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The opportunity to paint and turn an empty event hall into an amazing memory is right at your fingertips, from the sound system to lighting setup.

There is no such thing as a small or too big of a venue! The Sound & Light Hire Company has the right tools and resources for anything from lighting, sound system setup to LED furniture hire. 

As an event production firm in Surrey, our main role is to assist you in using cutting-edge technology to build the party of your dreams. If you need special effects machines, festival stage hire, or other types of lighting for a celebration, our experienced technicians will work with you to design the perfect venue to ensure a successful event.

The best and most suitable environment for a party crowd is created by a great combination of sound and light hire equipment. Since sound and light are so complimentary during festivals or other parties, one does not exist without the other. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has put together a comprehensive list of packages that are flexible according to your liking and event demands. Below, we share with you some of the premium packages for sound, lighting, and LED Furniture for any of your upcoming events.


This set includes our Mackie active speakers, a link to an iPod or laptop to play music from, and two of our sound-to-light disco lighting effects for up to 70 people. Perfect for those trying to spice up their party with some disco lighting and music. We also have other kits available, as well as other PA and lighting effects in stock. See below the inclusion of the House Party Package Hire:

l 2x Mackie SRM 450 v2 full range Speakers

l 2x Speaker stands

l 1x iPod / Laptop lead

l 2x Saturn 6 lighting effect

l 1x Lighting stand

l All the power & signal cables your need for your Event / Disco / Party


Our Birthday Party Hire package is comprised of sub-categories according to the birth year for the younger generation starting from 16th, 18th and 21st birthday package hire. With a bass-booming sound system & nightclub-style lighting effects, this is the perfect package for bringing the club vibe to your party. We give you a brief overview of these sub-packages:


The sound system, which includes two EV active speakers and one EV active subwoofer, can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests. These speakers are easy to set up and connect to any tablet, laptop, or another device with a mini-jack (headphone socket) output. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with any DJ mixer currently available. We promise that the volume and sound quality achieved with these speakers would astound you. Two multi-colored, 360° rotating head fixtures on top of two one-meter truss podiums offer a fantastic spread of illumination that is sure to inspire even the most apprehensive of visitors. We’ve also added two brilliant green lasers to the mix, which are sure to wow everyone at your party. 


The sound system, which includes two speakers and a bass sub, can accommodate up to 120 people. We can have a lead to connect to an iPod or laptop for music playback, or if you have a DJ, we will provide the appropriate converter leads to connect to your DJ’s mixer. The lighting we’ve added creates an amazing effect at every party; the lasers add a youthful entertainment element that will inspire your friends, whilst the spinning heads have the party disco effect that everybody craves. A smoke machine has also been added, which captures the beams and improves the illumination, which is very powerful. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use plug-and-play device, look no further.


If you’re looking for a full kit that includes all sound and lighting equipment for a large-scale event like a 21st birthday bash, we’ve got you covered! This kit includes what we refer to as a big iPod setup. It consists of two active tops and two active sub-woofers. Another main inclusion for this package is the LED DJ booth that comes in black and white- a perfect place to hide all of the equipment and keep everything needed for music in 1 place neat & tidy.

To get a complete list of equipment included in each of the above packages, check out this section of our website. Get additional equipment such as a party smoke machine and laser lights hire from one of these kits. 


We also offer packages made specifically for the Christmas Holidays. If you are planning to host a Christmas special event at home or in your office, then these packages are right for you. We have included sound and lighting equipment appropriate for this season plus some special effects machines that will truly transform your venue into a winter wonderland theme.


Aside from the Christmas holiday package, we have also curated some deals for wedding events. These packages also fall into sub-categories based mostly on the size of your event and the reception venue. A more detailed list of equipment included in this sub-categories of this package is found here. 


With such a huge collection of LED furniture to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the best fit for any of your occasions. We offer Light up LED Cube Hire, LED Poseur table and LED mobile LED Hire. Check out our amazing deals on LED furniture and its respective features and functions. 

You will be able to see your vision come to life in ways unseen before by mixing the creative impressions of our extraordinarily talented team paired with our full range of event equipment hire. Our experience in the business has proven over time that we are one of Surrey’s most trusted event production companies. 

For bookings, reservations, or any queries on event planning and event equipment hire, feel free to reach us today! 

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