How To Overcome Marquee Wedding Challenges

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Marquees are literally a blank canvas for a wedding venue. All you need is an open space to transform the area into whatever you envisioned your dream wedding to be- whether minimalist or grand, string lighting or chandeliers, simple buntings or silk draping and everything in between. 

When arranging a marquee wedding, there are a number of logistical and planning checklist to watch out for as you will be building your entire setup from scratch. Keep in mind that compared to other wedding setups, marquee weddings are more laborious and aren’t often the most cost-effective option. You are essentially designing your own wedding venue, which involves constructing the entire area, filling the venue with furniture and layout designs, and then dismantling the entire setup when the ceremony is done. We want to make sure you are aware of these key points that go into planning a Marquee Wedding. 

There’s a lot to cover when planning a Marquee Wedding but by taking note of this checklist we have put together, we assure you the preparation process will all be worth it the end! 


First things first! Before kicking off your planning process, finalise the site where your marquee will be erected. This will give you a clearer planning process and overall vision of how the structure will come to life moving forward. By determining your final venue, you will be able to foresee any operational challenges and cost considerations. 

There are also couples who would want to make use of their garden or their other properties as its venue. As this option may give you more flexibility in designing your marquee, below are some important considerations to look out for:

  • Permits for local regulations- Before you start scheduling event suppliers, check with your local government and see if you need any permits to hold a huge party such as a wedding at your residence. You don’t want to break the noise ordinances, fire codes, health department rules, or zoning restrictions. Your suppliers may also be required to file extra paperwork in certain circumstances.
  • Accessibility  to your wedding suppliers, guests and their vehicles- Allocate a setup area for your suppliers and make sure your parking area is wide enough to accommodate your guests
  • Toilets for your guests and events team- This is a basic and necessary requirement for when you setup a Marquee wedding in a private property.
  • Power supply capacity- Ensure that your power source has the capacity to supply all the event equipment that will be used during the occasion.Remember you will be installing light and sound systems, food catering equipment, and other machines that your home power supply may not be able to carry. Otherwise, you may need to hire a generator set.
  • Running water for your caterers 
  • Consider your neighbours, too  (possible noise and other disturbance) – For courtesy purposes, do not miss to inform your neighbours ahead about the occasion that you will be holding. Inform them about the time your guests will be arriving and leaving. 

 This will also allow you to find the right balance between being too cramped and having too much empty space inside your marquee setup that you don’t know what to do with.


One of the best things about choosing a Marquee Wedding is that there are unlimited ways to style your setup according to your chosen theme. Are you thinking of a boho-inspired feel, or maybe a rustic country theme? Do you wish to install a dance floor for your guests to enjoy?  And the list goes on. It’s also best to consult a professional wedding planner as they can offer layout recommendations and styling as well as help you see your ideas come together. 

Whilst this part in the planning process is quite exciting, it’s also important to not neglect some of the limitations and other important considerations that you may encounter, such as:

  • Wedding furniture (like tables and chairs) according to the number of guests and the capacity of the marquee (general rule applies that in every three 5ft 6in round tables with a seating capacity of 10 guests occupies per bay of 9m wide marquee) 
  • Make sure that you’re getting the right type of marquee for the weather (whether it has to be rain, snow, wind or sun proof)


Now that you have thought things through, it’s time to hunt for the best marquee supplier that will be able to meet your wedding requirements. There has been a tremendous rise in the marquee industry  and whilst these companies strive to compete with each other, there will be some from the bunch that actually over-promises yet under-delivers.  That’s why, it’s best to check out their background first, the previous events they have worked for, and testimonials coming from their previous clients to ensure their credibility. 

The Sound & Light Hire Company has been in the events industry for more than 2 decades and counting. Our Marquees are built to host all types of events such as weddings, birthdays, and conventions and can be set up in almost every place for short or long periods of time within Surrey, Guildford, Berkshire and neighbouring areas. We partner with our clients from start to finish to create a truly exclusive wedding reception that meets your exact requirements. With our huge inventory of marquees stored in our own warehouse, we offer great size flexibility, range and top-quality, that will surely cater to either intimate weddings and grand luxurious ones. 

You may also partner with us with your other wedding event needs as we are a one-step events hire company supplying all types of equipment from lighting hire, sound systems, and LEDs among others. Browse the complete list of our flexible  hire packages priced at very affordable rates. 

Have you decided to go for a Marquee Wedding? Do not waste any more time and contact us so we can help you build your dream Marquee Wedding.

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