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With the advancement of technology becoming more relevant in corporate events today, people seek the latest, top-quality event equipment that can exert maximum effort on enhancing the visual quality of a specific event. While you think of multiple options on how to properly display your content, there are different things to consider as well. This is for you to finally decide on what production hire equipment to use and what company you need to choose from. 

Across the UK, several production hire companies are already offering different party hire packages including sound hires, lighting hires and visual hires. Among these top hiring companies, The Sound & Light Hire Company is Surrey’s leading Audio Visual Hire Company. You can find the latest, high-quality event equipment to enhance your visual presentation and that is a high-quality AV Projector Hire.

We have compiled all detailed information about Projector Hire Surrey; specific equipment brands, what’s included in each hire packages and more upgrades to look forward to for you to hire a top-leading equipment.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a projector from The Sound & Light Hire Company is a must-do and how this wise decision will lead you on towards a successful event presentation:

1. Latest Premium Models

The Sound & Light Hire Company is equipped with the up-to-date equipment models not only for their projector hires and the materials it comes along with but basically including all their production hire equipment. All the products readily made available for your event are designed in such a way that meets the standards of every event production. We also make sure our packages are updated according to the latest technology available in the market. 

In a time and age, when newer inventions are coming out every day, products/equipment tend to become outdated very soon. Clients always appreciate hiring equipment that are not likely to become redundant in a short time and is still reliable to use repeatedly with a few simple upgrades.

This latest and top-performing premium equipment model will soon speak for its own once it is already being utilized.

2. The Best Package Deals

Hiring a Projector from an event equipment hire is a lot easier than expected. From their lighting hire down to their sound hire, specific hire packages are already available in the company. All you need to do is choose from these packages the best and most suitable equipment you need for your event. 

Now, if you are looking for suggestions on how to present your content in your most favorable way, checking in on our projector hire packages should be of a lot of help. 

Our hottest and greatest deals include  Home Cinema Projector & Screen Hire Package (Small) which is available in all three sizes (small, medium and large) depending on the size and venue of your event. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap and easy projector and screen setup, the small projector screen hire package is just the right equipment for you!

This Projector Hire package comes with a Professional AV cinema projector, a Pop-up Projector Screen and an HDMI Cable to use to connect to your laptop/playback source.

For medium-sized parties or setup, they also provide a different Home Cinema Projector & Screen Hire Package (Medium) which consists of a High powered Cinema Projector, a Large Projector Screen and Stand, an HDMI cable, and the cables required for connection. If your looking to hire audio visual equipment in or around London then On Tour Events is a leading AV hire company based there – AV Equipment For Hire in London

A Large-sized Projector Hire Package is also provided for large venues perfect for garden & marquee parties & great for outdoor film nights for seating. This Home Cinema Projector & Screen hire Package (Large) is consisting of a Super Large Projector Screen, a High powered AV Projector, a Projector Stand and Projector wires and cables.

3. Flexible and User-friendly

All of our company’s equipment hire are available including our Projector Hire packagesthat are easy to operate since it is also built-in with simplicity and ease. A projector’s nature for people to get interested in it is its flexibility and convenience. Projectors are portable and lightweight. Installing your own projectors during an event should be easy since the wires and cables are easy to identify and the manual instructions that come along with it are easy to comprehend and follow as well.

Projector screens are also portable making it easier for you to move them to a place you are most comfortable with. It is built with a tripod stand that is easy to construct and dismantle after use. 

4. Cost-effective

The cost-effectiveness of a product or equipment is a must for probably almost all companies offering production hire packages. And it is necessary since people would always look into this aspect. But if you plan on doing presentations in the most inexpensive way, then renting a projector hire would be the best option. 

The cost of your projector hires is determined by the different specifics that you would need and recommend to the company to suit your event. 

5. Guaranteed Trust

Surrey’s Leading AV Hire Company, The Sound & Light Hire Company, have already established over 20 years of exceptional reputation for their high-end professional hire equipment and hire services making them the longest-running sound and lighting hire company across Surrey. 

With this, you are a hundred one percent guaranteed to have long-lasting equipment that is durable and promising so you wouldn’t have to worry if your projector might get into trouble in the middle of your presentations. 

If you’re then looking for ways to give justice to your presentations at your conferences and meetings, or maybe just hang out in your backyard and enjoy your movies with friends, or even bring your film showing indoors, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Sound & Light Hire Company for more specific details for us to help you with. 

Get all the latest and premium production hire equipment packages only here at Surrey’s Leading Production Hire Company, The Sound & Light Hire Company. 

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