazer Machine

● 1x LED White/Black DJ Booth

● All Cabling required


And finally, if you want to achieve the ultimate wedding creation, where every box is checked and every detail is covered from beginning to end, this wedding package hire is for you! This package is composed of sound and lighting equipment that runs in perfect harmony and to top it off, the best price in the industry today.

Our mind-blowing LED starlit dance floor, measuring 16FT X 16FT of absolute sparkling glory, is included in this set. This will definitely serve as the main entertainment for your guests. The LED starlit dance floor will encourage them to bring their groove to the centre stage and will give them the opportunity to engage with one another.

Here is a more detailed list of the sound and lighting equipment you will be getting from our Wedding Package Hire- Platinum:

● 2x d&b Audiotechnik Q7 Midtop Speakers

● 2x d&b Audiotechnik Qsub

● 1x d&b Audiotechnik D12 Power Amp

● 1x 16ft x 16ft LED White Starlit Dance Floor

● 1x LED DJ Booth

● 1x LED 8m x 4m Starlit Backdrop

● 20x Wireless LED uplighters

● 8x R17 Beams

● 8x One Meter Truss Podium

We fully understand the sentiments of our clients how daunting it could be when trying to look for the perfect sound and lighting equipment that will work best for their wedding reception and will suit their budget. However, when you work with full-service event equipment hire in London such as The Sound & Light Hire Company, it will save you time, money, and most importantly, stress.

Our comprehensive summer hire deals on wedding packages have been tried and tested in many weddings we have worked with in the past years. Logistically speaking, we also have a very competitive delivery cost and with that comes free set up and collection. We cater to clients across Surrey, Hampshire, and London.

This summer, feel free to contact us so we can start planning your upcoming wedding day!

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