The Sound & Light Hire Company Provide AV Installation for Business Training Event at Reigate Manor Hotel

Reigate Manor Hotel Surrey

The Sound & Light Hire Company Provide AV Installation for Business Training Event at Reigate Manor Hotel 

Perched on the edge of Redhill, Surrey is the Reigate Manor Hotel, an elegant 18th-century manor house that is now used to host various events, including weddings and conferences. Its two-faced history is reflected in the two different areas this venue offers. With several suites and function rooms available to book, this venue caters to all party sizes and occasions.  

The Surrey Chambers of Commerce recently booked the Reigate Manor Hotel to carry out a digital marketing training event for employees of local companies. To prepare for such an event, The Sound & Light Hire Company were hired to provide an AV installation capable of handling the 100 or so guests in attendance. 

As this sort of work is our bread and butter, we were more than happy to oblige. So let’s tell you a little more about the work we carried out. 

AV Installation Supplied to Leading Surrey Events Hotel

As it turned out, the event was set to take place in the suite known as the Garden Room. The seats were arranged in rows (or a “theatre” format, if you prefer) to maximise the number of people that could be squeezed into the space to listen to the training workshop instructor. 

Essentially, our job was to ensure that the instructor had everything he needed to carry out the training from a technical standpoint. That started by supplying him with a laptop so he could set up his PowerPoint presentation via USB. We then connected that laptop up to a state-of-the-art projector positioned on a free-standing desk nearby. 

We then erected a projector screen and began adjusting the projector settings to ensure it filled the entire screen in the correct proportions. Our next job was to move on to the sound, as we shall now explain. 

Professional Sound Equipment Installation at Reigate Manor Hotel

After we had handled the visual elements, it was time to move on to the sound equipment. We started by supplying a Shure radio lapel mic for the instructor as he needed his hands free during the presentation. 

We then ran that mic through a couple of PA speakers placed at either side of the projector screen and another pair of battery-powered PA speakers located at the rear of the seating area, just to make sure those at the back had adequate coverage. Going battery-powered allowed us to save on unsightly power and data transfer cables running from the front to the back of the room, which could have also presented a trip hazard. 

All in all, this certainly wasn’t the most extensive AV installation we’ve ever completed. However, our client was thrilled with the setup, and the event was a great success. We have already been booked again to take care of the AV requirements for the next training event in this series. 

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The Sound & Light Hire Company has supplied and installed AV installations at professional events for more than 20 years. Our experienced team can provide you with a full range of audio visual services, including lighting fixtures, conference sets, and professional sound systems. 

Along with the installation, we are able to supply experienced and highly-skilled personnel to oversee tasks such as sound mixing. When you contact us about your requirements, we can also arrange a site visit so that one of our team can spend some time planning the AV installation on your behalf or assisting you in making these plans. 

So if you are in the process of planning a private or corporate event that requires a professional AV installation, make sure to contact a member of our team on 0800 861 1136 today to discuss your requirements.